Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 431-433)

Mayank explains shalini, that we have got information about goons, before we reach the kidnappers places, they have escaped. And also says, someone is there who is passing our information to kidnappers time to time. Shalini and rest are speechless … shalini turns window side, there gunjan and goons are clearly visible. But mayank doesn’t observe it. He continues to say, that what should he do. Shalini almost tries to divert mayank attention and makes him turn to another side so that he cant see Gunjan, and says him that she will inform to police commissioner. Mayank back side its clearly visible that gunjan trying to escape from goons and they are forcefully taking her.

Mayank turns back side.. by the time gunjan and goons disappeared.. Mayank smwhere feels that gunjan is there meantime shalini diverts him saying that.. leave whole responsibility on her . Mayank leaves from there. Shalini appears to be tensed.

Gunjan is taken into a room .. she shouts and cries that where she was brought down .. she is frightened and starts crying. Shalini says to mishraji, this time we have got escaped but be alert until elections over.

Mishraji says, “yes madam”

Shalini, “what about tomrrow’s preparations”?

Mishra ji turns on tv a polictical leader be shown praising Shalini pandey and reporter says about survey of how things are favourable to shalini. Shalini is happy and says, tht gunjan is like a trump card to her.

A goon comes to shalini and says, gunjan is disappeared. All got tensed and reaches the place where she was locked. . Gunjan is hiding behind a wall and smiles thinking that Shalini has come there to rescue her. She comes out of wall but suddenly hides back seeing upon the goons also reaching the place.

Gunjan gets doubt. Goons says that they coulnd find gunjan anwyere. Shalini slaps him. Gunajn almost shockd seeing upon true colors of Shalini Pandey. She gets flashes of Shalini pandey where she behaved so nicely to gunjan. Goons elave the place. Gunjan starts to think how to escape from the place. Meantime she gets dizzy and falls on ground. Goons will bring infront of shalini. Gunjan still acting as she is unconscious. Shalini careess gunjan hair and says “gunjan wait for one more day, tomrow I will present you infront of whole media ” and then she leaves the place with her goon assistants.

Gunjan opens her eyes realizing Shalini’s trues colors and repents that why did she supported her.Mayank stops bike on road thinking about gunjan.

A lady brings food asks gunjan to eat and also says, Karwachaut is tommorow if you want to fast now onwards we don’t hv problem.

Gunjan is disheartened that she is not with mayank on her first karwachaut.

Mayank sitting on bike, gets flashes of their sweet moments.

Next morning @ Mayank’s home ,All ladies sitting on dining table and upset. Seema says she doesn’t want to eat and not to pressurize her then drinks water.

Mayank enters dining room and says he wants to do vrat for gunjan. All are shockd to hear that. Seema asks vrat usually performed by wife for husband. Mayank explains, that he wants to do vrat for gunjan safety. He will leave fasting after seeing gunjan . Where ever she is he will definitely find her today.

Shalini’s house. Mishraji explaning the schedule. Mayank enters the place and greets Shalini. Shalini explains why she called mayank and tells about her plan of press conference to bring out grunjan from underground. Mayank worries that where the kindappers will hurt gunjan. Shalini assures him nothing will happen like that and not to worry. Shalini asks mishra to bring something to eat for mayank. Mayank denies to eat and tells her about his karwa chaut vrat.

Gunjan in dark room, thinks to escape from place and explores the whole room.Shalini asks mayank to sit there only, when press conference starts she will introduce him. Gunjan in dark room finds a cupboard and lights coming inside room from above the cup board.

Mayank sees the guy he chased photo along with Shalini and starts thinking is its a possiblity that Shalini kidnapped her and Gunjan is trying to escape when Shailini is at the press conference. Mayank remembers that he told her about the clue and the kidnapper had escaped he asks and comes to know the pic is of the party workers who are with Shailini from a long time. Shalini bla,es the oppposition and Mayank understands her plan as she introduces him as the innocent but brave girls husband. She keeps talking to impress the press and Mayank feels disgusted. Gunjan is trying to escape from a vent . Shalini keeps making statements while Mayank decides to leave to search for Gunjan.

Mayank is near the place where Gunjan is kept she opens the vent and is screaming his name he is about to leave and Gunjan slips he comes back and sees few broken bangles outside the window and recognizes it. He somehow manages to get in and sees Gunjan. they are relieved and they hug . Mayank says he cant believe Shalini would do something like that and Gunjan says they need to leave. Before they can leave the party worker comes in and Mayank hits him he asks them to trust him as he is not among them and tells them he will help them escape while Shalini finishes sweet talking the press. Gunjan and Mayank finally escape.

Sangeeta has not made a thali for Gunjan Mayank and Seema asks her to make one as Mayank has assured her they will come. Gunjan is very happy and cant believe they escaped. Shayl asks Seema to make the thali . Mayank wants to get her a glass of water but Gunjan tells him she fasted and they both think how lucky they are . Mayank lifts Gunjan.

At home, everyone is sad, they are about to perform Karva Chauth rasam but they don’t see the moon. Mayank walks in the house with Gunjan is his arms, he puts her down and say let’s go upstairs but she goes to change her clothes first since it’s her first Karva Chauth. Mayank goes to meet everyone and they ask for Gunjan, he smiles and turns around and Gunjan arrives looking beautiful. Everyone is happy, Seema cries tears of joy, Rachna and her dad, everyone hugs her.

Rachna lights deeyas and everyone begin Karva Chauth rasams. Then Shail tells Gunjan that to give Mayank water and he fasted for her too, she gives him and he goes to hug her but realises everyone is watching, Seema says to go ahead, Mayank hugs Gunjan, everyone smiles.

Shifts, everyone is in the hall and ask Gunjan where she was, she tells them everything that happened, how she got kidnapped and Mayank saved her, everyone is shocked that Shalini Pandey is behind everything. They decide to tell the police but Mayank says to wait for the right time but Akash says he is taking back Gunjan with him. Shail refuses but Seema tells Mayank and Gunjan to go ahead with Akash as Shalini is dangerous.

Gunjan says it’s her life and she is not going to run away but Akash tells her to get real. Gunjan wants to go up against Shalini and put her behind bars, Mayank is with her.

At home, Shalini Pandey is practicing her winning speech. The guy who helped Gunjan escape comes, Shalini tells him she wants to meet Gunjan.

Some other guys come to meet Shalini and says Gunjan is missing. Shalini gets angry and says someone must have helped her escape. Shalini gets a phonecall from Gunjan, Gunjan tells her someone kidnapped her and put her in her guesthouse, Shalini blames the opposition, Gunjan tells her to stop her drama! She tells her she has evidence of her crimes, Shalini still tries to play innocent. Shalini hangs up the phone.

Everyone is shocked when Gunjan doesn’t have any evidence. Seema tells them to leave everything, how Gunjan is home and safe what else do they want.

Shalini is thinking what proof Gunjan can have . She calls Gunjan and wants to make a deal for the proof, Gunjan tells her when she wins, she wants a powerful spot in the political party and she wants it in a written paper with Shalini’s signature. Screen freezes on Gunjan and Shalini face.

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