Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 390-391)

Pammi and Mitali started questioning Daadi over the stolen CD, as they were talking about something going to happen. Ronnie stops everyone to talk in between, Daadi also bows her head. On being questioned by Raj, Tanu said that she doesn’t know anything about this. Ronnie calls her illiterate and Tanu replies that she is educated. Mitali questioned Tanu about the reason she wants to go to office. Daadi asks her to tell the truth, and what was that CD which Daadi just seen in the bag of Tanu. Ronnie took the CD and starts playing it. It turns out to be the duplicate CD. Meanwhile, Bulbul noticed that song is well going viral on the internet. Jhanki comes and informs Bulbul about unwellness of Sarla.

Pragya insights to make Aaliya accept that she has stolen the CD music and sold it to someone else and pretended to have lost it. Aaliya tells her to stop blaming her without proofs and tells Abhi to not trust Pragya as he is the brother of Aaliya and started her emotional blackmail to Abhi. Pragya tells that she have millions of reasons to store and sell the CD for money, as Aaliya doesn’t have any money withher at that time. Aaliya again insists that she doesn’t want any royal lifestyle and the CD must be in her room only. Aaliya insists that she will check her room herself and wouldn’t allow Pragya to do that. Abhi told her to let Pragya check the room. Tanu tells everything to Aaliya privately, Pragya was searching for the demand draft to get a sufficient proof against Aaliya.

Tanu gives hints to Aaliya to take and hide the Demand Draft with her, Daadi asks everyone to search for the CD, Meanwhile Aaliya hides the Demand Draft under her bed when she sits on the bed. Pragya notices that and asks her to get up from the bed as she need to check under the mattress but Aaliya refuses as she is tensed now and says she is feeling drowsy and wants to sleep, Abhi insist her to get up now. Abhi is shocked to see the cheque as Aaliya went up from the bed. Abhi says, “10 Crores” and gets suspicious about Aaliya. Abhi asks her about it, but Aaliya remains speechless. Abhi slaps her hard.Abhi tells Aaliya that she would have asked him for money, and he would have given her. He tells Daadi that he gets lovefrom his fans and betrayal from his family. Aaliya says this is his cheque. Someone offered him money about the music deal. Raj says Aaliya is lying and didn’t tell him anything.

Abhi question her about his music CD and demands her to tell him as to where it is. Aaliya makes up lies and claims thatpeople saw her placing the CD in her cabin and it is the proof that she has not stolen the CD. Hearing this, Pragya decides to get all the CCTV footage of the office and says Aaliya has stolen it and that it might be recorded in the CCTV footage. She asks Ronnie to go and bring 3 days CCTV footage in order to show it to Abhi and prove Aaliya is guilty.Tanu tells Daadi that she is hungry and asks if she can have food. Daadi asks her to go. Tanu comes to the kitchen and gets tensed thinking about Aaliya. Mitali comes there and asks if she came to bring water for everyone. Tanu says no. Mitali tells her that Geeta Maa’s sayings are coming true, andtells that Aaliya is being punished for her sins. Tanu stares her. Mitali asks her to do good work for getting good results.Ronnie brings the CD.

Pragya asks him to put it on TV. She says Aaliya did right by bringing the staff here. Everyone watches the CD carefully. Aaliya says everyone is clear. Pragya says thief steals only in the night and asks Ronnie to rewind the CD. They see the manager getting in the room and stealing the CD. Abhi asks the Manager, why did he stealhis CD? Aaliya signal him something. Abhi again asks why didhe steal his music? The manager says he was offered much money? Abhi slaps him and asks him to get out. Aaliya tells that she didn’t steal it and that she told him.Abhi says he is happy that he was wrong. He apologizes for slapping her and says she was careless, she did a mistake and she will not come to office from now on. Raj tells Abhi that he did right and should kick her out of the house. Abhi says this punishment is enough. Pragya says she have suffered much because of her, and asks Abhi to give demand draft to her. Abhi gives her the demand cheque. Pragya tears the demand and throws it on Aaliya’s face. Tanu is shocked and thinks the money went from their hands. Pragya says scores are settled now.

Daadi tells Bulbul that Aaliya made the manager steal the CD. Bulbul says she thought that she will be trapped. Pragya is sad, and says they have to find out about the person who is helping her. She asks Bulbul to make plan to expose about Tanu’s pregnancy secret. Bulbul says that day is not far. Daadi gets emotional and thinks that day Abhi and Pragya will unite.Tanu asks Aaliya, how she convinced the Manager to steal the CD. Aaliya says she gave him 2 Lakhs rupees to managerand convinced him. She gets angry at Raj, as he asked Abhi to throw her out of the house.

Aaliya and Tanu meet Raj. Raj gets angry with them for not informing him about the 10 crore deal. Tanu says they were not sure about the producer and that’s why they didn’t tell him. Raj warns them not to do anything without him else he will show the proofs to Abhi. Mitali comes there and sees them talking. They leave. Raj tells that they were asking partnership from him. Mitali asks him to make her partner instead. Pragya feels sad and wishes to share Abhi’s pain with.

Knowing that Aaliya has been cheating him, Abhi is upset. Pragya notices Abhi being dull and decides to fight with him in order to change his mood. She starts searching for something and asks Abhi if he had seen her mobile. Abhi says no. Then, she asks him to give his mobile in order to make an important call. Abhi says it is on the sofa and leavesthe house. Pragya calls Purabh up and informs him about theincident that took place. She asks him to find out where Abhiis and asks him to cheer him up as soon as possible. Purabh asks her not to take any tension.Now that Aaliya's plan of getting the money flopped, in a fit of anger, she bursts out at her pal Tanu. Aaliya scold Tanu for not asking money from her parents. Tanu reasons that if she asks money from her parents, they would come to know that his property has been snatched away by Pragya, and then they would put their foot down on her choice to marry Abhi.

Aaliya even asks Tanu to get money from her boyfriendNikhil, which Tanu refuses. Their argument escalates further when Aaliya, in a huff, decides to go out in search of money. Tanu asks Aaliya to listen to her but the latter refuses to pay heed. Aaliya shrugs Tanu’s hand with a jerk which makes Tanu loses her balance and fall down on the ground. Tanu suffers injury on her tummy due to which she faints. Later, Pragya who hears Tanu's voice shocked to finds her on the floor unconscious holding her stomach. She calls Ronnie andasks him to take the car out as they need to take her to hospital. Mitali comes and tells that she is pregnant. She calls everyone.Bulbul tells Purabh that she wants to talk him on a date. Purabh says actually Pragya asked him to spend time with Abhi, as he is very stressed.

Bulbul asks him to be with Abhi and she will also come with him. Purabh disagreed that his mind will be diverted if she come there. Bulbul asks if he is making excuses and want to drink. Purabh says he don’t drink. She asks him to call Abhi. Mitali calls everyone. Daadi asks what happened? Mitali hugs her and cries. She says shecan’t tell. Daasi asks her to write it down. Mitali says she can’t tell as she might get a heart attack. Daadi fears if anything happened to Pragya. Mitali asks Daadi to take responsibility.She says her dream has broken, and her worries is in danger. Daadi is relieved that Pragya is fine. Mitali says Tanu got unconscious and Pragya took her to hospital. Daasi asks Daadi to call Pragya. Daadi goes to her room. Mitali thinks Daadi is very strong hearted and will not die so soon.

Pragya ushers Tanu to the hospital for check-up. The nurse asks them to wait for her. Bulbul learn about Tanu’s accidentfrom Pragya and Bulbul tells Purabh that she has to go and they both rush to the hospital to be with Pragya. Bulbul says they can’t stand with Pragya, else Tanu might suspect them. Pragya calls Daadi and says she is worried for Tanu. Daadi says nothing will happen to Tanu and asks her not to worry. She asks her to inform Abhi. Daadi says she has to inform Abhi and call him. She informs him that Tanu is in hospital after she slipped at home. She says nothing should happen to the baby or Tanu. Doctor informs Pragya that Tanu and her baby is fine. Bulbul and Purabh reach there. They get to know from Pragya that Tanu and her baby are safe. Bulbul thinks of a plan to expose Tanu’s lie by putting the news about her accident on Abhi’s fan page and thus attract the attention of the man who is the real father of Tanu’s unborn baby. Pragya hesitates a bit, but agrees to work on this plan at Bulbul and Purabh’s behest. The news is put on Facebook and soon it spreads like wildfire.

Mitali attends the call. Someone asks about Tanu. Meanwhile, Aaliya returns home and learns about Tanu’s accident from Mitali and Indu Daadi. She realises that it was due to her mistake that Tanu got hurt and thinks of stopping Nikhil from reaching the hospital to see Tanu as she sees Tanu’s accident news on social networking site. On the otherhand, the smart Bulbul plans to find out Tanu's unborn baby'sfather by posting a message on social media as she assumes that if Tanu's boyfriend has a concern for her, he would come and visit her in the hospital. What they expect happens as Nikhil sees the news on the site and reads the message. He gets worried for Tanu and then decides to visit Tanu but Aaliya dials Nikhil’s contact number and prohibits him from seeing Tanu as Pragya might get a doubt. However, Nikhil does not give a hoot to Aaliya, and resolves to meet Tanu at any cost and that no one can stop him from meeting her, even she can’t stop him. Aaliya gets tensed.

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