Update: Thursday On The Vow (Episode 393- 395)

Sindoora is stunned with Guruji's statement. He says that strange are the ways of fate but Sindoora promises to alter even destiny! Uma gets nostalgic about Sagar and says that her son will surely return because he had promised her. Meanwhile, Yadav comes home and tells Sindoora that he knows she is responsible for Sagar's death, so she demands for evidence. He asks her where she was when Sagar was attacked, so she replies that she was in home.

Mahua recalls seeing Sindoora return home drenched and rush upstairs on that day but doesn't say anything. Meanwhile, Chandra asks Sindoora whether Yadav's accusations were true. Sindoora asks her that if it were true, would she still stand by her. Chandra believes that Sindoora can never kill her own brother, so Sindoora retorts that Sagar was never her own, only her sisters were. She promises Chandra and Mahua to always protect them. On the other hand, Cheenu tells Shalu that he does not want to stay back after Sagar's death. When Hema intervenes, Cheenu says that Sindoora will humiliate them also soon and throw them out.

Bharat weeps and begs Cheenu not to leave. Chandra informs Sindoora about it, so Sindoora replies that Cheenu was, anyway, a burden! Sindoora offers food to Bharat, so he angrily flings it across. The ketchup falls on Sindoora's sari and she screams, 'Blood'! Meanwhile, Cheenu asks Uma to come with him but she replies that she will wait for Sagar. Cheenu tells Uma that Sagar will never come with Sindoora around. Just then Sindoora comes and asks Cheenu to leave if he wishes but warns him against instigating her family against her. An inconsolable Bharat sees Cheenu leave and vows not to stay with his mother! Sindoora gets worried looking for Bharat and she wonders if he has left her!

A worried Sindoora visits Aniket in jail and asks him whether Bharat had come. Aniket asks her whether she had thrown him out also, so she denies it. Aniket tells Sindoora that Bharat has run away from her! He says that she had already lost her brother and her husband! Aniket curses her that she will never be happy! Meanwhile, Mahua tells Rajiv that they must leave home for the sake of their unborn baby because she fears Sindoora. On the other hand, Sindoora visits Guruji. He tells her that there is much more she has to suffer, like her imminent end. He says that there will be a baby born in the house soon who will bring about her end! Rajiv overhears. He packs his bags and tells Mahua that they must leave home right away for the welfare of their family.

However, Sindoora stops them but Rajiv makes an excuse. However, Mahua feels nauseous and faints. Sindoora learns about Mahua's pregnancy. She promises not to leave Mahua alone even for a minute. Rajiv is shocked! Eight months pass by, and Mahua goes into labour on a stormy night. Rajiv decides to take Mahua away before Sindoora gets a whiff of it. Mahua gives birth to a baby boy. Rajiv vows not to let Sindoora get hold of his baby and decides that they must leave the place fast. On the other hand, Sindoora is shocked to see nobody in Mahua's room!

Rajiv goes to check outside when he sees Sindoora in the hospital corridor. Rajiv recalls the doctor mentioning earlier that the other patient too had given birth to a baby boy, so he exchanges the babies. Sindoora takes the baby away as she recalls Guruji's prophecy. Rajiv tells her that he knows about the prophecy but begs her to spare his baby. Sindoora agrees, but provided he lets her bring him up. She warns Rajiv that Mahua and he will not interfere at all, or she would forget her promise. Rajiv agrees.

Sindoora names him Samrat. Rajiv is pleased that the one who will bring about Sindoora's end is already born! He comes to Mahua's room and sees his baby missing. The nurse informs him that the lady who was in his room was an outsider from Benares, and the family had already left. Eight years pass by. Sindoora earns a name for herself and reporters praise her for her generosity and request her to join politics. Guruji tells her that she is destined for politics.

Sindoora is shocked to see Hema and Harish return with Cheenu and Shalu's little child. Hema informs her that Cheenu and Shalu were missing after an accident and beg Sindoora to give them refuge. Seeing the reporters, Sindoora agrees. Later at night, when Sindoora is passing by Sagar's room, she hears Sagar and Vidya's voices and runs away! Twenty-one years pass by and Sindoora has become a seasoned politician. When Sindoora is donating clothes to the poor, a man catches her hand. It turns out to be none other than Aniket!

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