Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 494-495)

Simran is busy with the arrangements. Roshni comes there. Simran says they are both doing good duty of a daughter in-law and she never fulfilled duty of a daughter in-law at their home and they are lucky to get Anya. Mami asks Simran about Siddharth’s first wife, and asks Simran not to make Anya leave like Siddharth’s first wife. Roshni takes Simran’s side and says that girl might have done a mistake by leaving this family, and praises Simran. Siddharth hears her.

Anya comes to meet Arav in the hospital. Siddharth asks Anya to make it quick as nurse can come at any time. Anya plead and cries holding Arav’s hand. She asks him to come back to him and not to make her wait. She is tired of handling things alone. She cries and says she love him. Siddharth asks Anya to come and takes her from there. Naina asks where Anya is? Siddharth and Anya come there. Naina says she called the jeweller here. Siddharth and Roshni are shocked to see Durgardevi jeweller. He sees Roshni and Siddharth, and asks what they are both doing here. Kesar comes and asks him not to talk about Roshni and Siddharth here. The Sarees seller come there. Kesar asks Neil to select saree for Ragini. Siddharth selects a saree for her. Mami says their choice is same. Naina says it is good. Neil tells Ragini that this saree will suit her. Siddharth says red saree will suit her.

Neil says he should let Ragini decide. Roshni says they will select saree for Anya as it is her engagement. She think this red color will suit on Anya well. Siddharth says right and covers Anya’s head with red saree, and says Ragini is right. She will look like the most beautiful bride of this world after wearing this saree. Roshni gets jealous and leaves. Siddharth smiles looking at Anya. Neil goes after Roshni. Roshni gets angry thinking Siddharth have come. Neil says they will choose different color. Roshni says she is liking it. Neil smiles. Roshni says he is blushing. Neil leaves. Roshni picks up the saree and says now he know what to say? She sees Siddharth standing in front of her.

Roshni is selecting her dress when Siddharth comes  from behind and picks up the dress. Roshni thinks that it is Neil. Roshni tells Siddharth that she does not want to prove her point to anybody. Roshni adds on that she has decided to marry Neil and whatever Neil like is her liking too. Siddharth tells Roshni that she has changed her liking and attitude completely and asks if she has changed or just pretending. Roshni says she held Neil’s hand with her wish and will never leave him. Roshni recalls Siddharth selecting same saree for her. Mami decides to do something exciting to bring out the truth. She peeps in the kitchen when Roshni is busy chopping veggies. Mithul/Mami comes inside slowly and keeps cloth near the gas stove flame, and leaves. The cloth catches fire. Roshni runs and is shocked to see the fire is all around the kitchen. She screams and shouts for help. Siddharth and Neil hear her voice and run to save her. Siddharth and Neil give their hand to Roshni, but she holds Siddharth’s hand as she couldn’t see while it's smoking. Siddharth lifts her and takes her to the hall. Neil is shocked to see their eye lock. Mami’s doubts gets increased. Neil hugs Roshni and says he would have died if anything had happened to her and says he will call the doctor.

Anya asks Siddharth if he is fine. Siddharth says yes. Neil looks for the medicine and throws the box in anger saying the medicine is not there. He goes to bring medicine. Siddharth comes to Roshni and applied ointment on her burnt hand. He asks what she have said, that she will never leave Neil and asks why did she hold his hand when they both forward their hands near her, as she looks for him everywhere. Roshni says she know he have lit the fire in the kitchen to prove his point. Siddharth asks if she is mad? He says how can she say so knowing he love her, and leaves angrily.

Roshni cries and asks why did he make her weak? Why couldn’t she take him out of her heart. She can’t do this with him and Neil. Anya offer to apply ointment on Siddharth's hand and says he have jumped in the fire to save her, but she didn’t even ask about him. She asks what happened? Naina asks her brother to get the kitchen clean. Siddharth comes there and offers to help. The doctor checks Roshni and tells Neil that she is fine, and just needs to rest. Neil tells Naina that the engagement should be postponed but before Naina could says anything, Roshni comes out and says it is a big day for Anya and Siddharth. She don’t want any problem to happen because of her. Siddharth looks shocked. Roshni feels dizzy and tells Neil that she is unwell and needs to go room. Neil takes her to the room. Anya asks Siddharth, what Roshni wants to prove? Siddharth says she doesn’t know that he is the principal of the school in which she is studying now.

Everyone gather in the party. Roshni comes downstairs. Neil looks mesmerized by her beauty and compliments her. The guests as usual start gossiping about Neil’s engagement. Siddharth welcomes all the guest. Siddharth says destiny is a word on which everyone believes and that couple depends on destiny. Siddharth says they chose their life partner, whom they gave their everything, happiness, sadness, life. He says it becomes eternal love story like Heer Ranjha…and Siddharth-Anya. He says he wants to present one such love story, but he wants to introduce someone. He goes to Roshni, past Anya and holds her hand.

Siddharth takes Roshni by her hand and brings her to the centre stage. He then displays an engagement ring before Roshni and the the entire family is shocked and confused as to what Siddharth is exactly trying to do. Neil reaches there to question Siddharth what he is doing? Just then, Siddharth says this is destiny..he didn’t call him but he came by himself. He introduces Neil to the guest that he is elder than Anya, and if he don’t get engaged before Anya then it will not be right. He says he have a condition and announces that he will get engaged to Aanya only if Neil and Ragini get engaged first.

Neil says he knew he is filmy and joker type, but this is their house. He asks Anya, why she has chosen him and that he is drunk and doing drama. Siddharth says he just had a drink being a Punjabi. Neil apologizes to the guests. Roshni says Siddharth is right, when they have compassion and understand then why are they delaying their engagement. She says their engagement is pushed because of him, and announces that they will get engaged right now.

Siddharth and Anya are shocked when Roshni agrees to this sudden engagement. Roshni asks Siddharth to give ring. Siddharth gives the ring with much difficultly. Roshni makes Neil wear ring and also goes on to wear the ring, showing no concern for him. Everyone claps for them. Raj seems worried for Siddharth, though Simran is happy as Neil makes Roshni wear the ring. Naina hugs Neil and Roshni. Simran gives the ring to Siddharth and Anya and asks them to exchange the rings. Just then the electricity goes off. Then it comes after sometime.

Simran asks Siddharth to make each other wear the ring. Siddharth shows his hand and says they have already worn it, till when have to wait for Roshni. Roshni looks on. Simran says they were in a hurry. They bring the cake and the newly engaged couple cut it. Ae Khuda song plays in the background. Later, Raj calls Roshni and speaks to her that they both are ruining each other lives. He expresses his helplessness for just being a spectator to see everything with his eyes and that his condition is bad.

He calls her Roshni. Just then, Neil's mother Naina hears raj referring Ragini Desai as Roshni and is instantly surprised. Simran says he forgot and calls Ragini as Roshni. Siddharth and Anya wonder how could Roshni get engaged to Neil. Neil asks Roshni if she is pressurize to say yes. Just then Simran shouts and says Raj has fallen. They run and help him get up. Raj says his leg slipped. Simran taunts Roshni and praises Anya. Siddharth and Roshni looks on.

Raj is drinking in his house. Simran asks if he is alright? Raj says he was seeing revenge of a mother in-law who ruined her son’s life. Simran says she has woken up Siddharth’s hopes. Raj says she have ruined her hopes. Simran says Roshni has ruined his life, and Anya will make his life better. Raj says he can’t see his son’s life ruining and determines to unite them. Siddharth asks Roshni to have sweets and insists her to eat it. Roshni eats the sweets. Siddharth asks why is there tears in her eyes and asks what the problem is now? Roshni says he is right, she got what she wanted and that mom ( Simran ) is right that their relation was not right, but now as she is with Neil, everything will be perfect and good. Siddharth thinks he will make her realize that heart relations are not wrong.

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