Update: Friday On The Vow (Episode 441-443)

Amar is jostled away by the crowd. Sindoora asks Chandra to trace Amar because he is in Delhi. Sindoora asks Mahua where Rajiv is, so she replies that he has gone to Agra. Meanwhile, Amar is dying of hunger but has very little money, so he decides to sell his ring but the owner does not accept it. However, he gives Amar a job in his restaurant as a delivery boy. Meanwhile, Sindoora is pleased that Kamna is pregnant.

Samrat requests Sindoora to bring the wedding forward but she suggests that he wait for only a few days more. Sindoora then tells Chandra that Divya will know at the pre-nuptial function next day that Kamna is carrying Samrat's baby. Rajiv returns home and Sindoora asks him whether he had thought that she would not realise his motive behind going to Benares. Rajiv later apologises to Mahua for being unable to tell her the truth right away.

Sindoora asks Chandra not to let Rajiv out of the house and deprive him of all the money. They are surprised to see Divya offer prayers with Uma and hear her sing the same hymn that Vidya used to. Sindoora asks Divya how she knows the hymn, so she replies that she doesn't know the answer. Sindoora suspects that Divya is regaining her memory but is hiding it from them. She promises Chandra to find out by next day whether the girl is Divya or Vidya!

Sindoora tells Chandra that she wants to find out whether her enemies have indeed returned or not, now that both Sagar and Divya were here! Meanwhile, Samrat takes everyone to hunt and asks Divya to shoot but she refuses. Sindoora asks him to go with Chandra for hunting. Sindoora then gets a gun from the jeep and takes Divya to the same place where she had shot Sagar and Vidya. Divya recalls hazy images of a couple being chased and shot.

Sindoora asks her whether she has come here before, so Divya replies that she hasn't but it appears familiar. Sindoora then points a gun at her and says that even the gun must appear familiar! Divya hears Sagar's voice lamenting Vidya's death and then faints. Divya is about to tell Samrat about the hazy images but stops short as she recalls Mahua's warning. Sindoora tells Chandra that she's not sure whether Divya was able to recollect anything. Meanwhile, Kamna is walking alone on a deserted road when two hoodlums follow her and she collides into Amar.

Amar fights them and rescues her. He drops Kamna to her house, and is overwhelmed by the same feeling of familiarity again. Kamna meets Samrat and narrates what had happened with her, so Samrat thanks Amar. Later, Amar tells Kartar Singh, the restaurant owner, that he has come to the city for something else, not for money, so Kartar assures him that his wish will be fulfilled.

Kartar then gives Sagar his uniform and asks him to go to the pre-nuptial ceremony of Sindoora Singh's nephew! On the other hand, Sindoora has a nightmare about Sagar returning and blood oozing from his chest. Sindoora gets hysterical and screams out to Chandra! She tells Chandra that Sagar has returned to seek revenge from her and he is nearby somewhere. However, Sindoora asserts that irrespective of the number of births her enemies take, only she will win!

Sindoora tells Chandra that Divya should get so badly humiliated on the day of the pre-nuptial ceremony that she should leave for good! Meanwhile, Chandra shows Kamna the pregnancy report and scolds her for disgracing the family. She demands to know who the man is, so Kamna hesitatingly admits that it is Samrat. On the other hand, Divya is inconsolable thinking about Amar.

Amar and she pine for each other. Seeing Samrat longing to meet Divya, Chandra asks him to come to the terrace after half an hour and she would bring Divya too. Samrat goes to the terrace and thinking it is Divya confesses his love for her. However, he is stunned when he realises that it is Kamna! Kamna is devastated and tells Chandra that she will do as told. Sindoora is pleased!

Divya gets ready for the pre-nuptial ceremony but is unable to get Amar out of her mind. On the other hand, Amar comes to Sindoora's house with Kartar and his men, and a sense of familiarity grips him. Kartar wonders where the kitchen is, so Amar takes him there! Amar wonders how he knew! Samrat is happy that Kamna is locked inside her room. The ceremony begins with great pomp as ZEE TV stars dance and grace the occasion!

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