Update: Friday On The Vow (Episode 396-398)

Aniket calls Sindoora a murderer and warns her that although she has evaded the police, she cannot escape him. He loudly proclaims to the people that Sindoora is a murderer and asks them never to trust her! Sindoora tells the people that the man looked mentally unstable and asks Harish to take him to a place from where he will never return. Meanwhile, Mahua's young son, Samrat, goes hunting with his friends. His friend, Akash, is frightened about having shot an endangered beast but Samrat assures him that with his maternal aunt, Sindoora, around he has nothing to worry. When Samrat returns home, Rajiv asks him where he was from morning because Mahua and he wanted to wish him on his birthday, but Samrat goes up to Sindoora first to seek her blessing.

Sindoora looks at Samrat and thinks about Guruji's prophecy. She gloats that Samrat is a puppet in her hands! Sindoora then informs him about a grand party being held for his birthday. Samrat says that he wants to invite a friend named Divya for his party whom he had met in London and was coming to India later in the night. When Sindoora asks him whether Divya is something more a friend, he replies that she is the sole heiress to millions in London and has no parents, so marrying her would prove profitable for them. Rajiv is taken aback by Samrat's confession. When Mahua and Rajiv suggest to Sindoora to delve into the matter, she asserts that Samrat is a sensible boy. Later, Sindoora gets hurt holding a necklace and her finger begins to bleed profusely, so she gets frightened and immerses her hand in a vase filled with water! Samrat comes to the room and assures her that it is only a minor cut and the water is clear.

Sindoora wonders whether the return of her fear, her imagining the blood and meeting Aniket earlier in the day are an omen of impending doom! Meanwhile, Rajiv and Mahua feel bad when people congratulate Sindoora on Samrat's birthday and not them. A storm occurs in the midst of the party when a girl steps out of the car. Sindoora and her family are stunned to see that the girl looks just like Vidya! Who is she?

Samrat introduces the girl as Divya to Sindoora. Divya extends her hand to Sindoora but Sindoora merely watches on, shell-shocked! A pleased Rajiv recalls Guruji's prophecy. Sindoora calls her Vidya and says that it is impossible! She then goes away. Divya is baffled. Samrat introduces Divya to Rajiv and Mahua. Hema too looks on with disbelief at Divya. A shocked and frightened Sindoora wonders why this girl has come here when she had wiped off the past! Meanwhile, Samrat cuts the cake.

Sindoora looks at Divya and gets a feeling that something is changing! After the party, Samrat is about to take Divya to her room but Sindoora says that she cannot stay in the house. Samrat insists on knowing why, so Sindoora replies that a girl who will be the daughter-in-law of the house cannot stay back before marriage. Divya is surprised. Sindoora asks Samrat to keep her in a hotel. Later, when Samrat declares his love for Divya and asks her to give him a chance to prove his worth, she obliges and says that she will think about it. On the other hand, he promises to convince Sindoora to let her stay back. Sindoora tells Samrat that Divya is not worthy of being a daughter-in-law of their house and asks him to send her back home after some days. However, Samrat tells her that he hasn't sent Divya anywhere. Sindoora is taken aback at Samrat's defiance.

Samrat tells Sindoora that it makes no difference to him if she does not like Divya because he likes her a lot and is certainly deserving of becoming a daughter-in-law of the house! He asserts that she will stay back. Sindoora decides not to provoke Samrat because she does not want him also to become a rebel just the way her brother had! Sindoora gives Samrat the permission and he assures her that Divya will prove beneficial for them. However, Sindoora fears that Divya will bring about her damnation.

Samrat is taking Divya to her room when she suddenly stops in front of Sagar's room that's sealed. She questions Samrat about the lock, so he replies that Sindoora has barred them from going anywhere near it because there's apparently a ghost of a maid. Sindoora overhears. Chandra asks Sindoora not to get worried because Divya questioned only about the lock. Meanwhile, Mahua voices her concern about Sindoora's intentions regarding Divya but Rajiv assures her that Sindoora will not do anything untoward because she is a public figure now and has the mayoral elections coming up. Rajiv further says that if destiny has brought her here, then it must be for a reason.

Divya is unable to sleep and curiosity gets the better of her, so she goes near Sagar's room and is surprised to see the lock missing. She opens the door and goes inside. She sees a lady in white and is about to touch her when Divya wakes up with a start and realises that it was only a dream! Meanwhile, Harish asks Hema to keep a constant eye on Divya because she has come to seek revenge from Sindoora. Sindoora brushes Harish's comments aside. Divya wakes up and is happy to see the idol of Lord Shambhunath in the prayer room.

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