Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 356-357)

Pragya and Daadi asks Bulbul to call her uncle soon. Bulbul agrees with them and calls her uncle. Bulbul then bring Mamaji after his makeover and introduces him to them as Mangal Singh. Pragya and Dadi get stunned with his makeover. Mama ji too says he is Mangal singh. Then Daadi praises Bulbul for changing her uncle in such a way. Later, Bulbul asks Pragya to call Aaliya and tell her to give time. Pragya, Bulbul and Daadi execute their plan to trap Aaliya and expose her before Abhi. Pragya calls Aaliya up with her disguise voice and informs her about the location called New Era hotel and the time of the meet. Aaliya refuses to come there as many people know her there. Pragya says she have convinced her boss to meet her with much difficulty. Aaliya says she will meet him near her house and fixes the meeting for 8:30 pm. Pragya says she will talk to him. Pragya, Daadi and Bulbul get happy. Aaliya tells Daadi that she made delicious food. Abhi says it is good. Aaliya asks Pragya to come and have food. Abhi says if she have food, then at least she won’t drink their blood. Aaliya asks Ronnie to serve Pragya. Everyone have food and likes it. Taiji asks Daadi to get Aaliya married. Abhi coughs and Pragya gets up being concerned. Daadi gets up and asks what happened? Abhi says that he don't know why he get a cough, as someone bad eye fell on him. Payal cries and hugs Ronnie. Ronnie thinks if he is seeing a dream?

Payal says she is very sad and thinks she did a mistake by doing job here. She tells him she has many responsibilities and asks how she will get her mother treated. Ronnie says he will give her money. Payal says she can’t take money from him but Ronnie insists and gives her 1000 Rupees. Payal tells him that she need 5000 Rupees. Ronnie then gives her 5000 and more. Payal asks how will he manage now? Ronnie says it is her boss money. Payal gives him 10 Rupees. and asks him to drink tea. Abhi comes there. Payal gives him the money. Abhi is happy that he got more money. Ronnie tells Pragya that Payal has looted him. Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya calls her mad, and says whoever works for free is mad. She says he is fool and she made fool of him. They argue and start fighting. Pragya asks him to leave her else she will file case against him. Pragya says she will cut his pocket money. Abhi says he will make her leave this house. They again argue. Ronnie tells Payal that he will settle scores with her.

Everything gets set and Pragya's uncle too disguise himself as the producer of a music industry. When the time arrives to execute the plan, Pragya's uncle health starts spoiling. Bulbul knocks on the washroom asking Mama ji to come out. Mama ji comes out and tells her that he has a bad stomach. Daadi comes there. Bulbul tells Daadi that Mama ji has a upset stomach and is in bathroom. They get tensed. Bulbul asks Daadi to sit and attends Purabh’s call. She tells him that she is busy. Purabh asks where she is? Bulbul says she will meet him tomorrow and disconnects the call. Purabh thinks what to do now. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi says they should have a party and he managed to get money from Pragya and asks him to meet him. Purabh calls Bulbul again that he is going out for party asking her not to disturb him. Bulbul agrees and disconnects the call. Pragya thinks Daadi and Bulbul might be waiting for her. Abhi comes out of the washroom. Pragya sees him and asks why she didn’t hear any noise. Abhi says he is going out. Pragya says it is good as she has some important work to do. Abhi says he is a superstar, rockstar Abhi, and asks her to do Yoga. He sprays something on her and says he is going so she should enjoy. Pragya thinks it is good that he went.

Abhi sees Aaliya going in a hurry. Aaliya tells that her car tyre is punctured and she has to go somewhere. Pragya hears her and Abhi offers to drop Aaliya. Pragya too asks Abhi to drop her at a certain location. While in car, Pragya asks Abhi to drive fast. Abhi argues with her. Aaliya shows the way and tells about the hotel. When Pragya learns that Aaliya needs to go to the hotel which she was informed about, she thinks Aaliya needs to go in the evening, then why is she going now. Pragya gets restless and thinks Aaliya might be cross checking the place. She wonders what to do.

Abhi decides not to leave Pragya today and says this is a good chance to take revenge from her. Abhi teases Pragya by asking her to jump out of the running car. On the other hand, Pragya's uncle who was supposed to play the role of the producer suffers from stomach ache and asks Daadi's to call Pragya. Meanwhile, Abhi thinks as to why is Pragya so silent despite teasing her. Pragya receives a call from Daadi’s and she thinks how to talk to her. She picks the call and says she will reach on time. Daadi says she is Abhi's Daadi. Pragya tells her that she took taxi today and asks her to call if there is any problem in the meeting. Daadi says there is a problem and they have to cancel the meeting. Pragya says she will come and asks her not to cancel the meeting. Pragya gets worried on getting to know that her uncle is ill and warns Abhi not to drive fast else she starts shouting for help. Aaliya asks Abhi to stop the car else she will send them to Jail. Abhi stops the car. Pragya gets down the car and takes an auto. Pragya comes to Bulbul and asks about Mama ji’s health. Bulbul tells that he is not well. Pragya tells her that Aaliya has reached the restaurant now, and may be she want to check. Bulbul suggests they cancel the meeting and tell that the producer is ill. Pragya refuses and thinks from where to get a producer. Bulbul says she taught Mama ji everything. Pragya says they have producer and asks Bulbul to act as the producer.

Abhi tells Purabh that they will go on an outing. Purabh says today is booked for Abhi and he will not attend to Bulbul’s call. Abhi asks if everything is fine and says it seems he is screwed. Purabh says she is not like before, and that she is not caring for him. Bulbul initially declines to act as the producer and that she can just teach others. Daadi and Pragya tease Bulbul. Daadi says they have to cut her hairs and it will grow again. Pragya emotionally blackmails her and convince Bulbul to play the role of the producer. Bulbul agrees. Pragya says she have learnt from her. Bulbul says she won’t do it. Daadi asks her to show tantrums to Purabh’s family. Bulbul says she don’t get motivation until other request her. Pragya says she got it and Daadi leaves. Daasi thinks where did Daadi go and asks Mitali. Mitali says she didn’t see her. Daasi says she is not at home. Pammi says she might have went out. Daasi says something is wrong and asks Payal. Payal says she don’t know. Daasi scolds Payal for not taking care of Daadi. She punishes her and asks her to do their house work today. Payal faints hearing the house work. They laugh at her.

Pragya and Bulbul reach the hotel where there were supposed to meet to set up the trap. She fixes camera and mic on the table. Pragya praises her intelligence. Someone comes and gives a box to Pragya. Pragya tells Bulbul that it is a challenge for her. Aaliya says 10 crores is theirs now. Tanu gets happy and says they sold his scratch music and got this money, but he didn’t know anything. Abhi comes inside. Aaliya is shocked. Abhi slaps her hard. Tanu shouts Aaliya name and thinks it is a dream. She decides to stop Aaliya.

Abhi and Purabh are in the car. Purabh talks about Bulbul and tells that she is not giving him importance. Abhi says she must be busy and asks him to enjoy his bachelorhood until he marries her. Tanu stops Aaliya and asks her not to go. Aaliya asks her not to stop her and leaves. Abhi and Purabh come to the same restaurant. Purabh says the food must be good. Abhi sees Pragya standing and says mogambo.

Bulbul disguise herself as a man and sets off to meet Pragya. Abhi see Pragya in the hotel. Pragya hides. Abhi thinks it might be his imagination. Pragya thinks why did he come here and gets worried that she will be exposed rather than Aaliya. Meanwhile, Aaliya rushes to the hotel to crack the deal and receives a phone call from Raj. He tells her to return as quickly as possible but Aaliya says she needs to attend a party and refuses to come. Raj gets angry. Aaliya says she will wrap up the party within an hour and would come back once she is done. At the hotel, Bulbul comes in disguise of a sardar and flirts with Pragya. Pragya who doesn't recognise her sister get shocked and shouts for help. Bulbul asks her not to shout and hugs her. Pragya gets happy and says she couldn’t recognized her. She says Aaliya left from there. Pragya tells her that Purabh and Abhi are here. Bulbul is shocked and says they will finish the work. She asks her not to take tension and covers her head with pallu. Pragya says saree is of net and face can be seen through it. Ronnie comes in disguise of a gujrati man.

Bulbul covers Pragya’s head with Ronnie’s dupatta and asks them to follow her. Daadi prays for Pragya’s victory and safety. Daasi says she didn’t think that Daadi will change so fast. She says she don’t take her anywhere and don’t share her heart talk with her. Daasi gets angry and tries packing her bags. Daadi asks her to listen to her and makes her sit on the bed. Daasi says she hides everything from her, so she will go to Bhatinda. Daadi says there is nothing like such in her heart. Daasi cries that she can’t bear her indifferent behavior. Mitali hears them. Daadi says it is not like that, and tells that something big will happen today which she is thinking since long. She then says she will tell her everything. Mitali decides to find out. On the other hand, Abhi, Purabh, Ronnie, Pragya and Bulbul are in the lift. Ronnie asks Pragya not to worry. Abhi tries seeing her face but Ronnie comes in his way.

Abhi says he saw her somewhere and that her face is like his enemy. Abhi tries to see Pragya’s face. Ronnie gets angry and asks him not to touch the woman and if he touch her, then he have to marry her. Abhi reasons with him by giving example. Bulbul in sardar get up says nobody should see woman with a bad eye. Abhi asks why is he getting angry. He was seeing if she is his fuggi? Someone recognized him as rockstar Abhi. A woman says he should be beaten. Purabh apologizes on Abhi’s behalf. Purab hstares at Bulbul and tries to recognized her.

Taya ji and Pammi come back from walking. Mitali tells them that something big is going to happen today. She wonders what is going to happen and says they have to find out. Pammi too says they have to find out. Purabh asks Abhi, what happened? Abhi thinks Purabh will think him mad if he tell that the girl was like Pragya. He says that girl thought he is teasing her. Purabh sees moustache falling off from Bulbul’s face and stops her. Pragya asks her to come and looks at Purabh standing there.

He asks what she is doing with her and thinks she is conspiring against Abhi. Bulbul asks him to listen to her. Purabh thinks she will lie again and says he will tell the truth to Abhi. Bulbul says he have to listen to her. Purabh says she is betraying him and acting. He asks her to listen and says he didn’t think that she will lie even in his dreams and that Pragya have betrayed everyone and she is supporting her. He decides to tell Abhi right now. Bulbul stops him and asks him to listen. Purabh says he will decide and asks her to leave his hand. Purabh takes his hand and she falls on wall.

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