Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 228-230)

Pakhi is anxiously waiting for Raghav. Its 10 pm. She calls Raghav but his phone is off she calls Sammy but he isn’t receiving as well. Pakhi says I better go alone. Kamla says where are they? Nettu says I told you that they won’t come. Lets eat I am hungry. kamla says we will eat together. I trust pakhi she will come for sure. Kalpi says In her heart its better that they are not coming.

kamal goes out to look. Manda says your daughter and her husband are coming. I have placed water in my fridge. Haven’t they come? How can they. Pakhi must have stopped. She knows that her husband love kalpi. Suddenly Pakhi says kamla maa, people move aside its pakhi with Raghav. Kamla is happy to see them. They both touch kamla’s feet. Kamla says I knew you’d come. She asks kalpi to bring the arthi plate and does the arthi of both. She asks them both to come in. Kamla makes them both seat together. Kamla tells pakhi what has she made for both of them. Kamla asks kalpi to bring cold water. Manda and some ladies are looking in. A lady says look pakhi and Ragahv look happy together. You always lie manda. Nettu says you look so good in saari poki. Pakhi says kamla maa there is so much peace here. Kamla says peace is all we poor people have. We can’t get happiness easily but we reach out for them.

Pakhi goes to kalpi and asks how are you ? Kalpi says good you? She says I am good too. Kamla maa told me about your restaurant idea. Let me know if I can help you in any way. She says Kalpi what is this red thing in your hair line. Everyone is shocked for a moment. Kamla says she went to temple some sindur must have been put in her hair. Kalpi is making the drink. Pakhi takes the glass and gives it to Raghav. Nettu says Raghav you must have been enjoying in that house. Nettu says I am enjoying here too. Nettu says kamla put some black on pakhi she should be saved from bad eyes. Kamla says its not needed Raghav will save her from everything.

Nettu gives Raghav the glass and throws some on him. He says what are you doing ? Nettu says oh I did this by mistake. Go out and clean it. Kalpi will help you out. Kamla says to pakhi go and help him with washing. Nettu stops pakhi and says no you are a guest sit here. Pakhi wanna go but nettu is not letting her. Nettu says go kalpi help him. They are guests. Kalpi goes out with the water.

Outside kalpi is helping Raghav to wash it and says why you came Raghav you could have said no. Raghav says kamla maa would have been hurt if i didn’t come. He holds kalpi’s hand and says even God wants us to meet kalpi. I didn’t come by my own. Vitthal sees them holding hands and grunts kalpi. Kamal Nettu and Pakhi go running out.

Vitthal says you don’t have any shame Raghav. Kamal says Vitthal keep quite. She asks pakhi to take Raghav in and kalpi to serve the food. Nettu says where are the people of chowl. They should see this drama. Vitthal says to kamla what is this why have you called Raghav and Pakhi here after so much has happened. Kamla says I asked when I called you, you said yes. I have called him to show the people of chowl and everyone that Raghav and Pakhi are one and our kalpi is moving on. Manda comes with other ladies upstairs. Kamal says look at them. She says come on lets go in.

Kalpi has served the food. Kamla asks Vitthal to sit as well. He says no let the guests eat first. Kamla asks kalpi where is the youghurt. She stops for a while. Pakhi says the food is so tasty. Vitthal sees manda and others looking in. He says Pakhi its better that you came, kamla was missing you for so long. Pakhi says I am done. Kamla washes her hands. Ragahv says okay kamla maa we should leave now. Kamla gives them some money saying you people came for the first time after wedding. She gives Pakhi the sindur as parsad she brought from her yatra.

kamla and everyone sees them off. Raghav and pakhi say bye to kamla. Kalpi is looking from upstairs. Raghav looks at her she goes in. Ragahv sits in his car and they leave. The ladies of chowl say that we should never trust this manda. We should not have doubted kalpi. How can kamla’s up bringing be wrong.

Pakhi and Ragahv come home. Gauri is angrily waiting. Ragahv says mom I didn’t want to hurt you. Gauri says why you went there. Ragahv says I couldn’t say no to kamla maa. I haven’t forgotten your promise. She says you should never. Seeking revenge from these people is the only mission of my life.

Raghav says in his heart how can I tell you mom what i have lost in this fire of revenge. It has caused me and kalpi so much pain.
Ragahv leaves.

Mummy ji comes there and asks why are you still up Gauri? She says I was waiting for Raghav. Mummy ji says maybe what I am going to say will hurt you. Mummy ji syas neetu and sahil did so bad to you and they deserve the punishment but pakhi is not responsible for anything. Gauri says when I see Pakhi she reminds me of them. Mummy ji says its not her fault. I wish one day you will accept them. Revenge does nothing and the only thing that heals the wounds is time.

Nettu says in her heart kamla has made her so much good image in front of the people. Kamla gives Vitthal the food. The ladies of chowl come in. Kamla says yes tai you want something. one says yeah pardon. We didn’t trust you we trusted Madna instead. Kamla says no don’t be sorry. The other one says but we still think investing in this hotel would be a risk. Kalpi says you don’t have to invest ypu just have o provide us a dish. we will take loan from the government. The other says still this is so difficult. They leave.

Next morning, Vitthal says I have been so angry on kalpi these dayus but this doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. This dream that she saw of hotel I will satnd by with her. She is in pain I will stand by with her. First I was angry at inviting Raghav and pakhi but later I realized it was for better people af chow are way more quite now. Kalpi comes there and hugs Vitthal. He hugs her too. He says don’t wory we will arrange money for your hotel. They see a chowl guy distributing sweets. Vitthal asks what is this for ? He says I have brought this rickshaw on loan . Its not on rent anymore. I wil pay the bank. Kamla says this is such a good idea. Kalpi you should get the loan too. Kalpi says I will download the form.

Gauri asks Ragahv to have the breakfast. He says I am in a hurry. Pakhi comes and says Raghav can you drop me at my friend’s house. My driver is not here and I got some bruise on my hand by slipping in bathroom. Mummy ji asks where ? She smiles and winks. Gauri is angry she says in heart pakhi is trying to come closer to raghav I should stop her. Ragahv nods. Pakhi follows her.

Nettu come to the bank and says oh I came here there is AC I should stop kalpi from taking the loan.
Kalpi, Vitthal and kamla are in the bank for the loan. She asks the man to give her the loan for her hotel. He says what is the security ? Kalpi says why would we ask you for the loan if we had security. he says bank has some rules. Kalpi says first you people says you have schemes for poor people then when they come here with dreams you create different problems. He gives kalpi the form and say I will proceed it but its not easy to get the loan without security,

Pakhi and Raghav are in the car. Pakhi says can we have the lunch somewhere out ? Raghav says no I dn’t like that food. Pakhi says anywhere ? He says I will be bored. Pakhi says in heart how can I make him agree to this. Kalpi is filling her form. Nettu says they ask so much. She drops her bag. Kalpi is collecting her stuff. Nettu writes something on the form. Kalpi is done with the form so she doesn’t see it. She submits the form.

Ragahv;s hand touches pakhi’s. Suddenly his phone rings. He says what ? I am coming in a moment.

Kamla and everyone is out looking for an auto. The manager comes and says your form will approve soon. Please come in. They go in. kalpi looks at the form and says why in the security column is Ragahv’s name ? The manger says you wrote it ? Kalpi says no I didn’t. The manager says you filled the form and we have even called him he must be coming soon. Kalpi is shocked she says I didn’t write this ai baba. Sudenly Raghav and Pakhi come in. Everyone is shocked. 

Kalpi, Kamla and Vitthal come to the office, Kalpi looks at the form and says in guarantees name its Raghav Singhaniya. Manager says you filled this form Kalpi says no. He says we have talked to him. His name is so important. Kalpi says I didn’t write this name. I didn’t write it ai baba. Raghav and Pakhi come in. Everyone is quite shocked. The manager says thank you for coming sir. You just came on a call. You just need to sign some papers and this loan will be claimed. Kalpi says I don’t want this loan. Manager says but madam.. She says lets go ai baba. I don’t want this loan. They leave. Nettu says okay bye poki I have to leave as everyone is going.

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