Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 470-471)

Siddharth call Amol and asks for the give money. Amol says he will give him. Siddharth asks him to give him the money right away or he will send his men to him. Amol refuses to give the money. Next morning, Amol gets a phone call and is shocked. He rushes to the Police station and runs inside. He meets Yash and asks if he is fine. Yash says he is fine and there is a tight security here. Siddharth comes there and says there was no attack here. He says hi to Yash. Yash smirks. Siddharth beats Amol, and tells Yash that he will rot in jail all his life. Yash says he is his brother and is helping him and asks how will he reach him. Siddharth says he said one thing right that he can’t reach to his low level, and their relation can’t match with his kind of people. He says his and his mom in-law's relation is chosen by him, and he have chosen mom in-law like his mom, and will never let anything happen to her. Yash laughs. Siddharth adds that criminal like him can’t understand. Yash says it is impossible to save his mom in-law from his trap, but he should not worry..he is with him like a brother. He gives him 24 hours to save Durgardevi,Roshni and his family.

Siddharth says he can’t do anything even after 24 hours and asks him to do whatever he wants, until then Amol will be with him. Yash holds Siddharth hand and shouts for help as ifhe is strangulating him. Amol runs from there taking the advantage. The constables comes there and hold Siddharth. Siddharth says if he come out then he will not spare anyone. He calls Roshni and tells that Yash is behind Amol. Yash was here, and is trying to trap her mother. Roshni gets worried and says her mom went out. Siddharth says nothing will happen to her mother. Roshni asks him to take care of Durgardevi.Durgardevi is in her office meeting. Kesar gets Siddharth’s call, but Durgardevi asks him to switch off the phone. Just then they hear some noise. Durgardevi asks Kesar to handle the meeting and goes out. She sees someone and says he is here. Kesar sees Siddharth’s 5 missed calls and thinks of what to do. Roshni packs her stuff and sits in the car, but the car doesn’t start. She hires taxi and asks the driver to drive fast. The driver takes a different turn. Roshni asks why did hetake a turn and asks him to stop the car. She jumps from the car. She gets up and sees maruti car. The goons gets down and kidnaps her. Her phone is broken. Siddharth reaches the office and asks Kesar about Durgardevi. Kesar says she was in the office. Siddharth says he wants to see the CCTV footage. They see Amol coming to Durgardevi and telling her something.

Siddharth gets tensed. Kesar asks what is happening. Siddharth says he will tell him everything later, and calls Roshni but her phone couldn’t be connected. Siddharth asks Kesar to call Resham and enquire about Durgardevi. Reshamis sitting with Kalinga baba. She tells him that she is having bank account, but don’t have any balance in it. Kesar calls her, but she says she is busy with Kalinga baba. Siddharth tells Kesar that they have to find Durgardevi. Roshni is in the goons captivity. The goon calls Yash and says okay. He shows a note to Roshni and asks her to say it. Roshni refusesto tell anything. They show her Durgardevi and Amol’s video. Roshni asks them not to do anything to her mom and tells the same thing which is written on the paper. Siddharth reaches home and searches for Durgardevi and Roshni. He calls Raj and asks if Roshni reached there. Raj says no. Siddharth gets tensed.

Siddharth gets furious when he finds out that Yash was involved in all the planning against Durgardevi and Roshni. He beats up Amol in front of Yash but Yash shows no signs of remorse. Yash continues to remain certain that he will succeed in his plan against Durgardevi and her family. He gives Siddharth 24 hours to save Durgardevi and Roshni's life. Later, Siddharth comes home and sees Durgardevi. Siddharth is shocked when Durgardevi shows him a recording where Roshni says Siddharth is a very bad guy and accuses him of kidnapping her. Durgardevi asks him where is her daughter is? Siddharth replies that he haven’t done anything and their life is in danger. Durgardevi asks the police to arrest Siddharth. Meanwhile, Yash comes wearing suit surprisingly and makes use of the situation to gain Durgardevi's trust. He asks the inspector to arrest Siddharth, and says such criminal should be behind bars. Siddharth says Yash is behind all this and he will not spare him. Durgardevi slaps Siddharth and calls him road side romeo. She says Yash is like her son, and asks until when he will ruin their lives. Siddharth calls her mom and asks her to try and remember the tortures which Yash had done to them. Durgardevi tries to recall, but couldn’t recollect anything. Yash smirks and asks Durgardevi to come inside. Durgardeviworries for Roshni. The police arrest Siddharth and takes him.Roshni cries and says she needs to go to the washroom. Thegoon asks her not to show cleverness and come out soon. Roshni manages to escape from the window of the washroom. Yash asks Durgardevi to drink water, and says they will find Roshni together. Durgardevi thanks him for his help that she didn’t know about these conspiracies behind her. Everybody is cheating on her. Yash says Amol is his bestfriend and came to him asking for help. He says Siddharth Kukreja have kidnapped Roshni and also got him arrested. Durgardevi recalls Amol coming to her office in an injured state and tells that Roshni is kidnapped by Siddharth’s goons. He says his friend was helping him and Siddharth got him arrested too. He asks her to get Yash out of jail. Durgardevi without a second thought gets Yash out of jail. Flashback ends. Durgardevi remains worries about Roshni and while Yash attends to her, she remains in the dark regarding how Amol and Yash had together played her. Yashassures her that Roshni will be found soon and that Amol willsearch for her. Amol yells at the goons and asks them to search for Roshni. Yash calls Amol and asks if everything is under control. Amol says yes,and asks the goons to go and find Roshni.

Roshni is seen running on the road. Raj comes to the police station and asks how can he arrest his son. Yash comes there and says Siddharth has kidnapped Roshni. The inspector shows him the video. Siddharth asks why will he kidnap his wife. Yash says they are already divorced and shows them the divorce papers. Siddharth is shocked and recalls signing a consent form at the hospital. He says these signatures were taken in the hospital for some other thing. Yash says Roshni have divorced him, and he has looted Durgardevi’s property and shows them the proof. Siddharth says he can explain everything. Yash reminds him that he have just 12 hours left and Roshni and him will be marrying early next morning. He asks him to come and bless his ex wife. Roshni sees a phone booth and is about to call Siddharth when Amol comes and hits her on her head. Siddharth asks Raj to save Roshni and Durgardevi, and says they are very dangerous. He asks Raj to trace the call and take Pinto’s help.Durgardevi thinks Kesar and Resham are not at home. She feels Roshni should be safe and prays for her. She calls Yash.Yash says he is reaching there soon. He sees the Commandos outside Durgardevi’s house, and thinks how to take Durgardevi out, without her Roshni will not sit on the mandap. While Siddharth is taken to other prison but he manages to escape. Siddharth meets Pinto and gets information about the place. The goon shows Yash’s video message to Roshni. Yash asks her to get ready at 6 am, for their marriage. Just then Siddharth comes there and takes the phone. Yash says he can’t stop his marriage. Siddharth says he will not be saved by him.

Siddharth says he have given him 24 hours, but 10 hours are still remaining and his game will end. Just then the goon hits Siddharth on his head. Siddharth starts fighting with the goons. Roshni manages to untied her hands and feet. Roshniruns to Siddharth and hugs him. Siddharth says they don’t have time and they have to reach mom before Yash reaches there. Amol comes there and hits Siddharth.Amol tells Siddharth that they will be way ahead of him. Siddharth replies that he and his brother are far behind him. Amol takes his aim to shoot Roshni and Siddharth but Siddharth manages to snatch the gun from Amol. In her endeavour to hit Amol, Roshni hits the gun on Siddharth's hand and a bullet is accidently fired. Siddharth and Roshni flees there while a group of commandos enter Durgardevi's house. Durgardevi thinks where Yash is? She sees Raj talkingto the security and thinks what is he doing with the commandos. She is under the misconception that this commandos are Siddharth's men and thinks Raj and Siddharth will kill them for her property and she hides from them before Raj sees her and kidnap her. After a while, Yash manages to enter the house. Raj says first they will search the ground and then first floor. He tells the commandos that their mission is to save Durgardevi. Yash enters that he have to kidnap Durgardevi anyhow. Durgardevi hides in the house. Raj feels Durgardevi must have been here. Durgardevi sees Raj standing and hits him on his head. Raj faints and falls down injured. The commandos come to Raj. Raj says someone had hit him on his head and asks them to search for Durgardevi. On the other hand, Siddharth and Roshni are in the car. Siddharth says he will drop her to his mom’s housebut Roshni refuses and asks to take her to her mother's house. Roshni calls her mother through Siddharth’s phone. Durgardevi sees Siddharth Kukreja calling and thinks he is near her. She disconnects the call.

Roshni tells Siddharth that someone have cut the call and something is wrong for sure. Yash gets hold of Durgardevi, and asks her to come with him as she is unsafe here. Durgardevi agree. Yash says he will tell her everything and asks her to come. Durgardevi asks what are they doing here in her house and that her heart is not letting her go. Yash says they are dangerous people and they should leave soon. He kidnaps her after getting her unconscious. Yash lifts her and gets down the window. Resham comes and asks Yash where is he taking Durgardevi. He hits her asking her to move, and escape in the car. Resham shouts. Roshni calls Raj. Raj tells her that Yash have kidnapped Durgardevi. Roshni tells Siddharth that they can’t take the risk. Siddharth assures her nothing will happen to her, and asks her not to worry. She asks her to save her mum. Siddharth promises.

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