Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 444-445)

Abhi asks Pragya to come with him that he have an idea. Tanu gets tensed and asks Aaliya not to take her name if she is caught. Aaliya and Tanu begins to panic as Abhi has found out that Vijay is behind Bulbul's current condition. Just then Abhi knocks on her door. Aaliya opens the door. Abhi asks Aaliya to call Vijay and asks him to meet her and that he know she have his contact number as he heard her talking to him.

Aaliya is shocked. She pretends to call, and says he is not picking her call. Abhi asks her to call him. Aaliya says he might be sleeping in a drunken state. Abhi insists. Aaliya calls Vijay and says she wants to know who conspired to kill Pragya, and even offers to give money. Vijay is surprised when Aaliya asks him to meet her and he agrees that he will tell his name. Abhi asks her to tell him to meet her. Vijay agrees. Aaliya says work is done. Pragya looks on. Aaliya later is worried as she is aware that her reality might come out. She tries to call Vijay to warn him of Abhi's plan but does not pick his phone.

Pragya and Abhi come to the hospital. Purabh asks Abhi who is the murderer. Abhi says he is decorator Vijay. Purabh is shocked and says they should inform the police. Abhi says they have to catch him red handed and asks him to be with Bulbul. Pragya says she is going with Abhi. Purabh asks her not to go. Pragya says she want to punish the killer and she will also keep eye on Abhi. Purabh agrees.

Abhi says he will send them to their honeymoon once Bulbul gets fine. Pragya looks smilingly. Abhi says if she refuse to give money then he will sell this hospital. Tanu tells Aaliya that she have presented Vijay in a tray to Abhi and says there is no way to get clean in his eyes. Aaliya says her confidence is high and she will call Vijay again. Aaliya call him, but his phone is switched off. She gets angry. Raj comes and asks what has happened? Aaliya says nothing. Tanu tells him everything. Aaliya asks how can she do this, and says Abhi is going to trap her. He says he would have help her but he have a flight to catch. He asks her to go to Vijay’s house and stop him from meeting Abhi.

Next morning, Abhi does dumb bells exercises and asks Pragya to wake up. He says he is exercising as he have to save her from Vijay. Pragya says she is a champion and will fight with him. She asks him to think again and that they should involve the police. Abhi asks her not to worried and says if he catches them, then he will leave her with him as she is his target. He thinks he will teach Vijay a lesson.

Janki and Sarla are worried for Bulbul. Janki says they should take her home and she will be fine. She don’t know what is written in her destiny, and says the accident always happens with her. Sarla get emotional seeing her daughter's condition and says she used to talk then, but now. Janki promises Bulbul that she will make her favorite food and make her eat with her hand. Sarla cries hearing her.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car and argue. Pragya tells him that she brought Ronnie with them. Abhi asks him to get down from the car. Pragya says it is better if they take him along with them. Abhi refuses. Pragya gets down from the car. Ronnie tells Abhi that Pragya is thinking about his betterment and convinces him. Abhi asks her to sit in the car and talks about team spirit. Ronnie asks her to sit in the car. Tanu and Aaliya come to the place where Vijay stays. Tanu thinks it is a dirty place and how can he stay there. Aaliya tries to enquire with someone about Vijay, but he flirts with her. Tanu calls a man thinking he is Vijay. The man starts flirting with her and holds her hand. Tanu gets shocked and calls Aaliya. Aaliya comes to her rescue and asks the man, how dare he to touch her friend.

Abhi, Pragya and Ronnie come to the place. Pragya says they have seen some wrong place, and they have called him near the other shop. Abhi asks if that shop is hers. Ronnie takes Pragya’s side. Pragya asks him to come where she is taking him, and asks him not to argue as they are working as a team. Abhi says he is helpless. Pragya says she will solve the problem. Abhi says he was joking and asks her to come. Ronnie says road is blocked there and goes to see. Pragya also goes with him asking Abhi to stay there.

Aaliya talks with each other how to stop Vijay or Abhi from meeting then Aaliya says she have an idea and they both moves from there. Abhi, pragya and Ronnie trio reaches some place where they calls Vijay. Pragya asks Abhi about the place that why he has chosen it? Abhi says the speciality of the place is that it has only one entrance and one exit so no one could run from here easily. Pragya asks how did he know about this place so well like he have a relationship with this place from previous birth.

Abhi says not previous but this birth because from a little distance of this place, he had started his carrier. Pragya cracks joke and says that’s why nobody could run from his concert. Ronnie laughs. Abhi says not to crack jokes otherwise he will send them both in a place from where no one could find them. Ronnie says if this will happened with him then what’s his place for hiding. Abhi scolds him. Abhi tells Pragya and Ronnie to hides at some place. Pragya denies saying they are a team so why will she hide. Abhi says she is not a teem but a dry neem, he insists her to go and hide , before someone take her. Pragya says why don’t he say that he is worried for her? Ronnie laughs. 

Abhi admit that he is worried for her because only he have right to torched her and if that vijay will come and take her with him and torched her then hr will not like it. Pragya gets irked and goes to hide. Abhi thinks to call Aaliya to asks if Vijay changed his meeting place or not? Abhi calls Aaliya up but she didn’t pick it. Abhi thinks may be she is busy. Pragya hides at some place and watches Abhi, she thinks it’s good that he is with her, now he will catch that culprit by his own self otherwise he never believes on her if she says. 

She thinks why Vijay has not come? Then she reminisces flash back scene, where Abhi tell Aaliya to call Vijay. Then he thinks maybe Aaliya stopped him? Aaliya and Tanu comes there and watches them hidingly. Aaliya tells Tanu to go and she herself wears burkha. Aaliya comes to distract Abhi-gya. Abhi sees her but couldn’t recognize her. He thinks who is this lady, her life could be in danger in this place, because Vijay could use her to run. Abhi comes out and asks her who she is? Pragya also comes out then Abhi gets angry and asks why she came out from her hiding?

Pragya says she came to see what he is doing? Then pragya goes near Abhi and says may be Vijay came in burkha. Abhi says her height didn’t match with Vijay and she wear ladies sleepers. It can’t be Vijay. Pragya tries to open her Gurkha to see her face but Abhi stops her and says to burkha lady ( Aaliya) to go because it could be dangerous for her to stay here. Aaliya moves from there but hides from some distance. Abhi again tells Pragya to hide. After sometimes Vijay comes there. Pragya sees her and thinks Aaliya is not involved with him this time. Abhi and Ronnie comes out and surrounds Vijay.

Abhi says he attacked on his family, two times attacked on Pragya and in this he harmed Bulbul so he will send him to that same situation which he did with Bulbul. Vijay says he made very good plan but to catch him he have to chosen to take help of a rat. He call Ronnie a rat. Pragya comes out. Abhi gets angry and shouts on her and asks why she came out when he stopped her. Pragya says he came to increase the team’s strength because he was threatening both of them alone. Now they all three will handle it. Pragya warns Vijay not to run because he is surrounded by their peoples.

Abhi asks him to tell the name of that person who hired him to kill pragya. Aaliya falls some things to distract them. Vijay takes advantage of it and runs after pushing Ronnie. Abhi throw a stick on his legs to hit him and stop him but Vijay manages to runs from there. Abhi tells Ronnie to catch him from behind and tells Pragya to come with him. Vijay hides in some place. Pragya comes there to see him. Vijay comes behind and close her mouth with his hand so she couldn’t call Abhi. Vijay pushes her and tries to run from there. Abhi gets a call. Aaliya calls him from a p.c.o. and says that she is a nurse of nirmala Devi hospital and she is calling to inform him that Bulbul is critical. 

Abhi gets shocked and worried. Vijay runs from behind him. Pragya tries to run behind him to catch him but Abhi stops her and says Bulbul is in critical condition. Ronnie comes and says Vijay runs from the truck. Abhi, Pragya and Ronnie goes to the car to reach the hospital but the car does not start due to some problem. Pragya tells Abhi to call Purabh to ask about Bulbul and she tells to Ronnie to bring taxi. Abhi calls Purabh up and asks about Bulbul and says that a call came from the hospital and inform them that Bulbul is critical. Purabh says that he was with Bulbul since long and Bulbul is stable and fine.

Purabh asks him if they caught Vijay. Abhi says they were about to catch him but because of this call they couldn’t. Abhi says they are coming to the hospital and he should take care of Bulbul. Abhi tells Pragya that Bulbul is fine and somebody have given them wrong information. She says it means somebody knew where they are and what are they going to do. He she is righ, someone from the family is involved with Vijay. Aaliya comes to the hospital to see Bulbul. Tanu says what condition Purabh made for himself. Aaliya tells Purabh to go and fresh up that they are with Bulbul. Purabh denies but Aaliya convinces him. Purabh tells Bulbul that he will come in two minutes after being fresh up and tells Aaliya to take care of Bulbul. Aaliya tries to depressed Bulbul by saying that if Bulbul’s face will not remain like before then Purabh will not love her.

Aaliya leaves from there. Abhi-gya reaches home and begins to search for that person who could involve with Vijay. They goes in that room where the Chandelier’s joint was burnt. Aaliya also comes there and hides and tries to listen to them. Pragya sees a lighter. Abhi says to not touch it because they could find the fingerprints of that person’s on it. Abhi promises Pragya that he will not leave that person because of he is responaible for Bulbul's bad condition. On the other hand, Purabh comes back and sees Bulbul trues to take something from the table. Purabh stops her and asks what she needs.

Bulbul indicates that she wants to says something. Purabh gives him letter pad. Bulbul writes that how much he love her. Purabh replies that she is his life and if something happens to her then he will die. Bulbul again writes that of her face will not remain like before then asks if he will miss her? Purabh says he loved the feelings of her touch and not with her face, he admit that he will miss her smile and all that but then also he will love her. Purabh then tell her not to asks this type of questions again. Next scene, Pragya pulls Abhi in the room. Abhi shouts on her and scolds her and asks her why she brought him here when he was going to ask about the accident from everyone. Pragya says that nobody will confess to say if he/she is the culprit.

Pragya says if that person gets to know about the lighter then he could harm him. Abhi tells her not to show fake concern for him because he knows that she only cares for money and he is her money bank. Pragya    excuse and says she is worried for herself, not for him because she is also lives with him in this room and that person’s target was her so that person could kill her. Abhi asks then how they will take everybody’s fingerprints, without telling to match from that fingerprints which is on the lighter. Pragya tells him not to worry that she will take the fingerprints of everybody without telling them and then they will match that fingerprints and then they will get their culprit.

Pragya informs Abhi that he is going to take everyone's fingerprints without their knowledge. She also asks Abhi to pretend as if he doesn't know anything until they get a strong proof. Then, Abhi misunderstand Pragya and thinks he was right about her and informs Pragya that he never knew that she is so manipulative and she has cheated him in the same way. He tells Pragya that her to apprehend the suspect and this wins overs  his heart. He further tells Pragya that he would only rest until he catches the guilty person and teaches him a lesson for hurting Bulbul.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi got the lighter with which she used to burn the rope and he sent it for forensic lab and that Pragya told her this. Tanu asks her to do something such that the fingerprints doesn’t come on it. Sarla cries and gets emotional. Later, Bulbul regains consciousness and remembers Aaliya's words, who told that Bulbul's face has been damaged and Purabh would feel ashamed of her. She tries to look at her face and her mother's face when she was crying.

Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and recalls Abhi’s words that he prays to God to keep him away from her. She thinks that Abhi’s hatreds will increase and she was the reason for Bulbul’s condition. Abhi recalls about the recent things that had happened and thinks who can fall to this level and who tried to kill her. He says someone has planned big and wonders who could be. Pragya prays to God and asks why did God do this with Bulbul and asks him to make everything fine.

Purabh goes to the hospital wearing Bulbul’s favorite shirt and a letter is given to him by someone. Purab is shocked to read Bulbul’s letter that reads that she is going far away from his life, as she can’t see his life getting spoiled she don't want to get his life ruined. She adds that he might adjust with her, as he loves her, and she also loves him but she is not at all suitable for him now. Purabh runs to the ward crying. He calls Pragya and tells her everything.

Pragya is shocked and asks him to calm down that she is coming there, and will do something. Purabh cries miserably asking her to return. Sarla comes there and sees Purabh crying. She asks him about Bulbul and he handover the letter to her. She reads and also goes in shock. Pragya is leaving from home. Abhi asks where she is going in a hurry. Pragya tells Abhi that she will explains to him once she returns and leaves.

Bulbul is in auto and calls Pragya up. Pragya asks what is this stupidity. She recalls Bulbul can’t talk, as her vocal cords are cut. She asks her to message her. They chat via sms. Pragya writes that she is doing wrong and asks her to message where she is? Pragya then calls Purabh and asks if there is some special place where they used to meet. Purab tells Pragya about the café and the garden behind the temple.

Sarla takes the call and tells Pragya to bring Bulbul back safely. Pragya promises to bring her safely. Sarla asks Purabh why did Bulbul message Pragya. Purabh says he will tell her later and asks her to come. Pragya gets down the car seeing the traffic jam and requests everyone to make a way as people are fighting. Sarla and Purabh are also going there in a car. She asks Purabh to drive the car fast.

Abhi thinks why is he feeling strange as if someone is in trouble. Pragya comes near the place and asks a person who told her that he had seen a girl with a bandage over her head going towards the cliff. Pragya shouts crying. She asks her not to take any wrong step and asks her to come back. Bulbul doesn't listen and jumps off the cliff leaving her dupatta.

Purabh and Sarla comes there. He looks at the dupatta and says that it was Bulbul and asks where she is? Pragya replies that she was talking to her and stopping her but she didn’t listen to her and jumped off the cliff. Purabh and Sarla are shocked. Purabh shouts taking her name asking her to come back and cries. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. Pragya tells her mother that Bulbul left them and will never come back. Sarla says she should be happy and asks why she is crying.

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