Angry Mob Kills Man For Stabbing An Old Woman To Death In Kogi State (Graphic Photo)

A old woman named Avoshi Seburu, mistakenly poured water on a young man named Ibrahim Abdulmalik (Photo above) on 24th, Wednesday, and she appologize to him in Ogaminana, Kogi State.

Unfortunately Yesterday morning, 25th, According to a Source, the young went to the woman's house and asked her daughter in-law that where is her mother and the young lady said her mother in-law is still on bed Sleeping, the young man insisted in seeing Mrs Avoshi Seburu and she came out and Ibrahim Abdulmalik asked her to pour that same kolanut water on him again and she repeated again in affirmation that it was a mistake my son. Ibrahim Abdulmalik then stab the old woman Avoushi to death.

Ibrahim Abdulmalik was also killed at the spot by angry mob. 

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