Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 516-517)

Sid sees Roshni coming and tells Anya that they should get article written by the expert on domestic violence on women. Roshni hears them and says it is a fashion magazine, social issues are not addressed in it. Sid says I know, but it is not just fashion magazine, but women magazine. He says many women are tortured by their husbands and says even successful women suffers but nobody comes forward. He says you are face of the magazine. Roshni disagrees for the article. She says may be woman are helpless and asks him to use other things to address the issue. Sid thinks what is going on and Roshni is affected.

Neil is in his office and thinks his conversation with Ragini. He thinks this is not right. How could I do this? Roshni gets inside the lift. Sid also gets in. Ranjeet sees them going and says Sid Khurana…look what I will do now. My mum will praise me. Sid shows bangles to Roshni and asks if it is hers. Roshni asks where did you get it? Sid says if everything is fine. He says we are not husband and wife anymore, but we can be still friends. He says whenever you want to share something, you can tell me. Roshni says I don’t need to talk to you. Just then electricity goes off and lift stops. Sid asks if Neil raised his hand on you. Roshni says Siddharth. Sid asks what is going on and asks about the bruises on her hand. He asks her to think about their relation and tell everything. He says I will handle everything and asks her to tell. Roshni waits for the lift to start. Sid says Roshni….
Mitul tells Neil that lift is not working, and I got tired. Neil calls security. Lift opens. They see Sid and Roshni together in lift and get doubtful.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Ragini and Sid together in lift. Mitul says that’s why lift was busy because of them and laughs. Neil says we are getting late for launch and says lets go. Sid looks at Roshni/Ragini. They all leave for the launch. Ranjeet looks at Sid. Neil asks Projector man to start the presentation of bridal collection. They see bridal pics and then sees Sid and Roshni’s marriage pics on the projector. Everyone is shocked. Sid and Roshni look at each other Roshni looks at Neil. Mitul asks when did Sid fill Ragini’s maang, and asks if this is for photo shoot. Neil asks what nonsense and asks the projector guy. He says this pics came from your office and that’s why got printed. Mitul asks Ragini to say. Neil thinks Ragini please tell that this is not reality and you haven’t married to Sid. Neil goes angrily. Mitul signs thumps up to Ranjeet.

Roshni follows Neil and apologizes to him. She says she didn’t know who has flashed the pics. Neil says you have done a big betrayal with me and is apologizing for the pic. He says you was married to Sid Khurana. Roshni says I told you already. Neil says liar, cunning woman and you told me that you was married to his cousin. Roshni asks I never said this. Neil says I don’t want to talk to you and asks her to see him broken slowly. He calls her liar, cunning and says you have cheated on me. Neil walks off. Naina hears them. Roshni is shattered.

Anya calls Simran and says she is scared and don’t know what to do. Simran asks her to make sure Roshni and Neil don’t get separated and says if that happens then there is a danger to your relation with Sid. She asks her to shift with Sid with Khurana house. Anya talks to Sid. Sid says I can’t go from here leaving Roshni here. If anything happens to her then I can’t forgive myself. Anya says it is none of your business. Sid says it is my business. He says if I leave from here, then everyone will think that we have done wrong. He says I will talk to Neil. Anya says I will come with you. Sid says I will handle and says he will drop her home. Neil is drinking on the road and recalls Sid and Roshni’s romantic dance, and also recalls Roshni refusing to have relation with him. He is walking in a drunkard state.

Roshni comes and holds his hand. She asks him to listen to her. Neil says you have an affair behind my back and have been fooling me. He says you did the same which Ria had done. He says this happens with me always, it is not your mistake. Roshni cries with him. Sid comes there and says he wants to talk to Neil. Roshni says no. Neil starts beating Sid and pushes Roshni asking her to go. Sid warns him not to hurt Roshni again. He asks what the hell you are doing with her. He says you are not this kind of man to do all this stuff. Neil hurts his hand for pushing Ragini and breaks his head also on the car.

Roshni gets up and tries to stop him. Sid also tries to stop him. Neil asks them to leave him and goes. Sid asks Roshni to sit in car and says he will bring Neil. Roshni ignores him and goes following Neil. Sid looks on sad. A sad song plays………….Main Dardon ke pass……Neil comes home. Naina takes him to room and makes him rest on bed. Roshni cries looking at Neil’s condition. Sid is also pained. Naina covers blanket on him. Roshni tries to talk to Naina. She says I didn’t lie to Neil, and says there is a big misunderstanding. Naina says I don’t know what is right or wrong, and says I just know that you are responsible for his condition She says it is your responsibility to take care of him, else you will take two lives, one is of Neil and other is of me. Roshni cries badly. Sid also cries and goes.

Mitul sees Naina tensed and smirks. She acts and asks what happened to Neil She says if Neil becomes like old Neil then….She says London Doctor said that if that happens again then it will be a disaster of his life. She asks her to save Neil and smiles. Naina gets tensed. Sid hears her and looks on. Later Sid comes to Roshni and says I thought you told him everything about us. Roshni cries and goes to Neil. She applies ointment on Neil’s hand. Sid looks at them. Mitul asks Ragini to take care of neil and says you should do something to make everything fine. Sid comes and says you said right. He says I have taken a decision to resolve the mistake. He says I will not go to London and will stay here in this house. Mitul says oh..you will stay with your ex wife. Sid says you are having narrow thinking and says it seems you want to stretch the matter. He says I will not give explanation to anyone and goes. Naina thinks what to do? She thinks her children life is at stake. She takes out court notice and says Sid and Roshni’s relation are like eclipse on them.

Naina looks at the court notice and says Sid and Roshni’s relation are like eclipse on us. Sid comes and says we didn’t know that you will hide such a big thing from us. Naina says this is my will papers and I don’t want any trouble to come. Sid says I am talking about Neil. He says Neil is such a good man, but suddenly he started drinking and behaving aggressively. He asks what happened? Naina keeps the papers in cupboard and says don’t you know what he is going through. Sid says I want to help him.

Naina rudely asks him to go for forever with Anya. Sid thinks I can’t go anywhere as I have promised Sasumom that I will take care of Roshni. He says my life mission is to take care, and thinks he can’t go. Neil wakes up and recalls about Sid and his fight. A flashback is shown. He sees Roshni resting on sofa and goes to her. He keeps his hand on her head. Roshni looks scared. Neil apologizes for his wrong behavior and swears that he will not do anything wrong again. He says I couldn’t face you and apologizes.

He sees wine bottle and recalls Sid and his fight again. He recalls pushing Roshni on road. He picks a wine bottle and breaks it, saying it is the reason of the trouble. He puts it in bin, and asks her to forget it. Roshni says I wanted to tell you that I told you about my past. Neil asks her not to say anything and says we shall go somewhere on a honeymoon, where there will be no Sid and Roshni. He asks will you come leaving Sid here. Roshni says I will bring breakfast for you and then we will talk.

Anya is talking to someone on phone and asks him not to call again. Roshni asks what happened to you. She asks her to rest and says I will bring lemon water for you. Anya seems to be angry with the caller. Naina is going somewhere hiding the file. Mitul sees her going secretly and wonders where is she going? She asks Ranjeet to follow her.

Sid is sitting in Anya’s room. Roshni brings lemon water and says she has brought it for Anya. Sid gets up and asks are you fine? Roshni asks him to give lemon water to Anya. Mitul hears them and thinks she will do everything in 2 days. Sid holds Roshni’s hand. Mitul goes to Neil and says they are very shameless. Sid asks Roshni, if she is fine. Anya comes out and asks Ragini, why she is here. Roshni asks her to take care. Mitul brings Neil. Roshni asks Anya to take care and says if anything happens to you then I can’t forgive myself.

Neil thinks Roshni is talking to Sid and asking him to take care. He gets angry and goes. Anya says I will take care of myself and Sid is with me. Roshni says I will leave. Anya looks at Sid. Naina goes to Mehta and Associates and asks him to find a way out. Ranjeet thinks how to hear her. Lawyer says both parties should agree for divorce and says he can’t help her. Roshni sees the bottle empty which was thrown in dustbin. She thinks what is happening?

Neil scolds the servant and asks him to go. Roshni says she will make food for him. Neil asks her to shut up and asks her not to pretend. He says you should know when to open mouth and when to close. He asks her to stay on a corner silently. Roshni goes cryingly. Sid hears Neil and gets angry. He calls someone and says I need to meet you today itself.

Sid meets Doctor and asks him to show a way. Doctor says it is not easy to diagnose an issue. He says this can be bipolar disorder, but it would be wrong to tell anything. He asks him to get info about the case or make him meet patient once. Anya comes to the hospital and says I told you already. The man turns out to be Arav. Arav says I have fulfilled my promise and now it is your turn and says he wants to meet her family as he is going to be father of her baby.

Anya says I will make you meet my family soon, but this is not the right time. Sid is going from there. Anya sees Sid talking to Simran and hides behind Arav. Arav asks who is he and why you are hiding from him. Anya says he is my family member and says don’t contact me till I say. Arav is surprised and thinks this baby is mine too, and I won’t let you go from my life easily. Sid thinks how to find out and asks to show way. He hears Mitul speaking to Ranjeet and scolding him. Sid gets an idea and says only Ranjeet can unveil the secret now.

Sid acts to read the newspaper and calls Ranjeet seeing him going. He says he has some work with him. Ranjeet is about to go. Sid says I am thinking about your betterment, and is not like his brother Neil. He says Mauve got a big project, and Neil wants to hire someone for it. Ranjeet nods. Sid says he is your brother and should give work to you. He says may be he has gone mad after marriage. He says you are a loser, and do mistakes, but elder brother should forgive younger siblings. He says Neil don’t deserve to be your brother. He says lets go out and have a drink. Ranjeet falls in his trap. They go.

Mr. Mehta tells Ragini that he will not sign the deal without meeting Neil. Ragini says she is here and will talk to him about the deal. Neil comes there, breaks the things
and asks where is the manager? My debit and credit cards are not working. Ragini gets tensed and says she got the cards blocked because of his drinking habit. She says everyone is looking and asks him not to make an issue. 

Neil looks shocked, takes out money from her purse and smiles. He asks her to stay far from her. Ragini cries. Mr. Mehta says I think I have to consider about our merger again, as according to the tamasha this merger seems to be inappropriate. Roshni continues to cry. Naina thinks if I don’t do anything quickly then my kids and business will be ruined.


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