Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 396-398)

Gunjan gets worried that Seema heard Mayank voice in the background, but he try to make her understand that everything will be okay. Seema is in her room angry, Prabhu gives her something to drink to cool down her mood, but she gets more angry about Gunjan going Mumbai without telling her. Seema keeps on arguing and Prabhu tries to explain to her that Gunjan is a child and it is a small issue and she should not get angry. Shail comes to give Seema some clothes. Seema tells Shail that Gunjan lied to them and went Mumbai. Shail is shocked.

Gunjan comes and hugs Mayank and tells him she has to go and he ask if he could drop her to the airport but she says he has to stay in the hotel for work, they say goodbye and send air kisses to each other. Gunjan gets a taxi to go to the airport and starts texting Mayank and she has flashbacks of moments of them together.
A bunch of guys on motorcyles come and are following Gunjan and troubling her, sending kisses to her. The taxi-driver says these are how boys are now.

Gunjan is harassed by a group of boys on bikes they pull her scarf and stop her auto. She clicks pictures of them and the driver has to push them away. They finally drive away and Gunjan cries what happened to her mumbai and safety of girls. Rachna has misplaced her folder and Vihaan hands it to her she asks him to go he is shocked that she thinks he is an obstacle for her dreams. She explains that if he is around her only focus will be him and she needs to win. The family is wondering where Gunjan is and prabhu tries to call but her phone is out of coverage area.seema gets angry and screams in a funny way. Prabhu is worried where she has disappeared. .

Mayank is missing Gunjan and remembering time spent with her Prabhu calls him and asks him how his birthday was he says it was very good and his father tells he knew Gunjan had come he asks for the flight details and Gopal goes to pick her up from airport. Rachna calls and Shayl picks up Rachna is praising the arrangements of the competition Shayl tells they all prayed for both her and Mayank s success . Prabhu gestures to tell her they will have a huge party. Rachna tells her dad she does not want anyone to worry and she has him and they ll figure something out.. Gunjan walks past Gopal in the airport and takes a taxi . She is remembering what happened in mumbai.

Gunjan in her green taxi, wondering if the driver will take her the wrong way. She tells herself yo look confident. She pretends to be on the phone with Rachna and says she will be home in 15 minutes and makes it appear as though Rachna and the family are asking for the taxi’s number. She says, don’t worry so much…maybe you should join the police force like your father (she makes up this story to alert the driver not to try any funny business). She then gives “Rachna” the taxi’s number.

Rachna is in her hotel room getting ready and sees her dad take a pill (lol at the bottle with huge lettering that says ‘HING KI GOLI’ ) Rachna suggests to Dayal that they order room service instead of going out since outside food doesn’t suit him well. Dayal replies, no we should go out so that you have a chance to see around and meet some people, it will be good for you. Besides we are not going to get homecooked food in the hotel anyway, might as well go out.

At home Shail and Prabhu are pacing and looking at the clock. Seema is angry and Sangeeta is also serious-faced. They are awaiting Gunjan’s arrival. Seema tells Prabhu, what is the point of looking at your watch now? You keep telling me calm down, Gunjan will be here any minute then why you are looking at your watch again and again? Shail is upset and says this is the limit…just wait til Gunjan gets home. Right on cue Gunjan enters the house wheeling in her red suitcase, eyes downcast. Seema starts in on her right away. Prabhu also calls her irresponsible. he says, you did so much effort to reunite the family and then you just disappeared and lied to us; we were so worried. Gunjan tries to speak but Seema cuts her off and saus, please tell us which workshop you went for and why you carried a suitcase to college (). Prabhu tries to calm Seema down but she keeps talking. Even Shail is upset. Gunjan apologizes and admits she lied and went to Mumbai to see Mayank. Seema launches into a “I told you so speech”. she also says what if something had happened to you, what would we have told your father? Gunjan is teary eyed and begins to recall the eve-teasing incident with the guys on the motorbikes in Mumbai. Shail holds Gunjan’s shoulders and says, why Gunjan, why did you do such an irresponsible thing? Did you not think even once about your family? Each time you do something I think you will not repeat that mistake but you do again.

Gunjan looks around at everyone and tearfully gives Seema a hug. Seema is surprised but hugs Gunjan back. Gunjan apologizes to Seema and Seema relents and says that’s ok, don’t cry now. Shail hugs Gunjan too and tries to calm her. Bua gives her two cents and says, don’t worry Gunjan you’re our brave girl. Gunjan cries and says, no I’m not brave. There was an incident that happened. Everyone freaks out and questions Gunjan. She does not give specifics but says she narrowly escaped a bad situation and learned her lesson not to conceal things from elders or lie. Prabhu and Seema ask her to explain what happened so she narrates the incident (we are shown flashbacks of the teasing by the guys). Everyone is stunned but grateful that Gunjan is ok. Sangeeta says she has seen on tv news that big cities are having increasing incidents like this where young women are harrassed. Seema says i hope you learned your lesson Gunjan. You said Mumbai was a good place! Gunjan says even though India calls itself a democracy nobody is free or safe anywhere. She says this type of crime has to be stopped immediately.

In Delhi, Rachna and her father arrive at a restaurant which looks more like a nightclub. Dayal is stunned to see young guys and girls mixing freely, dancing together, drinking, etc. The girls have on short skirts and tops. He questions whether they’re in the right place but sees a sign indicating that contestants of the competition are welcome there. Rachna gets them a table and goes to get her dad some food. A couple passes by and the guy makes fun of Dayal, calling him a bodyguard. Rachna hears this. Soon, another couple make fun of Rachna’s clothes and dress sense and also say that she brought her father along as her bodyguard. Rachna makes a motion to leave but Dayal stops her and tells her she has every right to be here and should keep her eye on the prize. He tells her to be like Arjun from Mahabharat: fight and look only forward at her goal. Tune out all negative things people say and do and focus on winning. Rachna agrees and they eat.

In Benares, Gunjan is in her room with Seema and Shail. Seema explains that although girls have more freedom these days, and have come a long way and even surpassed boys in some areas, it is still unsafe for them to take any step without thinking twice because if the results are disasterous, only the girls are blamed not the boys. Gunjan thinks this is extremely unfair and says why do girls only get punished or suffer the consequences and not boys? Seema says that’s just the way it is and she doesn’t want to argue. She’s glad that at least Gunjan’s illusion about Mumbai being a safe and wonderful city is broken. Gunjan is sad. Seema tells her not to tell Mayank about the incident with the guys otherwise he will needlessly worry and become distracted from his work. Shail suggests they let Gunjan sleep. After Seema leaves she tells Gunjan not to take Seema’s words the wrong way, she’s only worried about Gunjan. She tries to make Gunjan sleep and even sleeps with her for the night, but Gunjan keeps recalling the Mumbai incident and is very restless.

Meanwhile in Delhi, Dayal is fast asleep. Rachna spreads out a sheet on the floor, sits on it, and whips out her sketch book, color pencils, and materials, prepared to work. She remembers Shail’s words: your talent, hard work, and creativity will take you very far and I know you and only you will win this competition. At the same time Gunjan creeps out of bed and goes to her laptop. She connects it to her phone and thinks to herself, those ruffians must be roaming around freely. I cannot let them get away with what they did to me. The episode ends with a split screen of both girls with determined looks on their faces.

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