30th June: Today In History

Today is Friday, June 30th, the 181st day of 2017. There are 184 days left in the year.

Today’s Highlight in History:
1997:  The Union Jack was lowered for the last time over Government House in Hong Kong as Britain prepared to hand the colony back to China at midnight after ruling it for 156 years.
1859:  French acrobat Charles Blondin (blahn-DAN’) walked back and forth on a tightrope above the gorge of Niagara Falls as thousands of spectators watched.
1865:  Eight people, including Mary Surratt and Dr. Samuel Mudd, were convicted by a military commission of conspiring with John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. (Four defendants, including Surratt, were executed; Mudd was sentenced to life in prison, but was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson in 1869.)
1892:  Small frogs rained down on Moseley, England, south of Birmingham. (According to an account quoted in the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Monthly Weather Review for May 1917, the frogs, described as “almost white in color,” were found “scattered about several gardens” and had “evidently been absorbed in a small waterspout” during a storm.)
1908:  The Tunguska Event took place in Russia as an asteroid exploded above Siberia, leaving 800 square miles of scorched or blown-down trees.
1917:  Singer, actress and activist Lena Horne was born in Brooklyn, New York.
1936:  The Civil War novel “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell was first published by The Macmillan Co. in New York.
1949:  “The Missouri Waltz” became the official state song of Missouri.
1952:  “The Guiding Light,” a popular radio program, began a 57-year television run on CBS.
1963:  Pope Paul VI was crowned the 262nd head of the Roman Catholic Church.
1966:  The National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in Washington, D.C.
1977:  President Jimmy Carter announced he had decided against production of the Rockwell B-1 bomber, saying it was too costly. (However, the B-1 was later revived by President Ronald Reagan.)
1985:  39 American hostages from a hijacked TWA jetliner were freed in Beirut after being held 17 days.

Actress Lea Massari is 84.
Actress Nancy Dussault (doo-SOH’) is 81.
Songwriter Tony Hatch is 78.
Singer Glenn Shorrock is 73.
Actor Leonard Whiting is 67.
Jazz musician Stanley Clarke is 66.
Actor David Garrison is 65.
Rock musician Hal Lindes (Dire Straits) is 64.
Actor-comedian David Alan Grier is 61. 

Quotes Of The Day: 
"I love you, not just for now, but for always, and I dream of the day that you'll take me in your arms again."
"Practice Does Not Make Perfect. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect."

Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 522-523)

Anya blackmails Mitul and asks her to make Sid go away from there very far with her and says she will get the papers signed soon. She says she is her niece and is like her only. She says I will expose you, if you don’t do my work and hugs her. Roshni tries talking to Naina and says she has to know about his past. She says Neil can’t move on until his past closes down.

Naina says my son had forgotten it all, but you have scratched his wounds and made our lives like hell. Roshni calls Sid and says Ria is in London. Sid says he will do something and asks Raj to get the info through his contacts. Mitul comes to the lady house. Her guard or goon tells her that lady is out of town and only her sister is at home. Mitul insists to talk to her.

Sid tells Roshni that Raj used his contact and got to know about someone. They talk to Trisha on the video cam. Sid introduces Trisha to Roshni. Trisha says she met Neil in 2013, and Naina tried to get him marry her, but his condition deteriorated and the marriage couldn’t happen. Sid asks did you ever meet Ria. Trisha says says, and says when she met Ria, Ria was so excited to marry Neil and couldn’t believe that he is going to marry her. Trisha goes. Sid tells Roshni that there is a cover up. Someone is hiding something from us. Roshni says I want to leave. Sid says I won’t let your relation with Neil to happen anything. Roshni thanks him and goes.

Lady’s sister comes. Mitul asks how are you? We have met you after a long time. She asks them not to over familiar. Mitul says only you can get us what we want…and calls her Ria. Ria says why I should help you. Mitul says our enemies are same. We just wants Sen guptas to end and whoever is supporting them shall be ruined. Ria says yes, and says she just wants them to be ruined. She says I don’t want them to stay in peace after whatever they have done with me. Ranjeet tells Mitul that Ria ran from mandap. Mitul asks him to keep quiet. She comes home and asks Anya to convince Naina to go to temple. Anya smiles and says okay.

Mitul asks Naina to come to temple as she has kept puja for Neil. Anya says I think we should go. Sid looks on surprisingly and says breakfast. Anya says we have to go and asks him to have breakfast. Roshni brings Neil and makes him sit on chair. Sid looks on. Roshni serves breakfast to Neil and says she will be back. Neil is having breakfast. Mitul tells that she forgot her phone and takes Naina inside forcibly. Neil and Sid sees Roshni coming down. Neil gets hyper seeing the dress and asks how dare you to wear it. He twists her hand and misbehaves with her. Sid pushes him in order to save Roshni.

Naina shouts and asks Sid not to touch her son. She asks Anya to take Neil to room. Sid says you are misunderstandings the happenings and says you need to hear me. Mitul says you was waiting for the chance to beat him. Roshni says Neil has become violent and attacked me. Sid has to push him to stop him. Naina asks Roshni to stop it and says until when you will stoop. She says you both were attacking my son. You and your lover are behind the attack, and blames Roshni. She asks Anya to take her husband from there, far away from them.

Sid asks Naina to give him a chance and clarify the matter. Naina shouts asking him not to forget that she is his saas even now and asks him to take his wife and leave from there. Roshni asks Sid to go, as mom is asking him. Anya smirks and goes. Roshni cries. Sid says okay.

They come to Simran’s house. Simran does their aarti and says Devimaa has heard her prayers. She asks what do you want to eat? And asks them to enter. Neil tells Naina that he didn’t do anything. Ragini was looking like Ria…He imagines Ria, and says why she is not getting out from my mind. He says how can she wear clothes like Ria. He asks who asked her? Roshni hears them and is shocked. She looks at her dress. Naina makes him sleep. She gets message from Mitul and Ranjeet asking her to take the signatures. Simran comes there and asks if everything is fine. Anya says yes.

Ranjeet acts like Neil while Mitul enjoys his acting. Roshni claps and says I would have understood that it is all done by you both. Ranjeet asks her to leave. Roshni slaps him and says I got late in slapping you. Mitul asks her to be careful and says you doesn’t know what I can do with you. Roshni asks what you can do? She asks what is your problem? Whom you want to hurt, this family or me. Mitul says everything is done by you. Roshni asks about the clothes and note kept in her room. Mitul acts as innocent. Roshni determines to expose them and challenge her. Mitul says the game is dangerous and warns her.

Anya gets a message and is stressed. Sid asks if everything is fine. Bunty comes to Sid and says he needs signatures. Anya says she will get it signed and snatches paper from his hand. She smirks. She goes to Roshni and says Bunty has sent this papers for your signatures. Roshni asks how are you now? Anya acts to get pain in stomach, just as Roshni begins to read the papers. Roshni goes to bring lemon water. She brings it. Anya asks her to sign fast and says she is getting late. Roshni signs without reading, and asks her to take care.

Anya comes to Neil then, and starts crying. Neil asks what happened? Anya says Siddharth haven’t accepted me fully till now, and says I am worried about my baby. I don’t know what to do. Neil is worried also, and says don’t know why we are trapped. He says I will do whatever you tell me. Anya asks him to sign on the property papers and give half share to her baby. Neil says that’s it. I will sign. He signs on the papers.

Anya takes his advantage and says you are worlds best brother. She gives papers to Mitul. Mitul asks her to go home. Anya asks her not to hurt her brother and mum and goes. Mitul thinks Ria and her sister will take revenge and you will hear your family scream till your sasural. She calls Ria and says work is done. Ria smiles and tells her sister that work is done. Her sister says Sen Gupta family will be ruined.

Anya comes back to Sid’s house and thinks if I have done right? If Mami does anything wrong with them then? Sid sees her lost in thinking and asks if she is fine. Bunty switches on TV. They hear the news that a new company Pari Limited company is acquiring a big company. Anya gets worried thinking what will happen if everyone come to know that it is done because of her.

Sid tells Bunty that he has never heard this company name. He goes to give water to Anya and asks what is wrong with her. Anya says she will be fine if she takes rest. Sid goes to attend a call. Roshni looks at DD’s pic and asks why everything is changed. Our life was so good before, I miss you mom and cries. She gets Sid’s call and asks about Anya. Sid asks why you are asking about her. Roshni says nothing. She asks him about Ria and ends the call hearing someone coming. She sees someone coming and asks who are you?

Roshni sees someone in the house and asks who is he? The man is Aarav. When she tries to talk to him, he escapes. Next day, Roshni tells Sid that the guy is Aarav, Anya’s friend. She says he came home and when I asked him. He pushed me and escape. Sid gets down the car and hold his neck. Aarav asks him to leave him, and threatens to beat him and call Police. Sid says you are Aarav? You have made Anya’s life hell and troubled her a lot. He asks him to stay far from her.

Aarav asks who are you to keep me away from my baby and says he will not go far from her. Roshni is shocked. Sid beats him and says you are troubling him a lot and want to abort your baby. Aarav says I want to stay with Anya and our baby, but she has changed and don’t want to be with me. He says she tried to give me money and asked me to forget her. How can I forget that she is having my baby. He says did you hear fully? I won’t go far from her. Sid and Roshni are shocked. Aarav leaves.

Roshni asks what did he say? She asks how can that baby be his? That baby is of you and Anya, right? She asks him to say that the baby is his and asks if he got married to Anya? Sid says no. Roshni shouts at him and asks why didn’t you tell me? I went far from you thinking Anya’s baby is yours. Sid asks when did I lie? He says I tried to tell you many times, but you didn’t hear. He says I am not Anya’s husband and not her baby’s father. What you can do? Nothing. He says you would have trust me once? And now saying I have betrayed you. He says I have always cared for your happiness and not mine. He says you always need proof, and asks did you get the proof now. He asks can you save our relation now? No…

Roshni says I didn’t marry Neil for my happiness, and says I married him for your and Anya’s happiness. She says I came to you, and tried to talk to you, but your mom said that you are happy with Anya and baby. She says I came in people’s talk and says Neil is not my happiness. She hugs him, cries badly thinking she has ruined everything. Sid asks her not to cry and says you heard everything, but not me. He asks how to bring you back in my life, now you are a husband and life. He says this is our destiny, and says we have responsibility of other relations too, and says Aarav and Anya. Roshni apologizes to him and hugs him cryingly.

Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 414-415)

While Abhi is in the restaurant taking out his frustration on the manager, Purabh comes there and asks why he is not in good mood. Abhi shares his feelings towards Pragya with Purabh that he wants to go far from Pragya and want to forget her, want to go away from her eye sight. He have decided to end his feelings for Pragya and asks him to help him, and that he did a commitment with Tanu. He says Pragya have snatched his everything and controlling everything as if he is not him.

Purabh tries to console his friend that at least his love is in front of him, but his own love is gone. He is still living for his love, and Abhi also have to live for his love. Abhi agrees that he is right, he have to forget everything and will have to live for his love. He goes to washroom. Pragya is in the car and decides to message Daadi. While Abhi is in the washroom, Purabh receive Pragya calls and the exchange the advanced plan to conquer the third person. Pragya tells him to take care of Abhi as she is going to follow Tanu in order to find out the third person and that she haven’t told anything to Daadi. Purabh says Pragya is already tensed and he should not talk to her about Abhi.

Pragya adds that Daadi will get angry knowing she went alone, and asks about Abhi’s mood. Purabh says he didn’t tell him anything and asks her to take care. Tanu stops her car somewhere and Pragya follows her asking the taxi driver to wait for her for 5 minutes. Tanu comes to an isolated place where she called Nikhil that she is here. Nikhil comes and says he have selected this place to hug her. He hugs her. Pragya prays to God to help her see the person and says she couldn’t hear or see him.

Nikhil asks why did she call him? Tanu informs him that Aaliya is caught and is in jail. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu hears some sound of a person from behind while she hugs Nikhil crying over Aaliya's arrest and asks who is there? She immediately tell Nikhil they should meet somewhere else and leaves. Pragya struggles to see the face of the second person who came and was hugging her.

Mitali thinks as to who is the person, who is helping Aaliya and Raj is never greedy about money and thinks Pammi is greedy, but brainless too. She thinks Aaliya will make a team with her. Pammi asks if she will fill her stomach seeing her face and asks her as to why is she staring at her. Mitali informs her about the thing she is thinking about who was helping Aaliya. Pammi asks if she is doubting on her and says she have a doubt on her.

Meanwhile, Raj gets worried as to why Mitali thinking about all this and decides to be careful around her. Mitali thinks to check on Akash and Rachna. Pragya finds herself at the on going promotions of upcoming Bollywood flick Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 and there she comes across the lead actors of the movie at the party. Tusshar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani promote their film. Pragya calls them brother Saheb. They are happy and surprised to see Pragya in a hurry and ask if they are searching for someone. Pragya informs them about the reason for her arrival at the event following Tanu and asks them to help her.

Aftab suggests they should help her as she called them brother. Both Tusshar and Aftab promise to help her in her endeavour and asks how they will search her. Pragya gives them the description of clothes. Meanwhile, Tanu and Nikhil are there. Purabh comes and looks for Pragya. He calls Tanu. Tanu thinks why is he calling her and picks the call. Purabh says Abhi is asking about her. Tanu replies that she is in birthday party and disconnects the call. Purabh wonders where Pragya is now. Nikhil comes to meet Tanu wearing shawl at the event and asks Tanu to come.

Tusshar and Aftab is asked to perform on stage. Aftab suggests that they should dance on stage. Pragya tells that they are there, and spots Tanu. Aftab asks her to get involved in their dance troupe and says they will stop them from leaving. Purabh informs Daadi that Pragya went following Tanu. Rachna suggests they should inform Abhi. Purabh says Abhi doesn’t care about her and he want to completely forget her. Daadi asks what is he saying? Purabh tells her everything, and says Abhi thinks Tanu’s baby is his. He tried talking to him, but he is not opening the door.

Pragya becomes a part of the promotional event and dances with Tushaar and Aftab on the song Hai Jawani Le Doobi. Pragya thinks she has to see his face anyhow. She pulls the shawl and see Abhi. Abhi says he came insearch of her and he has worn the shawl as his fan might see him. He asks if she is dancing in film promotion to get money. Pragya says he is thinking her wrong. Abhi asks what is she doing here and asks her to tell him.

Tushaar, Abhi and Aftab dance on stage. Tanu and Nikhil see him and think to escape before he sees them. Tusshar announces that Abhi has a unique talent, and asks them to watch their film. Abhi promotes their film. Aftab also promotes the film. Pragya follows the two of them but she is caught up with Abhi. Pragya watches as Tanu leaves with the mysterious man and she blames Abhi for ruining her plan and that he has escaped because of him. Abhi looks on.

Abhi says he didn’t know that she is on mission, and they will ask the police to nab the culprit. He thinks Daadi says right. Pragya says if they involve the police then they can take Daadi, Daasi or any family member to the police station, and then the news will reach the media. She says that’s why she is searching alone. Abhi comes home and tells Purabh that he went insearch of Pragya after he asked him to search for her. Pragya tells him that the man escaped and now she has to search from the start. Daadi and Rachna looks on.

Pragya gets disappointment as she is fails to see the person whom Tanu is meeting secretly. Soon, she relaxes thinking that Tanu didn't notice her and chides Abhi for coming in the middle. Meanwhile, Abhi comes inside his room and locks the door thinking that Pragya is not in the room. Later, Pragya comes near him and asks him to get up from the bed. Abhi talks rudely with Pragya forcing her to go outside her room and asks her to take her stuff out as he doesn’t want her to disturb him in the night. Pragya leaves from the room. Abhi thinks he talked to Pragya strictly and thinks he have to forget her. Later, Daadi meets Pragya in order to discuss about trying to bring Tanu's reality in front of everyone in the house.

Daadi tells her that they know that Abhi will fight with her. Purabh tells her that Abhi is trapped between his feelings and his duty. He thinks Tanu’s baby is his and that’s why he wants to fulfill his duty. Pragya says she will expose Tanu. Daadi asks her to do something else it will be difficult for them to bring Abhi back. Pragya says she will take care of Abhi and will never leave him alone. Purabh asks if she saw that man. Pragya says they will talk later, but now she has to go to Abhi.

Tanu thinks why did Abhi come there? Mitali sees her coming home late at night and decides to follow her. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she will talk to him in the morning. Mitali thinks to spy on her. Abhi wakes up and thinks if Pragya slept somewhere else, she haven’t come till now. He thinks why is he pressuring on his mind and thinking much. He asks himself to sleep.

Pragya comes back to the room. Abhi sees her and asks why did she return? Pragya says he said that he will sleep, but is still awake. She asks if he was missing her? Abhi says if anyone misses her then he will die. Pragya says his theft is caught and asks what is fuggi doing with him? He says he had kept her in the cupboard, but she came out. He keeps her back. Pragya asks why is he doing this? Abhi says it is his life and he will decide what to give her happiness or pain. Pragya says everything will be fine in somedays. Abhi says it is his life and he wants to end her chapter. He is going to be dad and he can’t let injustice done to his baby. He asks her to help him forget her.

Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. Pragya gets sad and teary eyes. Abhi gets teary eyes too. Pragya thinks why is she helpless and can’t tell the truth. Raj takes Tanu to a corner. Mitali asks where did she vanish? Raj tells Tanu that Mitali is spying on her and asks what she wants to talk to him? Tanu informs him about Pragya’s deal. Raj asks what did you say? Tanu says she was confused and haven’t told her anything. Raj asks her to tell Pragya that she doesn’t know anyone. Tanu says she took Nikhil’s suggestion. Raj asks her to be alert and that he can save her from Pragya, but now from Mitali. Tanu thinks where to go?

Pragya tells Daadi that Abhi will go far from her if this continues. She says Abhi gave date to Tanu to marry her, and can marry her also. She have to do something fast. Purabh asks what they can do? Daadi says they have one way now. They should tell the truth to Abhi, and leave the decision on him. Pragya asks what is he saying? If they have to do this, then they should have done it long before and all this drama wasn’t needed. If they tell Abhi that the baby is not his, then he might think them wrong.

Daadi says what to do now and breaks down at being helpless to keep Pragya and Abhi's relationship intact. Pragya asks her not to cry and asks her to have strength. She promises to bring Tanu’s truth out. She says the man helping her was none other than her baby’s father, but she couldn’t see his face. They have to be careful. Tanu’s truth will come infront of everyone.

Pragya comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu says she should have knock on the door before coming. Pragya says it is her house and she can roam anywhere. Tanu says it is a good idea to spy. Pragya says she knows her real face, and reminds of her offer. Tanu says she don’t know anyone who have helped Aaliya and Aaliya will never try to ruin Abhi. Pragya says she wants to catch Bulbul’s criminal. Tanu says so she was acting all the while and fooling them. Pragya tells her that she hasn’t give divorce to Abhi as he signed on the property papers and not divorce papers and Tanu have instigated him to marry her, but she can’t marry without her permission. Once her truth comes out, she will go to jail just like Aaliya.

Daadi asks Pragya why did she lie to Tanu saying that her divorce with Abhi didn't happen as Abhi had signed on the property papers and not divorce papers. She informs her about Tanu's next step that Abhi might pressurize her to sign on divorce papers, as he doesn’t know that they both are already divorced. Then, Pragya informs her she would manage if Abhi asked her to sign on the divorce documents. Later, she informs her that it is necessary for them to confuse Tanu as of now and that Tanu will meet that guy being tensed. Daadi asks her to take Purabh with her. Pragya agrees.

Purabh comes to Sarla with new clothes that he has purchased for her and tries to cheer her up. Sarla tells him that Bulbul is gone and asks him to marry a nice girl. Purabh is disappointed with Sarla when she reminds him that Bulbul is dead and he should find love  once again and asks if he don’t have relation with her. He says Bulbul is watching him and will think that he is not taking care of her. He further makes it clear to Sarla that she will be his mother in spite of Bulbul's death.

Sarla gets teary eyes and says her blood relations have gone far from her, but he is with her. She don’t know why God has made blood relations. Purabh talks about Pragya. Sarla asks him not to take Pragya’s help and that she is crying for Bulbul. She asks him not to let Pragya touch her if she dies. Janki brings tea. Sarla cries and is angry at Pragya. Purabh thinks she would have known Pragya’s helplessness.

Tanu calls Nikhil up and tells him that Pragya has threatened her. She says Pragya got Abhi’s signatures on the property papers and not on divorce papers. Mitali hears her. Nikhil asks her not to take tension. Tanu says she will tell Abhi to take Pragya’s signature. Nikhil says if anything happens to their baby then he won’t like it. Mitali questions Tanu about to whom she is  speaking to and that she might be talking to someone who have helped Aaliya?

Tanu gets furious with her nagging behaviour and tells her not to doubt her and also don't have the right to question her. She asks her to question Abhi and leaves. Mitali decides to spy on her. Pragya recalls seeing Tanu with a man and thinks she couldn’t see that man’s face. She thinks she should do something and looks at Abhi’s photo. She reminiscences the happy moments with him.

Abhi comes to the room and asks what she is doing? Pragya says she is cleaning the photo. Abhi says dust is on her eyes and asks her to clean her eyes. He says dust should stay on memories so that one can forget. Pragya says he can decide about his memories, but she do have a right on her memories. She will decide whether to keep it or forget it. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background.

Mitali thinks how to find out about that man, and thinks to take Ronnie’s help. Ronnie thinks what happened to Pragya? She don’t want his help. Mitali thinks she can take his help. She asks him to share his worries. Ronnie says he want to help Pragya, but doesn’t know how? Mitali says he should catch the person who have helped Aaliya and Tanu. Ronnie agrees. Mitali asks him not to inform anyone. Raj comes there and asks what is happening? Mitali asks him to start the work.

Raj asks why he was happy? Mitali tells him that they have planned a mission to trap that third person in front of Pragya. Raj thinks Mitali is trying to trap him. Pragya asks Purabh to take care of Sarla. Purabh says Sarla’s anger is increasing day by day and they should tell the truth to her. Pragya says she want this, but she will talk to Daadi. Purabh agrees. Just then Abhi holds Pragya’s hands and takes her to the room. Pragya asks if he has changed his decision.

Abhi says yesterday she said that if they involve the police, then they might call Daadi, Daasi or any family member to the Police station. He asks if she really care for his family. Pragya says yes. Abhi requests Pragya to divide his wealth and property amongst his family members and asks her to keep his share of money with herself. Pragya asks why? Abhi says everyone is after his money and he have lost everything because of money and he can’t bear anymore. He says Aaliya was after his money and she have changed also for money.

He felt much pain losing her, Bulbul and now Aaliya. He will be in shock seeing the family member who was helping Aaliya. He have earned day and night so that he can take care of their every needs and there is one way now and asks her to distribute the money to make them right. Pragya thinks he is having clear heart and thinking to make everything right. She asks where he will go after distributing the money? Abhi says he will stay with Tanu and his baby. Pragya asks if this is the way? Abhi says yes. Pragya says he is having a big misunderstanding and tells Tanu will leave him if he don’t have money. Abhi says Tanu loves him and will never leave him. Pragya says she can’t return his money and property now, and asks him to find out from Tanu if she really loves him.

Pragya gets emotional recollecting Abhi’s words asking her to distribute his property and money among his family member so that no one fight for money in future. She cries. Khamoshiyan song plays in the background. On the other hand, Abhi thinks about the words said by Pragya regarding Tanu that she will break his dream of a happy family if he doesn’t have money. Both Abhi and Pragya are upset with their current situation, contemplate a way to escape from their surroundings. She feels helpless and thinks Abhi is going far from her.

Pragya then decides not to reveal the truth about whatever happens and prays to God to give her some more time and asks God not to separate them. Meanwhile, Abhi thinks Tanu is not after his money and decides to prove Tanu's innocence to Pragya. Later, Purabh tells Daadi if they can share the truth with Pragya's mother and that Sarla will get happy knowing Pragya’s truth, and it can lower her pain of losing Bulbul. Daadi says she doubtful if this is right time or not.

Daadi says Sarla’s hatred is seen on her face, and if she knows the truth then she will not be able to hide her love for her. She leaves the decision on Pragya. Pragya comes there. Purabh tells her that he told Daadi about Sarla, and she left the decision on her. Daadi says she have paid a heavy price, and asks her to take a decision. She also asks her to expose Abhi’s enemies. She asks her to think and take a decision.

Tanu is on bed and thinks she is feeling weak. She thinks she haven’t visited spa and skin quality is getting bad. She thinks once you gets married, then she will get luxury, name, fame, money and everything. She sees greeting card given by Nikhil and wonders from where it came on her bed. Abhi comes to her room and sits on her  recalling Pragya’s words. He happens to see the greeting card given by Nikhil to Tanu. Tanu comes there. Abhi asks who gave her this, hugs, kisses are written in it.

Tanu again lied to him that she wish that someone would have given her this, and says it was actually for Aaliya as someone proposed her. Abhi believes on her story and asks if she want to have lunch with her. Tanu agrees and goes to get ready. Rachna tells her that she has made food for everyone. Taya ji says Rachna is so good and asks Pammi to accept her. Pammi admit that she is good. She asks Mitali to learn from her. Mitali says she told her about everyone’s preferences, and taught her cooking. Rachna is confirms.

Ronnie and Mitali talk silently. Ronnie says he has done all the arrangement to catch the third person. Abhi and Tanu comes down. Daadi asks Abhi to have lunch and says Rachna made good food. Abhi says he is going to have lunch outside. Daadi thinks if Pragya knows this. Purabh comes and asks Daadi about Abhi. Daadi says he has gone on lunch with Tanu. Purabh says he will spoil his date and will call him. Pragya asks him not to call him, and that Abhi is so good that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong and they have to bring Tanu’s secret in front of him.

Purabh says they should have some idea. Pragya says they should also do same thing with Tanu and by blackmail. She adds that Tanu should know that someone else knows her truth and she will get tensed and they should tell the truth to Sarla, but they also have to catch the enemies. She says they will decide later. Abhi and Tanu gets down the auto. Tanu looks here and there. Tanu asks where they will have food?

Abhi says we will have food at the stall. He says one thali for 50 Rs and that he used to have food here in his childhood. Tanu says he took her here in auto and now insisting to have food here. Abhi recalls Pragya asking him to have tea on a road side stall. Tanu suggests they should go to nearby restaurant and have food and that she have some money. Abhi asks if she is interested to have food with him or want to have food in luxurious restaurant. He asks her to decide what she wants, money or him.

Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 291-293)

Aryan gets Suhana up and apologizes to her that she fell because of him. He covers her with his coat. He starts the bike but it's not starting. He wonder what to do now as they can’t find a rickshaw here. Suahan suggests they should walk. He takes the umbrella and they start walking. Aryan asks if she is worried for Maasi Kamla and vowed to her that he will prove her innocent and he will be with her. Suhana goes to her house.

Aryan comes to the chowl to bring Kamla back to Suhana's house. Manda wonders where Kamla is going? Suhana says she have called Massi Kamla here to remove the misunderstandings. Sanjay ask his daughter if she actually called Kamla? Suhana admit it to her father that she did and Massi Kamla can’t do this anyway. Dheraj gets upset and tells Suhana they all saw the bangles in her purse. Suhana says he saw wrong and she have the proof of what happened. She tells when Meethi gave her the thing she found in her mom’s room and that she find the purse in Dusheli’s closet.

Dusheli says she is lying and that she bought the purse. Suhana asks what Massi Kamla's family photo doing in her purse and it should have been her family photo instead. Suhana manages to bring the truth about Kamla out along with a proof and proves that the old servant of the house Dushila is the actual thief and that Dushela brought the same purse as Massi Kamla and put in the bangles then she replaced the one with Kamla’s purse. Sanjay asks Dushela if it's right? When Dushela realizes that she has been trapped she immediately accepts her mistake and apologizes to Kamla that when she came here Suhana stopped talking to her and she thought Kamla will gain her importance when she go.

Mr. Sanjay Diwan asks Dushila to leave the house along with her family and he is forgiving her seeing her serving to them for years, but Kamla stops him and plead with him to pardon them and asks how will they run their house?. Later, Diwan apologizes to Kamla on behalf of everyone for accusing her of stealing from the house and that what happened shouldn’t have happen. Kamla says he don’t need to be sorry. Sanjay asks her to come back to the house for Suhana if she have accepted their apology. Kamla nods. Suhana thank her.

The next morning, Suhana and Aryan are home. Aryan asks where are the rest of the people? Kamla says they have gone to Sanjay’s friends place. Kamla serves them the breakfast. Later, Suhana's condition suddenly deteriorates after taking the medicines. Aryan and Kamla asks what is wrong with her? She informs them that she took the medicine and she is not feeling well after that. Kamla takes her to the room and asks Aryan to call the doctor. He calls Mehta but he is not in the hospital. Aryan calls another doctor. Aryan comes to the room and tells Suhana that the doctor is coming in a few moments and that she will be fine. Dushela brings the lemonade for her.

The doctor comes in and checks Suhana’s pulse. Kamla says Suhana was fine before taking the medicine. The doctor tells her to show her that drug. Kamla shows her. When the new doctor sees the medicine, she asks who recommended this medicine. Sanjay comes in and asks what happened to his Suhana. Kamla explain to him that Suhana started fainting after taking the medicine. The new doctor explains that the medicines are wrong and are worsening Suhana's condition. Dheraj asks what is she saying? He adds that doctor Mehta is such a renowned doctor and asks how can he recommend wrong medicine to Suhana. Suhana then voice out that actually she don’t like the medicine so she used to trash it but today she had to take this.

The doctor says she did good and that if she had been taken it regularly then her condition would have been worse. She then recommends another medicine for Suhana. Dheraj calls Mehta up. Mr. Sanjay Diwan decides to speak to his earlier doctor and says how can Mehta give her the wrong medicine and that if something happens to Suhana then he will sue Mehta. Mehta comes in. Sanjay confronts him and asks what kind of medicine have he given to her daughter and that doctor Desh said the medicine is dangerous for Suhana. Mehta shows him the file and says that he had never specified the given medicine.

Sanjay then asks where did the medicine come from? The blame again comes on Kamla as Kavita informs them that Kamla went to chemist to bring the medicine and asks why did he send her as Sanjay knows she is uneducated. Sanjay says it's the mistake of all of them as they all know she is uneducated and asks why did they send her? Aman could have gone. He will go and buy her medicines next time and tells Kamla that she won’t go for any such thing onwards. Kamla asks Suhana to forgive her as she is in this condition because of her. Suhana says it's not her mistake.

Dheraj calls Mehta and says there is a trouble. Mehta says he is in trouble along with him and his license will get cancelled if Sanjay comes to know. Kamla says education is so important. She gets a call from Pakiya but it disconnects and she doesn’t have credit on her phone and decides to call from Suhana's landline. She take the receiver and hears Dheraj and Mehta talking on phone. Mehta says no one should know that they are giving wrong medicine to Suhana. Kamla is shocked and wonder who is giving the wrong medicine to Suhana and says who is this? Dheraj immediately throws the phone away. Kamla asks who was it and who wants to harm Suhana. She have to figure this out.

Mehta tells Dheraj not to worry but no one should know they are giving the the wrong medicine to Suhana. Kamla picks the phone up and hears this sentence. Kamla is shocked. She says hello but Dheraj and Mehta are quite. Kamla asks who is this? Dheraj throws his phone away in anger. Kamla wonder who can this be and that doctor Mehta gave that medicine to Suhana and this was his voice. She recalls when Vitthal was hitting him and said he knows about Kalpi. Kamla says but why would Mehta do this and conclude that someone is helping him from the house and she have to figure out who is doing this to her Suhana and that she won't let anything happen to her Suhana.

Aryan asks Suhana to join him for a movie. She tells him she don’t like scary movies and he tell her to hold him when she get scared. Suhana asks him if he really don’t get sacred and she then tell him to look at the cockroach. Aryan jumps. Suhana laughs at him. Kamla says she is so happy and she shouldn’t annoy her. Suhana then sees Kamla leaving the house and asks where is she going. Kamla reply that she is going home. Suhana asks why is she worried but Kamla assures her that she is fine. Suhana decides to go along with her in order to drop her. Kamla asks the driver to stop the car and goes out. Suhana goes to the chowl.

Later, Suhana gets surprised when she sees Aryan there on his bike with a bouquet of flowers. She smiles and asks why is she following him in which he reply that he love her and that who else will he follow. Suhana reminds him they are friends. Aryan gives her some roses. Suhana then says she is trying to tell him that they are friends. He says he have decided to follow her for all the lives and that she have take the roses and he know she like rose. Vitthal comes downstairs and moves Aryan from her and asks if he can’t understand what she is saying.

Manda tell Vitthal to hit him as he is teasing a girl in their chowl. Suhana immediately tells Vitthal that he is getting it wrong but Vitthal insists that he was following her. He and other men start hitting Aryan, Kamla comes there and asks Vitthal what is he doing. Aryan thank God that Kamla came there and that Suhana wanted people to hit him. Suhana says she was tying to stop them. Kamla then introduce Aryan as Suhana’s friend. Manda says they are all fool while Kamla apologizes to Aryan. Aryan says it's not her mistake and that Suhana is so dangerous as she can make people hit anyone. Kamla again apologize to him. Suhana says he deserves it while Vitthal asks him to pardon him. Aryan says it's not his mistake but Suhana mistake and he will not follow her later. Kamla suggests they should go up and have tea.

Aryan comes in. Vitthal offer to make the tea. Later, Suhana decides to prepare tea for everybody. Aryan is surprised hearing this, Suhana asks what's wrong with that. Aryan asks how will she make tea in her clothes in which Suhana reply him that he don’t need any special dress to make tea and to judge after he drink it. Suhana makes the tea and tells Vitthal she have made one extra cup for him and he will drink twice. Everyone drinks the tea. Vitthal gets reminded of his daughter Kalpana when he tastes her tea and says his Kalpana used to make tea like this. Aryan drinks it and tell her to taste what she have made. Kamla then offer to make another for him. Vitthal says it's so good just like Kalpi. Kamla drinks it and feels the same. Suhana tells him not to drink it if he don't like it. He takes out the flower and begs Suhana to take it. Suhana extends her hand and he apologize to her. Vitthal says the tea is so good and tells them to drink it.

Meanwhile, Dheeraj and the doctor are worried thinking that Kamla will find out the truth about them. Dheraj calls Mehta up and tells him Kamla listened to their conversation. Mehta say she must have recognized his voice. Dheraj says she didn’t and that she have not talked to anyone and he knows how to handle her. Mehta says he is in trouble because of him and that he is a doctor and not a criminal and he have to do something. Dheraj assures him that he will do something and not to worry.

Aryan comes to Suhana’s room and starts massaging her hair but she is not seeing his face. She thanks him in slumber thinking he is her Maasi Kamla. He presses her head hard. She turns and asks what is he doing here in which he reply that he have brought her coffee. He can go if he don’t want him to stay as she is so rude. She then apologize to him. He suggests them to drink the coffee and that he have inform uncle that he is staying here for Chandni’s birthday till next week and that he is really serious about her. He know what love is and when she is with him everything feels good. She make him happy but when he think about going away from her it scares him and he don’t know if that’s right or not. He will make her to accept his love and love him and that it's a challenge. He scares her with a teddy. She says she won’t spear him and chases him and they both fall on bed together. Suhana gets up. Aryan then drink the coffee. He leaves.

Later Kamla goes to the hospital to meet the doctor and asks for doctor Mehta. The nurse asks her to wait. Mehta comes in and seeing Kamla at the hospital the doctor gets shocked. He wonders if she is doubting him. Kamla sees him.

Kamla comes to the hospital and asks the nurse she wants to meet Mehta in which she reply that he has gone out and that he must be coming. Kamla waits for him. Mehta comes in and gets shocked seeing Kamla at the hospital waiting for him and says she must be here to ask him questions and flees in his car but Kamla sees him too and follows him. She then comes in front of him and forces him to stop. Mehta asks what is it? Kamla says she wants to talk to him. Mehta lie that he have an emergency. Kamla insists him to talk to her.

She tries to force the truth out of him regarding Suhana and the people plotting against her and asks him to tell her why he want to hurt Suhana and who is with him in all this. She tells him that she had heard his voice on the phone. Mehta initially denies any involvement and the allegation on him saying that he don’t know anything. Kamla asks why is he not looking in her eyes then and why is his conscience not with him? She insists him to tell her who wants to harm Suhana in that house? She adds that doctors save lives and he have kids too and asks what if someone does the same to his kids. She plead with him to tell her who is behind all this and that there must be someone in that house. Someone who doesn’t want Suhana to live. She again beg him to tell her.

Mehta too beg her to please leave him alone that he know nothing about all this and that he never wanted to harm Suhana or anyone. Kamla says his eyes are saying that he is lying and to tell her what is the secret and that she can’t belive that he is a doctor and he is doing this for money. Mehta says he is not doing this for money and he have given all the money he have got in charity. Kamla asks why he wants to do this to Suhana then? Mehta insists that he is not harming Suhana he wanted her to come back. Kamla is arguing with him but later when the doctor is about to say the truth, suddenly a car comes from no where, and  he pushes Kamla away and the car hits him from the back. He is on the road and bleeding. Kamla tells him not to lose hope while she get some help. He writes on the road with his blood that Kalpana is Suhana. Kamla says she is uneducated and she can’t read. The blood then flows with the rain water.

Kamla takes him to the hospital. Mehta is going through the treatment. Kamla is worried and waiting outside and says what kind of justice is that. Mehta wanted to tell her the truth and she want to know who is harming Suhana in that house and wonder what will she do now. How will she figure it out. She talks to God that He have never disappointed her and that she knows her Kalpi is alive and she is well and not to test her this much. Vitthal comes there. Kamla tells him everything. The doctor comes out and tells her that doctor Mehta is dead.

Vittahal tells Kamla that he is with her in this fight and they won’t let anyone harm Suhana. She have seen Kalpi in her. Vitthal says now he is working in Dewan house and she have to be careful.

Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 520-521)

Mitul and Ranjeet check the papers and get happy. They hear car coming and get alerted. Sid and Neil come there and sees Roshni tied. Neil opens her hand cuff while Sid runs after the kidnappers. Sid asks them to come in front of him. Neil tries to make her gain consciousness and asks are you fine. Roshni gains consciousness and hugs him scared. She says I heard kidnappers talking about taking my signatures on some papers. Mitul and Ranjeet run outside and sit in car. Sid runs outside, but they are about to escape in car.

Doctor comes out and tells that Neil has a major leg injury. Naina cries. Roshni says Neil will be fine. Naina accuses Roshni and asks who will make him fine, you? She says this is happening because of you. Everything is ruined the day when you came here after marriage. I have done a big sin by getting you married to my son. I did a big mistake. Roshni cries. Sid looks on.

Naina cries and blames herself for Neil’s condition. She thinks her past sins are punishing her and Neil is suffering. A lady is shown saying she will take her revenge now. Sid tells Roshni that the troubles have to face him before reaching her. Mitul and Ranjeet reach the lady’s house. They argue that they will give the papers to lady and tries to take it in their hands. The papers tears apart. Mitul and Ranjeet are shocked. The lady slaps Mitul. Her goon tells Mitul that you both have proved madam’s theory that you are fools.

Mitul begs in front of lady to give her a last chance. Goon gives her last chance and tells that his madam is very dangerous. Sid thinks about Roshni and his romantic moments. Hamari Adhuri plays. Roshni tells Sid that she doesn’t know who they are? She says the kidnappers were two people, and one is woman and other is man. Sid asks are you sure? Roshni says woman was scolding the man as if he is a kid. Sid understands that they are Mitul and Ranjeet. He asks her to take care of Neil and herself.

Anya gets Arav’s calls. She rejects the call repeatedly. Ranjeet and Mitul enter home like thieves. Sid catches them and sings Andheri raaton me. He asks from where you both are coming? Mitul asks why you are accusing us. Sid says Neil is severely injured. Mitul starts acting and says Neil’s legs are hurt, don’t know if he will be able to walk or not. Sid asks are you future watcher. Mitul and Ranjeet say you said just. Mitul calls Naina.

Sid says I will ruin the persons who tries to harm Roshni. He says you are donkeys and I know everything. He asks them to accept their crimes. He says I won’t be at peace and won’t let you sit in peace until you confess. He asks them to go. Roshni is sitting with Neil. Naina comes and asks her to go, saying she can take care of her son. Roshni says you are Neil’s mum and can do anything. I am his wife and shall take care of him. Naina calls her betrayal, liar and shameless woman. She asks her to go else. Sid comes and asks what else? He says if someone else would have talked like this, then my tone would have been different.

Sid says it is wrong to blame a woman repeatedly. He says I am not saying this as her ex husband, but as her friend. He says there are many things which you have hidden and have betrayed. He says your son is an alcoholic and suffers from bipolar disorder. He says Neil is aggressive and you didn’t tell this to Roshni as you was afraid that she will refuse for marriage. He says Roshni has bear the torture till now and have done all the responsibilities of daughter-in-law and wife.

He says it is Roshni’s right to take care of Neil and asks her not to snatch this right from her. Roshni asks Sid not to interfere between them and says we will resolve the matter. Sid is about to go, stops and tells Naina that sometimes parents do wrong with their kids while trying to do better. He says my mum had some similar mistakes, and asks her not to do mistake as it is difficult for a mum to see her children suffering because of their own mistake. Roshni tries to talk to her. Naina ignores her and goes.

Sid hears Mitul and Ranjeet’s conversation about getting signatures. Mitul says she has an idea. Sid calls Bunty. Mitul and Ranjeet hear Anya and Arav’s conversation. Anya asks Arav to take money and leave from her life. Arav refuses to take money and says you can’t buy me and keep me away from my baby. Mitul and Ranjeet are happy to know the truth. They think to use Anya to get signatures. Just then they see Bunty and Sid wearing burqa and acting as them. Sid and Bunty tell their dialogues and try to take out info about Roshni’s kidnapping and papers. Ranjeet is about to confess just then Mitul sprays perfume on them and asks Ranjeet to run. They escape. Sid and Bunty get tensed.

Mitul and Ranjeet come to Anya. Ranjeet holds Anya’s hand. Anya asks what nonsense? Ranjeet gives her papers. Anya reads it and says it is Mauve and house papers. They ask her to take Neil and Ragini’s signatures. Anya refuses. Mitul blackmails her and shows the video in which she is asking Arav to take money and leave. Anya tells that she can’t get signatures and can’t do this. They blackmail her. She is trapped.

Sid talks to someone and tells Anya that Arav’s phone is traced. He is in Mumbai. He says we will find him soon, he can’t run away from you for long. Anya is tensed. Sid comes to Roshni. Roshni asks him to go. Sid asks him to have something. Neil is in pain. Roshni looks for the injection and gives him. Neil tells don’t leave me Ria…I can’t live you. Roshni is shocked to hear Ria’s name and runs out of house. Anya sees Sid running following Roshni. Roshni hugs him and cries. Roshni says I am in a relationship, in which I have no existence. She says Neil loves someone else.

Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 288-290)

kamla says to suhan sir is right. I will keep in touch with you. Our relationship won’t be terminated. Suhana says no you are not going any where. She says papa I need massi ma. I wanna be with her until I am not good. She says I met massi ma and I learnt a lot of things. 

Sanjay says you know there is nothing more important than your happiness. she will stay here if you want so. Sanjay says kamla ji until suhana get wed you will stay here.
Suhan says I am so sorry massi ma. Kamla says they were not wrong. suhana syas I will never let you go away from me.

kamla laughs and says you are mad. Let me bring something for you to eat.
Methi comes in wearing a crown that says sorry. Meethi says this is from Aryan he wanna apologize and he has given this card as well.
kamla says I think you should forgive him. 

Suhana says what if the mistake is unforgiveable. She sees Aryan in the window. Suhana says you can forget what Aryan did in the party but I can’t and I wont pardon him. He tears the card apart. Aryan is shocked. She goes out.

Aryan comes in, kamla says when kalpi used to be angry vitthal and pakiya used to do something that makes her laugh. Suhana is angry too you should do something that will make her laugh. now I should leave for home. He nods.

Vitthal is desperate and is rummaging for money. he calls at kamla’s phone. kamla has forgotten her phone and suhana’s room. Suhana picks up the call. Vitthal says where are you ? I need 100 rupees. She abruptly says yeah they are under the mandir drawer. She then stop and wonders what has she said. Vitthal finds the money and says I got it. Kalpi ? She says no I am not kalpi I am suhana. Massi maa forgot her phone here, inform her when she comes home he says yeah I will tell her. Sorry I thought you are kalpi. He says in heart why I felt like I was talking to kalpi.

kamla comes home. She asks vitthal whats wrong ? He says I am missing kalpi a lot today. kamla says I can understand but everything will be fine. vithal says why you have to tell suhana everything ? kamla says what did I tell her ? vitthal says how did she know that the temple drawer has the money ? kamla laughs and says she is so mischievous she must have joked. You know when I meet suhana I miss kalpi a lot. she is talks just like kalpi. vitthal says you see kalpi everywhere in everyone ? Same happens with me. But don’t see kalpi in these rich people. kamla hugs him. they are both in tears.

suhana is in her room. she goes to the window to receive a call. she sees Aryan with a placard saying I am sorry. He is holding his ears. Suhana gets a call. She says yes chandni. chandni says suhana hello ? they can’t hear each other. suhana goes out to talk to her. Suhana if you talk about everything on call what will you talk when you come home ? disconnect the call and talk to me when you come home.

When suhana goes back to her room she finds it decorated with balloons and cards. A card says it was all my mistake pardon me please. kamla comes in with meethi. meethi has a board on which Aryan has written I wish life was like the board so we could erase everything. Aryan comes in disguised as a clown. he gives her balloons. Suhana says I have pardoned you.

Aryan says so can we go out for a long drive ? Suhana says you are still there ? I have forgotten about my past and my relationship with you and now we have broken up so whats the point of trying to patch up. Now even papa doesn’t want us to be together. She leaves.
Aryan is upset. kamla says don’t worry you just have to show her that you love her a lot.

Dusheli asks kamal to bring the vegetables. when kamla leaves, she places chachi’s gold bangles in kamla’s purse.
Savita comes screaming in the lounge my bangles are lost. I have looked in the whole room. Dusheli says you can look in our purses. she gives her purse to aman. Kamla is about to give her purse. Sanjay says you can leave we will find them. Dusheli says this is wrong you looked in our purse but not in kamla’s. kamla gives her purse to aman. Aman takes out the bangles from the purse. 

Aryan take sout the bangles from kamla’s purse. everyone is shocked. kamla says I don’t know how they came in my purse. I didn’t steal them. dusheli says what are they doing in your purse. kamla says my work was done so I was leaving. Aman says so she wanted to go home so no one can catch her. kamal says I am not a thief. Chachi says you belong to jail. I am calling police. dheraj says there is no need to call police.

Sanjay says he is right. Sanjay says kamla you broke our trust. I didn’t expect this from you. kamla says I am not a thief. please trust. Dheraj says there is no benefit of all this. You better leave. chichi says don’t ever come here again. Meethi comes and says don’t go I know you are pious and you will never steal. kanla hugs her. Dusheli says meethi come here. kamla leaves in tears. Dheraj recalls how he asked her to do all this.

suhana goes to the cliff with chandni. She recalls the accident. Chandni says how is my surprise ? Isn’t it a beautiful place ? She says in heart real surprise will be by Aryan. he is going to propose you. Suddenly suhana sees some balloons coming up in the air. On one of them its written I love you suhana. Meethi calls suhana and says massi maa is gone. Everyone threw her out. They said she is a thief. suhana says I am coming. Chandni asks what is wrong ? suhana says there is some problem at house I have to go.

Suahan goes to the house and says papa what is all this ? Sanjay says suhana sit here. Suhana asks where is maassi maa. Chachi says she is a thief. she stole my gold bangles. Suhana says I don’t trust you. chichi says we trusted her my bangles were in her purse. suhana says what we see is not always the truth. Sanjay says I know its hard for you to accept but this is the truth . suhana says I can’t believe she can do this. I don’t trust this. ven if God tells me she stole them I won’t trust. She must have been hurt. I ahev to talk to her. Sanjay says are you going alone ? suahan says I am fine now I can go alone. She leaves.

kamla is at her house. she is tears. vitthal comes and asks what wrong ? kamla says nothing. Just because of onion. Vitthal sits next to her. He holds her hand and says I have been with you for years. I know you so well. There is a difference. I won’t force if you don’t wanna tell. kamla says there is nothing like that.

Dheraj says to aman. I fears she shouldn’t come back. aman says I don’t think she will come back. dheraj says don’t be stupid suhana is her blood.

Suhana reaches chowl. She goes to the temple and prays. pakiya asks what are you doing here ? Suhana says I came here to meet massi maa. He says she has gone to market. come sit I will call her. Suhana goes in the house and looks everwhere. she sees kalpi’s picture. vithhal comes In and says kalpi. Suhana says no its me suhana. Massi ma takes care of me. He hides the wine from her.

Suhana says vitthal uncle I know I am nothing to you but please if your daughter was here and she would see you like this she would have been hurt. vitthal laughs ? suhana asks why are you laughing ? He says I felt like kalpi is standing here. what have I done ? suhana says come sit here. You have concealed a bad thing. You have control yourself. just as every father wants his children to be good a daughter wants her parents to be good as well. for kamla, kalpi and pakiya control yourself.

kamla comes home. Suhana says please forgive my family. the accussed you of stealing, I know you can’t even think to do that. they don’t know how good you are. kamal says go home I will come to meet you. Suhana says you will not come there. you have been insulted there. until I don’t prove that you are innocent you won’t come there. She leaves. Vitthal swipes kamla’s tears.kamla hugs him.

Suhana’s car is down on the way. Aryan comes on the bike and says whats wrong ? She says what are you doing here ? He says I am going to meet massi maa. I know she is innocent. Can I help you in proving that massi maa is innocent. She nods. He says come I will give you life. Suhana sits with him on the bike. she falls on him as he starts. on the way the bike slips and suhana falls from the bike. He says I am so sorry suhana you fell because of me. its raining. He cleans her wounds. Aryan covers suhana with his coat. Suhana recalls the balloons. 

Aryan get suhana up and says I am sorry you fell because of me. He covers her with his coat. he starts the bike but its not starting. he says what to do now ? We can’t find a rickshaw here. Suahan says lets walk. He takes the umbrella and they start walking.

Aryan says are you worried for massi me vowed her that I will prove her innocent. he says I will be with you. suhana goes to her house. Aryan comes to the chowl to bring kamla. Manda wonders where is kamla going ?

Suhana says I have called massi ma here to remove the misunderstandings. SAnjay says suhana you called her ? suahan says yes papa I did. Massi maa can’t do this anyway. dheraj says what is this ? We all saw the bangles in her purse. suhana says you saw wrong I have the proof OF what happened. She tells when meethi gave her the thing she found in her mom’s room. She says you knew where did I find this purse ? in dusheli’s closet. 

Dusheli says she is lying I bought this purse. Suhana sys what is massi maa’s family photo doing in your purse ? there should have been your family photo. suahan says truth is dushela brought the same purse as massi maa and put in the bangles. then she replaced the one with kamla’s purse. sanjay says what is this dushela ? is this right ?
Dushela says to kamal when you came here suhana stopped talking to me I thought you I will gain my importance when you go.

Sanjay says dushela you can leave. I am forgiving you seeing your serving to us for years. kamla says pardon them please. How will they run their house ?
Sanjay says what can I says to you kamla ? what happened shouldn’t have. I apologize on behalf of everyone. kamla says no don’t be sorry. he says if you have accepted our sorry then please stay here for suhana. Kamla nods. Suhana says thank you.

In the morning suhana and Aryan are home. Aryan asks where are rest of the people ? kamla says they have gone to sanjay’s friends place. Kamla serves the breakfast. Suahan starts fainting. Aryan and kamla asks what wrong with you ? She says I took the medicine and I am not feeling well after that.

kamla takes her to the room and asks Aryan to call the doctor. He calls Mehta but he is not in the hospital. Aryan calls another doctor.
Arayn comes to the room and says suhana doctor is coming in a few moments you will be fine.

Dushela brings the lemonade for her. Doctor comes in and checks suhana’s pulse. Kamla says suhana was fine before taking the medicine ? Doctor says show me that drug. Kamla shows her. Doctor says what ? who recommended this medicine ? Sanjay comes in and asks what happened to you suhana ?

kamla says suhana started fainting after taking the medicine. Doctor says this medicine isn’t good for health. dheraj says what are you saying ? doctor Mehta is such a renowned doctor. how can he recommend wrong medicine. suhana says actually I don’t like this medicine so I used to trash it. today I had to take this. Doctor says you did good, if you had taken it regularly your condition would have been worse.

She recommends another medicine. Dheraj calls Mehta. Sanjay says how can Mehta give her the wrong medicine ? He says if something happens to suhana I will sue Mehta. Mehta comes in. Sanjay says what kind of medicine have you given to her ? Doctor desh said this medicine is dangerous for suhana.