Update: Wednesday On The Vow (Episode 390-392)

Sindoora looks at the dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya and declares that the story has ended! Yadav and Cheenu turn up at the place, and Cheenu is shocked to see Sagar and Vidya dead! Cheenu breaks down. Sindoora, who is bloodstained, goes to a well nearby and washes it off. She is jubilant that she has won! Sindoora returns home and runs upstairs.

Mahua sees her and wonders why Sindoora is drenched. Meanwhile, Uma asks the family to make arrangements for the religious ceremony. Everyone is wondering where Sagar, Vidya and Cheenu are, and just then Cheenu arrives. Uma asks him where Sagar and Vidya are. The dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya are brought, and Uma and the family are stunned! When Uma screams, Sindoora hears it in her room.

Cheenu tells Uma that what he had feared has finally happened. Uma is numb with shock and wonders why everyone is crying. She asks Cheenu to make preparations for the religious ceremony. Cheenu tells Uma that Sagar and Vidya are dead, so she slaps him and says that they are only sleeping. Uma tries to wake them and then tells Sindoora about it. Sindoora puts on an act and goes to wake up Sagar but gets hysterical when she sees his eyes open!

Sindoora screams that Sagar is alive! Chandra yells at her and tells her that Sagar is dead! Cheenu looks at Sindoora in total disgust and anger, so she wonders what he knows. Meanwhile, Aniket is brought home from jail and is devastated to see the dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya. Aniket gets hysterical and says that he was unable to save both of them, so Sindoora asks him to calm down and promises to get the culprit punished! Aniket is enraged and accuses her of killing Sagar and Vidya! He goes to attack her but is pulled back by Bharat.

Aniket warns Bharat never to trust his mother because she is the one who had killed Sagar and sent him to jail too! Aniket promises Sindoora that she will continue to get punished for her misdeeds and will never be happy! Sindoora informs her family that Aniket is greatly disturbed. When the bodies are being taken away, Uma demands to know where they are taking her sleeping children. Meanwhile, Sindoora empties the room of Sagar and Vidya's belongings and orders her help to always lock the room.

People start pouring in to offer condolences to Sagar and Vidya's family. Yuvraj and Saraswati from "Ghar ki Lakshmiyan Betiyann", Mahi and Shabd of 'Maika', Saloni and Nahar from "Saat Phere" and Raja and Neelima from "Rakhi - Atoot Rishtey Ki Dor" make a special appearance to pay their condolences to Sagar and Vidya's family. Saloni says that Sagar and Vidya's love will always remain immortal.

Uma tells Chandra that Guruji has still not come for to perform the religious ceremony. Raja of 'Rakhi - Atoot Rishtey ki Dor' tells Uma that he can understand the pain of losing a son, so Uma promises to offer her condolences to the ones who've lost their son once Sagar wakes up! Shabd from 'Maika' asks Cheenu whether he knows how the accident happened, so Cheenu asserts that the culprit will not be able to escape! Cheenu looks at Sagar's photograph and apologises for not reaching on time to help them but promises Sagar to seek vengeance for his death! He vows to find the tape having Sindoora's confession! Just then, Guruji arrives and Uma is happy.

Rajiv requests Guruji to pray that Sagar and Vidya's souls rest in peace. Guruji replies that someone has killed them before time, so their souls will not easily rest in peace. He suggests that each every single of Sagar and Vidya's belongings must be given away in charity, or their souls will keep wandering to demand justice! Later, Sindoora warns Cheenu that it will be in his good to remain mum because he is aware of what she is capable of doing! On the other hand, when Sindoora is passing by Sagar's room she wonders who has opened it, so she goes inside to check, but is haunted by Sagar and Vidya's spirits! A hysterical Sindoora runs down and screams. She tells Guruji that she felt the presence of Sagar and Vidya, so he replies that some thing belonging to them is surely still around and that's why Sagar and Vidya's souls were not set free.

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