Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 334-336)

kalpi look. He is on the floor and his head is bleeding. Kalpi shouts Raghav please open your eyes. Kamla says let me get a rickshaw. Kamla stops a rickshaw and asks the driver to help her. He says its a police case he won’t help. Kalpi is crying hard. She says please open you eyes Raghav. Kalpi stops another rickshaw and says please stop and help us. Ragahv is dying please. The driver comes and they put him in the auto. They leave. Pakhi comes out and looks here and there for Raghav. She can’t find him. She calls him but his phone rings in his car. She wonders where is his phone.

kamla and kalpi reach the hospital they are so worried. Doctor takes Ragahv in the emergency room. The doctor says call the police. Kamla says let me call and inform Pakhi. She goes out but there is no network. Kalpi asks the doctor how is he ? She says the situation is critical yet. We can’t say anything. Kamla comes and says nothing will happen to him don’t worry. Kalpi says please remove all the hate from your heart and pray for him. I will never meet him again if you say. God listens to you please ask him to save Ragahv. Kamla says he is my daughter’s husband and I can’t see him die. I will pray for him. Kamla leaves. The nurse comes and asks kalpi to fill the form. She says you have to fill the name, relation, contact and address. Kalpi writes everything but is empty in the relation box.

Kamla calls Pakhi. Pakhi says Ragahv is no where. I was about to call you. I don’t know what to do. Kamla says listen to me calmly. Raghav has met an accident.
There kalpi is wondering what to wirte in the relation box. She recalls when Ragahv placed sindur in her hair She writes wife. Pakhi asks kamla is Ragahv okay ? She says just come as soon as possible. Kalpi returns the form.

Kamla goes to temple in the hospital. She says please save Raghav God. I know he did wrong but don’t punish him like this. He is husband of Pakhi save him God.
There Vitthal is looking at the clock. He says its late where are they. I don’t know where the party is, I would have gone to pick them. He calls kamla. He says where are you? I am so worried. Kamla cries and tells him that Raghav has met with an accident. He was in the party with Pakhi. Vitthal says is he okay now ? Vitthal says we have no relation with him, his wife and mom are there for him. Kamla says let pakhi reach I will come home.

Pakhi reaches the hospital. She asks kamla where is Raghav is he okay ? kamla says they are doing the operation,come with me. She takes her outside the OT. Kalpi is there already. Pakhi says kalpi how is Raghav, will he be okay ? Kalpi says his condition is critical. She asks kamla how did this happen ? Kamla says we were looking for an auto a car came to us. He saved us and the car hit him. Raghav will be okay. Keep the faith.

Pakhi and kalpi both are crying. Kalpi goes and hugs kamla. She says save my Raghav, ai. Kamla says nothing will happen to him. Don’t worry at all. Kamla then goes to pakhi and says why are you crying ? I brought you the parshad nothing will happen to your husband. Doctor comes out kalpi asks how is he ? Doctor says his condition is not well as there has been so much bleeding. We are looking for blood in the near by blood banks. Pakhi says we will manage the money.

Doctor says its about blood not money. His blood is O negative if you can arrange, do something. Kamla says let me look for something. Kalpi says doctor please do check my blood group. Pakhi says please check mine too. Nurse says the condition is worsening if we can’t arrange the blood soon we won’t be able to save him. Doctor says go and check their blood. The nurse takes Pakhi and Kalpi.

kamla comes and asks did you get O negative blood ? Nurse says no we couldn’t find it. Nurse goes to pakhi and kalpi and says your blood groups have not matched. Pakhi prays kamla gets the blood. Kamla comes there. Pakhi asks could you arrange the blood ? Kamla says call Gauri pakhi, she is the mom her blood group will match. Pakhi says she is out of the city and her phone is off. Kamla asks the nurse to check her blood group. She says please save my Raghav God. Kalpi goes to the temple and says if something happens to Raghav I will kill myself here in front of you God. Please save Raghav, God. She looks at the sindur in the plate. She recalls when Raghav put it her hairline.

Kalpi says for the sake of this sindur you have to save him. There Kamla’s blood group is being changed. She is praying for Raghav as well. Kalpi says please save my Raghav I can’t see him like this. Kalpi is in tears. She puts her hand on the burning flame. She says I won’t take this hand off the flame until Raghav’s condition is not stable. The doctors are doing the operation. kamla comes there and says what are you doing ? Your hand is burnt. Kalpi says let it burn I won’t remove until Raghav is not well. kamla says nothing will happen to him my blood group has matched.

Kalpi looks at her. She goes running towards the OT. The doctor comes out. Pakhi asks how is he now ? Doctor say he is quite stable. Kalpi says ai God listened to you. Pakhi says kamla maa let me say thanks to the God. She goes to temple. Kalpi asks the doctor can I go in ? He says yes you can. Kamla wonders why doctor allowed her. Kalpi goes in the OT. The nurse comes and says to kamla congratulations is he your son in law ? Kamla says yes he is. He loves his wife so much that he was taking his wife’s name in this condition. Kamla says whose name ? She says Kalpi’s name. Kamla says kalpi is my daughter his wife is pakhi. She says but kalpi wrote in the form that she is his wife. Kamla looks at the form. Pakhi comes and asks what happened kamla hides the form and says nothing.

The doctor says you donated blood you should go and take some rest. Pakhi says kamla maa go with the nurse I will send kalpi there. kalpi says what has happened to you Raghav . I could not live without you. Just get well soon. I will make everything right. Why did you risk your life to save me. She holds his hand and cries. pakhi looks at her from the OT window. Pakhi comes in too. Kalpi leaves Raghav’s hand. The nurse says one of you has to go out. At one time only one person is allowed. Kalpi stands up to leave. Raghav holds her hand tight. Both kalpi and pakhi are quite dazed. Kalpi takes his hand off and leaves. Pakhi sits there with Raghav. Kalpi goes out and looks from the mirror inside.

Nurse gives juice to kamla and asks how are you now ? She say I am well can I go ? She is about to go. Kalpi comes and hugs her. She says thank you ai you saved Raghav’s life. I have felt this much pain for the first time. I couldn’t live without him. The thought of losing him kills me. Kamla says I can sees your pain I am your ai. I know what you feel. You have to understand every relation has some boundaries and we have to obey them. You put your name as Raghav’s wife. Did you even think how will I feel ? Kalpi says I was so worried for his condition that I could not say that I am his wife just in eyes of God not the world. What could I do ? I didn’t want to put my name there. It just came in my heart and I wrote it there. She hugs kamla. Kamla says in heart and says I know your feelings but I can ‘t help you. Raghav is someone else’s and you have to understand.

Pakhi asks doctor when will he be discharged ? He says he is recovering fast. He will be discharged soon. Ragahv is saying kalpi’s name again and again. Doctor says who is kalpi? Its better to call her. Pakhi is disappointed. He asks who will stay here ? Pakhi says I will. Kamla and pakhi come in. Kamla looks at Raghav and says I am going home its late. Call me if you need anything and take care of yourself. She says lets go Kalpi. They leave.
Ragahv says kalpi again. Pakhi says are you okay Ragahv?  Raghav again says kalpi. Pakhi says she is fine and you will be fine soon. Thank God Kamla maa’s blood group matched. Heaven knows what would have happened other wise.

Next morning, Vitthal is in balcony. He says to pakiya its too late and they are not back. They see kamla and kalpi coming. Vitthal says you made it too late. Manda says where were you the whole night kamla tai ? Where did you stay ? Vitthal looks at her angrily. She says I was just asking. Nettu asks what happened kamla ? Where were you ? Kamla says Raghav had an accident. We returned from hospital ? Nettu says that means he is dead ? Kamla says don’t say that. He is fine now. Nettu says no I mean is everything okay. She gets a call from Sahil. She says I can’t hear what you are saying. She goes out. Vitthal says did you have to do this ? Kamla says we have to be what we are, no matter what others do.

Nettu is talking on call. Manda comes to Nettu and says madam take a side. She asks whats going on in there ? Nettu says Raghav had an accident. He is fine now don’t worry. Manda says he Is not my son in law why would I be worried.. Nettu says people like him should die. There will be an interesting triangle in the hospital. Kalpi Pakhi and Ragahv.

Ragahv opens his eyes. kalpi recalls how Ragahv saved her and kamla and how he held her hand even when he was unconscious. Pakhi sees Raghav and says do you want something ?

Kamla says kalpi eat something. You have not eaten anything since yesterday. Kalpi hugs kamla and cries. On the other hand, Ragahv is not answering Pakhi and looking at the door constantly. Meanwhile, in kamla’s house everyone has slept except kalpi. She can’t sleep.

Kalpi prays in the temple please make Ragahv recover soon. I will come to you. Kalpi is doing the dishes later and still thinking about Raghav. Kamla says Kalpi its time for meal. She is not listening. Kamla gets a call from Pakhi. She asks how is Raghav. Pakhi says better than yesterday. Kamla says take care of yourself and Raghav. Vitthal is there too. Kamla goes to kalpi and says Ragahv is fine now. Kalpi turns back. Kalpi hugs kamla. At night, kamla serves the food and calls everyone. She says to kalpi come on have the food. Kalpi says I don’t want to. Kamla says till when will you be like this ? She leaves. Vitthal asks what happened and Kamla says she has not eaten anything she is just crying since two days.

Nettu says how will she eat Ragahv is not in hospital and you are not even letting her go. Who does that to own daughter ? Vitthal says mind your own business don’t tell us what we should do. He asks kamla to give the plate and says I will make her eat. Vitthal goes to kalpi and says its too hot kalpi. You did better by coming here out. We will both eat here together in the balcony. Kalpi says I am not in mood to. He says you used to do this in childhood too. You know how I used to make you eat. He sings a poem and gives her a bite. Kamla says we are not your enemies. We know you want to meet Raghav but the path you are choosing is not the right one. Ragahv has his wife there to take car of. Kalpi eats the bite.

Mummy ji is waiting for Pakhi and Ragahv to return. They come in. Pakhi and mummy ji make Ragahv sit. Pakhi says should I bring water Ragahv ? He says no thanks. Mummy ji says what should I ask you Ragahv I can see you. He says I am fine now. Gauri comes in and says Ragahv how did this all happen ? Are you okay now ? I was not even informed.

Pakhi says I called you but your number was out of reach. Gauri looks at her ferociously and says you better stay quiet. SInce you came in my son’s life there has been problems all around. Your family took my husband and now you are after my son. You people are a danger to us. Raghav says maa its not Pakhi’s mistake. Mumy ji says Gauri don’t say like that. mummy ji says Pakhi take him to bedroom he is not feeling well here. Pakhi takes Ragahv to the bedroom.

There Kamla and Vitthal pray. Kalpi says to Kamla that I want to meet Raghav can we go to the hospital ? Kamla says okay. Call Pakhi and tell her. I will meet her too. Vitthal is angry. Kamla says vitthal I can’t see her like this. We will just meet Raghav and come back. I am going with her don’t worry. Kalpi calls Pakhi and says oh he has been discharged okay thank you.

Ragahv enters the room and sees its all decorated with flowers and its written welcome there. Mummy ji says looks Pakhi decorated the whole room for you. Pakhi says I know you don’t like the environment of hospital so I did all this to welcome you back. Ragahv says thank you for doing this all for me. Gauri overhears and is so resented. Mummy ji says I will send you the juice.
Raghav says to Pakhi, kalpi must have gone to hospital but I could not meet her. She must have called. Pakhi says yeah she should have called but she didn’t. Raghav says that’s not possible. Call and tell her that I am discharged.

kalpi wonders should I call Raghav or not. How would he be. I haven’t even talked to him. Servant gives the phone to pakhi. Its ringing. Kalpi is calling. Raghav is asleep. Pakhi switches the phone off.

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