Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 434-436)

Everyone is shocked when Gunjan doesn’t have any evidence. Seema tells them to leave everything, how Gunjan is home and safe what else do they want. Shalini is thinking what proof Gunjan can have. She calls Gunjan and wants to make a deal for the proof, Gunjan tells her when she wins, she wants a powerful spot in the political party and she wants it in a written paper with Shalini’s signature. Screen freezes on Gunjan and Shalini face.

Gunjan talking to Shalini Pandey over phone about giving her a high ranking post in her party instead of the proof she got against Shalini. She says she wants everything written and signed by Shalini. Shalini says to Gunjan that she will send a blank paper signed by her and Gunjan can write whatever she wants. She also asks Gunjan to send back the proof (some kind of recording) . Gunjan says ” What would you send it by someone, why won’t you come yourself? Do you trust your security-men? Have you ever thought because of them I could escape from there? You shouldn’t let them have this confidential proof.” Gunjan convinces Shalini to come and meet her.

Mayank says he’ll make all the arrangements. Family members warn them that this might be dangerous. But Gunjan says she’ll have to do this so that they don’t repeat it with someone else. After much argument and discussion in the family, Mayank Gunjan decide to go. Shail does their tika and aarti saying you are going for a big mission. Aakash and Prabhu say they will go with them too.

Near the ghat some men(sting operation journalists) are hiding cameras everywhere. Mayank and others reach there by a car. Mayank asks them if they have put cameras properly. Aakash says Gunjan that we are nearby so if you feel something is not right just call us. After 2 hrs a boy comes and gives Gunjan an envelope. Gunjan opens it and reads the letter which says “We can’t do this in open so come inside my car. Don’t try to act smart while doing this”. Gunjan shows the letter to Mayank. He tells Gunjan not to take the risk since in this short time camera’s can’t be shifted to there. Gunjan says she has a plan and tells everybody her plan. Mayank and Gunjan hug each other.

A jeep arrives. Gunjan gets inside it. It takes her to where Shalini is waiting. Shalini says there is somebody unfaithful in our party who is helping Gunjan. She looks at Bachchan and says I have full trust on you. There shouldn’t be any mistakes before the election tomorrow. Gunjan arrives. Shailni says to Gunjan that she is smarter than Shalini thought her. Gunjan also says her that she didn’t think she would turn out like this. Shalini says she’ll give her a written document for a good position in her party and asks her to give the recording (the proof). Gunjan takes out her cellphone, stealthily turns on the recorder of her cellphone, and acts as if she is giving it to Shalini. Then she tells Shalini that before giving this to you I would like to ask you one thing that why did you do this to me? Shalini says “I had become fan of your leadership qualities. To gain youth votes (which counts to 50% of total) I had offered you a position in the party. But you rejected it and I felt very bad. But then I thought why not take advantage of this situation and so I got you kidnapped and blamed all this to the opposition.” Shalini then asks Gunjan to give the recording, but realized something is wrong. She snatches the cellphone from Gunjans’ hand and asks Jagan (her assistant) to check if there is any recording. Gunjan says there is no recording in her phone as it is with Mayank. Shalini asks Jagan to kill her as she has got no recording. Shalini pushes Gunjan in front of the speeding car (driven by Jagan) and says that people will think Gunjan had an accident and Shalini, her wellwisher, took her to the hospital. Mayank jumps out of somewhere and saves Gunjan. Police arrives there too.

The police arriving and telling her game is over. Shalini tells the policeman that the game is not over and she goes into the police custody. The reporter then says that Shalini’s game has been exposed. Mayank tells Gunjan by dawn Shalini and her party’s truth will be known to all and hugs her. The reporters then surround Gunjan asking her how did the kidnapping happen and did she ever suspect Shalini. Mayank stops them from asking when Gunjan tells him she will answer and she says like her mother says doing something great will have its difficulties and she says the public should be aware and shouldn’t be made to dance to the politiician’s tunes. She pleads to the people to cast their vote for the right leader who they have to support

and to bring the country to great heights. She also mentions its because of her family’s support and is glad to have in-laws like them. The family are watching on TV and are happy. Dayal says Gunjan made them proud. All are thinking of celebrating her victory. Shail asks Seema if she’s happy but Seema gives a half hearted smile. Chaya comes and tells how amazing Gunjan is and so does some of the ladies in the neighbourhood. They tell Seema that Gunjan has brought a good name for their area. Rachana says its a pity that these ladies and the people didn’t show their support to Gunjan when needed. 

They apologize for their mistake and say Gunjan is indeed brave. Dayal asks Gopal where are they and he says on the way. Chaya and Rachana whispher something to Dholu. Gunjan and Mayank arrive home and are surprised no one is out to welcome them. They walk in and rose petals fall on them. Rachana, Chaya and Dholu throw petals on them and everyone is smilling. The whole family comes out to welcome them. Firecrackers start erupting on the streets and the neighbourhood people break into dance and a band possession is accompanies the people. They are all happy and shout praises for Gunjan and tell her that she made a name for the area. Shail hugs Gunjan and says as a daughter she brought honour to the Garg’s. Prabhu asks if they will let them even in and Rachana says they should enter in a special way and hints to Mayank. Mayank winks at her and carries Gunjan in. All are smiling happily. Gunjan then asks for Seema. She sees Seema and walks to her but Seema tells her to go out of the house. Everyone are shocked. She then takes Gunjan by the hand and drags her out. Shail stops her and says instead of congratulating her she is throwing Gunjan out. Seema says Gunjan is her daughter-in-law and Shail shouldn’t say anything. Akash apologizes on Gunjan’s behalf and Mayank scolds her but she tells him not to say anything. She tells Gunjan to stand at the doorstep and not to move till she says so. 

Gunjan is upset and Seema comes with a pooja platter and says that she will welcome her nicely since she couldn’t send her off properly and says that their no other daughter-in-law that has done such a good deed like Gunjan did. She says Gunjan is one in a million and only lucky people get daughter-in-law’s like her. She does the aarti on Gunjan and hugs her. She then tells Gunjan that she has to continue her responsibilities in the kitchen and all laugh. She takes Gunjan in and starts feeling dizzy. Shail says that she has been telling her to eat. Gunjan is surprised that she hasn’t eaten and Rachana says that she took an oath not to eat till Gunjan returned. Gunjan says so many days she didn’t eat or drink because of her. Prabhu says she fainted twice and is still stubborn and that Gunjan is lucky as she never even did this for him. Prabhu tells Mayank to take Seema to her room and Gunjan phones the doctor. Doctor arrives and Shail says she will make something but Gunjan offers to make it. Shail tells Seema to start eating since Gunjan has returned and stop fasting. Gunjan starts giving her to eat and Seema says not to ask her why she did all this and its her faith. Gunjan scolds her for not eating and taking her medications properly. Shail says she did it cause she cared for Gunjan and tell her to stop scolding Seema. Gunjan says she knows that she’s not suppose to scold her mother-in-law but she doesn’t accept her as one. Mayank asks Gunjan what is she saying and she says that she should have done this long time ago but couldn’t give anyone the place of her mother. Gunjan says that Shail and Seema has given her so much of love. She asks Seema if she can call her mother. Seema and everyone else are happy.

Gunjan asks SEEMA to give her the right to call MAA. All get emotional and happy. Seema gets flashes of Gunjan talk about her own mother. Gunjan asks Shaili to say something. Shaili replies that you are always our daugther No need to say specially. And teases like, ask you mother in law, that how she wants to be called , Mother in law or mother. Gunjan says about her brilliant idea M, Douoble M and Tripe M. Gunajan answers she is having many mothers here. Single M is for own mother, Double M is for Shaili, and Triple M is for Seema. All happy. Seema so excited and happy and emotional too and accepts Gunjan as her daughter. Both talk about Mother and Daughter rights and both will hug. Mayank and Rachana also join in the hug. Shaili remebers about Gunjan own mother and says how she is happy now in in-laws home and not to worry about gunjan.

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