Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 452-453)

Just then, Durgardevi's call up Amol and wishes to meet his parents. Amol says it is not required. Durgardevi insists. After refusing for a moment, he finally agree to meet her tomorrow. Yash thinks this is what he want and hugs Amol again. Sid comes to have food. Durgardevi asks him to go to his room and says she will send food for him there. She calls the servant and asks him to take Siddharth inside.

Roshni feels bad. Durgardevi says she is sending food for him insidethe room. Siddharth calls Bunty that he is very hungry. Just then Roshni brings pizza for him. Siddharth gets happy and thanks her. Roshni makes him eat it and also eats from the other end. They have an eye lock…Sab Tera song plays in the background. Siddharth gets closer to her for a kiss, but just then Durgardevi calls Roshni. Roshni asks Siddharth to hold the Pizza and she leaves. That same night, the electricity goes out and Durgardevi calls Kesar and asks why is there noelectricity at home.

Kesar says this place is far and electricitywill come in the morning. Siddharth comes there and irritates Durgardevi. He says he will give his wheel chair to her. Roshni says they should spend some time here. Durgardevi refuses and is forced to go to the terrace.Siddharth asks Kesar to do something and whispers something in his ears. He asks Roshni to call Durgardevi. Moments later, Roshni brings Durgardevi downstairs and is surprised to see the beautiful decorations in the house. Siddharth says they should start antakshiri. Roshni agrees that it is a superb idea. Siddharth says guys will be in one time and gals will be in another. Siddharth asks them to sing with M. Resham sings Maiyya Yashoda…..Roshni compliment her aunt. Siddharth then thinks of a song with S and je sings Say Shava. Roshni sings from V…vaada raha. Siddharth gives her flying kiss. Durgardevi holds it and throws it back. Kesar sings Dil Ne Yeh kaha song. Siddharth says they are naughty couple. Later, Roshni asks her mother to sing with L. Siddharth says she have really disappointed him and asks her to sing song. He says he know she sing very badly, but to accept her defeat.

Durgardevi is forced to play antakshri when Roshni asks her mother to sing lori which she used to sing in her childhood. Durgardevi recalls her moments with Ayesha and a black flashes appear in front of her eyes. Siddharth thinks his mom in-law will hear everything. Durgardevi sings Lori Lori Chandaniya…. And getsemotional. She reminisces Ayesha holding her head. Roshni gets tensed seeing her stressing on her mind. Durgardevi call Ayesha name. Roshni is shocked. Siddharth looks on.Durgardevi takes Ayesha’s name and asks who is Ayesha? Why is she singing lori for her. Resham asks Durgardevi to tryto remember. Durgardevi replies that her past is like erased and that something is wrong and faints. Roshni calls out to her mom. Doctor asks Siddharth why did he provoke her, as he told him not to put force on her mind. Siddharth apologizes. Doctor says he have thrown water on the improvement, and says Du might have brain hemorrhage andmaybe she will not get her memory back. He asks him not to make Durgardevi recollect again.

Roshni asks if her mom willnever gain her memory. Siddharth says mom in-law have to get well. Roshni asks her mother to take rest. Durgardevi makes the arrangements at home. Amol brings his parents to Durgardevi's place and introduces his family to Durgardeviand her family and that his parents are doctors. Durgardevi says their son is very impressive. She welcomes them and asks them to sit. Amol’s parents asks who Siddharth is? Durgardevi lie that he is handling the accounts. Roshni tells Amol that she needs to talk. Amol says sure.

Siddharth wonders why Amol is behaving weirdly and why hehas agreed to bring home his parents. Roshni takes Amol aside and does not seem happy with Amol from bringing his family home. Amol replies Roshni that Durgardevi insisted him to bring his parents over lunch. Roshni says she really appreciate, and she have to figure out what to do and decides to herself to resolve the matter. Durgardevi asks where did he stay in America. Amol comes and says New York. Durgardevi asks where in New York? Amol’s dad gives a wrong reply. Amol tells them that he got an urgent call and needs to go. He takes his parents with him. Roshni asks her mother what happened? Durgardevi refuses to tell her anything. Siddharth thinks he has to bring Durgardevi's memory back soon.

Siddharth hears Amol talking to his fake parents and giving them money. Siddharth thinks he is a fakeperson. Roshni asks why did Amol hire actors to impress her mother. Siddharth says they have to do something and he have an idea.Later, Roshni takes Durgardevi for a shoot. Roshni says she will be back soon and asks her mother to sit. Siddharth too isthere hiding and tells her that Bunty knows the people here. Durgardevi come across Amol’s fake parents there asking for money from someone. She gets shocked. She learns thatthey are junior actors when Amol’s fake parents argue with the man and says they are junior artiste. Durgardevi comes there and asks why they are fighting for 200 Rupees when they are doctors. Roshni comes, greets them and asks what they both are doing here? The producer says that they are junior artiste. Durgardevi says she will call the Police. They apologize to Durgardevi that they were hired by Amol. She shocked to also learns that Amol paid the couple to act as his parents. Roshni takes her mother home.Durgardevi says how can he lie to her? She threaten to kill him.

Amol comes to Durgardevi’s house and tells that he need to go somewhere urgently for work. Durgardevi asks where did he drop his parents to film city? Amol says he don’t get what she is saying? Durgardevi shows him the video in which they have confessed to be hired by Amol. Amol gets tensed. He says he can explain. Durgardevi says no need and asks about the money which he have given them and that she thought he have some calibre, but. She asks him to get out. Siddharth says his mom in-law got a good lesson. Durgardevi asks him to sit quietly. Roshni wonders what he is upto? Siddharth also thinks the same.

Durgardevi talks to Kesar that they can’t trust anyone. Just then someone gives her a parcel. She reads a letter sent by Amol. He says he is sending his degree certificates and id cards. Just then they hear a lady talking emotionally about her son, and asks the salesman to pack some jewellery for Amol’s to be wife. Durgardevi asks Kesar to call that woman inside. The woman comes to Durgardevi’s cabin. Durgardevi asks what her son do? The lady says he works in Janata hospital as a doctor. Durgardevi says she is curious to see his photo. The woman shows her the picture with Amol. Durgardevi looks at his Picture.

Durgardevi asks the woman to show her son’s picture. She shows her the picture with Amol. Durgardevi looks at the picture and asks Kesar to give a good deal on the jewellery piece. She asks her to tell when her son’s marriage is fixed, and offers to design all the jewellery for marriage. The lady says bye and leaves. Durgardevi thinks she don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Amol comes home and apologizes to Durgardevi for bringing his fake parents. He says what would he have done? Should he tell his family bad affairs in public. He tells her that his father don’t talk to him and he couldn’t let his mother meet her alone. He didn’t know why she wanted to meet them and that he started liking her daughter and whatever he did is just to get her. He get teary eyes. Durgardevi says it is okay and address him asson.

Durgardevi then inform him that she met his mother at her store as she came with her friend and discussed about him. They heard her, and Kesar was also with her then. Roshni and Siddharth are shocked. Roshni tells Siddharth that he is fooling her mom. Durgardevi says his mother want him to get married and settled down. She promises that she will get him married. Everyone is shocked. Durgardevi says she can promise that his father will accept him. Amol thanks her and says he don’t know what to say as he had left all hope.Durgardevi blesses him. He says he will leave now. He looks at Roshni and leaves. Siddharth goes after him and grabs his collar. Amol asks him to relax that he knew that he is a fake patient and he acted to get accident and entered the house. Siddharth says he can’t harm him and they both have lied, but he lied to bring his mom in-law's memory and he is also lying to enter a rich family.

Amol replies that he started liking his wife. Roshni comes there and slaps him hard. She tells him she want to spit on his face and he don’t deserve to be her slipper and that Siddharth and she can’t be separated and they are one. Amolsays challenge accepted and they should see who will be hermum’s or son in-law and that Roshni's mother will call him here within 24 hours. He leaves.

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