Lady Accidentally Hanged Self In A Hotel Room After Row With Martial Arts Boyfriend (Photos)

A woman accidentally hanged herself in a hotel room in Thailand hours after rowing with her martial arts fighter boyfriend in a trendy nightclub, an inquest has heard. Abigail Brown - known as Abi - was found hanging by her bedsheets in their room by her 30-year-old boyfriend James Brum in the popular seaside resort of Phuket.

Police saw the couple arguing at the White Room nightclub and after the pair parted Miss Brown spotted her boyfriend of two years chatting up other women.

The 26-year-old's mother Jane Rowland told Portsmouth Coroner's Court that she did not believe her daughter intended to kill herself on January 6 this year.

"Abi was a gregarious fun loving girl with a zest for life," she told the inquest on Monday. "She could be in a moment and take you with her. She was wanderlust, thoughtful and generous." "She had a wide network of friends and kept in close contact with them," Jane continued. "We had a close relationship, she always told me everything.

"I can only come to the conclusion that on that night she had too much to drink, was upset and only meant to make James aware how upset she was, I truly believe that Abi never meant the outcome to be fatal."

A very short police statement, written by police captain Somkiat Sarasit, investigation officer of the Chalong Police Station and read out by Coroner Samantha Marsh revealed officers arrived at the room at 6.50am.

"We went to investigate [the hotel room] and found a British woman, Abigail Brown, approximately 20-years-old and I found her lying unconscious."

She also added that her boyfriend had been the first person to spot her.

A toxicology report report revealed there was alcohol, although the exact amounts were not given, in her system along with sickness medication metoclopramide and malaria treatment drug Quinine - standard among travellers.

The medicinal cause of death was given as suffocation or asphyxiation by Police Colonel Wiroot Sipasimgsirip and Police Cap Sarasit respectively.

Mrs Rowland added afterwards: "We will always be saddened by the death of our beautiful daughter Abi. "There is no one to blame for this moment of folly.

"But there is a lesson to be learned. When young people travel to these hot exciting places with cheap and un-regulated alcohol they need to look out for each other and always stay safe."


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