Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 412-413)

Abhi complimenting Pragya and calling her cute. Pragya is surprised. Abhi comes near her and then picks the doll. He says you are looking so cute and I want to kiss you. Pragya shouts. Abhi asks her to turn her face and talks to the doll. He says you know that I love you very much. The more I see you, the more I love you…..I want to sleep in your lap and I like it. He looks at Pragya and talks to doll. He asks her to tell something.

Pragya leaves from the room. Abhi asks do you love and miss me. He asks why you are quiet. He sees Pragya not there and thinks it is difficult to romance with her. Pragya thinks whether Ronnie convinced Abhi to sit with her on Puja. She says she has to do something to convince him. Abhi thinks how to woo her, and thinks to hug her. He then thinks to help her and thinks girls like helping boys. He goes towards her. Pragya asks do you need anything.

Abhi says I will search it. Pragya thinks he wants to stay with me, and thinks why he is talking normally as he said that he will not talk to me. Abhi thinks how to start the conversation. Mitali comes and tells Pragya that someone came to meet her. Abhi stops Pragya and asks her to make coffee for him. Mitali says she will make coffee for him. Abhi asks her to bring lamp’s milk before that.

Tanu tells Dasi that you couldn’t convince Abhi. Dasi says if Pragya trapped Abhi in her love then your marriage plan will be ruined. Aaliya says Dasi is right and asks her to convinced Abhi to get her signatures on the papers. Dasi says you are right, but I have to wait for a chance to talk to him. Ronnie comes. Tanu changes the topic. Ronnie asks Aaliya to sign on the papers, and says he have to get the money from them for the spent money. He says why you are standing here when you knew about the curfew. He says he will shoot them if he sees them standing there. Tanu says I will shoot him.

Dasi praises Pragya for making a good rangoli. Dadi asks why she is praising enemy. Payal comes to Pragya and asks her to teach her rangoli making. Pragya agrees. Sarla, Purab and Bulbul come there. Abhi talks to them. Dadi says lets start puja and then we have to fire the crackers. Abhi stares Pragya and smiles looking at her. He thinks to woo her. Pragya thinks what has happened to him? Why he is smiling looking at me. Pragya asks Ronnie, did you talk to Abhi? Ronnie says no. Payal says he will not sit in puja. Pragya thinks how to agree him. Abhi thinks to do as she says. She tells Dadi that I don’t think that he will sit in puja. Dadi asks her to sit for puja. Pragya sits in the puja alone.

Abhi comes to her and says this house is mine. No one can stop me from doing Lakshmi puja. Pragya is surprised. They do the aarti together. Bulbul, Purab and Dadi are happy to see them doing puja together. Pragya thinks how did he sit and is surprised. Purab gives crackers to Bulbul. Bulbul says she wants to fire crackers behind them. Purab asks have you gone mad? Bulbul goes to Ronnie and says she has a good idea. She says she will tie crackers on Aaliya’s foot and then it will be good.

Ronnie likes the idea and gets Aaliya engaged in his talk. Ronnie says I know Pragya’s secret and says it would benefit them. Tanu asks what s the secret? Ronnie asks them to promise before knowing the secret. Aaliya asks what is the promise. Bulbul ties crackers on Aaliya’s foot. Tanu says he is wasting our time. Ronnie says I know and will tell you. Tanu asks Aaliya to come and they turn to go.

Bulbul scolds Ronnie for not been able to stop Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya comes and asks what you are doing here. Purab makes an excuse. Pragya asks her to tell truth. Ronnie says Bulbul want to tie crackers on Aaliya’s feet. Pragya asks Bulbul not to do anything which will harm Tanu or her baby. 
Mitali thinking where to keep diya. Ronnie and Payal argue. Mitali collides with Taiji. They argue. She change her way and falls down. Mitali says I am a cat and will cut your way. Taiji asks her to pick her up. Mitali refuses. Ronnie and Payal comes to her help and fall down. Taya ji comes and helps her get up. Tai ji asks Mitali to clean the oil from the floor. Mitali refuses. Pragya thinks why Abhi is following her and thinks if he is doubting her. Abhi thinks why he is nervous and thinks she needs flirt type boy. He thinks he is a good flirt. Pragya asks Bulbul and Purab to enquire with Abhi and says she will hide.

Bulbul says she will spy on him and asks her not to worry. Abhi hears them and says he was searching someone. Bulbul asks if he was searching someone special.
Purab asks if he is searching Tanu? Bulbul asks if he is searching Pragya? Abhi says yes. He says he is having some personal work. Bulbul asks if you have started loving her. Abhi says my relation with her is not on personal front, and asks her to inform Pragya that something is urgent. Pragya comes out and wonders what to do?

Tanu searches for Abhi and thinks to go on a long drive with him. Abhi thinks what to do. Pragya thinks to talk to Dadi. Abhi waves his hand. Pragya asks what? Abhi says…….Tanu sees them together and asks Abhi what he is doing with her. Pragya says he is signing her strangely and asks why she is unable to take care of her to be husband. She asks if he wants to talk to her, then come to her room. Abhi thinks it was my idea to flirt with her, but she is flirting with me.

Tanu gets angry with Abhi. Abhi says I was following your idea, but rather than helping me but you are complicating things. He says I will not woo her. Tanu says I didn’t know that you are acting and says I will help you. Abhi acts her and behaves like being jealous. He asks her to get papers ready and says he will take her signatures. Abhi says he will get back his everything. Tanu asks him to catch her weakness. Abhi says he will see.

Tai ji and others feel that Diwali is boring. Bulbul says whose idea is this not to burn crackers. Sarla says it is a good idea not to burn crackers and talk about pollution. Dadi says Sarla is right and says happiness should be spread. Dasi also talks about Diwali. Mitali and Taiji argue again. Taya ji asks them to buy crackers from market and says Pragya did right. Mitali tells Taiji that they will celebrate Diwali by adding extra oil on the diyas. Pragya asks Ronnie to see the food arrangements and says we will eat together. Tai ji is happy. Mitali asks why she is happy and taunts her. Abhi asks Payal to help Ronnie and says we will eat with family.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she is happy as Abhi agreed to woo Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya is very smart. Tanu says Abhi is double smart and knows how to handle girls. Aaliya says yes as he is handling you. She goes to attend the call. Dadi asks Pragya why Abhi is behaving nicely with her. Pragya says don’t know and says he is behaving weird. She says he was signing her from behind the curtains. Dadi says I will do something and laughs. Nikhil comes to Tanu and holds her hand. Tanu says she has given him enough liberty and he sits on her head.

Nikhil says whenever he comes there, he makes sure nobody doubts on them. Pragya hears him and comes towards there. She pulls the curtains and sees Aaliya standing with Nikhil. Aaliya panics. Pragya doubts them. Nikhil says he was requesting Aaliya to convince abhi to do concert. Pragya says they are celebrating Diwali today and no work. Tanu comes from behind and says he will get me caught. Aaliya warns him to leave.

Sarla tells Dadi that she will leave now. Dadi asks her to have food. Sarla says she is not feeling like eating and says she will come some other day. Abhi insists, but Sarla refuses. Bulbul tells him that she is on diet and will go with Sarla. They leave. Pragya looks on emotional. Abhi thins he has to work on his plan and worries if he shares his plan with Dadi then she might fail his plan. Pragya sees Tanu, Aaliya and Nikhil coming there, and thinks they might be hiding something. 
Bulbul telling Sarla that Pragya might tell that she is acting all these days. Sarla gets emotional and asks why she is showing her fake dreams, etc. Purab tells her that he will take her to have icecream. Pragya recalls seeing Nikhil with Tanu and Aaliya and wonders what is the matter? Abhi comes and says he needs to talk to her. Pragya says she is not in a mood to fight. Abhi says we will have lovely talk today, and says no girl can stay alone then why you are alone. Pragya says it is my life and my wish. Abhi asks if there is any reason? Pragya says it is my life and it is none of your matter. Abhi says I want to know who will enjoy my money. Pragya says she has not decided and says she has to work now. She says she wants to show to the world that she can live alone.

Abhi says he wants someone to love him and says he can’t stay alone. He says he wants to move on. Pragya says it is your decision and she don’t want to interfere. She excuses herself. Tanu asks Aaliya not to talk to Nikhil else he will trouble her. Aaliya says mistake is yours and reminds that Nikhil gave her a necklace. Tanu says he gave me and I haven’t asked for it. Aaliya says you are letting him do, and giving him chance. She says we couldn’t do anything to kick Pragya.

Tanu asks what we have to do? Raj brings some papers and says if Abhi signs on the papers then the money will come to them as they will become Abhi’s half partner. He says Pragya will win the case, but till then they will enjoy the profit. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Abhi thinks something is hidden in Pragya’s heart which she don’t want to tell. He thinks to find out what is more important to her than money. He thinks to get close to her, and thinks it will be risky. Pragya comes back and asks why he didn’t sleep yet. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep and asks her to help. He says he wants to call his fuggi. Pragya asks how can I help you?

Abhi asks her to sit. He says whenever I didn’t get sleep, I used to keep my head on her lap and then I used to sleep. He says he wants to forget her. He places his head on her lap and thinks what she will do now. He thinks he is genius. Allah Wariyan plays……….Pragya keeps her hand on his head. She thinks what I am doing? If he is taking my test and thinks something is going on in his heart. She keeps his head above the pillow and leave.

Tanu asks Pragya why did she call her? Pragya says I called you to give warning, and tells Abhi can cross the limit. She says he insisted to rest his head on my lap and then…..I can’t say. Tanu asks if he misbehaved with you. Tanu thinks he is acting, but can fall for her. Pragya thinks Tanu will control Abhi now. Abhi wakes up and sees her sleeping. Pragya comes from outside and tells him good morning. Abhi sees Tanu sleeping beside him and is shocked. Pragya says I brought her here as you was feeling lonely yesterday. She says she is going to have breakfast, and asks him to decide till she finishes food. She leave.

Abhi asks Tanu what she was doing here? Tanu says Pragya told me that you was sleeping in her lap, and asks what happened then? Abhi says she gave me milk bottle? Tanu asks if you will cross the limit? Abhi says Pragya is fooling you and says I am pure as Ganga. Tanu apologizes. Abhi asks her not to doubt him else he will not woo Pragya then she will become servant wife of a servant husband.

Update: Thursday Update On Sands Of Time

Kshom is not at all receptive to Jia's explanation telling her to get out from his life. Nethra shows her superiority attitude towards Jia where Jia chastens her by slapping her and telling her to get out of the house. The episode ends with Daakshi fabricating wrong statements against Kshom . Kshom loses his cool and practically attacks on Daakshi in return he makes his case weak in the eyes of Law. 

Jia runs after Kshom and pledges to do anything to help him get out,Kshom walks away in huff, his associate informs Jia that he can't fight Kshoms case anymore. Meanwhile, on Jia's insistence the insurance officer informs Daakshi that she won't be able to get any money until the weeklong procedures are done.Jia bumps into a young spirited girl Tannu, who she thinks can help her to get Kshom out of Jail and Daakshi karan into it

Jia tells Tannu that there is an acting assignment waiting for her, which motivates tannu to escape from Gurmeet. Tannu even impresses Shekhar and jia with her confidence. But when she later realizes that she has to perform in real life to save Jia's husband Kshom . She backs out foreseeing the unseen danger.

Gyan and Rukmani meet Kshom where Kshom makes it very apparent that he does not need any help. We find it is none other than jia who had sent gyan and Rukmani to help. Gurmeet accidentally meets jia and develops a liking for her. The episode ends with Tannu agreeing to act for jia with a promise made by Gurmeet that she does not have to get married to her and go to Bathinda.

Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 231-233)

Kalpi is in building, Raghav comes there too. Kalpi goes in the elevator she sees Raghav coming in that direction too. She is quite shocked. She tries to close the door immediately and Raghav’s hand gets hurt in this. Kalpi hurriedly opens the door for him. Raghav enters the elevator. Raghav comes closer to her. Kalpi is worried for Raghav’s hand. She holds his hand and caresses it.
Raghav comes closer but kalpi runs out of the elevator. Raghav says stop kalpi. Why are you doing this why are you running away from me. 

Kalpi says because I don’t want to meet you for whole year. Raghav says I know and I have kept my promise but fate makes us face each other and you know why this happens because we are made to be with each other. Why are you leaving when you came here for loan. Kalpi says I don’t want loan on anyone’s bases. I want to do something. Will you make your kalpi so weak that she can’t do anything by her own. Raghav says I know my kalpi is so strong that she can win the whole world by her own. He says I am sorry I won’t help you by now. Go and apply for the loan. I just want you to be successful. Kalpi leaves.

Pakhi is in the house. She says I will wait for the day when our friendship will turn into love. Raghav comes in. She says should I make the tea ? He says no. She sees his hand. She asks what happened on your hand ? I should bring the medicine for you. It must be hurting. Raghav says no Pakhi some pains don’t need a medicine.

Nettu says to kamla that I am having a headache. Kamla says lets watch TV. Nettu says It will increase the headache. Same old channels. Kamla says no from 8 pm a new channel will be aired.

Pakhi comes to Mummy ji and asks what are you watching ? Mummy ji says I am waiting for the new channel and the show zindagi gulzar hai. It will make me recall Lahore.

Kamla says says to Nettu that our culture may be different but our feelings and emotions are same.

Pakhi says to mummy ji that Kashaf’s love story is really cute. Mummy ji says its related to the heart. All the stories on zindagi channel will be related to life.

Manda asks what happened kamla ? Why do you all look so upset ? Kalpi says we couldn’t get the loan. Now kalpi has gone to the other bank. Lets see what happens. Nettu says she could get the loan if guarantee.. Kalpi interrupts and says guarantee is not needed. She will get it and prove herself. Kalpi comes in Manda asks did you get the loan ? Kalpi says no bank has some rules I have applied at another bank. Kalpi comes upstairs and says I am not going to give up. Vitthal says are you upset on not getting the loan ? Kalpi says not at all.

Vitthal says just remember what we taught you. At night kalpi is talking to her friend on phone. Its her engagement. Kalpi says yes I will come for sure. Nettu asks where are you going ? kalpi says its my friend Ria’s engagement. Nettu says she is Pakhi's friend too ? Kalpi says yes she is our mutual friend. Kalpi leaves. Nettu says I should go there too maybe Raghav and Pakhi will come too. I should stay there. Anything can happen.

kalpi is calling at different places but nothing is working out. kamla comes and says don’t be disappointed regarding the restaurant. I see the will in you. You’ll make it through. Kalpi says i know that’s why i’m praying to God. But i don’t know how to start. Kamla says did you know that you’ll start a life? God is testing you and i believe that you’ll top the test. Tomorrow we’ll talk to all the ladies about the it.

Raghav says on call to someone i’m not coming to the office. Pakhi comes downstairs. Raghav is discussing office affairs. Pakhi comes and says good morning. Raghav responds. Pakhi asks how is your hand. Raghav says its okay. Pakhi says i want to talk about something. There in chowl kamla says to the ladies that working for us can only fulfill our needs. We should start something of our own. One lady says you’re right but how will we start without loan. Kamla says so its nothing to be disappointed. Kalpi says every big thing starts with small. Kamla says she’s right. We’ll cook in our houses we won’t need a kitchen or investment. Ladies agree to her. 

Raghav asks Pakhi what is it? Pakhi says its my friend's engagement party. I know you don’t like to go to parties but they have invited you specially. They’d be hurt if you don’t come. Raghav says i’d love to come but i’m not feeling well and there is too much work. Pakhi asks what happened. He says nothing much. Pakhi says i know you don’t consider, me your wife but as long as we’re together we’ll be husband and wife in the eyes of world. You can come as a friend. Raghav says okay i’m coming. Pakhi says thank you. Let me bring you the soup.

Nettu comes to kalpi and says why are you not ready? Don’t you have to go to the engagement? Kalpi says i’m not in mood to. Nettu says how can you say that. Kamla comes and asks what's going on? Nettu says look its her friend's engagement but she’s not going. Kalpi says i don’t want to go alone. Nettu says i’m coming with you. Don’t worry go and get ready. Kamla says Nettu is right you should go, you will feel better. Kalpi says then you should come too. Nettu says she’ll be bored there. Kalpi says you’ve to come. Kamla says okay i’ll come with you.

kamla, kalpi and Nettu are at the engagement. Raghav and Pakhi arrive too. Nettu sees them she says in heart i should get Raghav and kalpi to meet. Nettu says to kalpi bring me some water. She sends her in the direction of Raghav. Kalpi goes there and strikes him. They’re both shocked. Raghav says fate want us to meet again and again. I think something is going to happen. Kalpi says no way can get us together. We’ve to stay parted for this year. Raghav says i’ll stay away from you. Pakhi sees them together. She comes to kalpi and asks how are you, kalpi says i’m good. Kamla comes there too. She’s also shocked to see Raghav. She meets Pakhi.

Kamla says you look beautiful. You didn’t like this color why are you wearing it ? Pakhi says Raghav likes it. Kamla says that is so good. Its the sign of good relationships of husband and wife. You should wear the color your husband likes. Pakhi asks kalpi about her restaurant. Kamla says this restaurant is our dream and hope. We don't just make money like rich people. This restaurant will give new life to people of chowl. Kalpi will be their power so no rich guy can betray us. Raghav leaves. Kamla says you should stay with your husband in events like these. Pakhi goes to Raghav. Kamla says kalpi its late lets go. Kamla says to Nettu lets you. Nettu says i met Pakhi after so long can we stay here for bit long. Kamla says okay then you stay we’re leaving.

Kamla and kalpi are going out. Nettu goes to the bride and congratulates her. She says kalpi is going without telling you. Ria stop kalpi and kamla and says you people can’t go like this . Her mom says Ria and kalpi are childhood friends. You’ve to stay here. The dance is going on in the engagement. Everyone is enjoying . Kalpi is not dancing. Ria asks Pakhi where are you going ? She says i’m looking for my husband. Ria says introduce him at least. Pakhi takes her there and says this is my husband Raghav. She holds his hand. Kalpi doesn’t like this . Raghav congratulates her. Ria says you’re such a good couple. I’m so happy that you came.

Pakhi is talking to Raghav. Raghav takes her hand off and says i’m coming. Pakhi stops him and introduces him to another friend in the same way. Kalpi goes out. She is bit upset and recalls the promise Raghav made in mandir to her.

Raghav goes to kamla and says are you still angry with me kamla maa. Kamla leaves without saying anything. Pakhi comes and says Raghav lets go and eat something. Raghav says i’m not in mood to. Nettu says Raghav should be with kalpi. She goes and says Pakhi come in i want to talk. Pakhi says Raghav is my husband you can say here. Raghav says you should go. Nettu takes her in. Raghav gets a call and goes out. He sees kalpi there. Raghav goes to her. Kalpi says why do you come in front of me. I can’t hurt ai again and again. Raghav says what about the pain you’re feeling . Kamla comes there and sees them together. They’re shocked.

Kamla comes and sees Raghav and kalpi together. She is shocked. Kalpi leaves. Ragahv says please forgive me i know i am wrong. I have hurt you so much. I know that you had to suffer because of me. I vow that from now and on i will do what you say. He is on his knees. He says kalpi is my love and i can’t forget her. I want her at any cost. I know your pain but can’t do anything. Please pardon me. kamla says kalpi is suffering the punishment of loving you. You destroyed your love in your anger. Did you ever think how she feels ? You loved my daughter and left her and married my other daughter and you are deceiving her now. Which mistake should i forgive you for ? I heard that love brings happiness but what you gave to my daughters ? Pain ? Tears ? i don’t know what should i pardon you for 

Nettu is so busy with eating. Ladies come and ask her where have you been ? You are not even coming to the kitty ?Nettu is so busy with eating. They say leave she can’t see anything in front of food. Nettu asks servant to bring some sweet.

Ragahv starts coughing. Pakhi asks what happened ? Let me bring you water. She recalls when he had it because of the room spray. Both kalpi and Pakhi bring him water. He takes kalpi’s glass but later takes Pakhi’s too.

The waiter comes to Nettu and says the ice cream is over. Nettu says how is that possible ?Bring the halwa and ghulab jamun. Kamla comes to Nettu and says i know you like it but its not good to eat too much here. Lets go home. Nettu says you should go i will come by myself. Ragahv says to pakhi lets go. Pakhi says yeah let me bring my clutch. He goes out.

kamla and kalpi are on the road looking for an auto. Kamla says kalpi you meet Ragahv here and there but you have to stay away from him. Kalpi says I didn’t come to meet him i don’t even want to. Kamla says that's better for you. I trust you. Kamla is looking for an auto. Ragahv comes and says let me drop you. Kalpi says i don’t want your favor please go. Raghav leaves. Kamla comes to kalpi and they start moving forward. A car that looks uncontrollable is coming to kalpi and kamla but their face is on the other side. Ragahv sees it and runs to save kamla and kalpi. He shoves them but the car hits him.

Kamla and kalpi look. He is on the floor and his head is bleeding. Kalpi shouts Raghav please open your eyes. Kamla says let me get a rickshaw. Kamla stops a rickshaw and asks the driver to help her. He says its a police case he won’t help. Kalpi is crying hard. She says please open you eyes Raghav. Kalpi stops another rickshaw and says please stop and help us. Ragahv is dying please. The driver comes and they put him in the auto. They leave. Pakhi comes out and looks here and there for Raghav. She can’t find him. She calls him but his phone rings in his car. She wonders where is his phone.

kamla and kalpi reach the hospital they are so worried. Doctor takes Ragahv in the emergency room. The doctor says call the police. Kamla says let me call and inform Pakhi. She goes out but there is no network. Kalpi asks the doctor how is he ? She says the situation is critical yet. We can’t say anything. Kamla comes and says nothing will happen to him don’t worry. Kalpi says please remove all the hate from your heart and pray for him. I will never meet him again if you say. God listens to you please ask him to save Ragahv. Kamla says he is my daughter’s husband and I can’t see him die. I will pray for him. Kamla leaves. The nurse comes and asks kalpi to fill the form. She says you have to fill the name, relation, contact and address. Kalpi writes everything but is empty in the relation box.

Kamla calls Pakhi. Pakhi says Ragahv is no where. I was about to call you. I don’t know what to do. Kamla says listen to me calmly. Raghav has met an accident.
There kalpi is wondering what to wirte in the relation box. She recalls when Ragahv placed sindur in her hair She writes wife. Pakhi asks kamla is Ragahv okay ? She says just come as soon as possible. Kalpi returns the form.

Update: Thursday On The Vow (Episode 393- 395)

Sindoora is stunned with Guruji's statement. He says that strange are the ways of fate but Sindoora promises to alter even destiny! Uma gets nostalgic about Sagar and says that her son will surely return because he had promised her. Meanwhile, Yadav comes home and tells Sindoora that he knows she is responsible for Sagar's death, so she demands for evidence. He asks her where she was when Sagar was attacked, so she replies that she was in home.

Mahua recalls seeing Sindoora return home drenched and rush upstairs on that day but doesn't say anything. Meanwhile, Chandra asks Sindoora whether Yadav's accusations were true. Sindoora asks her that if it were true, would she still stand by her. Chandra believes that Sindoora can never kill her own brother, so Sindoora retorts that Sagar was never her own, only her sisters were. She promises Chandra and Mahua to always protect them. On the other hand, Cheenu tells Shalu that he does not want to stay back after Sagar's death. When Hema intervenes, Cheenu says that Sindoora will humiliate them also soon and throw them out.

Bharat weeps and begs Cheenu not to leave. Chandra informs Sindoora about it, so Sindoora replies that Cheenu was, anyway, a burden! Sindoora offers food to Bharat, so he angrily flings it across. The ketchup falls on Sindoora's sari and she screams, 'Blood'! Meanwhile, Cheenu asks Uma to come with him but she replies that she will wait for Sagar. Cheenu tells Uma that Sagar will never come with Sindoora around. Just then Sindoora comes and asks Cheenu to leave if he wishes but warns him against instigating her family against her. An inconsolable Bharat sees Cheenu leave and vows not to stay with his mother! Sindoora gets worried looking for Bharat and she wonders if he has left her!

A worried Sindoora visits Aniket in jail and asks him whether Bharat had come. Aniket asks her whether she had thrown him out also, so she denies it. Aniket tells Sindoora that Bharat has run away from her! He says that she had already lost her brother and her husband! Aniket curses her that she will never be happy! Meanwhile, Mahua tells Rajiv that they must leave home for the sake of their unborn baby because she fears Sindoora. On the other hand, Sindoora visits Guruji. He tells her that there is much more she has to suffer, like her imminent end. He says that there will be a baby born in the house soon who will bring about her end! Rajiv overhears. He packs his bags and tells Mahua that they must leave home right away for the welfare of their family.

However, Sindoora stops them but Rajiv makes an excuse. However, Mahua feels nauseous and faints. Sindoora learns about Mahua's pregnancy. She promises not to leave Mahua alone even for a minute. Rajiv is shocked! Eight months pass by, and Mahua goes into labour on a stormy night. Rajiv decides to take Mahua away before Sindoora gets a whiff of it. Mahua gives birth to a baby boy. Rajiv vows not to let Sindoora get hold of his baby and decides that they must leave the place fast. On the other hand, Sindoora is shocked to see nobody in Mahua's room!

Rajiv goes to check outside when he sees Sindoora in the hospital corridor. Rajiv recalls the doctor mentioning earlier that the other patient too had given birth to a baby boy, so he exchanges the babies. Sindoora takes the baby away as she recalls Guruji's prophecy. Rajiv tells her that he knows about the prophecy but begs her to spare his baby. Sindoora agrees, but provided he lets her bring him up. She warns Rajiv that Mahua and he will not interfere at all, or she would forget her promise. Rajiv agrees.

Sindoora names him Samrat. Rajiv is pleased that the one who will bring about Sindoora's end is already born! He comes to Mahua's room and sees his baby missing. The nurse informs him that the lady who was in his room was an outsider from Benares, and the family had already left. Eight years pass by. Sindoora earns a name for herself and reporters praise her for her generosity and request her to join politics. Guruji tells her that she is destined for politics.

Sindoora is shocked to see Hema and Harish return with Cheenu and Shalu's little child. Hema informs her that Cheenu and Shalu were missing after an accident and beg Sindoora to give them refuge. Seeing the reporters, Sindoora agrees. Later at night, when Sindoora is passing by Sagar's room, she hears Sagar and Vidya's voices and runs away! Twenty-one years pass by and Sindoora has become a seasoned politician. When Sindoora is donating clothes to the poor, a man catches her hand. It turns out to be none other than Aniket!

31st May: Today In History

Today is Wednesday, May 31, the 151st day of 2017. There are 214 days left in the year.

Today’s Highlight in History:
1977:  The Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, three years in the making despite objections from environmentalists and Alaska Natives, was completed. (The first oil began flowing through the pipeline 20 days later; today the pipeline carries an average of 1.8 million barrels of oil a day, according to the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers website.)
1790:  President George Washington signed into law the first U.S. copyright act.
1889:  Some 2,200 people in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, perished when the South Fork Dam collapsed, sending 20 million tons of water rushing through the town.
1910:  The Union of South Africa was founded.
1916:  During World War I, British and German fleets fought the naval Battle of Jutland off Denmark; there was no clear-cut victor, although the British suffered heavier losses.
1935:  Movie studio 20th Century Fox was created through a merger of the Fox Film Corp. and Twentieth Century Pictures.
1949:  Former State Department official and accused spy Alger Hiss went on trial in New York, charged with perjury (the jury deadlocked, but Hiss was convicted in a second trial).
1961:  South Africa became an independent republic as it withdrew from the British Commonwealth.
1962:  Former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel a few minutes before midnight for his role in the Holocaust.
1970:  A magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Peru claimed an estimated 67,000 lives.
1985:  88 people were killed, more than 1,000 injured, when 41 tornadoes swept through parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Ontario, Canada, during an 8-hour period.
1994:  The United States announced it was no longer aiming long-range nuclear missiles at targets in the former Soviet Union.
2005:  Breaking a silence of 30 years, former FBI official W. Mark Felt stepped forward as “Deep Throat,” the secret Washington Post source during the Watergate scandal.

Actor-director Clint Eastwood is 87.
Singer Peter Yarrow is 79.
Former Humanitarian Terry Waite is 78.
Singer-musician Augie Meyers is 77.
Actress Sharon Gless is 74.
Football Hall-of-Famer Joe Namath is 74.
Broadcast journalist/commentator Bernard Goldberg is 72.
Actor Tom Berenger is 67. 

Quotes Of The Day:
At The End Of The Day, You Won't Be Happy Until You Love Yourself... 
Be A Pineapple, Stand Tall, Wear A Crown And Be Sweet On The Inside... 

Update: Wednesday On The Vow (Episode 390-392)

Sindoora looks at the dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya and declares that the story has ended! Yadav and Cheenu turn up at the place, and Cheenu is shocked to see Sagar and Vidya dead! Cheenu breaks down. Sindoora, who is bloodstained, goes to a well nearby and washes it off. She is jubilant that she has won! Sindoora returns home and runs upstairs.

Mahua sees her and wonders why Sindoora is drenched. Meanwhile, Uma asks the family to make arrangements for the religious ceremony. Everyone is wondering where Sagar, Vidya and Cheenu are, and just then Cheenu arrives. Uma asks him where Sagar and Vidya are. The dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya are brought, and Uma and the family are stunned! When Uma screams, Sindoora hears it in her room.

Cheenu tells Uma that what he had feared has finally happened. Uma is numb with shock and wonders why everyone is crying. She asks Cheenu to make preparations for the religious ceremony. Cheenu tells Uma that Sagar and Vidya are dead, so she slaps him and says that they are only sleeping. Uma tries to wake them and then tells Sindoora about it. Sindoora puts on an act and goes to wake up Sagar but gets hysterical when she sees his eyes open!

Sindoora screams that Sagar is alive! Chandra yells at her and tells her that Sagar is dead! Cheenu looks at Sindoora in total disgust and anger, so she wonders what he knows. Meanwhile, Aniket is brought home from jail and is devastated to see the dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya. Aniket gets hysterical and says that he was unable to save both of them, so Sindoora asks him to calm down and promises to get the culprit punished! Aniket is enraged and accuses her of killing Sagar and Vidya! He goes to attack her but is pulled back by Bharat.

Aniket warns Bharat never to trust his mother because she is the one who had killed Sagar and sent him to jail too! Aniket promises Sindoora that she will continue to get punished for her misdeeds and will never be happy! Sindoora informs her family that Aniket is greatly disturbed. When the bodies are being taken away, Uma demands to know where they are taking her sleeping children. Meanwhile, Sindoora empties the room of Sagar and Vidya's belongings and orders her help to always lock the room.

People start pouring in to offer condolences to Sagar and Vidya's family. Yuvraj and Saraswati from "Ghar ki Lakshmiyan Betiyann", Mahi and Shabd of 'Maika', Saloni and Nahar from "Saat Phere" and Raja and Neelima from "Rakhi - Atoot Rishtey Ki Dor" make a special appearance to pay their condolences to Sagar and Vidya's family. Saloni says that Sagar and Vidya's love will always remain immortal.

Uma tells Chandra that Guruji has still not come for to perform the religious ceremony. Raja of 'Rakhi - Atoot Rishtey ki Dor' tells Uma that he can understand the pain of losing a son, so Uma promises to offer her condolences to the ones who've lost their son once Sagar wakes up! Shabd from 'Maika' asks Cheenu whether he knows how the accident happened, so Cheenu asserts that the culprit will not be able to escape! Cheenu looks at Sagar's photograph and apologises for not reaching on time to help them but promises Sagar to seek vengeance for his death! He vows to find the tape having Sindoora's confession! Just then, Guruji arrives and Uma is happy.

Rajiv requests Guruji to pray that Sagar and Vidya's souls rest in peace. Guruji replies that someone has killed them before time, so their souls will not easily rest in peace. He suggests that each every single of Sagar and Vidya's belongings must be given away in charity, or their souls will keep wandering to demand justice! Later, Sindoora warns Cheenu that it will be in his good to remain mum because he is aware of what she is capable of doing! On the other hand, when Sindoora is passing by Sagar's room she wonders who has opened it, so she goes inside to check, but is haunted by Sagar and Vidya's spirits! A hysterical Sindoora runs down and screams. She tells Guruji that she felt the presence of Sagar and Vidya, so he replies that some thing belonging to them is surely still around and that's why Sagar and Vidya's souls were not set free.

Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 482-483)

Roshni comes to her cabin, but Neil comes and tells her that he wants to talk to her. Roshni says she has a meeting to attend with a client. Neil says it is urgent. They leave. Sid thinks what nonsense. Neil takes Roshni to a restaurant and apologizes for Naina’s sayings. Roshni asks him not to apologize and holds his hands. They laugh talking to each other. Sid asks receptionist if Ragini Desai left. Receptionist says yes.

Sid talks to receptionist and says he will not come again and send mail to Ragini instead. Roshni asks Neil why did you get scared of me. Neil says I don’t get scared of anyone, except my past. Roshni says Neil. Neil says you know my past now. My mum have proposed you on my behalf. He asks her to take time and says our friendship will not be affected with it. Roshni thanks him and says I really appreciate it. Neil says your client. Roshni says I am sure he must have left by now. 

Anya checks friendsbook, and thinks Arya is missing there. Simran calls Anya and asks her to come with her for shopping. Anya says I can’t come as I have many meetings to attend. Mami thinks why is she running away from her saas. Simran asks her to think about Sid and says I am coming to pick you in the morning. She disconnects the call. Anya thinks what is this new trouble. Raj tells Simran that Sid have explained to you, but you are not understanding. Simran says Sid and Anya love each other, and she is so good, I won’t let her go. She goes to make tea. Raj is tensed.

Sid asks Bunty and Pinto to find out about Arya. Sid gets Anya’s call who informs him about Simran’s call. Pinto asks him to come with him. Sid says I have some important work and asks them to find him. Sid comes to the florist shop and buys all the bouquets for the special day. He imagines Roshni asking him what is the surprise. Sid says there is so much, and asks what he will get. Roshni kisses on his cheek and looks lovingly. They dance on the song Tum Se Hi in the beautifully decorated place. His imagination ends and he looks at Roshni’s pic. He kisses on it and says I am all alone. Just return or call me near you. He wishes her happy birthday.

Next day Roshni gets Neil’s call and he wishes her happy birthday. Door bell rings, Roshni opens the door and gets flowers sent by Neil. She opens the box and sees strawberry cake. Neil says it is for you, low carb. Roshni reminisces Sid bringing cake for her and thanks Neil.

Simran comes to room and sees Roshni’s pic on the table, and asks servant to pick the garbage from his room. Sid says this is not trash, but Roshni’s memory…Only I have right on it, and says nothing can go out of my room without my permission. Simran says Naina Devi called you at her home. Sid comes to Anya’s home. Naina greets her and says Anya went out. We have to do many arrangements. She says today is Ragini Desai’s birthday. She is my Neil’s fiance. Sid thinks Ms. Hitler is marrying Mr. Hitler, and thinks Ragini shares her birthday with his Roshni. Naina says she has planned surprise birthday party for Ragini, and says that’s why I called you for help.

Sid says why did you call me? Naina says you are our family now. Servant asks about decorating the flowers. Sid says white out, red in. Mami says Neil doesn’t like it. Naina says she is doing this to make Neil and Sid come closer and talk. Roshni and Neil are in the meeting. Neil asks the client to let Ragini speak and asks why did you need my opinion. Mr. Shaw says just because you are ownder. Neil says my company were in loss, but just because of Ragini it has become profitable, and refuses to work with him. Mr. Shaw leaves. Roshni apologizes and says it was a big deal. Neil says I don’t like people who don’t respect woman. He gets a call and goes. Roshni thinks about his words.

Naina praises Sid for the wonderful decorations. Anya says it is smelling good, but Ragini….Neil comes and says I am home. Sid asks Anya to tell Naina not to call him Jamai Raja. Naina tells Neil that Jamai Raja have done the arrangements. Neil says I told you that I will get it personally done. Sid says she asked for my help and I agreed. Neil says Ragini doesn’t like red roses and asks to get white orchids instead. Sid says I will leave. Naina asks her to stop till Ragini cuts the cake. Sid says I have important work to do. Naina insists. Sid agrees. He feels like slapping Neil. Just then door bell rings. Neil asks everyone to hide as it is a surprise birthday party. He switches off the lights and goes to bring cake. Sid also hides. Roshni comes inside and sees dark.

She asks if anyone is inside the house. Sid hears her voice and gets moved. She is about to fall, and Sid holds her in his arms. Veer Zaara Do Palon ka song plays. Sid is surprised to see her. Roshni is shocked to see him. They recall all the happy and romantic moments between them and a flashback is shown. Sid couldn’t believe his eyes and continues to stare at her. Roshni moves back while he tries to touch her and make himself believe. Neil comes in between them and wishes happy birthday to Roshni and address her as Ragini. Sid is shocked. He asks her to come.

Everyone comes and light is switched on. They wish her happy birthday. Naina asks Sid to come. Sid is still in shock. Roshni gets emotional and is in shock too. Sid looks at her. Anya says 1 second. She asks Ragini to blow the candles before cutting cake. Roshni looks on. Naina asks her to make a wish with one candle. Roshni blows the candle. Neil sings happy birthday song. She cuts the cake and makes Neil have the first bite as told by Naina. Sid is in tears. Everyone smiles. Roshni makes everyone have cake. She tries to go past Sid. He holds her hand.

Naina asks Neil to wait for Ragini. Neil says I am hungry and can’t wait for her now. Anya says dada. Mami sees Sid holding Roshni’s hand and signs her husband. Roshni is also in shock and comes to Naina. Naina says your friend is having food and haven’t waited for you. Neil asks her to have dhoklas and makes her taste it. Roshni is also teary eyes. Mami asks Sid to have cake. Sid says I am not hungry. Neil asks Roshni to try kachori. Sid comes towards her. Roshni gets up and goes to room. Sid follows her. He holds her hand and kiss on it.

He looks at her face to make himself believe, and smiles happily with tears in his eyes. He signs that she is looking wonderful. Roshni is in tears also. He asks her to let him look at her, and says since 2 years, I have kept your memories in my heart and have kept you alive in my breath. I have beared 2000 years of pain in just 2 years. He says he was living two faces for the world. He says his heart was sure that his Roshni is alive as he is breathing. He says thank god and hugs her.

Roshni is in shock. Kesar asks what happened? Roshni says I did a big mistake by coming here. Sid sees Kesar and says Chachu….Kesar is shocked to see him there in Naina’s house. Naina calls Roshni…as Ragini. She says I was searching you outside. She tells Sid that she forgot to introduce them. She introduces Ragini and says she is like my daughter, and will become my family soon when she becomes my bahu. She says Neil and Ragini and asks him to understand. Neil asks Naina to stop it. Naina says okay, and introduces Sid as Anya’s husband. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Kesar is shocked too.

Update: Wednesday On Sands Of Time

Kshom is expressionless. While he is being taken to the jail he reminisces what had actually happened. Kshom barges in the house fuming with anger. He sees Daakshi battered. Physical confrontation takes place between Karan and Kshom where Kshom hits Karan with an object. He assumes that he has killed Karan. Co- incidentally Jia barges in with the police.

Jia and Shekhar try to make Kshom communicate with them but in vain. Kshom is baffled to realize that he is blamed to kill Aman not Karan. He has a notion that he killed Karan. Here Karan and Daakshi are exhilarated at the success of the plan. The episode ends with Nethra being able to poison Kshom's mind against Daakshi. 

Kshom is still expressionless with his blood splattered on his shirt. While he is being taken to the jail he reminisces what had actually happened. Kshom barges in the house fuming with anger. He sees Daakshi battered. Physical confrontation takes place between Karan and Kshom where Kshom hits Karan with an object. He assumes that he has killed Karan.

Co- incidentally Jia barges in with the police. Jia and Shekhar try to make Kshom communicate with them but in vain. Kshom is baffled to realize that he is blamed to kill Aman not Karan. He has a notion that he killed Karan. Here Karan and Daakshi are exhilarated at the success of the plan. The episode ends with Nethra able to mind poison Kshom that jia knew that Daakshi was entrapping him.

Nethra is successful in mind poisoning Kshom against Jia. Jia is lamenting to Shekhar that they should have recorded Karan and Daakshi conversation. Jia decides to tell Kshom about the facts. Kshom is not at all receptive to Jia's explanation telling her to get out from his life.

Nethra shows her superiority attitude towards Jia where Jia chastens her by slapping her and telling her to get out of the house. The episode ends with Daakshi fabricating wrong statements against Kshom . Kshom loses his cool and practically attacks on Daakshi in return he makes his case weak in the eyes of Law.

Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 410-411)

Pragya telling Abhi that she didn’t break the specs and refuses to talk to him until he trust on her. She cries and thinks this specs have connected us, why I would break it. Tanu peeps in the room and sees Pragya crying. She thinks Pragya gets affected by Abhi. She thinks to make Pragya lose through Abhi. She gets an idea to get back everything from Pragya, and thinks who can convince Abhi for this. She thinks Aaliya can convince Abhi for this plan. She tells Aaliya that she saw Pragya crying with her eyes. Aaliya smiles. Tanu shares her plan. Aaliya says it is a brilliant idea, but I will not talk to him. She says Abhi will not agree to me. Tanu says then who will talk to Abhi? She says Dadi. Aaliya says Dadi is traditional and will not agree. She says she will think something.

Dadi comes to Pragya and sees her crying. Pragya tells her that Abhi kept her old specs, but it was broken. She says she didn’t know how it was broken. Dadi says she will scold Abhi. Pragya says she didn’t feel bad when Abhi scolded her, and says she felt good as Abhi loves her very much. She says she is afraid that her love in his heart will end. Dadi says we have to hurry up and bring Tanu’s truth infront of him, and then things will be fine. Pragya tells her that they will not talk to each other from now, but she is sure that Abhi will make excuses to talk to her.

Dadi says you both can’t stay without each other. Pragya smiles shyly. Aaliya gets an idea and says we have to convince Dasi. Tanu stops her. Dasi asks why did you stop me? Dasi says she is spying to know what is going on in the house. Aaliya says we need help. She says Pragya is the problem and says we are finding way to kick Pragya out. Tanu says don’t know who can do this tough task. Aaliya says you will refuse. Dasi asks her to tell. Tanu says we have to convince Abhi to deal with Pragya and says I think you can’t do this. Dasi asks them not to take her lightly, and says she can do anything to teach a lesson to Pragya. Aaliya asks her to decide. Dasi says yes. Tanu shares her plan with Dasi. Dasi asks have you gone mad? Will Abhi agree? Aaliya says you said you will agree him. Dasi says she can convince him but. Tanu requests her to help her. Dasi says Abhi will not do this. Abhi and Pragya argue and tries talking through Payal and Ronnie. Pragya says may be his thing was broken because of him. Abhi tells that he can break her head also. Pragya and Ronnie leaves.

Abhi thinks he has taught a good lesson to Pragya. Tanu asks Dasi to talk to him. Abhi tells her that he taught her a lesson. Dasi says you should do something to deal with her, and says I have a permanent solution. Abhi says I can do anything for my family. Dasi asks him to trap Pragya in fake love. Abhi asks are you fine and asks her to take rest. Tanu says we are not joking and are serious. Abhi says I knew that this cheap idea is yours. Tanu asks him to impress, love and then cheat Pragya. Abhi doesn’t like the idea. Dasi asks what is wrong in this. Abhi says he gets angry seeing her. Dasi says you can try…Abhi refuses and asks Tanu to keep cheap tricks to herself. Aaliya says she knows that Abhi would react like this. Raj comes and asks what is going on? Aaliya expresses anger towards him, and says you couldn’t handle the killer which I hired to kill Pragya. Raj says he was an useless man. Abhi talks to the broken specs and says he will punish the guilty. Pragya hears him and thinks she is missing real happiness. She thinks Abhi loves her so much, and wishes she was with him instead of specs. Abhi thinks Pragya might be thinking him as stupid and wonders why she left him and oversee his love.

Dadi asks the servants to decorate house well. Pragya gives instructions to Ronnie. Dadi asks Pragya who will do the puja. Pragya says Abhi. Dadi says husband and wife do the puja together. Taiji says Tanu will sit with Abhi. Dadi says she is intelligent. Pragya says she will sit with Abhi as she was his ex wife. Dadi agrees. Pragya asks her to make her grand son understand not to roam around her. Abhi says he is rockstar and people roam around him. Dadi thinks they are still fighting and how they wul do the puja. 

Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor coming to Abhi’s house. Salman/Prem says Dasi called him here. Prem asks them to tell about their problems. Maithali/Sonam says he will definitely solve our problems. Everyone argue and says they want to talk to him first. Aaliya says everyone is sad, and we have to ask help from guest. Aaliya asks do you really solve other’s problems. Prem says yes. Aaliya says we have one problem and that is Pragya. She says she has transferred everything on her name by cheating us. She is troubling us. Tanu says she is not letting us marry also. Dadi asks why you are sharing problem with guest. Dasi says I need independence. Tanu asks Abhi to tell that Pragya has cheated them and took over his property. Pragya asks Maithali to come with her. Dadi takes Dasi inside and asks why did you bring Prem here. Dasi asks her to sit and says she wants to clear the troubles from home. Dadi says family members can solve the problems, and says it is Abhi’s insult if outsider comes to solve our problem. Dasi says she didn’t think like that. Dasi says Prem want to help us. Dadi gets angry and leaves. Dasi thinks why everything is wrong.

Maithali tells Pragya that she has seen pain in her eyes and asks her to share pain. Pragya says Abhi is her husband, was her husband but they are separated now. Maithali says lucky is the person who got prem ratan dhan paya……Pragya smiles. Ronnie tells Pragya that your enemy Abhi has sent Prem here. Pragya says he is not our enemy and asks him to talk with respect. Ronnie asks why you talk to him arrogantly. Pragya asks him to give respect to Abhi and says she wants Abhi to sit with her during Diwali puja. Ronnie says he don’t want to see your face. Pragya says Dadi wants her son to sit with his wife, but as Tanu can’t sit, she asked me to sit with him. She asks Ronnie to convince Abhi. Ronnie wonders what is happening? Payal hears them and comes to Abhi. She tells him about Pragya’s plan. Abhi is surprised. He says Pragya is trying to torture him like this. He increments her salary tio 5 times. Payal says I didn’t get previous salary. Abhi says she will get all salary with interest. Payal gets happy.

Tanu talks to Nikhil and says she can’t meet him. She asks him to let her focus. Aaliya comes and takes the call. She reminds him of the deal and asks him to keep the phone down. Tanu gets tensed and worries if he creates problem. Aaliya says he wants to show his importance. Tanu says he is crazy. Aaliya asks her to concentrate on Abhi and agree him for the plan.

Abhi argues with Pragya. Pragya tells him that it is Dadi’s decision and asks him to talk to her. She says she don’t want to sit with him, and says Lakshmi ji might leave from his house for forever or might return to him if he sits for puja. Abhi says you are confusing me and says we shall ask Prem. Prem says I understood your problem and is ready with the solution. Prem says you don’t have prem in your life and says we have to make our partner feel love. Abhi thinks it is a good idea and says he will take Pragya’s sign on the papers by acting to love her. He tells Prem that he want to gift him something. Maithali asks what is this solution? Prem says they will come closer if they follow my advice. Abhi gives him God’s idol as a gift. Salman Khan promotes his film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo……………He tells about the song Prem Leela…. And says it unites the family. The song plays……….Everyone starts dancing and enjoy the song.

Pragya thinks why she is feeling tired. Abhi comes and wonders how to talk to her. He thinks if he talks to her leaving his ego, then he will get his power, money, house etc. He thinks to talk to her. He says you are looking cute. Pragya is surprised. 

Abhi complimenting Pragya and calling her cute. Pragya is surprised. Abhi comes near her and then picks the doll. He says you are looking so cute and I want to kiss you. Pragya shouts. Abhi asks her to turn her face and talks to the doll. He says you know that I love you very much. The more I see you, the more I love you…..I want to sleep in your lap and I like it. He looks at Pragya and talks to doll. He asks her to tell something. Pragya leaves from the room. Abhi asks do you love and miss me. He asks why you are quiet. He sees Pragya not there and thinks it is difficult to romance with her.

Pragya thinks whether Ronnie convinced Abhi to sit with her on Puja. She says she has to do something to convince him. Abhi thinks how to woo her, and thinks to hug her. He then thinks to help her and thinks girls like helping boys. He goes towards her. Pragya asks do you need anything. Abhi says I will search it. Pragya thinks he wants to stay with me, and thinks why he is talking normally as he said that he will not talk to me. Abhi thinks how to start the conversation. Mitali comes and tells Pragya that someone came to meet her. Abhi stops Pragya and asks her to make coffee for him. Mitali says she will make coffee for him. Abhi asks her to bring lamp’s milk before that.

Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 228-230)

Pakhi is anxiously waiting for Raghav. Its 10 pm. She calls Raghav but his phone is off she calls Sammy but he isn’t receiving as well. Pakhi says I better go alone. Kamla says where are they? Nettu says I told you that they won’t come. Lets eat I am hungry. kamla says we will eat together. I trust pakhi she will come for sure. Kalpi says In her heart its better that they are not coming.

kamal goes out to look. Manda says your daughter and her husband are coming. I have placed water in my fridge. Haven’t they come? How can they. Pakhi must have stopped. She knows that her husband love kalpi. Suddenly Pakhi says kamla maa, people move aside its pakhi with Raghav. Kamla is happy to see them. They both touch kamla’s feet. Kamla says I knew you’d come. She asks kalpi to bring the arthi plate and does the arthi of both. She asks them both to come in. Kamla makes them both seat together. Kamla tells pakhi what has she made for both of them. Kamla asks kalpi to bring cold water. Manda and some ladies are looking in. A lady says look pakhi and Ragahv look happy together. You always lie manda. Nettu says you look so good in saari poki. Pakhi says kamla maa there is so much peace here. Kamla says peace is all we poor people have. We can’t get happiness easily but we reach out for them.

Pakhi goes to kalpi and asks how are you ? Kalpi says good you? She says I am good too. Kamla maa told me about your restaurant idea. Let me know if I can help you in any way. She says Kalpi what is this red thing in your hair line. Everyone is shocked for a moment. Kamla says she went to temple some sindur must have been put in her hair. Kalpi is making the drink. Pakhi takes the glass and gives it to Raghav. Nettu says Raghav you must have been enjoying in that house. Nettu says I am enjoying here too. Nettu says kamla put some black on pakhi she should be saved from bad eyes. Kamla says its not needed Raghav will save her from everything.

Nettu gives Raghav the glass and throws some on him. He says what are you doing ? Nettu says oh I did this by mistake. Go out and clean it. Kalpi will help you out. Kamla says to pakhi go and help him with washing. Nettu stops pakhi and says no you are a guest sit here. Pakhi wanna go but nettu is not letting her. Nettu says go kalpi help him. They are guests. Kalpi goes out with the water.

Outside kalpi is helping Raghav to wash it and says why you came Raghav you could have said no. Raghav says kamla maa would have been hurt if i didn’t come. He holds kalpi’s hand and says even God wants us to meet kalpi. I didn’t come by my own. Vitthal sees them holding hands and grunts kalpi. Kamal Nettu and Pakhi go running out.

Vitthal says you don’t have any shame Raghav. Kamal says Vitthal keep quite. She asks pakhi to take Raghav in and kalpi to serve the food. Nettu says where are the people of chowl. They should see this drama. Vitthal says to kamla what is this why have you called Raghav and Pakhi here after so much has happened. Kamla says I asked when I called you, you said yes. I have called him to show the people of chowl and everyone that Raghav and Pakhi are one and our kalpi is moving on. Manda comes with other ladies upstairs. Kamal says look at them. She says come on lets go in.

Kalpi has served the food. Kamla asks Vitthal to sit as well. He says no let the guests eat first. Kamla asks kalpi where is the youghurt. She stops for a while. Pakhi says the food is so tasty. Vitthal sees manda and others looking in. He says Pakhi its better that you came, kamla was missing you for so long. Pakhi says I am done. Kamla washes her hands. Ragahv says okay kamla maa we should leave now. Kamla gives them some money saying you people came for the first time after wedding. She gives Pakhi the sindur as parsad she brought from her yatra.

kamla and everyone sees them off. Raghav and pakhi say bye to kamla. Kalpi is looking from upstairs. Raghav looks at her she goes in. Ragahv sits in his car and they leave. The ladies of chowl say that we should never trust this manda. We should not have doubted kalpi. How can kamla’s up bringing be wrong.

Pakhi and Ragahv come home. Gauri is angrily waiting. Ragahv says mom I didn’t want to hurt you. Gauri says why you went there. Ragahv says I couldn’t say no to kamla maa. I haven’t forgotten your promise. She says you should never. Seeking revenge from these people is the only mission of my life.

Raghav says in his heart how can I tell you mom what i have lost in this fire of revenge. It has caused me and kalpi so much pain.
Ragahv leaves.

Mummy ji comes there and asks why are you still up Gauri? She says I was waiting for Raghav. Mummy ji says maybe what I am going to say will hurt you. Mummy ji syas neetu and sahil did so bad to you and they deserve the punishment but pakhi is not responsible for anything. Gauri says when I see Pakhi she reminds me of them. Mummy ji says its not her fault. I wish one day you will accept them. Revenge does nothing and the only thing that heals the wounds is time.

Nettu says in her heart kamla has made her so much good image in front of the people. Kamla gives Vitthal the food. The ladies of chowl come in. Kamla says yes tai you want something. one says yeah pardon. We didn’t trust you we trusted Madna instead. Kamla says no don’t be sorry. The other one says but we still think investing in this hotel would be a risk. Kalpi says you don’t have to invest ypu just have o provide us a dish. we will take loan from the government. The other says still this is so difficult. They leave.

Next morning, Vitthal says I have been so angry on kalpi these dayus but this doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. This dream that she saw of hotel I will satnd by with her. She is in pain I will stand by with her. First I was angry at inviting Raghav and pakhi but later I realized it was for better people af chow are way more quite now. Kalpi comes there and hugs Vitthal. He hugs her too. He says don’t wory we will arrange money for your hotel. They see a chowl guy distributing sweets. Vitthal asks what is this for ? He says I have brought this rickshaw on loan . Its not on rent anymore. I wil pay the bank. Kamla says this is such a good idea. Kalpi you should get the loan too. Kalpi says I will download the form.

Gauri asks Ragahv to have the breakfast. He says I am in a hurry. Pakhi comes and says Raghav can you drop me at my friend’s house. My driver is not here and I got some bruise on my hand by slipping in bathroom. Mummy ji asks where ? She smiles and winks. Gauri is angry she says in heart pakhi is trying to come closer to raghav I should stop her. Ragahv nods. Pakhi follows her.

Nettu come to the bank and says oh I came here there is AC I should stop kalpi from taking the loan.
Kalpi, Vitthal and kamla are in the bank for the loan. She asks the man to give her the loan for her hotel. He says what is the security ? Kalpi says why would we ask you for the loan if we had security. he says bank has some rules. Kalpi says first you people says you have schemes for poor people then when they come here with dreams you create different problems. He gives kalpi the form and say I will proceed it but its not easy to get the loan without security,

Pakhi and Raghav are in the car. Pakhi says can we have the lunch somewhere out ? Raghav says no I dn’t like that food. Pakhi says anywhere ? He says I will be bored. Pakhi says in heart how can I make him agree to this. Kalpi is filling her form. Nettu says they ask so much. She drops her bag. Kalpi is collecting her stuff. Nettu writes something on the form. Kalpi is done with the form so she doesn’t see it. She submits the form.

Ragahv;s hand touches pakhi’s. Suddenly his phone rings. He says what ? I am coming in a moment.

Kamla and everyone is out looking for an auto. The manager comes and says your form will approve soon. Please come in. They go in. kalpi looks at the form and says why in the security column is Ragahv’s name ? The manger says you wrote it ? Kalpi says no I didn’t. The manager says you filled the form and we have even called him he must be coming soon. Kalpi is shocked she says I didn’t write this ai baba. Sudenly Raghav and Pakhi come in. Everyone is shocked. 

Kalpi, Kamla and Vitthal come to the office, Kalpi looks at the form and says in guarantees name its Raghav Singhaniya. Manager says you filled this form Kalpi says no. He says we have talked to him. His name is so important. Kalpi says I didn’t write this name. I didn’t write it ai baba. Raghav and Pakhi come in. Everyone is quite shocked. The manager says thank you for coming sir. You just came on a call. You just need to sign some papers and this loan will be claimed. Kalpi says I don’t want this loan. Manager says but madam.. She says lets go ai baba. I don’t want this loan. They leave. Nettu says okay bye poki I have to leave as everyone is going.