Update: Tuesday On Sands Of Time

Shekhar meets Kshom where certain amount of verbal altercation takes place where Kshom blatantly describes him as an insensitive father. Kshom getting a slap from Shekhar.

Shekhar tells Kshom to keep his mouth shut. He does not want to keep any relationship with them advising him and Jia to be out of his and Shikaj lives. Jia is at Pandey house when Shekhar barges in an aggressive mood. He vents out his frustration on Jia telling her that her husband is acting irrational and is accusing him that he has used his ailing son to get them back from their holiday. Jia goes back and reprimands Kshom for talking to Shekhar. Dakshi convinces Kshom that she is able to understand him better than Jia. Jia gets up and realizes that Kshom is still very angry towards him. Jia realizing that there is something fishy about Dakshi.

Dakshi nullifies the doubt by telling Jia that when Aditya cools down he becomes sweet to her and she flows with it with an intention of not instigating him again. Rukmani goes to Jia requesting her to come to roka ceremony while Poornima is appeasing Nisha to get married to Shekhar as it is the only way to eradicate the stigma of an unwed mother. Dakshi strategically tries to probe into the mind of Jia by asking Jia whether she has a soft corner for Shekhar . Jia makes it very clear that Shekhar is just a friend. Dakshi is very optimistic that the relationship between Shekhar and Jia will go estranged when Kshom comes to know that Jia has gone for roka ceremony. But her optimism shatters when she sees Jia is standing in front of her

Dakshi is surprised to find Jia is still very much at Kshoms dwelling. She somehow convinces Jia to go for the Roka Ceremony.

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