Update: Wednesday Update On King Of Hearts (Episode 442-443)

Durgardevi visits the hospital and is restless, she tells Roshni that she wants to see Siddharth. Roshni diverts her mother as she tells that Siddharth has not shown signs of improvement and still in coma and that she is feeling hungry too. Meanwhile, Roshni's aunt visits Siddharth’s room and is flabbergasted to find Siddharth missing in the hospital as she finds pillows instead. She begins to shout ghosts and that an imposter has taken his place. She comes out of the ward and says it is a ghost. Durgardevi reaches there and asks Resham to stop creating a scene and asks why is she behaving madly. Resham tells her that there is a pillow on the bed instead of Siddharth. Roshni thinks the truth will come out and asks her mother to take Resham away from there, else other patients will complain. Resham insists and asks Durgardevi to believe on her. She asks Durgardevi to check the room. Durgardevi agrees. Roshni asks her mother to stop that Siddharth is resting. Durgardevi says once Resham confirms that Siddharth is here, she will not come again to the hospital. Resham sees Siddharth sleeping on bed and shouts. Roshni tells Resham that she needs more rest than Siddharth. Yash comes there and asks them what happened? Roshni says nothing. She thinks to kill Yash and asks him to drop her mother and Resham home. He agrees. Roshni thank god that Siddharth came back. Siddharth recalls getting Roshni’s message and coming back on time. He tells her that joker have kept Ayesha in Sanpada, and that he has a plan. Resham thinks nobody was believing her in the hospital. Yash asks what happened? Resham says she think Siddharth but before she could complete her words, Roshni comes there just in time. Resham again tries to say something that she think Siddharth but Roshni shouts out at her Aunt. She tells Yash that she needs a favor from him and that she wants to go to the temple which is outside Mumbai. She says her mother will not allow her if she is here and cries. Yash agrees. Roshni thanks him and leaves.

Ayesha is seen with the kidnappers and says she wants to go. Shabnam and Siddharth dances in the same locality and sing song. The goon sees Shabnam and says he will not spear her. Siddharth and Shabnam continue to sing and dance. Roshni rings the temple bell and asks God to give them strength to end the evil and bring Ayesha home. She does the aarti. Yash tells her they should go and asks if she is done. Roshni tells him that she have to do parikrama of the tree, as told by Naani. Yash agrees and tells her to do it fast. Roshni ties the thread on to the tree and do parikrama. She thinks Yash will cry and wonders why did he play the game. Siddharth and Shabnam are about to go with their toy stuff. The goons stop them and ask them to show the toy. Siddharth looks inside and finds a joker toy inside. Siddharth asks the goons to buy the toys. Shabnam also asks him to buy it. The goons look at Shabnam with lust and buy the toys. Siddharth asks Shabnam to come. He tells her that he has seen same toys in that house, and that Ayesha is there in the house. He says there is a camera in the toys and it will be revealed if Ayesha is there. They couldn’t see her. Siddharth tells Shabnam that Yash will return soon. Durgardevi prays for Siddharth’s recovery and peeps inside the ward. Resham comes to the hospital and decides to find out about Siddharth. Roshni calls Siddharth up and tells him that Yash is planning dangerously and have talked to someone about a flight. Shabnam tells Siddharth that she will engage the goon and shares her plan with Siddharth.

Resham see Pinto on Siddharth’s place and rushes out saying he is not Siddharth, but an imposter has taken Siddharth place. Durgardevi asks her what happened and asks her to just leave without believing her. Meanwhile, Shabnam knocks on the door. The goon opens the door and sees Shabnam wiping her sweat with her pallu and tries to delude the kidnappers by exposing her body. She tells the goon that she came to return extra money which he gave her. He takes her inside and asks if she want to drink water. Shabnam asks if there is any cold place here, as it is very hot here. Goon says no. Shabnam tries to leave but the goon holds her hand and that he won’t let her leave. Yash drops Roshni home. Roshni thanks him and gets down from the car. Yash leaves after dropping her. Roshni takes a handful of sand in her hand and sits in the taxi. She asks the driver to follow the car and over takes it. She throws sand on Yash’s car mirror. Yash gets down the car and wonders what is happening. Roshni thinks Yash will not be able to reach there on time. She asks the driver to drive fast. The goon tries to get closer to Shabnam but before the goon try to take advantage of her, Siddharth arrives there wearing a disguise. He gets angry on him for keeping eye on his wife's sister and slaps him. Other goon comes out. Siddharth engages them with fight, and Shabnam goes to the room. Siddharth manages to deceive the goons and sees Ayesha tied in one of the rooms and enters the room where Aisha is being held.

Aashiyana song plays in the background. Ayesha cries. He gets teary eyes. Shabnam also comes there and calls Ayesha name. Ayesha sees Siddharth and call his dad that she missed him. Siddharth and Shabnam are pleased to find Aisha. He asks if she is fine. Ayesha complain to him that these uncles scared her much. Siddharth says he will beat them but the goons come there and asks who he is. Siddharth asks Shabnam to take care of Ayesha. The goons take out the knife to attack Siddharth but holds their knife that he came here to get his daughter home. He asks them to move from their way. Siddharth beats them and manages to leave from there. The goons follow Siddharth. They go to under construction building while fighting. Yash comes there and sees Siddharth fighting with his goons, and gets shocked and angry. He says Siddharth have done a big betrayal and have to pay a big price. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come fast. Yash gets down his car and stands in front of them. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come to other way and they both manages to escape while Siddharth deals with the goons.

Siddharth beats the goons. Shabnam asks Ayesha to wait there that she will call her mom. She calls Roshni and tells her that Ayesha is with her and they are fine. She says Siddharth is still fighting with the goons and Yash have seen them and that Siddharth is not aware of Yash’s presence. Roshni asks her to meet her behind the lane. On the other hand, Sam tells Durgardevi that she is going to the hospital alone as Yash is busy with Roshni, and their phones are switched off. Durgardevi thinks their phone is off and something is wrong for sure. Resham says the same.

Roshni comes there and hugs Ayesha. Ayesha says that joker have scared her much. Roshni promises that Joker will not harm her anymore. Yash thinks Siddharth called Roshni here. He comes to Roshni and says thank god Ayesha is saved. He asks why are they both looking scared? He says he will take Ayesha with him and they both can come afterwards. He holds Ayesha’s hand to take her. Roshni slaps him and asks him to stop his acting and drama as his truth is out infront of everyone and that she have realized that he is the joker who made their life hell.

Roshni tells Yash that she knows his truth. She scolds him for kidnapping her daughter and that she knows that he is a joker. She says a joker brings smiles on million faces, but he have made their life hell. Roshni curses him to rot in hell and jail. In a fit of rage, Yash says now that she know he is that joker, so he will take Ayesha with him. Yash pushes Shabnam and snatches Ayesha from them. Roshni is shocked while Shabnam faints. Yash tries to harm Roshni's daughter and tells her that she will yearn for her daughter now. He is about to leave and this is when Siddharth comes to Roshni's rescue. Siddharth and Yash then get into a fight. Siddharth beats Yash up, recalling all the incidents. He says he thought him as his brother and he have betrayed him. He says further that they will not talk, but will do the calculations and he continuously beating Yash. Shabnam gains consciousness. Siddharth says Roshni is his life, how can he harm her. He beats him saying it is for hurting Roshni. He says he have hurt his daughter Ayesha and beats him for kidnapping and hurting Ayesha. He have made him do a sin, and malign his dad’s reputation. He beats him saying it is for his dad’s suffering. He then beats him for troubling him. Yash hits Siddharth and runs away. Roshni tells Siddharth that Yash have escaped. They hug each other. Siddharth says his family is with him now. Roshni asks Shabnam to hug her.

Shabnam happily hugs her. Siddharth and Roshni later plan to get Yash arrested. Pinto gives the tickets to Siddharth. Siddharth says Yash is not caught, and gets worried for Ayesha’s safety. This is when Siddharth decides to send Aisha away from the city along with Shabnam. He then asks Shabnam to take Ayesha far from them and gives her the tickets. Ayesha refuses to go away from them. Siddharth promises that this is a matter of few days and they will give big punishment to the joker and will bring her back home. Ayesha still refuses. Shabnam tells Aisha that she is going with her. Siddharth thanks Shabnam. Shabnam says she is thankful to him for giving her a chance for repentance and for believing in her. She apologizes to him. Siddharth hugs Ayesha and promises that he will call her back soon. Roshni hugs Ayesha and asks her not to cry. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come. They sit in a car and leaves. Roshni cries. Siddharth asks her not to cry that it is a matter of few days and their family will be complete again. Roshni cries hugging him.

Siddharth and Roshni come home. Resham asks if he is Siddharth. Roshni asks her not to be shocked and explain that Siddharth have acted to expose Yash. Kesar is shocked. He says Yash came home that he have met with an accident and Durgardevi took him to hospital. Roshni feels like fainting and cries. She asks him to save her mum. Siddharth asks her not to be tensed. Sam comes there and is happy seeing Siddharth fine. Resham tells her that Siddharth is fine and did this to trap Yash. Resham recollects and tells Siddharth that she had seen CCTV footage of their house in Yash’s phone. She then conclude that Durgardevi is kidnapped by Yash. Everyone is shocked.

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