Update: Friday On The Vow (Episode 426-428)

Kamna goes to The Home for Children to donate a cheque and as planned by Sindoora, Samrat goes to fetch her. On the other hand, Divya informs Amar that she will leave for Delhi later in the day. Divya tells his mother that the time spent with them were the happiest moments of her life. However, Amar is shocked.

Diyva is busy packing when Amar asks her whether she must leave. Meanwhile, Kamna tries to convince Samrat in the car that she has been brought up with conservative values, and begs him not to feel upset because even she loves him as much he loves her. It begins to pour then. Meanwhile, Chandra gives the photographs clicked by her men in Benares. Sindoora sees Amar's photograph and realises that he is indeed Sagar! Chandra says that Amar's face is covered with colour and assures Sindoora that the dead do not come back alive.

Rajiv overhears. On the other hand, Samrat is in a hotel room with Kamna when Divya phones him to say that she will be reaching Delhi later at night. In Benares, Chintu urges Amar to confess his feelings for Divya before she leaves because he senses something special for him in her eyes. Meanwhile, Rajiv goes to search for the photographs in Sindoora's room but before he can see all of them he sees the door being opened and hides.

Sindoora asks Chandra to order her men to click clearer pictures of Amar. Sindoora says that nothing can be worse than Sagar and Vidya returning and promises that she won't let it happen. Rajiv who is hiding overhears all this. On the other hand, Amar confesses to Divya that he loves her but Divya is shattered as she recalls her word given to Bindiya to stay away from Amar.

Divya puts on an act of being angry and tells Amar that they share nothing in common. She even insults him about his status and reminds him that he is only a guide, so he has no right to fall in love! Amar apologises to her. Divya weeps after he goes away. Before leaving, Divya gives Amar the money for her stay and his services! Amar and his family are shocked! Amar warns her that there is no price for hospitality in India and Amar's mother asks her how she will repay their love! Divya goes up to Bindiya and tells her that Amar will always be hers. Divya leaves with Amar.

Chintu runs behind the taxi and collapses. Amar drops Divya at the airport and tells her that he will never trust anybody easily again. He gets a phone call then informing him about Chintu. Divya too overhears and follows Amar in another taxi. Meanwhile, Kamna asks Samrat whether he still loves her, so he lies that he does. Sindoora overhears and tells Chandra that the two have come quite close in just one night!

In Benares, the doctor informs Amar's father that Chintu is still critical and his treatment would cost around Rs. 50,000 ' Rs. 75,000. He asks him to deposit the money first, so Amar's family is devastated! Divya overhears the doctor telling the nurse about the family's inability to pay the money for Chintu's treatment, so she offers to pay saying that she is a relative. The doctor begins his treatment. The nurse then informs Amar and his family that it is Divya who has paid for Chintu's treatment. Everyone is shocked.

The nurse gives Amar the receipt for Rs. 50,000/- but he is very angry with Divya. Amar goes to Chintu and asks him to stop the treatment because Divya has paid for it and promises to collect the needed money. Amar gets the money back from the hospital and flings it on Divya. Divya is upset but Amar asserts that they don't want any alms! Meanwhile, Sindoora has a nightmare about wandering in a deserted place and thirsting for water, and when someone offers her water, it turns out to be blood, not water!

Sindoora wakes up with a start! She decides to speak to Guruji because her nightmares have started to reoccur. Meanwhile, Divya reaches Delhi and Samrat comes to fetch her. Divya and Amar are dejected and lost in thoughts about each other. Amar wonders how he will arrange for the money. Just then, Amar's father gets a prospective buyer for their house. Amar is shocked at his father's decision but his father replies that they can't put Chintu's life in danger.

Meanwhile, Guruji tells Sindoora that her mayoral post is in danger, so she asks him for a solution. He advises her not to do anything for the next 15 days as it is most dangerous for her, and if she manages to escape it, then nobody can defeat her after that. However, if she cannot, then her damnation will begin! Sindoora asks him who will prove a danger for her, so he replies that it is a girl. He then looks at the door and Sindoora sees Divya.

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