Update: Wednesday On Sands Of Time

Dakshi is very optimistic that the relationship between Shekhar and jia will go estranged when Kshom comes to know that Jia has gone for roka ceremony. But her optimism shatters when she sees jia is standing in front of her.

Dakshi is surprised to find jia is still very much at Kshoms dwelling. She somehow convinces Dakshi to go for Roka Ceremony. At roka ceremony jia arrives meeting the bride Nisha ,Shekhar and Shikaj with lot of warmth. . Nethra goes on poisoning Poornima against Jia. Jia tries to be friendly with Nisha but later gets slight suspicious. Here Poornima tries to avoid jia. Kshom comes into the house and is appalled to find jia has gone to the roka ceremony with out his permission.

In spite reaching the threshold of Pandey Residence Kshom is hesitant to enter into the vicinity of Pandey Family. Timely gyan and Rukmani see him and invite him cajoling him to be magnanimous. Quirk of fate takes place where Kshom listens to the last bit of conversation from Shekhar and Jia where he feels jia is giving more importance to Shekhar rather making him more embittered. The episode ends with Dakshi pacifying Kshom telling him that Shekhar still craves for jia and vice versa and Jia listens to it accidentally.

When Dakshi sees jia. She changes the statement where she supports jia . Verbal argument takes place between kshom and Jia where Kshom blatantly accuses her to be an insensitive wife who is giving more importance to her ex husband. Jia decides that she will make breakfast for Kshom and will reconcile. Dakshi puts sleeping tablet in the water. As a result Jia wakes up late.

Simultaneously Dakshi prepares breakfast for Kshom. But Kshom feels neglected due to Jia's absence and speeds off to office in frustration. Jia with pang of guilt barges into the room sees the residue of tablets in the glass. She feels suspicious towards Dakshi. But when she sees the same strip of tablets with one missing. Her suspicion strengthens.

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