Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 388- 391)

Rachna sees Gunjan smiling. Gunjan shows Rachna the messages that Mayank sent her. Rachna asks Gunjan if she replied his messages and she said no. Gunjan says that Mayank’s punishment is that she will not reply his messages. Vihaan sees Gunjan and Rachna and decides to make a paper aeroplane out of the brochure for the competition and fly it to Rachna.The aeroplane hits Gunjan and she sees what it is. Its a leaflet on an Art and Fashion competition. She says it might be useful to Rachna. Vihaan is happy that Rachna has read it. Rachna is doubtful about joining as its in Delhi and Dayal may not allow. Gunjan tells her not to give up so early and says she will talk to Dayal. Rachna tells Gunjan not to do it and she will but on one condition that Gunjan must call up Mayank. Gunjan says she will but Rachna should tell Dayal and Shail fast before she does. They return home and Bua asks them to freshen up. Meanwhile Gunjan gets a text from Mayank telling her to video chat. She tells Rachna but reminds her to talk to Dayal and Shail.

Gunjan makes sure she looks nice in front of the mirror then goes and puts on her laptop and opens the video chat. She answers Mayank’s video call but disappears from the screen. Mayank doesn’t see her and says her anger is like the country’s inflation sometimes too much and sometimes too little. She tells him she thought he will be more romantic but he has started talking about India’s economy. He says then when he is away only does she talk about romance. Gunjan then tells him that Rachna has a very good opportunity at hand. Shail asks Rachna how college was and Rachna hesitatingly tells she has something important to say to Dayal and her. Shail says Dayal isn’t here now and to tell her. Rachna says that if someone gave her a chance to prove her talent will Dayal and Shail allow her to do so. She tells Shail its a competition for aspiring fashion designers with a reward of 5 lakhs. Shail remembers Dayal’s words of how he says that they should hope Rachna doesn’t even loose whatever little respect they have left. Rachna tells Shail even if she doesn’t win she will still be exposed and meet people of the fashion industry. She says if God wishes she may even win and its a good opportunity to prove her capabilities. Shail asks where is the competition and Rachna says Delhi and Shail says how could she think that Dayal would let her go to Delhi. Rachna tells Shail to talk to Dayal and convince him. Shail says alright but she makes no promises.

Mayank asks Gunjan how much she misses him. Gunjan says not even for a moment and was busy with her friends at college. She jokes and says she never thought about him at all. He says that they shouldn’t even be talking and covers the videocam. The screen goes black and Gunjan says she was joking and that finally she was able to talk to him and gets upset. She then says she missed him so much but he wouldn’t know because he’s gone offline and Mayank removes his hand and she sees him back on the screen. He starts laughing and says she can’t even lie properly. She says that he made a fool out of her and that he should be glad he’s not in front of her or she would have killed him. He tells her she’s looking cute and if he’s there will hold her tightly and kiss her. He says he’s missing her and why is she not here. She gives him a flying kiss. Seema comes with the phone and tells Gunjan that Mayank won’t be able to get through. Gunjan thinks now how is she going to be able to talk to Mayank. Dayal tells Shail how can she give Rachna so much hope after all that has happened. Shail says its not as bad as he thinks it is and that she is doing it only to help him out. Dayal says he knows that already and lets says he believes his daughter but what about the world. He says their daughter is innocent and she hasn’t seen the world yet. He says he will never give permission for it ever and leaves. Rachna tells Shail its alright that Dayal must have thought it through when he refused and at least Shail talked to him about it. Rachna says she will go only with their permission if not she won’t at all.

Seema sees Mayank’s face on the laptop screen and gets excited saying that her son is like a hero and is already seen on the computer and next he will be seen on tv too. Gunjan and Mayank laugh at her reaction. Gunjan tells her to sit. Mayank says hi to Seema. Seema gets excited and says that he is talking to her and she can even see him. She starts calling Dayal, Shail, Bua and Prabhu to come and see. Bua and Dholu comes in. Seema tells Bua to talk to him. She starts talking in a loud voice asking if he’s alright. They then tell him not to go out in the rain if it is raining as he will fall sick. Prabhu comes in too. Dholu asks if he met any heroines and everyone laugh. Seema says he looks so weak and asks if he’s eaten well. She asks if he can see all. Mayank says yes and she looks pretty too. Gunjan is happy seeing them talking and moves away. Mayank gets a message and reads it. He then is looking around for Gunjan. He tells all of them that he has to go to dinner with the office people and that he will talk to them later. He says bye and so do they. Gunjan notices a dejected Rachna walking. Mayank think he didn’t get to speak to Gunjan properly. Seema tells Prabhu she was happy to speak to Mayank on Gunjan’s laptop as she could see Mayank too and tells Prabhu to buy a small laptop. Prabhu says he’ll get a big one. Dholu then tell Seema she wouldn’t even know how to use it properly. Everyone notices Gunjan daydreaming. Gunjan says she will go and call Rachna. Prabhu says may the love between the kids always be like this. Seema says he speaks of love but he shows no love to her. Gunjan tells Rachna she is so happy and feels like she is falling in love all over again and that their love is deepening contrary to what people said that after marriage the romance fades. She notices Rachna is sad and asks if she talked to Dayal and asks if he said no and Rachna sadly nods. Rachna says its not that she would have been able to win with all those designers and that she will take part next time as she won’t do it without his permission. Dayal is overhearing this and looks sad. 

At dinner table Gunjan is trying to convince Dayal, Shail Rachna, Seema and everyone else is hesitant as to why she is tying to convince Dayal. Gunjan gets upset and walks away. Dayal calls Gunjan and agrees to allow Rachna to enter the competition and promise to stand by her side. Everyone is happy. Rachna is happy. She thanks Gunjan and they hug. Rachna is packing her bags to leave and remembering Dayal's words and prays to god for his blessings and ask him to make her successful. Gunjan enters and overhears and gives her ganapti idol and promise all will be okay.They hug and theme song plays in background. 

Shail brings milk for Dayal as he’s talking on phone. Shail comes to him and let’s him know how happy she is after his decision. He let’s her know that he’s Rachna's dad and it’s his duty to fulfill his responsibility of being a good father. Shail lets him know that he’s a good husband, father and brother. Rachna tells Gunjan she has something important to tell her and pulls her into the room. It’s Mayank on laptop he complains she’s so busy that she forget him. She fills him in with all that is going on at home. He can’t wait to come home. Mayank says he won’t be able to come for Gunjan's birthday. He has to stay for two weeks. Gunjan gets sad and wonders what to do. She’s planning to go to Mayank if he can’t come to her. Gunjan is going to Mumbai and starts packing.
Rachna is imaging herself winning the competition and is practicing her speech. Shail enters and overhears all. Rachna is feeling shy, Shail is overwhelmed. She feels proud of Rachna. Shail tells Rachna she will win.

Rachna is talking with Shail about having faith in herself. Shail is confident Rachna will win and her father is standing by her side. Shail tells her to make sure she doesn’t forget to seek gods blessing before leaving. Rachna is dreaming of winning and owning her own store “Rachna’s Creations”. Gunjan enters and tells Rachna to make sure she gets everything and tells Rachna about her going to Mumbai for her second honeymoon. Rachna tells her to seek Seema's permission.

Mayank is talking to his boss about going home. He is told he can’t go there is lots of work to do. Gunjan goes to talk to Seema but she’s busy. Hopak and Prabhu enters and Gunjan goes to serve them. Seema ask Gunjan if she’s not going to college, she comes up with some excuse. Shail tells her she should go and so does Prabhu. Seema is wondering what is Gunjan up to not wanting to go to college. She is asking Seema to go to Mayank in Mumbai indirectly. Shail tells to eat breakfast and get ready for college. Gunjan is wondering what to do and she pretends to fall and hurt her ankle and is in pain. She asks Rachna to take her to her room but Shail and Prabhu says she must go to college. Rachna takes her to her room and she tells Rachna she’s only acting to get to go Mumbai. Gunjan shows Rachna how to walk on stage.

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