Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 391-392)

Rachna tells gunjan that designers don’t go on stage they are in back stage. Gunjan tells her u never know when she is called upon and should make an impression for the first impression is her last. They practice walking together. Shail is telling dyal to make sure they have everything for Rachna competition. Shial ask dyal if all is ok he say yes. Dyal finds his medication on the floor Shail get upset he’s not taking care of himself. He’s says he already promised Rachna and he will fulfill. Gunjan gets a txt from mayank and promises to be there with or without anyone permission.
Seema and prabhu is planning to go to the temple for mayank birthday.

Gunjan overhears and wonder what to do. She goes to seema in the kitchen and tries to ask her to help her but seema refuses. She indirectly tries to ask her to go to Mumbai again but seema tells her they are going to the temple to get ready. Gunjan goes to seema to try and persuade her but still doesn’t get permission.

Rachna is in her room gunjan comes and tells her that she’s going to Mumbai. Rachna asked if seema is allowing her to go gunjan says it’s of no use to ask for permission because it will be no. Rachna thinks it’s a bad idea.

Rachna and gunjan talking. Rachna prepares to leave with dyal. Gopal gives rachana a purse and everyone wishes her good luck. It’s night and gunjan sneaks out of the house with her bag. Mayank calls and seema answers he called to talk to Rachna but seema tells him that she already left and he can call on dyal phone. He then ask to speak to gunjan seema gets upset and hoes to call gunjan. She opens the doors and it’s dark. She tells mayank that gunjan is sleeping. He says he’ll call later. Seema gets upset that mayank only wants to talk to gunjan. Shail is unease because dyal hasn’t called yet. Phone rings and its dyal he tells Her they are going now and all is ok. Dyal and Rachna enters train and a weird guy comes in and is looking at Rachna dyal exchanges seat with her and the guy goes.
Gunjan is helped by Chaya and some guy drives her to the airport and she tells his to drive speed. She calls her friend to pick her up.

Mayank calls dyal and talks to Rachna and wishes her all the best. Gunjan reaches Mumbai her friend collect her and she decides to drive. She remembers Mumbai and says how much she misses the place. Her friend tells her to come back but she says where ever mayank is that’s her home. Some guys come to mayank room and takes him out. He doesnt want to go but they force him out the door.

He’s drinking at the bar and imagines gunjan walking by.

Rachna and Dyal in train. They share a nice daughter and father moment and rachna covers him with a shawl.
Gunjan and her friends are travelling in a car they are saying something to her and she drives faster. Gunjan arrives at the hotel and Mayank is there drinking with his friends a man comes and says something to him (I think it is his boss same man from yesterday’s episode). He brings a cake and they all celebrate whilst Gunjan sneaks into mayank’s room and start preparing for his surprise.

Gunjan decorates the room with rose petals and candles. She decides to get dressed whilst mayank is busy drnink with friends. Gunjan is decked in a black fine strap dress and heels and looks stunning (after a very long time) Mayank is stumbling his way to his room and his friends are helping him. He opens the door and sees Gunjan standing there with a mask on. He’s amused and looks surprise to see her there.

Gunjan realized the other guys are in the room with Mayank and covers herself with a sheet. She then hides behind a wall and I would assume ask them to leave (there was no sound). Mayank tries to push them out and a man (his boss I think) come and something is said they all of them come out from the room. (I think they said they are in the wrong room that’s what it looked like) Mayank peeps to see if the man is gone and then rushes back into the room.

He’s calling for Gunjan and she comes out he can’t believe she’s actually there. She fights with him and falls on the bed. They have a romantic moment and then Gunjan lights the candles and they cut the cake. They dance and make merry enjoying themselves.

Mayank looking at Gunjan. Gunjan says she has a good plan and that is to go out.Mayank says its 3am but gunjan says that the city of Mumbai never sleeps. They are in the car and Mayank asks where are they going and Gunjan says to have breakfast. Then Gunjan picks up her handphone and calls her best friends. She also tells Mayank how much they helped in the suprise. They reach the place and Gunjan starts talking to the guy in merati. Her friends also reach the place. They wish Mayank happy birthday.Mayank tells Gunjan that he didn’t know she could speak merati and she says of course she can because she is from Mumbai.Gunjan says that next time when she curses him she will do it in merati.

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