Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 434-435)

Pragya comes to the room and asks from where did he learn this? Abhi says betrayal teaches everything and he has understood the importance of love. Pragya says he have fallen in love twice. Abhi says he couldn’t hear her heart beat as money noise comes from it and he has understood value of love and they couldn’t be together. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background…………He lights the candle. 

Pragya holds his hand and asks what is he doing as he is about to burn his finger. Abhi says he is burnt from inside. Pragya says this room is for two lovers who are going to start their new life and asks her to go. He picks the flower with thorn and asks her to help someone when she understand the difference between flower and thorn. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. He asks about the drawer keys and says it has fuggi’s stuff which he want to see.

Abhi says he is missing his fuggi and that’s why he want to talk to her stuff. Pragya agree to search for the keys. Daadi comes and says she needs to talk to him. She asks if anyone talked to Sarla about Purabh and Bulbul’s marriage. Abhi says he will ask them. Daadi says she asked them, and they didn’t inform her and they should go to Sarla and talk to her politely, so that she don’t get any shock. She adds that they will take Pragya as well, should in case if Sarla asks them who got them married, they will tell her that Pragya got them married.

Sarla asks about Bulbul. Daadi comes there with Abhi and Pragya. Sarla asks them to sit and asks if everything is fine. She asks if Pragya has done something. Daadi says she did what they couldn’t do. Abhi says they want to do this, but she has done although her way is wrong. Sarla asks what is the matter? Daadi asks her not to get angry and says she did right. Sarla asks them to tell her. Daadi says Pragya got Bulbul and Purabh married.

Daadi inform Sarla that Pragya got Bulbul and Purabh married. Sarla and her family members get shocked as Abhi and his Daadi informs them that Pragya performed Purabh and Bulbul's wedding. Sarla gets excited and later upset that Purabh and Bulbul got married without informing her. She asks them about Bulbul's whereabouts. Abhi asks her not to blame them and then tries to convince her saying that Pragya is the one, who made the mistake but not Bulbul.

Abhi asks Pragya to come inside. Sarla gets upset with Pragya when she learns that Pragya is responsible for getting the two of them married asks what did she want to proof and asks why did she marry her off? Pragya who comes face to face with her mother acts rude and arrogant staying she should be thankful to her that she got them married as they love each other. Sarla says she is her mother and she have that right to do kanyadaan and that she doesn’t want to spend money and that’s why she got them married in a temple.

Pragya says she doesn’t care, and have so much work rather than getting people married. Daadi tells Sarla that Pragya’s emotions are dead and that’s why she misbehaves with everyone. Abhi tells that he is going for shopping for the newly weds. Pragya says she is going. Daadi says she will take taxi and come. Abhi asks Sarla not to worry that they will return to her. He asks her to be happy and leaves.

Aaliya comes to the decorated room of Purabh and Bulbul and thinks she can’t let this happen. She writes her name with Purabh and start talking like psycho. Sarla comes to meet Purabh and Bulbul. Bulbul says Purabh asked her to marry him and threatened to marry someone else if she don’t agree. Sarla expresses her delight in seeing her daughter now married and asks if she think that he can marry someone else. Bulbul cooks up a story. Sarla blesses them for their happy married life. 

Aaliya thinks it will be worst night for them rather than wedding night. She loses her composure and burns the bed in which Bulbul and Purabh are supposed to be spending their first night together. Daadi, Daasi and Sarla bring Purabh and Bulbul towards the room. Daasi feels the smell and tells Daadi. They open the door and see the room in fire. The entire family is shocked when they learn of the fire in the room meant for Bulbul and Purabh. Bulbul panics and gets scared. Purabh asks her not to get scared and says the fire might be due to the candles. Bulbul thinks she is inauspicious for him and asks him not to come closer to her.

Purabh says it is their life and they have to live happily. Sarla says Purabh loves her very much and will take care of her. Daadi asks her not to think bad. Abhi and Pragya come there. Abhi says he have brought gifts for her, and says she got married to get many gifts. Bulbul call him brother in-law. Abhi says the situation is under control. Pragya smiles. Sarla asks Purabh to call her if Bulbul need any medicine. Abhi blames Pragya for keeping the candles unsafely. Pragya says he have done all the decorations. They argue. Purabh says they will sleep in hall but Pragya refuses. Raj asks Aaliya if she has gone mad, and asks if anyone would have seen her there….then…Aaliya says she won’t let Bulbul and Purabh have suhaag raat in her house. Raj says everyone will get to know that she lit their room on fire and asks her to decide what she wants to have.

Pragya keeps the drawer keys beside Abhi on the bed. Abhi who was pretending to sleep, gets up and opens the locker. Bulbul hears the noise and comes to Abhi’s room. She asks what is he doing? Abhi shows her the POA papers and tells her that he has taken Pragya’s signatures on the papers when she was drunk. Bulbul is shocked and congratulates him. He says he will give the papers to Tanu. Bulbul says she will keep it safely and asks him to bring Tanu here. She comes to Pragya and asks what she has done? Pragya asks what? Bulbul shows her the POA papers and her signature on it. Pragya gets shocked and says Abhi has betrayed her. Bulbul says if this papers goes out of the room then she will get out of house. Pragya says she has one idea and asks her not to tell Daadi and Purabh. Bulbul asks what?

Abhi asks Purabh if he saw Tanu here. Purabh says no and tells that he is taking flowers for Bulbul as he is planning for his honeymoon. Abhi asks him to plan after 2 days and says he will sponsor his honeymoon. Purabh says he will arrange money and asks him to chill. Aaliya hears and gets jealous. Bulbul is on phone. Aaliya thinks to push Bulbul from stairs to stop her from going to her honeymoon.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she want to harm Bulbul and spoil their honeymoon. Pragya says they are married asks Aaliya as to why she was trying to push Bulbul off the steps. Aaliya informs Pragya that would never accept Bulbul and Purabh relationship as Purabh is hers and she is his. She asks if she has realized her relation with Bulbul and taking her side. She asks her not to interfere in her life again and soon informs her that she is willing to kill Bulbul in order to gain Purabh.

Pragya says it is her house and that Purabh is not her love and gives her lecture on love. Aaliya says she have betrayed her brother and have snatched his money, property, everything, and telling her that she don’t know the meaning of love. She says Purabh is hers and can’t be someone else and she will decide what to do with Bulbul and how to get Purabh. She says love is crazy. She questions Pragya about her sudden concern for Bulbul.

Pragya makes it clear to Aaliya that she has not lose her sense of duty towards her family and that relations are not broken if it is said by mouth, and she didn’t harm anyone and that Aaliya is betraying her brother and said that she don’t have feelings for Purabh anymore. She asks her not to take test of Abhi’s patience, and she will protect Bulbul always as she is her sister. She was weak before, but now she is weak. She adds that she will expose her in 2 minutes, and asks her to mend her ways.

On the other hand, Abhi gets worried thinking about the documents which were with Bulbul and gets nervous as he feels that Bulbul will forget about the papers once she gets with Purabh and runs to get them. Purabh comes to the room and calls Bulbul. Bulbul teases him and pulls his leg saying he is changing in a day. While the couple are spending a romantic moment together and just then, Abhi walk in and sends Purabh out. He asks Bulbul to give the papers which he had given her. Bulbul tells him that she has kept the papers in the same place as Pragya came there.

Abhi asks where the keys is? Bulbul says it is with Pragya. Abhi is surprised to learn that the documents are not with Bulbul and says he will be suffocated till he get the papers. Bulbul asks him not to worry that the papers are safe. Purabh comes back. Abhi says he is gone and asks her to start her new life. Purabh asks what was he talking about? Bulbul says nothing and asks where are the flowers. Aaliya recalls her conversation with Pragya, Abhi and purabh’s words. She decides she would kill Pragya first and decides to kill her in 3 days, and says it is her commitment to herself. She calls someone and asks to meet her.

Bulbul tells Purabh that Abhi has taken Pragya’s signatures. Purabh asks what? Bulbul says Abhi made Pragya drink wine, and got her signatures. They start fighting cutely. Purabh asks her not to leave him. Pragya comes to their room and asks if they have done breakfast. Bulbul says they have done lunch also. She asks what happened? Pragya recalls Aaliya trying to push Bulbul from the stairs and says nothing. Bulbul tells her that Abhi asked about the papers and tells her about his strange expressions. Purabh asks Pragya to be careful.

Daasi asks Abhi if he got Pragya’s signatures. Abhi says yes, but later says may be Pragya has snatched his destiny also with money. She asks if Pragya knows about it. Abhi says no and asks her to pray. Daadi comes and asks what they were talking about? Daasi says nothing. Daadi says she came to talk to Abhi. She reminds Abhi that Purabh and Bulbul’s marriage was his responsibility, and Sarla have some wishes with the marriage. She suggests they should have a grand reception for them. Abhi agrees and says Shahrukh and Kajol suggested the same. Daasi says his mogambo will not give him money. Abhi says he will snatch the keys from her if she don’t agree. Daadi again asks what they are saying? Daasi says it is their secret talk. Abhi says he will make arrangements and says it will surprise Pragya.

At the breakfast table, Daadi signal at Pragya. Pragya thinks Daadi want to talk to her about Aaliya. Tanu thinks Aaliya’s anger is cool down. Abhi comes there and says he is thinking of throwing a party and that he is thinking to throw a lavish reception for Bulbul and Purabh. Pragya asks who will give him money? Abhi laughs and says obviously her as she got them married secretly so she have to pay the compensation. Pragya refuses.

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