Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 379--381)

The next day, Shail moved some stuff while Seema is sitting there. Gunjan comes there and says happy birthday. Gopal and Rachna’s father also come and wishes her happy birthday. Seema gets mad. Rachna’s father says he is just wishing Krishna God. He goes in. Gunjan gives sweets to everyone that she brought from the temple. She goes to Shail and wishes her a happy birthday. Dholu comes and also wishes Shail a happy birthday and gives her her favorite chocolate that he brought from his pocket money. Shail gets emotional.

Sangeeta and Seema are practicing. Gunjan brings the costumes but Seema doesn’t take it as they are designed by Rachna. Gunjan says she always designs them and they are lucky for them. Seema now takes it as all she wants is to win the competition. Everyone is leaving for the competition, but Sangeeta is having pain in her stomach. She says she will join them later. Seema is nervous and asks her if she will reach on time. Sangeeta assures her that she will be there. Seema finally leaves. The neighbors come to take Shail to the function but refuses that she is not feeling well. They try to force her but in the end Shail tells Rachana to go with them and she will join them later.

Vihaan’s family comes on the stage. Vihaan searches for Rachna. Vihaan’s mother taunts Seema that their trump card is missing today and now have to see who is the new Kanaiya. Seema gets mad. Rachana comes there. Gunjan is very happy to see her. She asks if Shail came as well. Rachana says no. While the competition and celebration is going on. Seema is looking around for Sangeeta. She tells Gopal to call her and bring her here. Meanwhile, Sangeeta is hiding there as she is very nervous. Gunjan sees her and scares her even more. Sangeeta says to herself that she shouldn’t have come here. Rachna is sewing Dholu’s costume. After Dholu leaves, Vihaan comes and asks her to sew his costume too. Vihaan’s mother comes there and taunts Rachna and asks why she is always after Vihaan. Rachna tells her that she can ask who came after who and leaves. Vihaan tries to go after her but his mother stops.

It’s Vihaan’s family’s turn now to perform. While Vihaan is performing, Rachna imagines herself to be on the stage and dance with Vihaan. They both realize it was just their imagination and keep looking at each other. Vihaan stops dancing and his mother blames Rachna for spoiling their performance. Seema call Sangeeta but she is not picking up. It’s her family’s turn now. Seema says whether anyone comes or not she will give her performance. They come on the stage and everyone is shocked as Shail is not there. They all say they only come to see Shail performance.

Gunjan and Mayank are explaining their performance. They say that there is someone like Kanaiya in their family whose heart is very soft and that person has place for everyone in her heart. Shail is there in the crowd and gets emotional hearing this. Mayank says our performance is dedicated to that person. Gunjan asks everyone to clap for Shail. Everyone does including Seema. Dholu takes microphone and says that this show is for Shail.

Their act starts and everyone love it. When it comes to Kanaiya, everyone says that they want to see Shail perform on stage. At the backstage, Seema tells her husband that she will go alone on the stage. Her husband asks how will she do Ras Leela dance alone and everyone will throw rotten tomatoes at her. Everyone asks to call Krishana out. Seema comes out alone as Radha and everyone starts booing her. Vihaan’s mother is loving it as there is no Krishna with this Radha. Sangeeta apologizes to Seema in her. But before the situation gets worse, Shail comes on the stage being Krishna. Everyone is happy now and Seema is relived.

Seema and the whole family are shocked to see Shail. The crowd cheers and they perform beautifully they get a standing applause . Gunjan and Rachna are happy and conclude that it's Lord Krishna's blessing. During the performance, Seema tells Shail that Krishna should not go but shal's lines state she has to go. The host then announce that the judges praised the Garg family and even the crowd is screaming their name. Savitri Devi is upset, some ladies come and praise Shail who credits everyone that she did it for her family prestige but now she has to do something for her small family. Meanwhile, two criminals have escape from jail, they have a gun with them and the police is hunting for them. On the other hand, Mayank is also searching for two men. The Gargs family win the competition. Savitri Devi feels it's like match fixing, Shail does not go to the stage and reminds Rachna that they need to go as they are leaving the house. Prabhu wants to call Shail but Seema butt's in. Gunjan and Mayank are in search for men in pink scarf and it also reveal that the real criminals have donned the same. Seema has a cheque of 1 lakhs and is boasting over it and Prabhu praises Shail. Seema wants to go to Mumbai or some exotic place while Gopal and Prabhu want to give the money to Dayal but she refuses. Gunjan tells the criminals to scare her family thinking they are the actors.

The family reaches home, Seema put food in the kitchen. Sangeeta enters and tries to butter her with sweet talks and gets scolded by Seema. Sangeeta praises Shail which irritates Seema and she leaves. The actors are caught by the police but they are released when their faces are matched to a picture. The actors have no idea about Gunjan's address and decide to call her. Gunjan and Mayank come home with the criminals. Dayal, Shail and Prabhu are all thinking about tomorrow but Seema is sleeping peacefully. Gunjan calls the criminal in and they ask where the kitchen is. They remove a knife and says this is not required, they tell her she need not teach them about their work.

The criminals eat and Gunjan tells them some plan to switch off the light and once everyone assembles they should scare them and ask for money. The actors call Gunjan but her phone is in the room. They ask some people and get to know where Gunjan stays but they are intercepted by the police and sent away. The police comes home and Seema who is sleeping with her trophy gets up and opens the door. She is told about the escaped convicts. She is about to go back when the convicts hold Gunjan with a knife and threaten the entire family. Gunjan thinks it's the actors. Mayank calls back the actors seeing the missed call. The family is scared and Gopal is trying to call but one of the goon throws his phone away. Mayank realizes they are not the actors and is trying to signal Gunjan the truth who is held by one of the goon. He is unable to do it. Shail tells the goon to leave Gunjan and they threaten to touch Rachna and a furious Shail slaps one of them and they push her and shail is hurt. Gunjan tells the goon she had told them not to hurt them but they threaten to put the knife in her. Gunjan then realizes she messed up. Dayal offers to give them anything they want. On Gunjan's questioning the goon's reveal they are the criminals and not the actors and reveal her plan about uniting the family. They say they want to hide in their house.

Dholu comes there and they drag him too, Sangeeta is in tears seeing this. They threaten to kill Dholu if they don't stop crying. One of them realize there is a guy missing, Gunjan's hero is missing. They are talking and Mayank tries to come from behind with a pipe to hit them. The family is apprehensive and the goons turn but before that he runs away. The goon tricks Mayank and he is caught and they slapped him. A fight erupts with the goons and they hold him at gunpoint, that they will put one bullet in him.

Dayal agrees to give the goons what they want and they lock the men in one room. One of them wants Rachna to be with them, Shail pleads with them but Gunjan offers to stay along. The criminal taunts them about being an ideal loving family, one of them locks the ladies in a room while Shail keeps banging the door to leave the girls. Pihu tries to console her while Dholu tells his mother everything will be right on janmashtmi. Sangeeta remembers she had told she won't even give one trinket when Dayal needed money. She apologizes to Shail that they are paying for her sins and hugs her calling her sister. Seema is crying and Shail tells her till she is there nothing will happen them and to trust her. The criminals are watching TV where a news reporter is talking about them. One of them taunts Gunjan why she had not seen it earlier. Gunjan tells Rachna she was stupid but Rachna tells she only wants to unite the family. Rachna then says the criminals are not bothered as they are girls so they need to hatch a plan.

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