Update: Tuesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 160-162)

Kalpi is outside Raghav’s cabin and then she goes to her place. They are both is thoughts and the song ‘tum hi hi’ plays. Raghav says I can’t do this anymore. Sammy stops him and says why are you spoiling in the end ? Have a coffee and relax. We have a lot of work today. Raghav says tell me how many meetings do we have for today. Sammy says to a lady employee that I am mailing you a letter for the people who will receive their first pay. Draft it. Raghav asks what are you doing ? He says working on my plan. They both look at Kalpana. Raghav stares at her, Sammy says focus on work our plan will work out. Kalpi says what should I do now ? i said him that I will leave if I don’t get the promotion. I forget it but he never did. Does he really want me to resign. Why did he say that he loves me and now stepping backwards when I want him. What should I do now ? Pakhi comes and sees Kalpi is thoughts.

Kamla is puting pickle in a bowl. Instead of it Kamla is dropping in on the floor. Vitthal asks where is your mind ? Manda is there too she says pickle had to be wasted Vitthal. I have an advice for you leave your job because you handle the house much better than Kamla. Vitthal laughs and says you really enjoy stalking others ? I have another advice for you why don’t you join CID. MAnda leaves. Kamla says why you do that to her? Kamla says I am worried about Kalpi. SHe is doing weird things these days she is not focused. Vitthal says there is no such thing she would have shared it with me.

Pakhi sits in front of Kalpi and says hello but she is not listening. Pakhi says what are you thinking ? Kalpi says nothing. Pakhi says I have a friend who is not focused like you all the time she loves someone but she is not sure whether the guy loves her or not. Kalpi says yeah men are like that they never say anything clearly. Pakhi stares at her with judgy eyes. Kalpi says I mean thats what I have heard from everyone. Pakhi says and what does your heart says ? Kalpi says what can I say. Pakhi says you never loved someone ? Kalpi looks back at Raghav and then says stop it Pakhi whom can it be. Pakhi says but I have someone, then she says I mean I also know very little about men. Kalpi says let me work please.
Raghav comes out of cabin pretending like he is talking on a call. Kalpi gazes at him. She is about to stop him but he leaves. She wonders what can she do. Should she tell him that she doesn’t wanna leave. She says thank God I didn’t tell Ai about him. I never got him.

Kamla gets a call from Pakhi. SHe says I have talked to Kalpi. She told me that she loves someone and said don’t tell it to you. Kamla is shocked. Pakhi laughs and says there is no such thing she is boring as always.
Kalpi goes to cafeteria for coffee. She recalls Raghav saying accept my love or reject it and then the way he colored her. She recalls what Raghav said to her earlier this day. The coffee is full and her hand go burnt. Raghav comes and says where is your concentration. Stupid girl. He holds her hand and cleans the coffee. Raghav thinks I never want you to leave me. Kalpi says in her heart why did you ask me to leave. He says why didn’t you get angry at me and said you wanna stay with me forever. Kalpi says I am angry I never wanna leave you, I want to be with you always. Sammy comes there and says Raghav someone is here to meet you lets go. Raghav leaves the handkerchief on her hand and leaves. Kalpi says he didn’t even say a word why should I says something when he is no concerned about me. I don’t wanna leave anyway .

Vitthal says to Kalpi look I told you kalpi will never conceal anything. I know her so well. Kamla says you were right. I know you know her better. Forget it.
A van comes and two men come out of it. They pull out a carpet and start moving upstairs. Kamla asks who are you ? They says we had to deliver this stuff. Vitthal says we didn’t order anything. Why are you coming in when we didn’t order it. They show the receipt and its Kamla’s name on it. They says maybe they wrote wrong house number. Kamla and Vitthal go downstairs and ask differnt people if they have ordered something. THe two men go in and make gauri unconscious. They bind her in the carpet and start leaving. Vitthal stops them and they say it was wrong chowl no. Kamla and Vittha go inside the house and get scared by not finding gauri there. Kamla says have they kidnapped her ? They are so worried. Vitthal runs after them but they have left.

Kalpi remmeber Raghav reminding her that her 30 day challenge is over. She says what should I do now.
There at chowl Kamla and Raghav are looking fro tai. They run after the men who broyght carpet but they manage to escape. Kamla says we should inform police. Pakiya says I have noticed the number of that truck. Vitthal says lets go to that constable. Pakhi asks Kalpi did she sign the bond ? It says that all the employees are bound for 6 months. Kalpi says no I didn’t sign it. Pakhi says lets go for shopping won’t you buy something for kamla maa ? We just got the first salary.

The kidnapper take gauri to a place. Sahil and Nettu are there. Sahil asks them to get her up. SHe says where am I ? Is anyone here ? Nettu says tell us what did you
tell Kamla about your past ? Sahil says why are you hiding your identity by living in that chowl. Gauri says please leave me I have to go.
Kamla, Vitthal and Pakiya are after the tempo.
Sahil says hit her until she doesn’t speak the truth. The two men start torturing her and she is crying.

Kalpi and Pakhi are in a shop. Pakhi says we will get something for sure. Kalpi starts looking at different things all of them are so expensive. Kalpi sees a watch she says this is for all three of them. Pakhi says I want a watch the most expensive one. Kalpi wonders what to buy for Raghav. She finds a small sculpture. She says this will be perfect fro him. While Pakhi has bought a watch. Raghav calls Pakhi and says I want copy of a file. She says Kalpi must have it. He says she is not in office. Pakhi says we are out for shopping. He says oh is she with you ? Pakhi says yes. He just called Pakhi to find about Kalpi. Kalpi says he should have called me.

Pakiya sees the same tempo standing at a place. They direct the car towards it. Nettu akss Gauri what have you told Kamla ? Why are you living in that chowl instead of your mansion. Gauri says looks like you know me tell me who am I ? Sahil says looks like she has lost her memory. He orders the thugs to kill her.
They take her inside. Sahil and Nettu when on their way back see the police. Vitthal says she must be somewhere close. They start looking for her. Sahil and Nettu are hiding. Nettu says what will happen now ? Sahil says they will kill her by the time police reaches them lets go. They leave.
Cops start going up at the terrace. The two thugs are shoving her down. Police announces that we have surrounded you. Surrender or you will she shot. They start running. Kamla hugs gauri she is crying bad.

Raghav wonders has kalpi planned on leaving the job ? She would never have left office in the work hours. he sees the small sculpture on the table along with a paper. He shows that paper to Sammy. Sammy smiles and so does Raghav. Raghav hugs him and says thanks Sammy she isn’t leaving. She will stay here in front of me.
Pakhi goes in Raghav’s office and gives him that gift. She says open in later its something special. Kalpi is looking at them. Pakhi says to kalpi he’d like it a lot. Raghav takes out the watch. Sammy comes to Pakhi and says Raghav has said thanks but he can’t take your gift. Pakhi says this is not fair I brought it with so much love. Sammy says give it to me I won’t say no. She says very funny. Kalpi comes in and Pakhi tells her. She wonder if he returned her expensive gift he must be making fun of her small gift.
Kamla comes in with gauri. Manda says she has made another mess. She keeps on doing something.
In office, Ramu comes and asks Kalpi that Raghav has called her in. She goes in, Raghav says have a seat. kalpi says all the files are in this drive. She puts it in his laptop she finds her gift decorated on the his table.

Raghav says Kalpana I really liked your gift and your decision of staying here. Thank you for staying here. Kalpi smiles. She says I have a lot of work I am leaving. He holds her hand and stop her. The telephone falls off the table and they both pick it together. Raghav says gifts like that can only be given by you. Kalpi says is that all you wanted to say. He says I have said already its your turn now. She says sir.. He says speak it out whatever is in your heart. Kalpi says please accept Pakhi’s gift she brought it with so much love. He says okay I will. Kalpi leaves. Raghav goes back to his chair. He looks at her gift and says please tell me God how can I make her say those three magical words. Kalpi says all right. It was a good decision. He is getting better day
by day. She smiles at the way he said thank you for staying back. Raghav looks at Kalpi and says how happy you look. Why can’t I says anything when you are near. I have to do something to bridge this distance.

Kalpi makes Gauri wear her wedding locket and says don’t worry we won’t leave you alone. Constable says some police men will be around all the time. Kamla says thank you so much for helping out. Gauri sleeps. Manda comes with a lot of other ladies. Gauri gets scared. Manda says police came here and those thugs, That lady doesn’t look good. I don’t know whats behind all this. There is something you are hiding. Its about out safety. Call her husband and ask her to leave. Vitthal says in anger, she is my sister as well. Fight with me before you reach her. He asks them to leave.
Manda says in her heart sorry nettu madam nothing is working for you these days. Vitthal says to gauri you are my sister from now no one will do anything to you now. Pakiya says what you want ai till when will you bear all this for this unknown lady. She hugs kamla and cries.

Raghav comes to Pakhi and says I forgot to wear a watch today so can I wear your gift. Pakhi says yeah sure I knew you’d like it. Kalpi later comes in Raghav’s cabin. Raghav shows it to her and they both smile. Pakhi comes to Kalpi and says Raghav took my gift and he wore it. I am so happy. Kalpi goes to Raghav and says thank you sir you took it. Raghav says I did what you said its your turn. She says tell me what can I do. He says I will tell you later.

Nettu comes to the chowl and says gauri is still here and vitthal made her sister. She knocks Kamla’s door. Kamla says come in. Nettu says manda forgot to took her wage. How are you ? ANd your friend ? Nettu says yeah she is sleeping. Kamla says come in have some tea. Nettu says how she got those bruises ? Kamla and Vitthal are quiet. Kamla says she has lost her memory. Some people are still after her. Gauri wakes and gets scared by seeing nettu. Kamla says she is my madam. Gauri says she is not a good woman ask her to leave. Nettu leaves. Kamla stops nettu and says why sorry about her. Nettu says I know a doctor he can treat her.

Raghv says how about arranging a party. I will have time to spend will kalpana and maybe she will say the truth. Sammy says wow my company is working. Sammy says how about your house. Raghav asks Kalpana to come in her cabin. She comes in. Sammy says i have to go and leaves. Raghav says I wanna throw a party fro business purposes and I want you to arrange it.

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