Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 338-339)

Abhi coming downstairs and Aaliya asking what happened in his room. Tanu asks did you teach a lesson to her? Abhi couldn’t say anything and goes from there. They are puzzled about his behavior. Pragya cries looking at the things which Abhi showed her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………while she reads the diary and letter. Abhi is sitting in bar and recalls Pragya’s words. Pragya recalls Abhi’s heart talk. Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words that his brand name, Abhi the rockstar is also under her name. He thinks his Pragya can’t be like this and he don’t want to see her face. Hamari Adhuri plays……..She comes to puja room and sits infront of the in house temple. Aaliya and Tanu are curious to know, what Pragya might be doing. Tanu tells Pragya might be crying. ike before. They see the light off and thinks she is crying. Aaliya says we will scold her and gets inside the room. When they don’t see her in room, Aaliya tells she must have eloped from here. Tanu gets excited and says now we can go shopping and my marriage can happen now. Pragya cries and tells everything is going from her hands. She says she is going far from her love rather than making him away from her enemies.

Someone comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Pragya says I can’t share my pain with anyone, and want to tell the truth to him. She says I am doing this on your sayings. Even If I fulfill my motive then don’t know if I will be able to find him. She asks her to take out from this mess. The person supporting her is revealed and she is none other than Dadi. Dadi hugs her and asks her to stop crying. She says I am with you. Pragya says why did you saved me on that day. Dadi says if you had gone from this world, then what would have happen to me and Abhi. She says three lives was saved that day.

A flashback is shown, Doctor checks and tells Pragya that she is no more. The nurse sees Pragya’s mangalsutra and asks other nurse to deposit it in the counter. Dadi is going from there and happens to see the mangalsutra. She sees the mangalsutra and is being informed that it belongs to dead patient. Dadi insists to see the dead body, and goes to see. She uncovers the cloth from her face and is shocked to see Pragya died. The nurse tells we tried to save her, but she died. Dadi says nothing can happen to my bahu. She asks Pragya, did you hear what she is saying. She asks Pragya to wake up and stop the drama. She holds her ears and apologizes asking her to get up. She tells my life is in you and asks her to wake up for her and Abhi. She keeps head on Pragya’s chest asking her to come back to life. Pragya moves her fingers and comes back to life.

Dadi tells Nurse, did you see? I told you that nothing can happen to her. Nurse goes to call the doctor. The doctor checks Pragya and tells this is a miracle. I saw it today, that second birth is possible too in the same birth. He asks her to relax and says she is fine. Nurse tells Dadi that Pragya was holding mangalsutra in her hand and loves her husband very much. It seems she came back to life because of her husband. Dadi gets happy and calls at landline number. Aaliya picks the call and asks where are you? Dadi says she came to hospital to pick the report. Aaliya thinks Dadi might call her to pick her up and pretends to not hear her. She disconnects the call. The nurse informs her that Pragya is fine. Dadi sits at Pragya’s bed side while she is unconscious and tells that we will find a way to get you back in Abhi’s life. She gets Abhi’s call. Dadi is about to pick it, Pragya gains consciousness and calls Dadi.

Dadi thanks the God as Pragya gained consciousness. She tells my life was going seeing your condition. Pragya tries to get up. Dadi makes her drink water. She asks how did this accident happened? Pragya tells her something which is muted. Dadi tells I will inform Abhi that you are fine. Pragya asks her not to inform him and says everything is finished. She tells Aaliya and Tanu are betraying and lying to him. A flashback is shown, Tanu is shown talking to Nikhil and Pragya overhearing her. Then Aaliya’s conversation with Raj is shown, and Pragya hearing her. FB ends. Dadi tells it was good that Abhi didn’t marry Tanu because of you. She says Abhi forgave Aaliya three times because of me, and she is doing wrong with him. I will punish her. Pragya looks on. 

Dadi telling that she will punish Aaliya for her mistakes. She tells Pragya that you can’t get weak at this moment and reminds of her promise. A flashback is shown, Pragya tells Dadi that she wants to tell the truth to Abhi, and it is upto him to trust her or not. Dadi tells what a good decision? I thought I have done right by getting you married to Abhi, but it turn out to be my foolishness. She says I need a bahu who will be with Abhi, as a protective shield, and you are running away from him being weak. You can’t support your husband. Why did you take the wedding vows and wear kumkum and mangalsutra. She says when Abhi needs you, then you are leaving him. Why I would have got you married to you, as you has good values and clean heart. She says you left Abhi on the way, you have betrayed me and not Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya asks why you are saying this? I want to take him out of Aaliya and Tanu’s clutches. I left home, and I can’t return. I want to save him, but can’t do anything alone.

Dadi reminds her about Savitri saving her husband from Yamraj and tells she has strength of trust, love, mangalsutra, sindoor which Yamraj couldn’t break. She asks don’t you have strength of kumkum or doubts your love. Pragya says I love my husband very much and trusts my Kumkum. Dadi asks her to become Savitra and protect her husband from the troubles. She asks her to show her win, and says I will show you the path. She asks her to promise to bring out Tanu and Aaliya’s truth infront of Abhi. Pragya asks what shall I do? Dadi says you have to take new birth and have to become modern. You have to take everything in your hands, and become new owner of the house. Pragya is shocked and says everything will think she is greedy after money. Dadi says they will be in shock and will do some mistake, giving them chance to expose them. Pragya says we will tell the truth to Abhi. Dadi says we shall not tell him, but instead show him the truth. Pragya says then he will hate me. Dadi says once Aaliya and Tanu are exposed, Abhi will love you even more. Dadi asks her to promise not to feel weak and try to back off from her motive. Pragya promises infront of God. FB ends.

Dadi asks where is this fire which I saw in your eyes. You got weaken hearing husband’s words. Pragya apologizes. Dadi says I will forgive on one condition and asks her to have strength. She says I want to see Aaliya on your footsteps and see Tanu out of house. She asks her not to see Abhi’s hatred, and says he is broken now. He will come to me, and I will take care of him. You just think about your motive. I can’t come infront to fight, but will support you from back. Pragya says reverse countdown will begin for Aaliya and Tanu. Dadi says good.

Raj asks the employee about Pragya’s day at office. Raj scolds him and asks to make 10 fake employees list. He is about to enter password, but is stopped by the employee. He tells Pragya has changed her computer password. Raj thinks he has to do something to Pragya.

Pragya thinks about Abhi’s hate words and recalls Dadi’s words asking her not to get weak. Abhi comes home being drunk. Pragya is about to touch his diary, but Abhi asks her not to touch his diary. Abhi says you might be worrying thinking from where did I get money to drink. He says he has a great fan following, and asks her not to forget that he is priceless rockstar. He tells he went to Pub to drink wine, and the owner turns out to be his fan. He asks for my autograph and I gave my bracelet. He gets happy and declares for free wine to everyone. He says this is love. How you will understand? Just keep your money with you. He stumbles while she tries to hold him. Abhi says whenever you touch me, I feel like a murderer is touching me. He says you have murdered my fuggi and asks her not to touch his diary again. He searches for something and Pragya asks what you are searching. Abhi says nothing. He finally gets it and asks Pragya to sleep as he needs to talk to someone. He gets Pragya’s specs and starts talking to it. He asks it not to look at the woman who is standing far, and praises his fuggi. He tells I missed your eyes, your smile and your anger. He asks her to come back to him, and asks how he will stay without her. Pragya gets teary eyes.
Abhi talking to Pragya’s specs and calls it fuggi. He asks her to return back to him and keep hand on his head. He says I will get good sleep if you touch me. Pragya comes and keeps hand on his head. Abhi sleep and says you are the best fuggi in this world. Pragya helps him get up and tries to take him to bed. He is about to fall, but she holds him. He makes her wear specs and looks at her lovingly. Ho Allah Wariyan……………He caresses her face and says yes, my fuggi is back. He jumps and sleeps on bed. Pragya takes off his shoes.
Aaliya calls Robin and asks where are the servants? She says she didn’t get her juice, oats, custard etc. Tanu comes and asks Robin to order servant to make her breakfast. Pragya asks who is making noise? She asks why you are shocked
seeing me. Aaliya asks where are the servants? Pragya says I have dismissed the servants from job for cost cutting. She asks Aaliya to make food. Aaliya asks am I cook? Pragya asks her to make breakfast first. Aaliya refuses. Pragya says if you don’t want to cook then you can eat out and I will cut money from your pocket money. She orders Tanu to wash utensils. Tanu says she is a super model. Pragya says you were model before, but now you are pregnant. She asks them to use less soap else she will cut money from their pocket money. She calls them good for nothing. Sarla thinks what has happened to Pragya and prays for her.

Purab comes and greets her asking her to call Bulbul. Sarla calls Bulbul and asks Purab if everything is fine at Abhi’s house. Purab tells nothing is well, and tells Abhi’s condition is bad. He got drunk and I dropped him home. Bulbul comes. Sarla asks her to leave for office as it is getting late. They leave. Pragya declares that she gave leave to all the servants and the work will be done by the family members. She asks Mitali to wash everyone’s clothes in less detergent. She tells Taiji that your responsibility is less, you have to sweep the house and clean it too. She asks Raj to take care of kids. Dadi tells money has made you mad. They are not accustomed to work. Dasi says she is doing right. Pragya says you both have to work too. Aaliya says will you ask Dadi to work.

She says I will call Bhai and he will make you right. Pragya says I am not done till now. She gives temple responsibility to Dadi and Dadi. Mitali asks why did you not give work to Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya tells she gave work to them first. Mitali laughs. Pragya says don’t think when I am in office, I can’t look at you all. She calls Ronnie and says he is her personal assistant. Ronnie tells that he gets two things early, anger and laugh. He asks them to start working before he gets angry.

Pragya comes to room and pretends to read newspaper. Abhi wakes up and asks who made me sleep on bed. Pragya says I did. Abhi asks who changed my clothes? Pragya says I did. Abhi asks what else did you do? Pragya says she don’t have time for useless things. She asks him to drink coffee. Abhi drinks coffee and says it is same. He makes faces and says it is less sugary. Pragya says she put less sugar in coffee for better health and cost cutting. Abhi throws it. Pragya says she has cut down on his coffee intake. She asks him to get ready in 10 mins, else he will not get breakfast. Abhi thinks if he breaks coffee mug then she may not give him breakfast.Aaliya says it is a limit. I thought she ran away from here. She wants revenge from us. Tanu says she didn’t think about my pregnancy. Raj comes and asks them to bear small defeat to get big gain. He says we will not discuss anything inside the house. He leaves. Pragya comes and hears Aaliya talking to Tanu. She says we have to hire a lawyer. Tanu says from where we will get money. Pragya says you will get money, but my way. I shall wait for them to do mistake.

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