Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 456-458)

DD asks Roshni to see the invitation cards. Roshni is shocked to see her marriage cards with Amol. She tears the cards and says you are crossing limits now. She says he is fake and you are getting trapped. She says she don’t expect this from a successful business woman. DD says of course I have experienced, so know what I am saying. She says I am tolerating Sid but will not let you marry him. She says I have taken my decision and that’s final. Roshni says that’s unfair. Sid looks on shocked. Raj tells Sid that Police will lock Amol in jail and will enquire with him. Sid says I don’t know if he is a criminal or have any motive. He has challenged me that Sasumom will give him entry within 24 hours.

Police checks Amol’s credentials. He asks him to say the truth. Amol says I am a doctor and not a criminal. He says I will tell you everything. Inspector comes out and says there is nothing wrong with him. Simran says he is a cheap man and said that he will marry my daughter-in-law. Inspector says tomorrow is weekend, so he have to stay here for 2 days. Raj asks him to make sure that he says the truth. Sid looks on. DD calls Amol and thinks why his phone is not connecting. Amol comes with his mum and asks DD why she got her son beaten by the Police and stayed in jailed. DD is shocked. Amol says I told you everything, if you couldn’t believe me then you would have asked me directly rather getting me arrested.

Roshni asks DD not to trust this cheat and says Police haven’t done anything with him. Amol asks how did you know if Police have beaten me or not. DD asks Roshni if she is responsible for his condition. She says this Sid fills your ears and you act accordingly. Amol smirks. She apologizes to him and asks Munna to bring first aid kit. She apologizes to Amol. Amol says I don’t want to mess my life. Police have interrogated my parents as well. He says my dad is angry and don’t want to talk to me. He has thrown me out of house. DD asks him to stay in her house until he gets well. She says I will talk to your dad and sort out everything. I have kept beggar here for free, you can stay here as you will become my family member. She promises to make everything fine. Amol smirks.

Roshni tells Sid that she can’t bear Amol’s sight. She says we shall run away from here and marry. We will return and inform mum that we are married. Sid says we are doing this to protect her, and says we are already married. Sid says why this Anmol is taking interest in you and sasumom. He says we can’t leave DD with him. Roshni says why God plays so many games with us. Just then Sid sees Biji and Bunty coming there and informs Roshni. Bunty tells Biji that he will not leave Amol today. Sid asks them to relax and says I want to break his head and throw him out, but can’t do anything as Sasumom trusts him. He asks them to leave everything on him. Biji says I will break his eyes. Bunty says if I get angry. Sid asks him to calm down. Amol tells DD that he respects Roshni a lot. DD asks him to stay there peacefully. Amol tells Sid that he told him that he will enter home. He asks what you will do now Jamai Raja as DD will become my sasumom in few days. You have lost it Sid…..He goes on his bicycle. He thinks you have taken me lightly. You will leave from this house within 24 hours.

DD tells Amol that she has booked a table for Roshni and him. Amol says I didn’t understand. DD says I want you both to know each other. Amol asks her to ask Roshni once. DD asks him not to bother, and says she will message the details. Amol calls Yash and tells him that DD wants to send Roshni on a lunch date with him. Yash tells his plan. Roshni refuses to go on a lunch. DD says you like that stupid Siddharth, and says if anything happens to me then…….She is angry. Sid folds her hands and signs her something. Roshni agrees to go. DD asks her not to change her plan. Later Roshni asks Sid why do you force me always, and asks if you are my step husband. Sid says I will not let anything happen to you and sasumom.

Roshni asks him to do something. Sid says I will.
Sid tries to follow Amol’s car and sees his car tyre punctured. Amol and Roshni are seen in the restaurant. Amol asks her to enjoy with him. She says DD will not get her memory and she will get her married to her. Roshni asks him to stay away. She says marriage will not happen. Amol says I have fun controlling your kind of girls. Roshni asks him to enjoy his drink and thinks why did Sid haven’t come till now. Sid tries to take lift or taxi. Amol feels drowsy and asks Roshni if she wants to have drink. Roshni gets up and takes him somewhere. She calls DD and shouts….DD panics. She reaches there and asks the waiter about Roshni.

Waiter tells her that the man got drunk and he forcibly took his wife inside the hotel. DD asks him to take her there. Roshni shouts in the hotel room and lie down beside Amol. She shouts. DD comes inside the room and beats up Amol with belt. Roshni says I will not marry him. Sid comes out from washroom and says he has taken wrong mean to deal with him. He recalls bribing the waiter to get him spiked drink. He says I have many ideas to make you eat the dust, and says that’s why he is Jamai Raja. DD apologizes to Roshni.

Roshni cries and says I will not marry him. She feels apologetic towards him. Raj, simran and Beeji celebrate Baisakhi function.. Roshni and Sid come there and greet them. Sid dances with Roshni while the song Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai plays…………….Simran and Raj feels DD’s absence. Sid is about to fill Roshni’s maang with sindoor, but just then DD comes there and stops Sid. Amol also comes there.

DD slaps on Sid’s face. Roshni shouts mom. DD scolds Sid and says he has crossed limits today. She says Sid had spiked Amol’s drink. Amol smirks. DD says there is no word like shame for him, and says Sid is just interested in Roshni’s property. She says waiter confirmed that he gave him money to spike Amol’s drink. He says he is using Roshni. DD asks him not to roam around her house, else…She says even your so called parents couldn’t do anything. She holds Roshni’s hands and asks her to come. Sid holds her hand. DD takes Roshni from there forcibly. Amol looks at Sid and smirks. Sid looks on.

DD gets angry on Roshni. Roshni says I can’t explain you, but one thing is clear that I won’t marry Amol. DD says she is blinded by Sid’s love. Roshni thinks nobody can make her separate from Sid. Amol meets Yash in jail and says it is dangerous plan. Do you think it will work? Yash gets angry on him and holds his head angrily, asking him not to doubt on his calibre. He reminds do you know what I have done for you and your family? Amol nods. Yash smiles. Simran tells Roshni that they should tell the truth to DD. Raj says Sid told that DD is gaining memory slowly and it will be dangerous if we tell the truth to DD. Sid asks Raj to take Simran and Beeji from there. Sid asks Roshni to have faith. Roshni says we are always hopeful and nothing gets fine. She says I want to hug you and sleep. Whenever you are around me, I feel secure. If mom do not get her memory back then she will forcibly get me married to Amol. Sid says nobody can separate me from you, and tells about a US doctor. He gets a call. Kesar asks DD to give a chance to Sid. DD scolds him and says I should have kicked you out of home and says she don’t need his suggestion.

Sid meets US doctor. He says DD can get her memory or not and tells about the experiment. He says success rate is 90 percent. He asks them to sign on the bond. Sid and Roshni agree and leaves. Amol comes out and threatens Doctor saying his daughter is safe with him. He asks him to increase DD’s medicinal dosage so that she don’t get her memory back. He asks them to take sign on some bond papers. Doctor agrees. Later Sid calls Roshni and tells that he read about the experiment online and the patient will be fine and success rate is high. Roshni agrees and says lets sign the papers.

Roshni and Sid meet. Sid tries to cheer her up and says Sasumom will be fine soon and will take his name first. Just then lamp is about to blown, but they hold it. They come to meet doctor. Doctor asks them to sign on the bond. Sid signs on the papers without reading it. He senses someone’s presence, and asks doctor. Doctor says nobody is here. Sid gets up and goes to move the curtain, but there is no one there. Doctor asks Sid to sit and says there is nobody there. Roshni’s hand gets cut and doctor asks her to apply bandage. He changes the papers. Roshni tries to sign on the papers. Sid says she will sign some other day. Roshni says no as it will be delayed. They sign on the papers and leave. Amol looks on from the hideout.

Roshni comes home. Amol pulls her closer to him by holding her hand. Roshni gets angry and is about to slap him. Amol asks her to get used to see him as they will be marrying soon. Roshni asks him to keep dreaming. Amol shows their marriage card. Roshni tears the card and asks him not to take his mum’s illness advantage. She says Sid and I are husband and wife for births, and says you will never be able to separate us. Amol says you don’t know what storm is going to come in your life.

Yash laughs madly seeing the wedding card. He writes Yash instead of Amol on the card. Yash says Roshni…you are so innocent. He laughs and says you did a mistake thinking you are going to marry Amol, but he is just a pawn, and you have to marry me. He asks what did Roshni say? Amol says she said that nobody can separate her with Sid. Yash laughs and tells that divorce papers will separate them. He says your name will be joined by you.

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