Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 182-185)

Kalpi hugs Raghav. He is about to kiss her but Kalpi stops him. Kalpi is going Raghav holds her hand. Manda goes downstairs and says how stupid this boy is. His wife is enjoying with his boss. Pakhi says to kamla I am leaving for Paris. Kamla says won’t you attend the wedding? Pakhi says its just for a weak obviously i will. Manda asks the man to throw the light at the terrace. She announces that this light will be on the terrace and you will see something you have never seen before. Everyone wonders whats going on. She turns the light to them and suddenly fireworks blow. Everyone starts looking at them. Kalpi leaves.

Gunjan goes to the room and says this is the best time to seewho is here. She bring Pakiya there and says look here is the lock on the door and we can hear some voice. He says yeah there is something. He says let me bring a stone and break this window. Gunjan looks in. Pakiya says there is nobody in, someone would have come on the noise of breaking glass. She says yeah you are right. They leave and Pihu comes out to window. She sees Gunjan but Gunjan has left. Kamla givesthe ring to Gunjan and says you will give it to Kalpi. Raghav gives his to Sammy. Kamla asks them to start the wedding. Kalpi goes in an gets ready. Suddenly flame touches her dupatta. She is so busy in thinking about Raghav. Her dupatta is on fire. She realizes when its too late. The door step is on fire as well. she shouts for hep but no one can hearher. Raghav and Gunjan see some smoke coming out of kalpi’s room. Raghav goes in running in to save her.Kalpi’s home is on fire. She screams please get me out of here Ragahv. Raghav goes in and hugs her. Gunjan is dazed to see them that way. He wraps a sheet around her and takes her out. Kamla hugs Kalpi. Kamla thanks Raghav for saving Kalpi’s life and so does Vitthal. Raghav says don’t embarrass me. Sammy’s mom says now everything is okay lets start the ceremony. Gunjan wonders whats going on. She says I should talk to Kamla aunty. Is Kalpi getting married forcefully? She likes Raghav.

Gunjan takes Kamla with her. She says I want to talk about something. I think Kalpi is not happy with this wedding. Kamla says no look at her she is so happy. Gunjan says I think she likes Raghav. kamla says don't even think that. Raghav is about to wed Pakhi. He loves her. Kamla calls kalpithere and asks are you happy with this wedding ? Kalpi says he is the guy of my choice why won’t be I happy. Kamla says looks Gunjan Raghav loves us all that's why he saved Kalpi. Now lets start the ceremony. Kamla says to kalpi he will make you wear the ring first. Kalpi says this is the most precious ring for me as it has in it, love of you and baba. Kamla gives her the ring and turns to Vitthal. Sammy goes onthe side and Raghav comes in front of Kalpi. Raghav makes Kalpi wear the ring. kamla turns to them. Gunjan, Kamala andeveryone is so shocked. Kamla stops Kalpi and says what have you done. How can Raghav make you wear the ring ? kalpi says why are you saying this ? the one I love will make me wear the ring. Kamla slaps her so hard. Everyone is shocked, Kalpi at the most. Kamla says how can you love Raghav, Pakhi loves Raghav. The ring falls off Kalpi’s finger. Kamla says what have I done ai ? Kamla says Vitthal I told you to stop her. You said she is young. Kamla says you arranged this engagement in the name of Sammy and says you love Raghav. Kalpi says Raghav is the one I always talkedabout. Raghav talked to you in the party. Kamla says you never took anyone’s name. Vitthal says why Sammy's parents came to talk ? Sammy says we came here to talk about Raghav. He has no elders and Vitthal wanted to meet elders so we came with Raghav’s proposal. Kamla is in tears.Raghav says this is truth I talked about kalpi that day and yousaid.. Kamla says this is not possible. Gunjan says i think you were confused to see Raghav and Sammy together. She says Kalpi clear this please. Kalpi says everything is so clear since the first day. i always talked about Raghav and baba said to Sammy that he wants to meet elders so his parents came here. I don’t know how she thought that me and Sammy.. kamla leaves in astonishment, Vitthal and Pakiya follow her.kalpi comes out in tears. she remembers all that Kamla said and slapped her. When Kamla says this proposal is not acceptable for me. Gunjan comes there. Pakiya says go and eat something kalpi baba is waiting for you. Pakiya says don’t worry Gunjan my ai says everything will be okay. What about your sister ? Gunjan says not now but my heart says i will find her soon. She sees a card and says i think she is near. Sammys says to Raghav don't worry Kalpi will make kamla maa agree. Raghav says I hope so, I can’t live without Kalpi. Kamla recalls Pakhi telling her that she loves Raghav and so does Kalpi. She recalls Raghav saying that she won’t marry Pakhi anyway.

Next morning, Kamla is on a stone where she slept last night.Pakhi comes there in tears and says how can you do this ? How can you make Raghav marry kalpi. You know how muchi love Raghav. Today you proved that your real daughter is Kalpi. Kamla tries to stop her. its just her dream. Pakhi is nowhere. She wakes up Vitthal comes and sits besides her. He says I said too much last night but none of it was wrong. The people who help others but not themselves are idiots. I will agree to whatever you decide for kalpi. Just know that she is your daughter. I stood there whole night and keep staring at you. I have made tea for you go and take it. He goes with Pakiya to pay the bills of the cook. kalpi comes there she is in tears as well. kamla leaves. Gunjan comes to kalpi and says she is tensed but she is your mom she will agree soon. She asks why no one comes out of this door. Kalpi says its a sardar family, they are newly wed, they won’t talk to anyone, maybe they don’t like the culture here. Kalpi says Ai told me that you came to Mumbai to find your sister. Did you find your sister ? I know a policeman lets talk to him. Pakiya comes and says I will take you there. How can you go alone when you are our guest.Kamla looks in the mandir. Kamla goes in,Kamla says tell me what to do God I can’t let my daughters shatter, show me theright path. Kamal places both pictures there she how can i choose one. Please show me some sign. A flowers falls on Kalpi’s picture. Kamla smiles and picks it up. She looks back at Shayl and says he showed me the way. Kamla says are you in some trouble ? You should also say to God to show you the path. He will make everything all right. Shayl prays God please make me meet Pihu to me. She should not sufferbecause of me.Gunjan and Pakiya show the sketch of Vicky to the cops. Shesays I saw him here. Constable says we will find him soon. Gunjan says Vicky you won’t at large for longer Vicky. Pakiya asks what are you thinking ? Gunjan says I found that Ritu’s audition card in the chowl that means Vicky is here. i need to get him selected there. They both leave . Mayank sees Gunjan on road with Pakiya. He calls her. He says Gunjan I am in Mumbai for a conference. Gunjan says I am in chadni chowk with friends for shopping. I will call you later. He is shocked why she lied.

Kalpi has called everyone in the house. She says I want to apologize you all firstly. You all have suffered because of me. Raghav says what are you saying ? Kalpi says yes I am right. You came in my life and made me who I am. I saw my self special in your eyes. I love you so much Raghav but I can’t hurt Ai for my happiness. I can’t see her upset. I can never love someone else but this is truth that I won’t do any such thing that will hurt my mom. Raghav says what are you saying ? Vitthal says you don’t take that important decision so fast. Kalpi says nothing matters more than the one who gave you life. I have decided that this wedding will only happen with Ai’s consent. Kamla comes in comes in and says you will have my consent. For that you both have to touch my feet, to get my prayers. Gunjan sees Shayl and hugs her. She asks is everything okay ? Gunjan says yes. Kamla says Kalpi I have decided that you will get married to Raghav baba. Everyone is shocked. Kalpi smiles. Kamla says you always thought that I was more inclined towards Pakhi. I agree that I did that but that doesn’t mean that I love her more. I did it because I wanted to see you strong. Kalpi, you said yesterday that Ai didn’t come to save me when i was drowning. I came there but Pakhi’s hand came first and babacame and saved you before I could hold you. I never concealed anything from you baba. I just wanted you to passall the tests so that you can be a strong woman. Everyone smiles in tears. Kamla says you are strong now, I know. You were first in swimming competition. I love you so much daughter just couldn’t say it. Kalpi hugs Kamla is tears. Kamla says today i realized when you can’t do anything we should leave matters on God he shows her the right way. He has shown me the way, which is Kalpana and Raghav’s wedding. Kalpi and Raghav touch feet of all the elders there. Shayl says it feels so good. Sammy says everything isn’t okayyet. There is one more thing left. He gives Raghav the wedding ring. Vitthal takes out theirs. Raghav places the ringin Kalpi’s finger and Kalpi makes Raghav wear the ring. Everyone claps.Kamla and Vitthal ask a boy if they have seen a new boy Vicky here ? He says no. They hear some noise from Manda’s room. Shayl and kamla are going there. Manda stops them and asks what are you doing ? Kamla says we are looking for her daughter she has come from babras. Manda says the one in my room are sardar and says no one has come from babras here. Go and check on the back side. Pihu makes some noise again. Shayl stops. Kamla says lets go.Raghav’s driver comes to Kalpi’s home. He has sent some clothes for Kalpi. Kalpi calls Raghav and says what was the need of buying all this. Raghav says when we punjabi wed webuy the whole shop. Kalpi says we marathi don’t spend that much. What is the need of plenty of clothes. Raghav says because I want you to look special on every occasion. He says where a sari on the wedding and ghagra on the reception. I have sent some dresses for our honeymoon as well. Kalpi says when did you start saying all that? He says I am learning so much in your love . Now do me a favor. Wear these dresses and show me. She says will you come home ? He says no show me on a video call. kalpi turns on video call.He says now wear the party dress I have sent. Kalpi wears it and comes in front of the camera. Raghav whistles and says nice. He asks her to come closer and sends her a flying kiss. Kalpi wraps a sheet. He says wear something light colored now. Kalpi says I will wear whatever you like.

Vitthal comes home and asks is kamla here ? Kamla says no she is not here. Vitthal says its her daughter’s wedding let me invite her. He shows her the card. Kamla is so happy to see it. She says its such a beautiful card. Kamla says our kalpi might leave us soon. Kalpi says I am nit going abroad. Just take a bus and reach me. Kamla says its the first card lets place it in the mandir. Vitthal says yeah we all will go. kalpi takes the card. Kamla asks Shayl to come with them. Gunjan says yeah we need some prayers as well. Vitthal saysI have asked Pakiya to bring the taxi.

Kamla along with everyone leave mandir. The constable comes there and says to kamla that vicky was in jail whole night but left before i came there. There is nothing to worry about. He is in Mumbai. He says lets go for FIR. Gunjan says what about the name of our family. Shayl says nothing is more than our daughter. Constable asks them to come with him. Kamla says i will come too. Shayl says no kaml you should go to mandir and pray. We will manage there. Kalpi says I forgot the card in the house. Kamla says let me bring it. Kamla is going upstairs when pihu comes running out of the room and hits kamla. Kamla is dazed why that girl is in hurry?. 

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