Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 189-191)

Pakhi is in her room and continues to wait for Raghav to arrive but in vain, she says they will remembers this special night forever and address herself as Mrs Pakhi Raghav Singhania and that she have all rights to look beautiful tonight. She calls Raghav again but his phone is switched off. She wonders where he is.

Meanwhile, Kamla and Vitthal are unhappy about what has happened to their daughter. Vitthal is at the balcony. Kamla comes to him and asks him to sleep. He asks if she will be able to sleep and asks Kamla to forgive him and that the bruise must be hurting her. Kamla says he didn’t do it by himself and that she did all this by her will. He would have made such a big mistake in anger and she would not be able to see him in jail and asks whom would Kalpana call father. He replies what else could he do. He was unable to see Kalpana like that as Kalpana's hope has been broken. Kamla says God is taking time to test her. Vitthal says they have been tired of these tests.

Kamla says he know all she did was for Kalpana. Kalpana always thought that she shared herlove with Pakhi and she agree that Pakhi is like a daughter for her but she gave birth to Kalpana. Whenever she worked, it was for Kalpana and she earned so she can study and she feel like she never gave her a fair share of happiness. She would have given her time instead of money. Vitthal hugs herpacifying her not to cry and to forget all that happened. It happened before the wedding and at least they came to know that Kalpana has no worth in Raghav's life. We will let her live again. They will give her a fistful sky again and new dreams. There will be no Pakhi or Raghav in her dreams now.Pakhi is so nervous. Raghav arrives at Pakhi's place and Pakhi gets shocked seeing blood on his dress and asks what happened to him? Why there is so much blood on him? She asks why he is starring at me, that he is now his wife but Raghav refuses that she is just a daughter of Sahil Kapoor for him and the daughter of his enemy but she further gets the shock of her life when Raghav reveals the reason behind their marriage and his intentions regarding the marriage that he married her because she is the daughter of the man that he is going to destroy and tears all the flowers. He says these decorations remind him of his defeat and that he hate these flowers. He adds that from now, she will sleep on the bed of pricks. Pakhi is bewildered at his words. Raghav says this wedding is not his love and it's the vengeance and her destruction has been started. It will hurt Sahil Kapoor. This wedding locket is the black thread of his revenge. Whether she believe it or not, it will destroy her. Pakhi asks Raghav to stops joking but he clearly says he is not joking and that her father killed his father. He got his mother in an accident and made him an orphan.

Pakhi does not believe the allegations that Raghav puts on her father and says he can’t do that. Raghav says when she see the reality she will realize whose daughter she is and she will be ashamed of her life. He again says her father killed hisfather and tried to kill his mother too. He destroyed his mother’s life and their family and time has got him here. This is his turn now and today he will be on the roads and not him.They should see when he will see his daughter in pain. Pakhi says maybe her father made a mistake and asks what's her mistake? Rgahv replies exactly, what was his fault? What was his father’s mistake? That he was a good man and because he trusted Sahil? What was the fault of the innocent Raghav why his father was taken away from him?

Pakhi says there must be some misunderstanding and that her father can’t do that. Pakhi then asks Raghav if she loved her. Raghav replies that it was all a drama and he never loved her but he love someone else. Pakhi asks why he married her when he love someone else? She asks if she can ask whom he love? Raghav says Kalpana. Pakhi is shocked and is surprised to know that Raghav loves Kalpana and not her. Pakhi then says he have punished Kalpana as well and destroyed three lives together. She sits on the floor and is crying so hard. She throws away all the jewelery. She screams Kamla maa that her biggest dream has been broken. She is screaming so loud.

On the other hand, Kamla sees Pakhi in her dream and she suddenly wakes up. She says in her heart that she is not angry with her and it was all Raghav’s mistake. Just to be good with Nettu and she can’t need Kamla again. Whenever Pakhi will come in front of her, she will remind her the pain ofher daughter. She then holds the hand of Kalpana. She says her daughter’s dreams have been shattered and she will loveKalpana so much that she will forget Raghav. She will rejoin her broken dreams and tells Kalpana that she is with her. They will decorate their world again and there will be no Raghav in their life again. She will never leave her alone and she won’t let her dreams shatter.

Neetu and Sahil Kapoor are rejoicing over the fact that Raghav has married their daughter and are drinking and are unaware that Raghav is here to ruin their lives. Nettu says their property is Raghav’s and his half wealth is Pakhi and asks whom does Pakhi belongs to? Sahil says she is his. Nettu says he always take the credit and this time Nettu Kapoor will take all the credits. Sahil says she get angry whiledrinking and she look like a witch with all this make up. Shail further says she have her own account but she still steal money from his pocket and she love her because she is his wife. He then call her his dear Nettu.

Nettu says she have to make Raghav like that too and he should stay in control of Pakhi. On the other hand, Pakhi is heartbroken and is lying onthe floor in tears.Raghav is back home with Gauri and asks her to please forgive him. He took her wrong and never tried to find her. He should have known that there must be a reason. She was never an unsuccessful mother and that she is the one who is unsuccessful. She must have suffered but he never thought that she’d need him and that she will get all the happiness and will take revenge from Sahil Kapoor and his family. He will forget all his dreams and his love. He will take vengeance of his father’s death.

Kamla is making the food. Vitthal comes there that he will make it and the duo start cooking together. Kalpana checks Kamla hand and tells her mother that she will make it since she is not fine yet. Kamla refuses that she is fine. She takes her to the sofa and asks her daughter if she want tea? Manda comes up with breakfast that she have brought tea. Manda says she thought how will she eat as Kamla must be upset so she came here. Pakiya tells Manda to go. Manda then taunts Kalpana's family and mocks at their condition that she knew it much before that Raghav will marry Pakhi asshe is so pretty and rich like Raghav. Nettu always wanted that too and she used to wonder why he came here. So he came here to make a second girlfriend. They make more than one girlfriend’s but marry one. She saw Kalpana and Raghav at the terrace.

Pakiya gets angry and pushes her out of the house. Manda shouts and says no one will marry Kalpana as she is the rejected one. Manda tells other neighbours that they threw her out because she brought breakfast for them. Kamla tells her daughter not to worry. Pakiya swears to kill Raghav and says he flirted with his sister and married Pakhi for money. Kalpana says Raghav doesn’t love Pakhi and that's the truth. He has not married her for money. Kamla asks how did she know that? Pakiya says he is making fool out of her. 

Kalpana decline Pakiya words and tells them that Raghav want to take revenge of his father’s death from Pakhi’s parents and that he told her everything that night. Kalpana explains to her family the reason behind Raghav marrying Pakhi that he met his mother few days ago. He didn’t know that she was still alive and when he came to know that Nettu and Sahil killed his father. He went and married Pakhi. Kamla says he spoiled Pakhi’s life too and that her heart is broken, she then decides to call her but Vitthal stops her and says this is too much. Kalpana is the one who needs her and that Pakhi has her parents. Kalpana doesn’t have anyone but her.

Gauri is going through the childhood pictures of Raghav. Raghav brings her coffee. She tells him if he know when he was young, his father used to act like a kid and he used to tease her like him. He always loved him more than she did and he used to say that when he will grow up people will lookup to them. She will be proud of him. He saw so many dreams for him and that's why he left his property for him. But he tells him to look how things changed and he had a mother but he is an orphan. His father couldn’t see him growing up and this all has happened because of Sahil. He projected her characterless, tried to kill her and destroyed her house. Raghav says now their dreams will be shattered and if someone will pay then it will be his family. They will take revenge of all they did to them and tells his mother to come with him. Gauri asks where? He says there are some old things that need to be cleared.Pakhi is hopelessly in tears while Nettu is smiling.

Sahil asks if Pakhi hasn’t woken up? She says no and that maybe she is up but they haven’t come out. Nettu suggests to bring coffeefor Pakhi but Sahil stop her and tells her to leave them alone and reminds her that on their golden night they didn’t come out of the room for two days. On the other hand, Kalpana finds a rose besides her bed and recalls when Raghav gave her that artificial rose and said his love in it is real and it will stay alive forever. Kalpana says to herself that his love was fake like this flower. Kamla is about to come in but she sees Kalpana and stops at the doorstep.

Nettu looks for Manda but she hasn’t come yet. Nettu takes the paper from the door and is about to close it when Raghav stops her. Nettu asks what is he doing here that she though he’d be in the room and tells him to come in. Gauri is behind her. Neetu gets a shock when Raghav enters their home along with his mother, Gauri. Raghav tells his mother to come in and takes her in. Gauri walks in with a photograph. Both Neetu and Sahil Kapoor are shocked to see Raghav and his mother together. Raghav says he guess they haven’t met her and introduce his mother to them as Gauri Singhaniya. The new owner of the house and Kapoor constructors. Gauri asks where will she place this photograph? He replies where ever she want and it's her house. She goes in and hangs her family photograph on the wall, after throwing away the photograph of Sahil and his family.

Nettu and Sahil can’t believe it. Gauri steps on their photograph on the floor and asks what are these two doing here? When she is the owner she will decide who is going to live here. Raghav asks Neetu and Sahil to vacate the house and address them as Mr and Mrs Kapoor that he really want to throw them out in the clothes they are wearing but he is their son in-law. He asks them to take out their stuff and leave the house and to hand over the keys to the new owner of the house. Sahil asks what about this wedding? Raghav says he just married her daughter to take revenge of what hedid to them and that he killed his father and destroyed them. He made him an orphan and even tried to kill his mother, he made her homeless, he thought she is the one who is wrong and he will take everything from Sahil just like he did to them.He tells him to bring the keys and give them to his mother.

Sahil and Neetu realize that Raghav had been taking revengeon their family for what they had done to Raghav's family in the past. Nettu says he is their son in-law and how can he do this to them. Gauri replies that she have done much more than that and that she finished them. Nettu says this lady is responsible for everything and tells her to just get lost from her house. Gauri slaps Nettu and says no fate will slap her and to bear with this and get used to it. She guess Sahil have forgotten everything but she remember everything. She remember how he separated her and her husband and killed him. He took over their business and that he must have forgotten but she and her son will never forget it and should be thankful that he is giving them some respect. She asks them to leave before she do something else. Nettu tells Gauri that she know they made mistakes, addressing her in arespectful tone and that she know she is not like them and says can't she forgive them. Raghav replies that he knows she is really cunning and still not leaving it. Raghav and Gauri sit on the sofa. Raghav says she will never change and tells her to go and get his mother the keys.

Meanwhile, Kamla insists on going to Pakhi's place to meet her, Vitthal refuses to allow her to leave Kalpana as their daughter needs her the most, Kamla says she raised Pakhi and she is her daughter too, she has been hurt as well and that she needs her. Vitthal says when she should have been looking after Kalpana she was looking after Pakhi. Still she never moaned. She has been cheated this time and all Kalpana has got is her mother and if Kalpana doesn’t get her mother she will be shatter. Kamla insists and begs Vitthal to let her go and meet her once. Kalpana over hears them. Kalpana comes downstairs and says she won’t lose her mother if she goes to meet Pahki. She have felt the pain of Pakhi as well. Kalpana herself asks her mother to go to Pakhi, as she too has been betrayed by Raghav. Vitthal says she showed that she is Kamla’s daughter.Raghav tells his mother that he feel relieved and he never feltthis successful with all his business and he won’t stop. He will destroy them completely. Gauri asks why didn’t he call the police? Raghav says he want them to die every day in front of him. Gauri too agrees with her son and says she want to see them shivering as well. Raghav says Sahil has noidea what he have planned for him.

Kamla is on her way to Pakhi's house. She sees a woman praying on a thread for her son. She plans on doing the samefor her daughter. She takes two threads and starts the prayer, she asks God that she want happiness for her daughter and want justice for them. Suddenly the wind blows the threads away. Kamla wonder how it happen and asks God what is this? She questions God if He will take his blessing from them as well? Referring to Kalpana and Pakhi.While Nettu is packing her stuff, she blame Sahil responsible for this. Sahil too blunt out that she was so willing to get Pakhi and Raghav married and she asked him to sign the contract papers. She puts in some jewellery. Gauri comes there and stops her. Nettu says this is her jewellery but Gauri does not allow Neetu to take anything from the house and asks her to leave empty handed as it was written in the contract that she can’t take anything from here except for the clothes. She threaten to call the police for stealing the stuff.

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