Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 367-369)

Shayl tells her she can live how she wants and they will do the same. Seema tells her she can live without them.

Shayl leaves holding Rachna while Seema drags Mayank. The whole family goes and Gunjan is crying. She goes to the room and Gunjan tells Shayl to understand that she has always kept the family together but Shayl tells her to understand. Gunjan asks her how can she separate her from Rachna but Shayl tells her to go as she is the dil and needs to be with Mayank. She tells her its too late now and asks her to explain Seema Gunjan leaves and Rachna is lost in happy times while Dayal remembers the batwara while Shayl comes with a arti ki thali and he breaks her fast but when Shayl feeds him he leaves.

Dayal Gopal and Prabhu break their wives darts in their room but Mayank is angry with Gunjan. She sees the empty dining table and is hurt she comes to her room and Mayank bursts out and he blames her for Rachna s action. He says that he always supported her.A girl who could not talk went alone to the police station and that girls like her dont understand value of joint family and she caused the split. Next morning Gunjan accepts the blame and tells him she will do what he wants and apologizes. She hugs him and tells she will get the newspaper in room. Sangeeta is sleeping and Dholu wants something she tells him to ask Shayl but realizes later and scolds Dholu. Gopal asks for tea and taunts her that she will understand now to be without Shayl. Sangeeta and Gunjan in the kitchen Dholu wants his i card and is crying . Seema comes to the kitchen she has a headache and is shocked to see the dirty kitchen Gunjan says earlier Shayl would clean up. Both Seema and Sangeeta decide not to clean the mess. Piu is about to leave and Shayl gives her gifts.She is hurt chacha chachi dint come Shayl says what happens happens for good and Rachna hugs her

Shayl enters the kitchen and all 3 ladies remember the fight . Shayl is cleaning the mess and Gunjan asks her what is she doing and asks her to stop. She tells we know to clean up if we make a mess.

Shayl leaves Seema is happy Gunjan spoke like this and Gunjan also acts smart and b*t*hes a little about Shayl. She offers to take Dholu s lunch box and that she will make sandwiches. Seema is happy Sangeeta tells her Gunjan might have gone with Dholu s lunch box but left them to clean the dirty kitchen and they both are sad. Seema is smart and tells her she needs to give Mayank breakfast and leaves Sangeeta to do everything. Shayl looks at Gunjan and remembers the time when she said she can become her mother.

Prabhu calls Seema Mayank and Gunjan to the room and talks to them that they should be like a family Seema does not like it and Gunjan supports her. She says Rachna is responsible for Mayank s job but neither Shayl or Rachna came to apologize. Prabhu is furious but Seema is happy with Gunjan s stand. Gunjan is giving tea to Mayank and when Dayal comes down and Sangeeta gets sandwiches Dayal asks Shayl for tea while Seema and Mayank are eating. The kitchen is very dirty and very less milk. The milkman comes and when Shayl comes to take milk Gunjan gets her own utensil and says to give 2 litres milk everyday for them and she can ask Shayl how much she want. Rachna is shocked and Shayl asks Gunjan what s going on but she says that she is doing what she wanted and is

happy in a nuclear family. She tells Shayl to take care of her family Seema is happy Rachna hurt . Sangeeta puts a thought in Seema s mind that Gunjan might leave with Mayank.

Vihaan calls and Gunjan recieves he wants to talk to Rachna but Gunjan gives the phone to Shayl who scolds him and Vihaan is shocked. The whole family witnesses this but before Rachna can question Gunjan she leaves. At night the sisters bump into each other Rachna drags Gunjan to terrace and asks her what s wrong. She asks her what drama is she doing first with the milkman then Vihaan s phone call. Rachna asks why could nt she take Vihaan s message silently Gunjan replies that helping her and Vihaan resulted in her and Mayank s relation getting spoilt. Rachna tells Gunjan ,she acts well but cant hide the truth from her sister . Gunjan finally confides that she is helpless for her and Shayl s state. she wanted Shayl to understand Vihaan s love but she dint know the whole family would gather . She says she will teach everyone the importance of Shayl , how she binds them together . Rachna says it will be tough and Gunjan says she will teach everyone importance of joint family. Rachna says this is her sasural and she should not be bad. Gunjan says she has been a rebel from the day she entered the house be it her behaviour or clothes. She promises to unite them by janmashtmi

Sangeeta was called for PTM for meeting but she was in trouble to go at school but Gunjan according to her drama insisted her to go there as she tells that Shail will manage everything n she goes. Here Seema in kitchen, Gunjan asks her that she will have to manage everything, but on the other side she says that why she manages now, all have to do their own work so Gunjan asks her not to do any work. Here Vihaan comes to meet Rachna outside her home. At the dinning table Seema after insisting by Gunjan sits on the chair which is reserved for Dayal. All in way Gunjan is playing a conspuracy to gather the family. Dayal goes at her room for breakfast. Rachna taunts gunjan that she will be getting all her deeds. Prabhu scolds Gunjan for all she is doing these days. Rachna goes to her father n she sees that Dayal even didn’t had her breakfast properly. Gunjan tries to tell Prabhu tha whole thing but he denies to listen. But Rachna goes and tells him everything and he wished them for their courage.

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