Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 352-354)

Party scene was shown in a disc, Rachna trying to find out Vihaan, n here Vihaan dancing with people there and in between selling bags to people grabing them to the place where they arranged their stall. Their comes some people, actually they were drugs sellers. Here at home Shail tries to call Rachna but call was not available. So she calls at Garima’s home but she replied that she is not there even Rachna had not came there. A person from the drug seller behaved wrong with Rachna n at last Rachna told Vihaan about that. Dayal created issue about Rachna’s absence. At last Gunjan opened his mouth of being knwoing the where about of Rachna. Vihaan fights with that man and people around cheers for them, police arrives there and the man left the drugs bag with Vihaan. Police caught Vihaan as thinking that he sells drugs. They caught Rachna too as Rachna tried to protect Vihaan, so police thought that Rachna is well known to Vihaan. Whole family asks about Rachna, n the call arrives from police station. Sangeeta picked the call so she tells the family about Rachna. All gone with a shock including Gunjan… Gunjan tries to tell the family but they stopped her. They goes to the police station. Here Rachna crying thinking as what happened with her, she was unknown with all those Rave parties. All bashing Gunjan.

Vihaan consoling Rachna that all will be fine she need not to worry about. Here the family arrives at police station, Rachna tries to clarifies herself. Mayank consoles her. Shail apolozises for herself that where she did a mistake in her bringing up of Rachna, she was a more than a mother for Rachna. And again bashes Gunjan. Dayal tries to ask police about Rachna, police tells that she was engaged in a rave party which means where drugs are sold and taken. Dayal got shocked after knowing that.

Dayal telling the police officer that Rachana is his daughter. The policeman says she caught in a rave party where drugs were being sold.Gopal, Prabhu and Mayank tell the policeman that it is not possible that anyone from their family is involved with drugs. the policeman says asks then what was Rachana doing at the rave party. Another policeman comes and tells the officer in charge that they found out from the hotel that Rachana was selling something there. Everyone looks shocked and Mayank says it’s not possible that Rachana was selling something there and there has to be a misunderstanding. The officer then says do u want to know what she was selling and he shows the packets of drugs. Rachana tells the officer that she wasn’t
selling drugs and then she tells Dayal to believe her. Rachana asks the officer what evidence does he have that she was selling drugs there and whether he found the drugs in her possession. She says that she only went there to sell her things and to believe her. The officer the tells Dayal that since his shop has burnt he has decided to ask his daughter to work. Dayal then asks the officer to believe him that he doesn’t now what Rachana was selling there but it was definitely not drugs. the officer then whispers something to the other policeman. He then asks Dayal to explain why drugs were found in the possession of Rachana’s accomplice. Dayal looks shocked at Rachana.

The scene changes and the policeman is questioning Vihaan. He asks Vihaan how long has he been carrying the drug buisness and who else are involved. Vihaan says that the bag with drugs fell into his hands when the guy ran away. The policeman says that he not gonna believe such stories and Vihaan can serve a long time in jail for drug possession. Vihaan asks the policeman to believe him. The officer dealing with Rachana tells the Dayal, Prabhu, Gopal and Mayank that they have heard what they have to say and now to let him do his job. He tells the policewoman to send Rachana for the drug test. She takes Rachana away. Dayal is shown crying and at home Shail is also crying. The policewoman returns with Rachana. The officer gives dayal a paper to sign but says that doesn’t mean Rachana is free from charges and the report for the drug test will be given tomorrow. They leave the police station and they reach home. Rachana enters the house slowly and she is shaking from crying. Everyone is looking at her angrily especially Shail. Bua says I can’t believe this is the same Rachana that used bring Dholu along to collect milk. Sangeetha then says who knew someone who had a mother like Shail can end up breaking everyones trust like this. Seema then says it will probably be printed in the newspaper and then no family will want to have any relation with them. Shail says stop and then says she wants to hear from Rachana where she went and why she went.Shail says to speak and even Dayal also tells Rachana to answer Shail’s question. He tells Shail you said she was responsible.

Dayal says is this responsibility and if Rachana were responsible she wouldn’t have done this. Dayal then asks Shail where did he go wrong as a parent. He then asks Rachana what did he not give her that she had to do this. Dayal tells Shail that he only gave her the responsibility to raise Rachana and that also she couldn’t carry out properly. Dayal then says he wasn’t hurt as much when his shop was burnt than he is today by what Rachana did. Gunjan then says tells Dayal to please hear the truth before jumping to any conclusions. Gunjan says first Shail is a very good mother and not only that she is a friend. She also says Rachana is not wrong. Everyone is shocked. Mayak tells Gunjan not to but in but Gunjan says no because otherwise everyone will believe that Rachana is wrong and Dayal’s anger is right. Rachana is shaking her head. Gunjan says I know all of you think that Rachana has gone to a bad place to do a bad thing, to a party where alcohol was being served. Gunjan says this is only half the truth. Gunjan then tells Dayal that she wants to show his something that will make all his misunderstandings about Rachana disappear. Gunjan says to give her a second and leaves. Rachana keeps shaking her head. Gunjan brings the bags Rachana designed and tells Dayal this is the truth. She says this is Rachana’s talent that none of you have seen or recognized. Gunjan says that Rachan went to the party to sell this to make for the losses from dayal’s burnt shop and not to enjoy. Gunjan says look this is what Rachana made by herself and she shows it to everyone.

They show flashbacks of Rachana making all the bags and drawing the designs. Everyone is shocked. Gunjan tells Dayal that Rachana did all this to help Dayal and he should be proud of her. Gunjan says that Rachana did what no son could have done, she had taken the responsibility of his losses. Gunjan says all of you thought she was in the party to enjoy. Gunjan says look at all this she made from the burnt sarees which everyone saw as waste. Gunjan says while living under the same rooof she never let anybody know and worked on it night and day. And gunjan says this was only possible because of Shail’s upbringing as Shail never taught her to accept defeat. Gunjan says Rachana’s only fault was that she arrived at the party at the wrong time and was caught by the police. Shail then tells Rachana you did so much but never once told me.

Gunjan saying she has to go and Mayank and Gunjan turn away from each other and walk away. Rachana comes to Mayank and smiles and Mayank looks sad. She then sees Gunjan walking away and understands what happen. Mayank walks away. Gunjan is looking around the house sadly. Shail comes and asks her why is she up so early. Gunjan says simply to see the house and the smell and the noise of the house. She says she can’t imagine this was the same house she disliked and wanted to run away from. Gunjan says she will miss all of them every moment. Shail says all girls have to go away even she and Sneha did it and now its Gunjan’s turn. Shail says if Sneha was alive she would be excited about Gunjan’s wedding.

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