Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 337-339)

Rachna and Vihaan are very happy once they get the money and Rachna heaves a sigh of relief and Vihaan admires her.

Rachaan at road, celebrating for their first income with Rs. 500 n Rachna asks Vihaan to divide divide that money for both of them but Vihaan tells that its only a beginning so they get ready to got at hotel to sell their bags to other forigners tourists. Here Mayaan giving gifts to whole family which they brought from Goa. But accidently Seema’s gift turns to a broken vass(pot). Seema behaves odd n says she was knowing that her gift will be a special one(taunts). Mayank takes the blame on himself. Gunjan appolozises n Seema again taunts leaves. Here comes Rachna n Gunjan saves her. In room she again looks at that note. Gunjan comes from back n teases her by the name of Vihaan. Gunjan asks Rachna that she is gonna talk to Mayank in relation to Vihaan but Rachna denies that its not the correct time for that. Rachna asks about Gunjan’s life. Rachna tells that Mayank is very messy and don’t even manages his room. When Gunjan gets back to her room, finds everything messy n she remembers Rachna’s words n asks Mayank to help her but Mayank lies on bed. She puts all the clothes and suitcase on Mayank’s side. Mayank felt somewhat odd. Rachna looks at some bags design in a magzine. Rachna asks Vihaan that how she will manage to carry such a big amount of bags as everyone will ask her. He suggests that she has to tie the bags in a cloth.

Mayank finding his clothes to change for work. Gunjan is sleeping. Seema comes and sees her sleeping but Mayank tells her not to wake Gunjan up. Seema is a bit angry with her and gives Mayank his clothes. Meanwhile Rachana is trying to sneak all her bags and shoes out of the house in a big laundry looking bag. Vihaan comes dressed as a dhobi man and takes the bag from her. Vihaan and Rachana reach the hotel where they meet the European tourist lady and she introduces Rachana to all the people in the party. Vihaan and Rachana are able to sell out all her items and earn a lot of money. They are really happy. A guy comes and places a large order and Vihaan agrees however Rachana is worried if they will be able to complete it. Meanwhile Mayank is ready to head for work and Gunjan asks him to drop her at college. He agrees and they are about to go when Seema stops and asks where is she going. Gunjan tells her she’s going to college however Seema insists that she stops going to college and stays at home instead and do the household chores. Shail disagrees and says its the time for Gunjan to complete her studies. Seema confronts Shail saying that Shail left it to the in laws when it concerned Rachana and its a set of different rules when it comes to Gunjan.

Mayank comes to pick Gunjan up and is waving at her classmates Gunjan feels possessive and drags him out. He tells her he made an excuse of field work so that can go for a movie but Gunjan says let s go back and fix his mom s mood. They come back and try to talk sweetly and Gunjan apologizes and says she is lucky to be a part of this family and she will learn everything . They have even got her fav sweets and even kachori s which Seema loves.Gunjan says she will make tea. Shayl thinks that Rachna has not come home.

Vihaan and Rachna have opened a joint account and then the manager asks that are they married they say they are partners. They ask for a loan of 1 lakh and Vihaan keeps his car as guarantee for Rachna Creations and the manager promises them 70000. Rachna hugs Vihaan in front of the manager.

Mayank thanks Gunjan for handling Seema. Gunjan says his family is hers and she will do everything that they accept her. During dinner Gunajn comes down in t shirt and pyjamas Seema and Sangeeta dont like it and Seema tells her to change Rachna and Gunjan question them. Rachna get s angry and says that earlier Gunjan was allowed and when Mayank does not have an issue why should they. Shayl get s a taunt that this is the reason of educating girls , the girl who never opened her mouth is answering them. They even taunt Rachna that she has ruined so much and she get s up and goes . Mayank and Gunjan are informed about Rachna s carelessness and the resulting fire destroyed the entire shop.

When Seema is blaming Rachna Prabhu get s angry and asks her to shut up and tells Dayal and Shayl not to feel bad. Mayank asks Shayl and Dayal why he was not informed. Prabhu tells him about the short circuit Dayal leaves the dining table. Slowly everyone leaves in disgust and only Seema and sangeeta are left.

Gunjan tells Shayl she is very brave , and Shayl tells her to be with Rachna as she is having a tough time. 

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