Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 231-233)

Kalpi is in building, Raghav comes there too. Kalpi goes in the elevator she sees Raghav coming in that direction too. She is quite shocked. She tries to close the door immediately and Raghav’s hand gets hurt in this. Kalpi hurriedly opens the door for him. Raghav enters the elevator. Raghav comes closer to her. Kalpi is worried for Raghav’s hand. She holds his hand and caresses it.
Raghav comes closer but kalpi runs out of the elevator. Raghav says stop kalpi. Why are you doing this why are you running away from me. 

Kalpi says because I don’t want to meet you for whole year. Raghav says I know and I have kept my promise but fate makes us face each other and you know why this happens because we are made to be with each other. Why are you leaving when you came here for loan. Kalpi says I don’t want loan on anyone’s bases. I want to do something. Will you make your kalpi so weak that she can’t do anything by her own. Raghav says I know my kalpi is so strong that she can win the whole world by her own. He says I am sorry I won’t help you by now. Go and apply for the loan. I just want you to be successful. Kalpi leaves.

Pakhi is in the house. She says I will wait for the day when our friendship will turn into love. Raghav comes in. She says should I make the tea ? He says no. She sees his hand. She asks what happened on your hand ? I should bring the medicine for you. It must be hurting. Raghav says no Pakhi some pains don’t need a medicine.

Nettu says to kamla that I am having a headache. Kamla says lets watch TV. Nettu says It will increase the headache. Same old channels. Kamla says no from 8 pm a new channel will be aired.

Pakhi comes to Mummy ji and asks what are you watching ? Mummy ji says I am waiting for the new channel and the show zindagi gulzar hai. It will make me recall Lahore.

Kamla says says to Nettu that our culture may be different but our feelings and emotions are same.

Pakhi says to mummy ji that Kashaf’s love story is really cute. Mummy ji says its related to the heart. All the stories on zindagi channel will be related to life.

Manda asks what happened kamla ? Why do you all look so upset ? Kalpi says we couldn’t get the loan. Now kalpi has gone to the other bank. Lets see what happens. Nettu says she could get the loan if guarantee.. Kalpi interrupts and says guarantee is not needed. She will get it and prove herself. Kalpi comes in Manda asks did you get the loan ? Kalpi says no bank has some rules I have applied at another bank. Kalpi comes upstairs and says I am not going to give up. Vitthal says are you upset on not getting the loan ? Kalpi says not at all.

Vitthal says just remember what we taught you. At night kalpi is talking to her friend on phone. Its her engagement. Kalpi says yes I will come for sure. Nettu asks where are you going ? kalpi says its my friend Ria’s engagement. Nettu says she is Pakhi's friend too ? Kalpi says yes she is our mutual friend. Kalpi leaves. Nettu says I should go there too maybe Raghav and Pakhi will come too. I should stay there. Anything can happen.

kalpi is calling at different places but nothing is working out. kamla comes and says don’t be disappointed regarding the restaurant. I see the will in you. You’ll make it through. Kalpi says i know that’s why i’m praying to God. But i don’t know how to start. Kamla says did you know that you’ll start a life? God is testing you and i believe that you’ll top the test. Tomorrow we’ll talk to all the ladies about the it.

Raghav says on call to someone i’m not coming to the office. Pakhi comes downstairs. Raghav is discussing office affairs. Pakhi comes and says good morning. Raghav responds. Pakhi asks how is your hand. Raghav says its okay. Pakhi says i want to talk about something. There in chowl kamla says to the ladies that working for us can only fulfill our needs. We should start something of our own. One lady says you’re right but how will we start without loan. Kamla says so its nothing to be disappointed. Kalpi says every big thing starts with small. Kamla says she’s right. We’ll cook in our houses we won’t need a kitchen or investment. Ladies agree to her. 

Raghav asks Pakhi what is it? Pakhi says its my friend's engagement party. I know you don’t like to go to parties but they have invited you specially. They’d be hurt if you don’t come. Raghav says i’d love to come but i’m not feeling well and there is too much work. Pakhi asks what happened. He says nothing much. Pakhi says i know you don’t consider, me your wife but as long as we’re together we’ll be husband and wife in the eyes of world. You can come as a friend. Raghav says okay i’m coming. Pakhi says thank you. Let me bring you the soup.

Nettu comes to kalpi and says why are you not ready? Don’t you have to go to the engagement? Kalpi says i’m not in mood to. Nettu says how can you say that. Kamla comes and asks what's going on? Nettu says look its her friend's engagement but she’s not going. Kalpi says i don’t want to go alone. Nettu says i’m coming with you. Don’t worry go and get ready. Kamla says Nettu is right you should go, you will feel better. Kalpi says then you should come too. Nettu says she’ll be bored there. Kalpi says you’ve to come. Kamla says okay i’ll come with you.

kamla, kalpi and Nettu are at the engagement. Raghav and Pakhi arrive too. Nettu sees them she says in heart i should get Raghav and kalpi to meet. Nettu says to kalpi bring me some water. She sends her in the direction of Raghav. Kalpi goes there and strikes him. They’re both shocked. Raghav says fate want us to meet again and again. I think something is going to happen. Kalpi says no way can get us together. We’ve to stay parted for this year. Raghav says i’ll stay away from you. Pakhi sees them together. She comes to kalpi and asks how are you, kalpi says i’m good. Kamla comes there too. She’s also shocked to see Raghav. She meets Pakhi.

Kamla says you look beautiful. You didn’t like this color why are you wearing it ? Pakhi says Raghav likes it. Kamla says that is so good. Its the sign of good relationships of husband and wife. You should wear the color your husband likes. Pakhi asks kalpi about her restaurant. Kamla says this restaurant is our dream and hope. We don't just make money like rich people. This restaurant will give new life to people of chowl. Kalpi will be their power so no rich guy can betray us. Raghav leaves. Kamla says you should stay with your husband in events like these. Pakhi goes to Raghav. Kamla says kalpi its late lets go. Kamla says to Nettu lets you. Nettu says i met Pakhi after so long can we stay here for bit long. Kamla says okay then you stay we’re leaving.

Kamla and kalpi are going out. Nettu goes to the bride and congratulates her. She says kalpi is going without telling you. Ria stop kalpi and kamla and says you people can’t go like this . Her mom says Ria and kalpi are childhood friends. You’ve to stay here. The dance is going on in the engagement. Everyone is enjoying . Kalpi is not dancing. Ria asks Pakhi where are you going ? She says i’m looking for my husband. Ria says introduce him at least. Pakhi takes her there and says this is my husband Raghav. She holds his hand. Kalpi doesn’t like this . Raghav congratulates her. Ria says you’re such a good couple. I’m so happy that you came.

Pakhi is talking to Raghav. Raghav takes her hand off and says i’m coming. Pakhi stops him and introduces him to another friend in the same way. Kalpi goes out. She is bit upset and recalls the promise Raghav made in mandir to her.

Raghav goes to kamla and says are you still angry with me kamla maa. Kamla leaves without saying anything. Pakhi comes and says Raghav lets go and eat something. Raghav says i’m not in mood to. Nettu says Raghav should be with kalpi. She goes and says Pakhi come in i want to talk. Pakhi says Raghav is my husband you can say here. Raghav says you should go. Nettu takes her in. Raghav gets a call and goes out. He sees kalpi there. Raghav goes to her. Kalpi says why do you come in front of me. I can’t hurt ai again and again. Raghav says what about the pain you’re feeling . Kamla comes there and sees them together. They’re shocked.

Kamla comes and sees Raghav and kalpi together. She is shocked. Kalpi leaves. Ragahv says please forgive me i know i am wrong. I have hurt you so much. I know that you had to suffer because of me. I vow that from now and on i will do what you say. He is on his knees. He says kalpi is my love and i can’t forget her. I want her at any cost. I know your pain but can’t do anything. Please pardon me. kamla says kalpi is suffering the punishment of loving you. You destroyed your love in your anger. Did you ever think how she feels ? You loved my daughter and left her and married my other daughter and you are deceiving her now. Which mistake should i forgive you for ? I heard that love brings happiness but what you gave to my daughters ? Pain ? Tears ? i don’t know what should i pardon you for 

Nettu is so busy with eating. Ladies come and ask her where have you been ? You are not even coming to the kitty ?Nettu is so busy with eating. They say leave she can’t see anything in front of food. Nettu asks servant to bring some sweet.

Ragahv starts coughing. Pakhi asks what happened ? Let me bring you water. She recalls when he had it because of the room spray. Both kalpi and Pakhi bring him water. He takes kalpi’s glass but later takes Pakhi’s too.

The waiter comes to Nettu and says the ice cream is over. Nettu says how is that possible ?Bring the halwa and ghulab jamun. Kamla comes to Nettu and says i know you like it but its not good to eat too much here. Lets go home. Nettu says you should go i will come by myself. Ragahv says to pakhi lets go. Pakhi says yeah let me bring my clutch. He goes out.

kamla and kalpi are on the road looking for an auto. Kamla says kalpi you meet Ragahv here and there but you have to stay away from him. Kalpi says I didn’t come to meet him i don’t even want to. Kamla says that's better for you. I trust you. Kamla is looking for an auto. Ragahv comes and says let me drop you. Kalpi says i don’t want your favor please go. Raghav leaves. Kamla comes to kalpi and they start moving forward. A car that looks uncontrollable is coming to kalpi and kamla but their face is on the other side. Ragahv sees it and runs to save kamla and kalpi. He shoves them but the car hits him.

Kamla and kalpi look. He is on the floor and his head is bleeding. Kalpi shouts Raghav please open your eyes. Kamla says let me get a rickshaw. Kamla stops a rickshaw and asks the driver to help her. He says its a police case he won’t help. Kalpi is crying hard. She says please open you eyes Raghav. Kalpi stops another rickshaw and says please stop and help us. Ragahv is dying please. The driver comes and they put him in the auto. They leave. Pakhi comes out and looks here and there for Raghav. She can’t find him. She calls him but his phone rings in his car. She wonders where is his phone.

kamla and kalpi reach the hospital they are so worried. Doctor takes Ragahv in the emergency room. The doctor says call the police. Kamla says let me call and inform Pakhi. She goes out but there is no network. Kalpi asks the doctor how is he ? She says the situation is critical yet. We can’t say anything. Kamla comes and says nothing will happen to him don’t worry. Kalpi says please remove all the hate from your heart and pray for him. I will never meet him again if you say. God listens to you please ask him to save Ragahv. Kamla says he is my daughter’s husband and I can’t see him die. I will pray for him. Kamla leaves. The nurse comes and asks kalpi to fill the form. She says you have to fill the name, relation, contact and address. Kalpi writes everything but is empty in the relation box.

Kamla calls Pakhi. Pakhi says Ragahv is no where. I was about to call you. I don’t know what to do. Kamla says listen to me calmly. Raghav has met an accident.
There kalpi is wondering what to wirte in the relation box. She recalls when Ragahv placed sindur in her hair She writes wife. Pakhi asks kamla is Ragahv okay ? She says just come as soon as possible. Kalpi returns the form.

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