Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 417-418)

Mayank that she doesn’t want to go to college as rachna is not feeling well. Mayank tells gunjan that she should talk to rachna. Rachna tells gunjan that vihan has not changed at all. As he has insulted her in front of everyone and that not only that but he also called her a bhenji in front of all of his friends and that he told all of his friends that if he was to call her she would come at anytime of the day or night and that he meant more than anything to her.

Rachna mom comes and tells rachna that she is very different than her sister as she never asked for anything. She asks rachna if she really likes vihan? N that if she likes him than she will for sure make it happen but rachna than says that she doesn’t like vihan as it is not meant to be. She avoids her mother and tells gunjan that they are late for college and that it is time for them to go. Rachna gets to college and there are boards posted which say I’m sorry please forgive me. Rachna gets even more mad that he did everything as now people are staring at him. Rachna gathers everyone and asks them all to listen to her. She says it’s so easy to hurt a girl and than to say sorry and try to make them happy. Vihan gets sad hearing all of them. Vihan goes up to rachna and says I’m very sorry please don’t do this to me please. Rachna and gunjan than walk away.

There is a guy recording her and says I got everything to someone on the phone. Gunjan and rahmat are sitting and she tells rachna that she should forgive vihan once and talk to him. Vihan is sitting with his friends they tell him not to ruin his reputation and rachna hears all of it. Rachna gets very mad and says dont ever talk to me every again she says she will never marry him. He gets sad and she says thank you very much and have a good life. She tells him not to follow him as she is sticking to her decision and she is not going to change it.

Vihan is at the gym hitting to boxing bag and says I will make it up as I didn’t mean to hurt you at all as that he can’t lose her and that he will for sure. He asks his mom to go to rachna house she says no at first but than agrees to it. He wants to buy a two lakhs ring for rachna he gets mad that she said it he says stop as he is going to marry him n that if she can’t come in this house than he will also leave the house. She stops him and says ok fine lets get the ring and I will also accept her. He says lets go to get house she says no and then he says please over and over again and she agrees to go over there and she says we will go tomorrow for sure.

Gunjan bringing food for Rachana and tells her to eat. Rachana tells she wont be able to eat or sleep and that it hurts so much that she loved a guy like Vihaan. Gunjan tells her not to lose hope and that the fault is in Vihaan. Gunjan tells her that she is a confident designer. She tells Rachana that she is the best and they hug. Sangeetha gets a call saying that Dholu hurt his hand in school. Gunjan offers to follow her but she scolds Gunjann and tells her to help with the cooking. Seema comes and tells Gunjan to make some tea. She is about to make when Mayank calls out to her asking for his wallet. Seema tells her to go help him find his things. Gunjan says he will be able to manage and find his stuff. Seema says well he has to since he’s

got no choice as Gunjan is not there to help him. Seema is angry with Gunjan and on’s the TV. She sees an ad of Cheenai Express and gets excited when the TV stops working. She asks Rachana to fix it. Rachana fixes it and Seema gets happy. Gunjan asks Mayank what does he need and can’t he get it himself. He says that he goes to work and wants to say bye to his wife before going. Gunjan smiles and then he gives Gunjan some money for expenses. Gunjan says that Akash has banked in money for her. Mayank says that she should tell him not to take the trouble and he is her husband and he will take care of her expenses. She tells him to be careful as she is a spender and they laugh. Seema is buying vegetables when a the politician Shalini Pandey comes. People in the area get excited seeing her and the bodyguards are restraining them but she says its ok and wants to mingle with the public. She then walks towards the Garg’s residence and Seema is so happy. Gunjan opens the door and she looks at Gunjan. Gunjan asks who she wants to meet and she tells Gunjan its her she wants to meet. Her assistant tells Shail she will be the next CM and Shail says that she recognized her. She tells the family that she came to meet Gunjan. Gunjan says but she doesn’t know who she is. Prabhu and Shail tell Gunjan that she is well known. Gunjan apologizes. Seema then tells Prabhu to get the camera and wants to snap a picture. Shalini says that she came because of Gunjan and Seema says that Gunjan was a kid and she took such a big step holding the rally and will make her understand. Shalini says that Gunjan is a diamond and that she supports her and is not going to stop her. She wants to provide Gunjan a huge platform to spread her message.  Shalini says that she ants Gunjan to join their party. Gunjan says she’s not interested in politics but thanks her. Gunjan then receives a call from Chaya and says she’s coming. Gunjan then tells Shalini she has to leave for college. Shail excuses herself and Gunjan tells her that why is Shalini not leaving and Shail says that she shouldn’t say like that about a guest. Gunjan then leaves for college. Shalini says that Gunjan has courage and Seema says that Gunjan is more like a daughter to her and that she supports Gunjan and is the reason for Gunjan’s success. Shalini then said she wanted to pass to Gunjan and envelope addressed to Gunjan. Seema takes it on Gunjan’s behalf thinking its a cheque. Shalini leaves and Seema opens it to her dismay finds a letter asking Gunjan to join Shalini’s political party. Prabhu says that he is happy Seema took the responsibility to convince Gunjan. Seema doesn’t want Gunjan to be involved in the party but Shail and Prabhu want to convince Gunjan to join. Seema says how can Gunjan run a country when she can’t handle the kitchen and leaves. Shail is in thought.

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