Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 291-293)

Aryan gets Suhana up and apologizes to her that she fell because of him. He covers her with his coat. He starts the bike but it's not starting. He wonder what to do now as they can’t find a rickshaw here. Suahan suggests they should walk. He takes the umbrella and they start walking. Aryan asks if she is worried for Maasi Kamla and vowed to her that he will prove her innocent and he will be with her. Suhana goes to her house.

Aryan comes to the chowl to bring Kamla back to Suhana's house. Manda wonders where Kamla is going? Suhana says she have called Massi Kamla here to remove the misunderstandings. Sanjay ask his daughter if she actually called Kamla? Suhana admit it to her father that she did and Massi Kamla can’t do this anyway. Dheraj gets upset and tells Suhana they all saw the bangles in her purse. Suhana says he saw wrong and she have the proof of what happened. She tells when Meethi gave her the thing she found in her mom’s room and that she find the purse in Dusheli’s closet.

Dusheli says she is lying and that she bought the purse. Suhana asks what Massi Kamla's family photo doing in her purse and it should have been her family photo instead. Suhana manages to bring the truth about Kamla out along with a proof and proves that the old servant of the house Dushila is the actual thief and that Dushela brought the same purse as Massi Kamla and put in the bangles then she replaced the one with Kamla’s purse. Sanjay asks Dushela if it's right? When Dushela realizes that she has been trapped she immediately accepts her mistake and apologizes to Kamla that when she came here Suhana stopped talking to her and she thought Kamla will gain her importance when she go.

Mr. Sanjay Diwan asks Dushila to leave the house along with her family and he is forgiving her seeing her serving to them for years, but Kamla stops him and plead with him to pardon them and asks how will they run their house?. Later, Diwan apologizes to Kamla on behalf of everyone for accusing her of stealing from the house and that what happened shouldn’t have happen. Kamla says he don’t need to be sorry. Sanjay asks her to come back to the house for Suhana if she have accepted their apology. Kamla nods. Suhana thank her.

The next morning, Suhana and Aryan are home. Aryan asks where are the rest of the people? Kamla says they have gone to Sanjay’s friends place. Kamla serves them the breakfast. Later, Suhana's condition suddenly deteriorates after taking the medicines. Aryan and Kamla asks what is wrong with her? She informs them that she took the medicine and she is not feeling well after that. Kamla takes her to the room and asks Aryan to call the doctor. He calls Mehta but he is not in the hospital. Aryan calls another doctor. Aryan comes to the room and tells Suhana that the doctor is coming in a few moments and that she will be fine. Dushela brings the lemonade for her.

The doctor comes in and checks Suhana’s pulse. Kamla says Suhana was fine before taking the medicine. The doctor tells her to show her that drug. Kamla shows her. When the new doctor sees the medicine, she asks who recommended this medicine. Sanjay comes in and asks what happened to his Suhana. Kamla explain to him that Suhana started fainting after taking the medicine. The new doctor explains that the medicines are wrong and are worsening Suhana's condition. Dheraj asks what is she saying? He adds that doctor Mehta is such a renowned doctor and asks how can he recommend wrong medicine to Suhana. Suhana then voice out that actually she don’t like the medicine so she used to trash it but today she had to take this.

The doctor says she did good and that if she had been taken it regularly then her condition would have been worse. She then recommends another medicine for Suhana. Dheraj calls Mehta up. Mr. Sanjay Diwan decides to speak to his earlier doctor and says how can Mehta give her the wrong medicine and that if something happens to Suhana then he will sue Mehta. Mehta comes in. Sanjay confronts him and asks what kind of medicine have he given to her daughter and that doctor Desh said the medicine is dangerous for Suhana. Mehta shows him the file and says that he had never specified the given medicine.

Sanjay then asks where did the medicine come from? The blame again comes on Kamla as Kavita informs them that Kamla went to chemist to bring the medicine and asks why did he send her as Sanjay knows she is uneducated. Sanjay says it's the mistake of all of them as they all know she is uneducated and asks why did they send her? Aman could have gone. He will go and buy her medicines next time and tells Kamla that she won’t go for any such thing onwards. Kamla asks Suhana to forgive her as she is in this condition because of her. Suhana says it's not her mistake.

Dheraj calls Mehta and says there is a trouble. Mehta says he is in trouble along with him and his license will get cancelled if Sanjay comes to know. Kamla says education is so important. She gets a call from Pakiya but it disconnects and she doesn’t have credit on her phone and decides to call from Suhana's landline. She take the receiver and hears Dheraj and Mehta talking on phone. Mehta says no one should know that they are giving wrong medicine to Suhana. Kamla is shocked and wonder who is giving the wrong medicine to Suhana and says who is this? Dheraj immediately throws the phone away. Kamla asks who was it and who wants to harm Suhana. She have to figure this out.

Mehta tells Dheraj not to worry but no one should know they are giving the the wrong medicine to Suhana. Kamla picks the phone up and hears this sentence. Kamla is shocked. She says hello but Dheraj and Mehta are quite. Kamla asks who is this? Dheraj throws his phone away in anger. Kamla wonder who can this be and that doctor Mehta gave that medicine to Suhana and this was his voice. She recalls when Vitthal was hitting him and said he knows about Kalpi. Kamla says but why would Mehta do this and conclude that someone is helping him from the house and she have to figure out who is doing this to her Suhana and that she won't let anything happen to her Suhana.

Aryan asks Suhana to join him for a movie. She tells him she don’t like scary movies and he tell her to hold him when she get scared. Suhana asks him if he really don’t get sacred and she then tell him to look at the cockroach. Aryan jumps. Suhana laughs at him. Kamla says she is so happy and she shouldn’t annoy her. Suhana then sees Kamla leaving the house and asks where is she going. Kamla reply that she is going home. Suhana asks why is she worried but Kamla assures her that she is fine. Suhana decides to go along with her in order to drop her. Kamla asks the driver to stop the car and goes out. Suhana goes to the chowl.

Later, Suhana gets surprised when she sees Aryan there on his bike with a bouquet of flowers. She smiles and asks why is she following him in which he reply that he love her and that who else will he follow. Suhana reminds him they are friends. Aryan gives her some roses. Suhana then says she is trying to tell him that they are friends. He says he have decided to follow her for all the lives and that she have take the roses and he know she like rose. Vitthal comes downstairs and moves Aryan from her and asks if he can’t understand what she is saying.

Manda tell Vitthal to hit him as he is teasing a girl in their chowl. Suhana immediately tells Vitthal that he is getting it wrong but Vitthal insists that he was following her. He and other men start hitting Aryan, Kamla comes there and asks Vitthal what is he doing. Aryan thank God that Kamla came there and that Suhana wanted people to hit him. Suhana says she was tying to stop them. Kamla then introduce Aryan as Suhana’s friend. Manda says they are all fool while Kamla apologizes to Aryan. Aryan says it's not her mistake and that Suhana is so dangerous as she can make people hit anyone. Kamla again apologize to him. Suhana says he deserves it while Vitthal asks him to pardon him. Aryan says it's not his mistake but Suhana mistake and he will not follow her later. Kamla suggests they should go up and have tea.

Aryan comes in. Vitthal offer to make the tea. Later, Suhana decides to prepare tea for everybody. Aryan is surprised hearing this, Suhana asks what's wrong with that. Aryan asks how will she make tea in her clothes in which Suhana reply him that he don’t need any special dress to make tea and to judge after he drink it. Suhana makes the tea and tells Vitthal she have made one extra cup for him and he will drink twice. Everyone drinks the tea. Vitthal gets reminded of his daughter Kalpana when he tastes her tea and says his Kalpana used to make tea like this. Aryan drinks it and tell her to taste what she have made. Kamla then offer to make another for him. Vitthal says it's so good just like Kalpi. Kamla drinks it and feels the same. Suhana tells him not to drink it if he don't like it. He takes out the flower and begs Suhana to take it. Suhana extends her hand and he apologize to her. Vitthal says the tea is so good and tells them to drink it.

Meanwhile, Dheeraj and the doctor are worried thinking that Kamla will find out the truth about them. Dheraj calls Mehta up and tells him Kamla listened to their conversation. Mehta say she must have recognized his voice. Dheraj says she didn’t and that she have not talked to anyone and he knows how to handle her. Mehta says he is in trouble because of him and that he is a doctor and not a criminal and he have to do something. Dheraj assures him that he will do something and not to worry.

Aryan comes to Suhana’s room and starts massaging her hair but she is not seeing his face. She thanks him in slumber thinking he is her Maasi Kamla. He presses her head hard. She turns and asks what is he doing here in which he reply that he have brought her coffee. He can go if he don’t want him to stay as she is so rude. She then apologize to him. He suggests them to drink the coffee and that he have inform uncle that he is staying here for Chandni’s birthday till next week and that he is really serious about her. He know what love is and when she is with him everything feels good. She make him happy but when he think about going away from her it scares him and he don’t know if that’s right or not. He will make her to accept his love and love him and that it's a challenge. He scares her with a teddy. She says she won’t spear him and chases him and they both fall on bed together. Suhana gets up. Aryan then drink the coffee. He leaves.

Later Kamla goes to the hospital to meet the doctor and asks for doctor Mehta. The nurse asks her to wait. Mehta comes in and seeing Kamla at the hospital the doctor gets shocked. He wonders if she is doubting him. Kamla sees him.

Kamla comes to the hospital and asks the nurse she wants to meet Mehta in which she reply that he has gone out and that he must be coming. Kamla waits for him. Mehta comes in and gets shocked seeing Kamla at the hospital waiting for him and says she must be here to ask him questions and flees in his car but Kamla sees him too and follows him. She then comes in front of him and forces him to stop. Mehta asks what is it? Kamla says she wants to talk to him. Mehta lie that he have an emergency. Kamla insists him to talk to her.

She tries to force the truth out of him regarding Suhana and the people plotting against her and asks him to tell her why he want to hurt Suhana and who is with him in all this. She tells him that she had heard his voice on the phone. Mehta initially denies any involvement and the allegation on him saying that he don’t know anything. Kamla asks why is he not looking in her eyes then and why is his conscience not with him? She insists him to tell her who wants to harm Suhana in that house? She adds that doctors save lives and he have kids too and asks what if someone does the same to his kids. She plead with him to tell her who is behind all this and that there must be someone in that house. Someone who doesn’t want Suhana to live. She again beg him to tell her.

Mehta too beg her to please leave him alone that he know nothing about all this and that he never wanted to harm Suhana or anyone. Kamla says his eyes are saying that he is lying and to tell her what is the secret and that she can’t belive that he is a doctor and he is doing this for money. Mehta says he is not doing this for money and he have given all the money he have got in charity. Kamla asks why he wants to do this to Suhana then? Mehta insists that he is not harming Suhana he wanted her to come back. Kamla is arguing with him but later when the doctor is about to say the truth, suddenly a car comes from no where, and  he pushes Kamla away and the car hits him from the back. He is on the road and bleeding. Kamla tells him not to lose hope while she get some help. He writes on the road with his blood that Kalpana is Suhana. Kamla says she is uneducated and she can’t read. The blood then flows with the rain water.

Kamla takes him to the hospital. Mehta is going through the treatment. Kamla is worried and waiting outside and says what kind of justice is that. Mehta wanted to tell her the truth and she want to know who is harming Suhana in that house and wonder what will she do now. How will she figure it out. She talks to God that He have never disappointed her and that she knows her Kalpi is alive and she is well and not to test her this much. Vitthal comes there. Kamla tells him everything. The doctor comes out and tells her that doctor Mehta is dead.

Vittahal tells Kamla that he is with her in this fight and they won’t let anyone harm Suhana. She have seen Kalpi in her. Vitthal says now he is working in Dewan house and she have to be careful.

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