Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode 414-416)

College, Students gets sms about the SIGN UP process started by GUNAJAN about Selefdefence class.. Who are willing to join class they can signup at college canteen. . One by one few girls will come to Gunjan at canteen and sign up in the sheets. Gunjan moves to another place and gets signature from few more girls. But, Gunjan is not happy as only 37 girls have signed up. She is worried that why people are not coming up to sign, I have planned it for their benefit only. She expects 400 girls signature by tomrow.. if it doesn’t happen she wil have to find out another way.

Rachana is waiting for VIHAAN’s phone call. She self talk ” To talk to parents and get their blessings”. Meantime she gets Vihaan Call. Vihaan is somewhere going unconscious and screams on phone “Rachana , Jaldi aa jao , I don’t have time, please come fast” and falls on a table loses his conscious. Rachana gets so tensed about where exactly Vihaan is and in what condition he is now. She calls him back.. No response from other side. Rachana gets so tensed and gives a call to shalini.

Rachana gets shocked hearing upon shalini words.Rachana rushes out of room. Mayank sees rachana from back side on road, gets a doubt as if its rachana, but again ignores that it cant be rachana. He buys rose flower for gunjan. Dining hall , ladies arranging things on table. Mayank enters home hiding the rose flower back side.

His mother sees the rose flower and takes it assuming he has brought it for him. Mayank lies as he brought it for her only as she likes roses very much. She asks Mayank to refresh and com for dinner quickly.

Mayank and Gunjan share some lite & love moments. Rcahana is goes to smwhere inside a house shouting vihaan.. She sees hand of Vihaan and goes that side. Sees poison bottle near the hand But cant see the person clearly as his face was turned to other side.

Rachna sees Vihaan lying senseless and Rachna gets all scared and shakes him. Gunjan comes to Rachna s room and Dholu tells her he had gone to ask her help for a project and she told him she has some important work and goes out. Gunjan checks her phone and sees the last received call was from Vihaan and she thinks Rachna must have gone to meet him. Vihaan starts laughing and claps the lights are switched on and many of their friends come out. Vihaan reveals it was all a drama to get her hear and that he won the bet. He tells her she made him proud and thanks everyone for helping him with the love story finale. Rachna is shocked.

Vihaan sits on his knees and takes out a rose shape box which has a ring and proposes her for marriage and when he is about to place

the ring on her finger she tells him why he dint ask her. She asks him why he lied and Vihaan says it was a joke Rachna gets all emotional that she came to meet him late at night without her parents knowledge but he is here with his friends proposing Vihaan tries to reason it out and when he tries to put the ring again she jerks her hand and the ring falls.The friends make fun of Vihaan that she rejected him and he has become a majnu and one should never become crazy in love. He holds her hand and asks her why she is doing it and she asks him to leave her hand as its paining and he says he is hurt as well.

Rachna talks about her parents and VIhaan gets angry and says that suddenly she is talking about hr family when he was the one who supported her and recognized her talent. He tells who is she to reject Vihaan who is a heartthrob while she is a behenji . Vihaan and Rachna both are stunned.

Gunjan, Dholu cover up for Rachna in front of Shayl and Dayal. Vihaan apologizes Rcahna leaves thanking Vihaan for his encouragement, help, sympathy. She says she can live without his support it might be tough but she will manage. Vihaan says he dint mean it but Rachna says she does and that only what you feel come out in anger and tells him to help the girls who love him and that she is not worthy of him . Vihaan and Rachna rememmber the good times BG music hra kisi ko nahi milta yahaan pyaar zindagi mein.

Rachna remembers the harsh words and her reply . Vihaan thrashes the room. Gunjan tells Mayank that Rachna is not at home and she has gone to meet VIhaan and he realizes the girl he had seen on the road was Rachna.

Rachna tells her parents she went to meet Vihaan Rachna asks her parents for forgiveness and promises to never meet Vihaan again. Vihaan crys for Rachna and cuts his hand. Rachna runs Gunjan from her room and says to get out and not to ask her anything Rachna cries throughout the entire episode and thinks about Vihaan. Gunjan plans to call Vihaan but Mayank stops her and tells her they will talk to Rachna in the morning. Dayal and Shail also plans to talk to Rachna in the morning.

Rachna finally stops crying about Vihaan and decides to go to sleep, however Vihaan knocks on the window and apologises however Rachna shuts the window on him. Vihaan sends Rachna a video message and in it he says sorry and how he was foolish and that he loves her madly and she is his life, she crys and thinks about him again but deletes him from her phone. Vihaan and Rachna are thinking about each other and screen freezes on their faces.

Gunjan telling Mayank that she doesn’t want to go to college as rachna is not feeling well. Mayank tells gunjan that she should talk to rachna. Rachna tells gunjan that vihan has not changed at all. As he has insulted her in front of everyone and that not only that but he also called her a bhenji in front of all of his friends and that he told all of his friends that if he was to call her she would come at anytime of the day or night and that he meant more than anything to her.

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