Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 476-477)

After two years, Sid is dancing in the disco with the girls while the song Ladki beautiful kargayi chul plays. A girl comes to meet Sid. Bunty says brother is really good and this is not reality. Sid is seen drinking wine and dancing with girls. Girl looks at Sid and goes near him. She says hi Sid I am Radhika.

Sid takes off his googles and looks at her from top to toe. He asks her to come closer as he can’t hear anything because of noise. Radhika says I am Radhika. Sid asks her to come closer and says nice. He asks why did you come here? He asks did you come for Sid or for this and shows the drugs. He says I want to fly with you tonight. Radhika slaps him and asks him to get lost.

Simran talks to Radhika’s mum and says if our kids choose each other then we will keep roka tomorrow. Radhika comes and says she can’t marry a man who is a drunkard and a womanizer. Simran says there must be a misunderstanding. Raj also says the same. Radhika asks her parents to come with her. Simran sees wine bottles in Sid’s room. Raj says it is juice. Sid dances with her on the song and says it is not cigarette, but pepper mint. Simran asks why you didn’t like the girl. Sid says why do you want to ruin my happy life. She says the girls are not good. Simran says your life is not happy and says Kajal was like a model. Sid says she is mad. Simran tells about other girls. Sid says some girls are like his sister, and other is like a child. Simran says age doesn’t matter and gives example of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu.

Sid asks Raj to drink apple juice shot. Simran asks Sid to hear her and asks what happened to you? She says I know you are not happy at all, and I can’t see your pain. I know this is just a show off act, but you can’t fool your mum. I can’t see your pain and asks him to stop it. Sid smiles and says it seems we shall tell truth to mom. He makes her sit on sofa and says truth is that….I love a beautiful woman. Simran is happy. Sid says I know you want God to give me love, and that’s why he gave Roshni to me, but she is gone. He says Roshni is gone, but my love for her haven’t ended. He says Roshni was mine, and I was hers. When she is in my heart and life. He says marriage and love happen only once in life, now there will be no Ishq, Pyaar and dosti..He says I love you mom….Simran looks on sad. Sid leaves.

Raj sits on sofa. Simran says even I used to love Roshni very much, and she was like our daughter. She says if I go back in past, then I will ask one thing from God that Roshni and Sid wouldn’t have met. She says may be that relation was not destined to be meant. He says Sid have faced many troubles and have done so much for that house, but he was insulted by them. She says I can’t see him like this. Raj is upset too.

Sid is in his room and thinks about Roshni. Main Adhura Jeeraha hun plays. He recalls the happy moments with her. Sid talks to Roshni’s pic and says his mum is after him and want him to marry. He says I will not marry. Sid looks at DD’s pic also. He says you both have taken my life with you. He gets smith’s call. He asks him to go to Delhi for the event as he is stuck in Paris. Sid says ok, I will handle it. He thinks Smith got scared with the CEO. Sid is about to sit in car. Media persons asks him about his marriage plan. Sid says he has no plans and gets inside the car. He says he has ruined his respect because of mom. Bunty tells him about the CEO and says she is a workaholic. Sid says who is Ragini Desai. Bunty says she can’t tolerate mistake. Ragini’s secretary asks receptionist to change the flowers and asks Farzana to get the reports right now. Ragini is seen getting down the car. Bunty says there is no pic of hers on net or newspapers. Ragini is seen drinking coffee. Her face is revealed. She is Roshni.

Sid is reading about Ragini Desai in the magazine. Bunty tells him about Ragini Desai attitude and workaholic nature. Ragini’s secretary talks to Farzana and asks her to give reports fast. Receptionist says mam is here. Secretary asks where is her coffee. Bunty says there is no pics of her on the net and she is strange. Sid says my pics are posted because of you. Ragini comes to her office and drinks coffee. Sid says this lady reminds me of Sasumom. Ragini’s face is revealed, and it resembles Roshni. Ragini drinks coffee. Secretary informs him that Mr. Klaire is in Paris as his flight delayed, and his partner from Mumbai is on his way. Ragini asks her to call him in 5 mins else she will cancel the meeting. Just then she hears her employee talking to his wife, and says no personal calls. Employee calls her Hitler. Sid says she must be called as Hitler. Bunty gets secretary’s call. Sid hears the qawwali playing at the dargah and asks driver to stop the car. He ties hand kerchief on his head and goes to dargah. A touchy qawwali plays. Sid gets emotional and sits with teary eyes. A priest tells him that his loved one is near him. Sid says this is not possible as I have lost it. Priest says she is alive in your heart, and heart relations don’t end so easily. He gives him taweez. Sid thanks him and looks at the taweez. He reminisces happy moments with Roshni.

Ragini gives instructions to her employees. She asks his employees to present the presentation. He says I will, and makes the photo frame fall. Ragini asks him to be out of her sight and gets very much angry. They leave. Ragini looks at the photo frame and gets teary eyes. It shows DD and Roshni’s pic (so Ragini is none other than Roshni). Servant brings photo frame and gives to Simran. Simran looks at her pic with Roshni, and scolds servant. She breaks the photo frame and asks him to keep it in storeroom again. Raj asks why are you angry? Roshni is not alive. Simran blames Roshni for ruining Sid’s life and says he lives in her memories, but she never respect him. She says Sid was always there for them, but he got accusations in return. He says I can’t see my son sad and cries.

Sid sits in car. Bunty gives call to Sid. Sid says hello and says he is Sid…Ragini/Roshni identifies his voice. Sid says we are trying to reach there. Ragini says I can’t hear you. She gives call to Anya. Anya asks when are you reaching office. Sid says within 5 mins. Ragini says she is going and says she don’t wait for anyone. She leaves.

Simran tells Raj that Sid’s pic is posted in the magazine with a play boy title. Raj says he don’t want to marry. Simran says Sid should move on and that girl died 2 years back. Raj says she is Roshni, our daughter-in-law. He reminds her that once you did her kanyadaan. Simran says I loved her and gave her daughter’s place, but she accused my son. Simran says she was Roshni, but brought darkness in my son’s life. She says I want some other girl to come in my son’s life.

Sid reaches Ragini’s office. Ragini is leaving and takes the lift. Bunty and Sid wait for the lift. Sid asks Bunty not to take tension. Ragini tells Anya that she got a call from Naina aunty from London. She says I will brief you to execute her plan. Sid and Bunty wait for the lift. Bunty says don’t know where it is stuck. Ragini sees Anya lost and says I am talking to you and not the walls. Anya says yes. Ragini scolds her for her behavior and asks her to treat clients well. She takes the lift and checks the time. The lift door opens. Sid and Bunty looks on. Ragini comes out from other lift. Sid senses Roshni’s presence. Roshni’s phone falls down. Bunty asks what happened brother. Sid says I felt some known feeling. The boy asks if you want to eat candy floss. Ragini says she don’t like it. Sid looks at the taweez.

Sid and Bunty are waiting at Ragini’s office. Anya greets him and asks if he is Mr. Smith’s partner. Sid calls her Anya. Anya is surprised to see him. Sid asks her to give him a hug. She asks what are you doing here? Sid says you had resigned from our company and came here. It was a bad decision. Anya smiles. Sid says you had left super hot, super cool, humble boss and chosen hitler boss. Anya says Ragini is somewhat strict but because of her only, this magazine is on number 1 position. Sid says if this is your family business. Anya says this is just part of our family business, and says Ragini is the CEO. Sid says you have a good growth. Anya asks him to wait in Ragini’s cabin, and says she is coming back to meet you. Sid says we have to catch a flight, but will sit for sometime. Anya makes them sit in Ragini’s cabin. Sid asks her to take care. Bunty asks Sid, if she is the same girl which Simran had chosen for him. Sid says she is a little girl. He sits on Ragini’s chair and says her taste is good. He says where are you? Ms. Ragini Desai. Sid Khurana is waiting for you eagerly.

Ragini/Roshni hears DD’s voice asking her to face her fears. Ragini/Roshni says I am scared to look down since you have gone. Kesar chacha comes and says you have reached heights like your mum. Roshni hugs him. Kesar says I couldn’t understand your plan to come back here. Roshni asks him not to take Sid’s name in front of her. She recalls DD’s death, and says there is nobody by that name in my life or office. She says Mumbai is a big city and he will never be able to search Roshni as she is dead, and I am Ragini Desai.

Sid recalls Roshni and reminisces their conversation. He tells Bunty that he is missing Roshni and is seeing her everywhere even in gol gappa. Bunty smiles. Sid says I am missing her very much since 2-3 dats. Anya asks everyone to pack the things as they need to shift. Sid asks what happened? Anya says they are shifting to Mumbai. Bunty asks then why did she call us here? Anya says don’t know. Sid says this Ragini Desai is a difficult fish to catch, she can be away from media, but not from me. He says she is like DD and Roshni, and says deadly combination. Sid is about to see DD and Roshni’s photo frame which peon keeps on chair. He picks the photo frame, just then Bunty tells him that they need to reach airport 3 hours before for security purpose. Sid says it means we have to leave now, and keeps the photo frame back without seeing the pic. Sid tells Bunty that he will say bye to Anya and come. Roshni asks Kesar to reach airport and takes lift. Bunty goes through stairs. Ragini comes back and looks for Anya. Sid is busy on call.

Ragini is stopped by her employee, and she asks her to check the designs. Ragini checks it and goes. Sid sees her from behind and comes to Anya. He asks what happened Anya? Why you are crying? Anya says I am fine. Sid says our flight is preponed and that’s why we have to go. Anya says then how you will meet Ragini? Sid says as you said that your office is shifting to Mumbai, we can meet there. Anya says okay. He asks her to take care and call him whenever she needs help. He hugs her and goes. Bunty waits for him outside the office. Ragini also comes out and asks Anya how did they leave without meeting her. She says I came back for just the meeting. Sid misses her again. Ragini says I would never entertain such unprofessionals . She sees Anya lost and asks what is the matter with you? Anya says nothing. Ragini says no personal angst at work, I hope you get it. She asks her to be present in Mumbai and goes. She checks her air tickets.

Bunty gives ticket to Sid. Sid says seat number 25, good job. Roshni says 26, back seat. Bunty says we couldn’t meet Ragini. Sid says we will meet her in Mumbai, why you are taking tension jija ji. Bunty smiles. Manager tells the waiters about Ragini Desai’s instructions. Raj asks Manager. Manager says she don’t want any media glare or photographers. Raj says I want to welcome her personally. Manager says okay. Sid and Roshni’s cars stop at a signal. He sees candy floss and recalls his first meeting with Roshni and gets teary eyes.

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