Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 414-415)

While Abhi is in the restaurant taking out his frustration on the manager, Purabh comes there and asks why he is not in good mood. Abhi shares his feelings towards Pragya with Purabh that he wants to go far from Pragya and want to forget her, want to go away from her eye sight. He have decided to end his feelings for Pragya and asks him to help him, and that he did a commitment with Tanu. He says Pragya have snatched his everything and controlling everything as if he is not him.

Purabh tries to console his friend that at least his love is in front of him, but his own love is gone. He is still living for his love, and Abhi also have to live for his love. Abhi agrees that he is right, he have to forget everything and will have to live for his love. He goes to washroom. Pragya is in the car and decides to message Daadi. While Abhi is in the washroom, Purabh receive Pragya calls and the exchange the advanced plan to conquer the third person. Pragya tells him to take care of Abhi as she is going to follow Tanu in order to find out the third person and that she haven’t told anything to Daadi. Purabh says Pragya is already tensed and he should not talk to her about Abhi.

Pragya adds that Daadi will get angry knowing she went alone, and asks about Abhi’s mood. Purabh says he didn’t tell him anything and asks her to take care. Tanu stops her car somewhere and Pragya follows her asking the taxi driver to wait for her for 5 minutes. Tanu comes to an isolated place where she called Nikhil that she is here. Nikhil comes and says he have selected this place to hug her. He hugs her. Pragya prays to God to help her see the person and says she couldn’t hear or see him.

Nikhil asks why did she call him? Tanu informs him that Aaliya is caught and is in jail. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu hears some sound of a person from behind while she hugs Nikhil crying over Aaliya's arrest and asks who is there? She immediately tell Nikhil they should meet somewhere else and leaves. Pragya struggles to see the face of the second person who came and was hugging her.

Mitali thinks as to who is the person, who is helping Aaliya and Raj is never greedy about money and thinks Pammi is greedy, but brainless too. She thinks Aaliya will make a team with her. Pammi asks if she will fill her stomach seeing her face and asks her as to why is she staring at her. Mitali informs her about the thing she is thinking about who was helping Aaliya. Pammi asks if she is doubting on her and says she have a doubt on her.

Meanwhile, Raj gets worried as to why Mitali thinking about all this and decides to be careful around her. Mitali thinks to check on Akash and Rachna. Pragya finds herself at the on going promotions of upcoming Bollywood flick Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 and there she comes across the lead actors of the movie at the party. Tusshar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani promote their film. Pragya calls them brother Saheb. They are happy and surprised to see Pragya in a hurry and ask if they are searching for someone. Pragya informs them about the reason for her arrival at the event following Tanu and asks them to help her.

Aftab suggests they should help her as she called them brother. Both Tusshar and Aftab promise to help her in her endeavour and asks how they will search her. Pragya gives them the description of clothes. Meanwhile, Tanu and Nikhil are there. Purabh comes and looks for Pragya. He calls Tanu. Tanu thinks why is he calling her and picks the call. Purabh says Abhi is asking about her. Tanu replies that she is in birthday party and disconnects the call. Purabh wonders where Pragya is now. Nikhil comes to meet Tanu wearing shawl at the event and asks Tanu to come.

Tusshar and Aftab is asked to perform on stage. Aftab suggests that they should dance on stage. Pragya tells that they are there, and spots Tanu. Aftab asks her to get involved in their dance troupe and says they will stop them from leaving. Purabh informs Daadi that Pragya went following Tanu. Rachna suggests they should inform Abhi. Purabh says Abhi doesn’t care about her and he want to completely forget her. Daadi asks what is he saying? Purabh tells her everything, and says Abhi thinks Tanu’s baby is his. He tried talking to him, but he is not opening the door.

Pragya becomes a part of the promotional event and dances with Tushaar and Aftab on the song Hai Jawani Le Doobi. Pragya thinks she has to see his face anyhow. She pulls the shawl and see Abhi. Abhi says he came insearch of her and he has worn the shawl as his fan might see him. He asks if she is dancing in film promotion to get money. Pragya says he is thinking her wrong. Abhi asks what is she doing here and asks her to tell him.

Tushaar, Abhi and Aftab dance on stage. Tanu and Nikhil see him and think to escape before he sees them. Tusshar announces that Abhi has a unique talent, and asks them to watch their film. Abhi promotes their film. Aftab also promotes the film. Pragya follows the two of them but she is caught up with Abhi. Pragya watches as Tanu leaves with the mysterious man and she blames Abhi for ruining her plan and that he has escaped because of him. Abhi looks on.

Abhi says he didn’t know that she is on mission, and they will ask the police to nab the culprit. He thinks Daadi says right. Pragya says if they involve the police then they can take Daadi, Daasi or any family member to the police station, and then the news will reach the media. She says that’s why she is searching alone. Abhi comes home and tells Purabh that he went insearch of Pragya after he asked him to search for her. Pragya tells him that the man escaped and now she has to search from the start. Daadi and Rachna looks on.

Pragya gets disappointment as she is fails to see the person whom Tanu is meeting secretly. Soon, she relaxes thinking that Tanu didn't notice her and chides Abhi for coming in the middle. Meanwhile, Abhi comes inside his room and locks the door thinking that Pragya is not in the room. Later, Pragya comes near him and asks him to get up from the bed. Abhi talks rudely with Pragya forcing her to go outside her room and asks her to take her stuff out as he doesn’t want her to disturb him in the night. Pragya leaves from the room. Abhi thinks he talked to Pragya strictly and thinks he have to forget her. Later, Daadi meets Pragya in order to discuss about trying to bring Tanu's reality in front of everyone in the house.

Daadi tells her that they know that Abhi will fight with her. Purabh tells her that Abhi is trapped between his feelings and his duty. He thinks Tanu’s baby is his and that’s why he wants to fulfill his duty. Pragya says she will expose Tanu. Daadi asks her to do something else it will be difficult for them to bring Abhi back. Pragya says she will take care of Abhi and will never leave him alone. Purabh asks if she saw that man. Pragya says they will talk later, but now she has to go to Abhi.

Tanu thinks why did Abhi come there? Mitali sees her coming home late at night and decides to follow her. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she will talk to him in the morning. Mitali thinks to spy on her. Abhi wakes up and thinks if Pragya slept somewhere else, she haven’t come till now. He thinks why is he pressuring on his mind and thinking much. He asks himself to sleep.

Pragya comes back to the room. Abhi sees her and asks why did she return? Pragya says he said that he will sleep, but is still awake. She asks if he was missing her? Abhi says if anyone misses her then he will die. Pragya says his theft is caught and asks what is fuggi doing with him? He says he had kept her in the cupboard, but she came out. He keeps her back. Pragya asks why is he doing this? Abhi says it is his life and he will decide what to give her happiness or pain. Pragya says everything will be fine in somedays. Abhi says it is his life and he wants to end her chapter. He is going to be dad and he can’t let injustice done to his baby. He asks her to help him forget her.

Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. Pragya gets sad and teary eyes. Abhi gets teary eyes too. Pragya thinks why is she helpless and can’t tell the truth. Raj takes Tanu to a corner. Mitali asks where did she vanish? Raj tells Tanu that Mitali is spying on her and asks what she wants to talk to him? Tanu informs him about Pragya’s deal. Raj asks what did you say? Tanu says she was confused and haven’t told her anything. Raj asks her to tell Pragya that she doesn’t know anyone. Tanu says she took Nikhil’s suggestion. Raj asks her to be alert and that he can save her from Pragya, but now from Mitali. Tanu thinks where to go?

Pragya tells Daadi that Abhi will go far from her if this continues. She says Abhi gave date to Tanu to marry her, and can marry her also. She have to do something fast. Purabh asks what they can do? Daadi says they have one way now. They should tell the truth to Abhi, and leave the decision on him. Pragya asks what is he saying? If they have to do this, then they should have done it long before and all this drama wasn’t needed. If they tell Abhi that the baby is not his, then he might think them wrong.

Daadi says what to do now and breaks down at being helpless to keep Pragya and Abhi's relationship intact. Pragya asks her not to cry and asks her to have strength. She promises to bring Tanu’s truth out. She says the man helping her was none other than her baby’s father, but she couldn’t see his face. They have to be careful. Tanu’s truth will come infront of everyone.

Pragya comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu says she should have knock on the door before coming. Pragya says it is her house and she can roam anywhere. Tanu says it is a good idea to spy. Pragya says she knows her real face, and reminds of her offer. Tanu says she don’t know anyone who have helped Aaliya and Aaliya will never try to ruin Abhi. Pragya says she wants to catch Bulbul’s criminal. Tanu says so she was acting all the while and fooling them. Pragya tells her that she hasn’t give divorce to Abhi as he signed on the property papers and not divorce papers and Tanu have instigated him to marry her, but she can’t marry without her permission. Once her truth comes out, she will go to jail just like Aaliya.

Daadi asks Pragya why did she lie to Tanu saying that her divorce with Abhi didn't happen as Abhi had signed on the property papers and not divorce papers. She informs her about Tanu's next step that Abhi might pressurize her to sign on divorce papers, as he doesn’t know that they both are already divorced. Then, Pragya informs her she would manage if Abhi asked her to sign on the divorce documents. Later, she informs her that it is necessary for them to confuse Tanu as of now and that Tanu will meet that guy being tensed. Daadi asks her to take Purabh with her. Pragya agrees.

Purabh comes to Sarla with new clothes that he has purchased for her and tries to cheer her up. Sarla tells him that Bulbul is gone and asks him to marry a nice girl. Purabh is disappointed with Sarla when she reminds him that Bulbul is dead and he should find love  once again and asks if he don’t have relation with her. He says Bulbul is watching him and will think that he is not taking care of her. He further makes it clear to Sarla that she will be his mother in spite of Bulbul's death.

Sarla gets teary eyes and says her blood relations have gone far from her, but he is with her. She don’t know why God has made blood relations. Purabh talks about Pragya. Sarla asks him not to take Pragya’s help and that she is crying for Bulbul. She asks him not to let Pragya touch her if she dies. Janki brings tea. Sarla cries and is angry at Pragya. Purabh thinks she would have known Pragya’s helplessness.

Tanu calls Nikhil up and tells him that Pragya has threatened her. She says Pragya got Abhi’s signatures on the property papers and not on divorce papers. Mitali hears her. Nikhil asks her not to take tension. Tanu says she will tell Abhi to take Pragya’s signature. Nikhil says if anything happens to their baby then he won’t like it. Mitali questions Tanu about to whom she is  speaking to and that she might be talking to someone who have helped Aaliya?

Tanu gets furious with her nagging behaviour and tells her not to doubt her and also don't have the right to question her. She asks her to question Abhi and leaves. Mitali decides to spy on her. Pragya recalls seeing Tanu with a man and thinks she couldn’t see that man’s face. She thinks she should do something and looks at Abhi’s photo. She reminiscences the happy moments with him.

Abhi comes to the room and asks what she is doing? Pragya says she is cleaning the photo. Abhi says dust is on her eyes and asks her to clean her eyes. He says dust should stay on memories so that one can forget. Pragya says he can decide about his memories, but she do have a right on her memories. She will decide whether to keep it or forget it. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background.

Mitali thinks how to find out about that man, and thinks to take Ronnie’s help. Ronnie thinks what happened to Pragya? She don’t want his help. Mitali thinks she can take his help. She asks him to share his worries. Ronnie says he want to help Pragya, but doesn’t know how? Mitali says he should catch the person who have helped Aaliya and Tanu. Ronnie agrees. Mitali asks him not to inform anyone. Raj comes there and asks what is happening? Mitali asks him to start the work.

Raj asks why he was happy? Mitali tells him that they have planned a mission to trap that third person in front of Pragya. Raj thinks Mitali is trying to trap him. Pragya asks Purabh to take care of Sarla. Purabh says Sarla’s anger is increasing day by day and they should tell the truth to her. Pragya says she want this, but she will talk to Daadi. Purabh agrees. Just then Abhi holds Pragya’s hands and takes her to the room. Pragya asks if he has changed his decision.

Abhi says yesterday she said that if they involve the police, then they might call Daadi, Daasi or any family member to the Police station. He asks if she really care for his family. Pragya says yes. Abhi requests Pragya to divide his wealth and property amongst his family members and asks her to keep his share of money with herself. Pragya asks why? Abhi says everyone is after his money and he have lost everything because of money and he can’t bear anymore. He says Aaliya was after his money and she have changed also for money.

He felt much pain losing her, Bulbul and now Aaliya. He will be in shock seeing the family member who was helping Aaliya. He have earned day and night so that he can take care of their every needs and there is one way now and asks her to distribute the money to make them right. Pragya thinks he is having clear heart and thinking to make everything right. She asks where he will go after distributing the money? Abhi says he will stay with Tanu and his baby. Pragya asks if this is the way? Abhi says yes. Pragya says he is having a big misunderstanding and tells Tanu will leave him if he don’t have money. Abhi says Tanu loves him and will never leave him. Pragya says she can’t return his money and property now, and asks him to find out from Tanu if she really loves him.

Pragya gets emotional recollecting Abhi’s words asking her to distribute his property and money among his family member so that no one fight for money in future. She cries. Khamoshiyan song plays in the background. On the other hand, Abhi thinks about the words said by Pragya regarding Tanu that she will break his dream of a happy family if he doesn’t have money. Both Abhi and Pragya are upset with their current situation, contemplate a way to escape from their surroundings. She feels helpless and thinks Abhi is going far from her.

Pragya then decides not to reveal the truth about whatever happens and prays to God to give her some more time and asks God not to separate them. Meanwhile, Abhi thinks Tanu is not after his money and decides to prove Tanu's innocence to Pragya. Later, Purabh tells Daadi if they can share the truth with Pragya's mother and that Sarla will get happy knowing Pragya’s truth, and it can lower her pain of losing Bulbul. Daadi says she doubtful if this is right time or not.

Daadi says Sarla’s hatred is seen on her face, and if she knows the truth then she will not be able to hide her love for her. She leaves the decision on Pragya. Pragya comes there. Purabh tells her that he told Daadi about Sarla, and she left the decision on her. Daadi says she have paid a heavy price, and asks her to take a decision. She also asks her to expose Abhi’s enemies. She asks her to think and take a decision.

Tanu is on bed and thinks she is feeling weak. She thinks she haven’t visited spa and skin quality is getting bad. She thinks once you gets married, then she will get luxury, name, fame, money and everything. She sees greeting card given by Nikhil and wonders from where it came on her bed. Abhi comes to her room and sits on her  recalling Pragya’s words. He happens to see the greeting card given by Nikhil to Tanu. Tanu comes there. Abhi asks who gave her this, hugs, kisses are written in it.

Tanu again lied to him that she wish that someone would have given her this, and says it was actually for Aaliya as someone proposed her. Abhi believes on her story and asks if she want to have lunch with her. Tanu agrees and goes to get ready. Rachna tells her that she has made food for everyone. Taya ji says Rachna is so good and asks Pammi to accept her. Pammi admit that she is good. She asks Mitali to learn from her. Mitali says she told her about everyone’s preferences, and taught her cooking. Rachna is confirms.

Ronnie and Mitali talk silently. Ronnie says he has done all the arrangement to catch the third person. Abhi and Tanu comes down. Daadi asks Abhi to have lunch and says Rachna made good food. Abhi says he is going to have lunch outside. Daadi thinks if Pragya knows this. Purabh comes and asks Daadi about Abhi. Daadi says he has gone on lunch with Tanu. Purabh says he will spoil his date and will call him. Pragya asks him not to call him, and that Abhi is so good that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong and they have to bring Tanu’s secret in front of him.

Purabh says they should have some idea. Pragya says they should also do same thing with Tanu and by blackmail. She adds that Tanu should know that someone else knows her truth and she will get tensed and they should tell the truth to Sarla, but they also have to catch the enemies. She says they will decide later. Abhi and Tanu gets down the auto. Tanu looks here and there. Tanu asks where they will have food?

Abhi says we will have food at the stall. He says one thali for 50 Rs and that he used to have food here in his childhood. Tanu says he took her here in auto and now insisting to have food here. Abhi recalls Pragya asking him to have tea on a road side stall. Tanu suggests they should go to nearby restaurant and have food and that she have some money. Abhi asks if she is interested to have food with him or want to have food in luxurious restaurant. He asks her to decide what she wants, money or him.

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