Wednesday Update On Young Dreams (Episode 382--384)

The criminals are fighting and arguing with each other. Gunjan and Rachna take the opportunity to run downstairs and open the room where the ladies and Dholu are locked in. Shail is happy to see them and hug them. Meanwhile Mayank is trying to escape from the store room with the help of the guys. They tie the rope to the rod bar to remove it so he can crawl out. Gunjan tells all the ladies to move out before the goons get back. They are making a run for it and are caught by the goons who hold Rachna by her hair and says that she brought them up and the other holds Gunjan’s arm and says that she is two steps ahead. The goons tell them to go to the kitchen. Shail and Seema beg the goons not to hurt the children but they refuse to listen. They say they have murdered many people before and they all get scared. While they are getting everyone to the kitchen Seema manages to make a run for it to go and call for help. The goon realizes and goes after her and shoots. Everyone is shocked hearing the gun shot. They think Seema is hurt and run to see. The goon scold the other guy for shooting and he says he didn’t aim it at her but will and they all scream not to.

The goon discuss and think they will escape before the police comes and wants to lock all the ladies in a room except for Rachna. Vihaan is sleeping and senses that Rachna is in trouble. He decides to go and help her. His mother comes and asks him where he is going at this hour and he says he has something important to take care of. His mother asks if he is going to meet Rachna and asks if he plans to run away with her. Vihaan tells her that he feels she may be in trouble and will just go and see if she’s alright. Savitri tells him not to go and makes him swear on her that he won’t. She says Rachna has brought too much trouble. She says he used to listen to her and now Rachna has changed him and if he still goes to meet her then she will not speak to him. Vihaan thinks to himself that he hopes Rachna is okay. The goon ties all the ladies hands and lock them in the kitchen. They then plan to run from the house when the goon that drank the lassi feels his stomach is upset and says he needs to go to the toilet. The other goon gets mad but tells him to quickly. Meanwhile Mayank hails to the police vehicle to stop and tells them that criminals have entered their house and he needs help. The policeman tells him to sit in the jeep. The goon comes out from the toilet and feels relieved when again he feels like going to the toilet again and the other goon gets furious as they want to escape fast before the police finds them.

The goon says he must be in this state because Rachna made the lassi. He runs to the bathroom. The goon angrily pulls Rachna. The ladies inside are trying to escape from the ropes. Dholu tells Shail to untie him so he can help untie them. He then cuts his rope with a blade and cuts Shail’s too. She then cuts Seema and Sangeetha’s too. Dholu helps Gunjan out. Shail says they have to do something quick before they take Rachna away and says that they feel they can only handle the kitchen and can’t do anything but they will show them. They then try to break the door open. The goon is shocked and wonders if they are not tied. Rachna screams for Shail. The police are near the house.

Mayank and the police arrive at the house. The police ask the goons to surrender or they will break in with their whole team. The goons decide to escape through the back door when the ladies manage to escape from the kitchen and tells them to stop. They come closer and approach the goons. One of the goon wants to shoot Rachna but the other says not to as the police is here. Dholu slowly comes and pours oil near the goon. He slips and falls and all the ladies throw red chilli powder on them. Dholu goes and opens the door and lets the guys out. Gunjan opens the main door and Mayank and the police enter. Mayank asks Gunjan if all is okay and she says yes. The goon reaches for the gun on the floor and aims at Seema. Shail notices it and goes and shields Seema. The goon fires and the bullet hits Shail. Everyone is shocked.

Shayl is fine everyone is relieved and happy. Seema and Gunjan are outside and they also express their happiness. Gunjan comes in and asks for forgiveness. Dayal is about to go to get medicines Prabhu tells him to stay back but he does not say a word. Seema is cooking khichdi for Shayl, Prabhu comes in scolds her and she becomes old. Seema again switches off the gas in anger. Gunjan says she has lost her mom once not again. Shayl comes out and is surprised to see lot of boxes. Prabhu, Gopal say they are also moving out the packers. They lift the boxes but Dayal stops them. Everyone is happy including Sangeeta but Seema is missing and Shayl enquires about her but Prabhu dismisses her. Gunjan and Mayank are planning some celebration for the evening. Rachna and Dholu promote Zee's new show.

Seema is pacing the room thinking no one values her. Mayank asks Seema to apologize and she gets defensive that she wont do it if anyone asks her to, she will do it when she feels like. Shayl comes in and tells her there is no need to. Mayank taunts Seema and she leaves. She then asks Mayank why he does that , he says she should realize her mistakes.

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