Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 422-424)

Vihan mom telling vihan that she hasn’t called you and yet you. Prabu is telling everyone that with the politics today he doesn’t know who to vote for. Gunjan asks rachna if vihan called. Vihan is leaving in his car and going some where. Rachna is about to open the window but then she stops but finally opens the window and vihan is standing down there she freaks out and closes the window. Rachna sees vihan but by that time he is leaving and they both remember the times they had with each other.

Mayank asks gunjan how was her meeting and gunjan tells him that shalini was tutoring someone’s child maybe even one of her workers. Just then someone breaks the window with a note inside which says stay away from shalini. Gunjan gets a unknown phone calls and she says I’m joining shalini and you an do whatever you want.

Mayank tells her to sleep as he is with her. Gunjan is all ready and about to go seema says that she will also go but gunjan is so worried cause she doesn’t want to take her with her. Shail comes and tries to cheer up rachna and shows her a picture and tells her about her childhood friend.

Gunjan goes to meet shalini and is talking about education. Gunjan tries to talk to shalini. But shalini doesn’t listen. They reveal a poster n gunjan is shocked she says please don’t put it up as I am not accepting this offer. This shocks shalini. She says she will help her but from the outside as it is not something that she can do. shalini says she understands and that she is not mad. seema gets happy and thinks that gunjan has said yes.

Shalini telling the guy that Gunjan will make a good politician. Gunjan excuses herself and leaves. Rachana’s friend Radhika who won the fashion contest sent her some photos and video of the fashion show. Rachana shows Shail that shows it to the whole family. Rachana receives the prize money in a cheque form by courier which is 2 lakhs. The family is happy. Prabhu tells Dayal that it should be used for her education but Dayal says that its her first earning and she can use it for whatever she pleases to. Shail tells her to place in on God’s feet as its His grace. Rachana gives the cheque to Dayal to use for the shop. She says she has no right to the money and she did it in the first place for him. He accepts the money. Shail says the real reward is having a child who has love and respect for her parents and she hugs Rachana. Gunjan sees this and remembers her mother. She gets teary eyed and walks away.

Shail notices this. Gunjan is in her room hugging the her mother’s photo. Shail asks her what’s wrong and Gunjan says she is missing her mother. Shail says that Gunjan has Sneha’s qualities and Sneha is not far from Gunjan because Sneha is in her. Gunjan says she has some of Sneha’s qualities and so does Shail so Sneha is very near both of them. Gunjan says that God took her mother away but gave her a loving aunt like Shail and although she does miss her mother but there is no emptiness felt. Seema is bragging to her friends about the luxurious house of Shalini Pandey. Her friends are eager to meet Gunjan and wants Gunjan’s favor to help them pull strings using Shalini Pandey to get job promotions for their husbands. Seema calls Gunjan and she and Shail come down. Seema says its some ladies from the neighbourhood and they should benefit from Gunjan’s connection with Shalini Pandey. Seema gives Gunjan the list of favours of the women. She tells Gunjan to take her time and get them done. Gunjan says that there is a misunderstanding and that she didn’t join Shalini Pandey. Everyone are shocked. The women leave angrily. Seema then says that Gunjan embarrassed her in front of them and that she did it on purpose. Prabhu says Seema shouldn’t have interfered and its her decision.

Mayank comes home and sees Gunjan upset. He asks her why is she crying but Gunjan shakes her head. He then says Seema must have said something. Gunjan says its not Seema’s fault and not to scold her. Mayank tells Gunjan to take rest and they go. Gunjan asks Shail how does she convince Seema and is she doing the right thing. Shail tells Gunjan yes and she should do as she pleases. Gunjan tells Mayank that she is relieved from all the threats and phone call. She then shows Mayank a red suit for the pooja and says she hopes Seema’s anger would cool down. Mayank says she will. They then go and congratulate Rachana on receiving her prize money. Rachana says as much as she wants to forget it but she can’t deny that Vihaan had a hand in her winning the 2 lakhs. Gunjan says something good will happen for the both of them. Prabhu sees Gunjan and Shalini’s picture together in the newspapers. He shows it to Shail and she shows to Gunjan. Gunjan is shocked.

Shail showing gunjan her picture in the paper. Seeing this gunjan gets very angry and goes to her room. Shail comes to her and asks her. She say she will go right away but Shail says no. Just then gunjan gets a phone call and it’s from shalini and shalini says she is sorry as it was a huge mistake. Gunjan hangs up and then Mayank comes and asks her what’s wrong. She shoes him the paper and says how is this possible. Gunjan says she doesn’t know what to do. Mayank tells her to calm down but that right now he has to go to work. He opposition team is shown putting a circle on gunjans photo and says you guys know what to do right and they say conside your work done. At home everyone is getting ready or the puja and seema looks mad At gunjan for not joining shalini. The people from the other party are shown trying to kidnapping the cooks and going into the house. They show the guys looking at gunjan and taking a picture of her and saying that he’s she is gunjan a true one we have to catch. Gunjan shows them the kitchen and she leaves to find rachna. Gunjan goes to rachna and traides her dupatta with her As her sit is simple.

Rachna goes to the kitchen and the guys ares own putting sleeping stray on a cloth. Due to the dupatta chagr the guy thinks rachna is gunjan n gives her the medicine. Rachna smells it and falls unconscious. They the notice that it is rachna and not gunjan and they say that they don’t know what to do. Gunjan then comes t the kitchen and they notice that gunjan is coming and they also make her smell the clot and she ALS faints. They leave rachna outside and someone sees her. They try to wake her p.

Everyone in the family is confused and r surprised when they see rachna and says she was unconscious outside. Racha says that she doesn’t know but that she went to the kitchen and someone pulled me and then I fell unconscious and that she doesn’t remember anything after that. Everyone is trying to find gunjan. 

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