Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 111-113)

Kalma Maa feels hurt, in the wake of realizing that Kalpi bribe to pass the exam. Kalpi tries to make Kamla Maa see, yet this time she is not prepared. Vitthal asks about the matter and Kamla tells about Kalpi's act. This news spread in the chowl, like fire in the jungle. Kamla Maa locks herself in a room and everyone tries to convince her. Pakhi comes to meet Kamla Maa and she too tries her best. Pakhi points the finger at Kalpi for this and says some unforgiving things. Kalpi sits alongside Vitthal and says that, what she did wasn't right, however her aim was simply to make everybody happy. Afterward, she asks Kamla Maa to open the door, and this time she succeeds. She concedes about her wrong did and gives a clarification on that. Then again, Paki gets emotion conversing with Mummy Ji, as she believes that he lost Kalpi. Nittu asks about Kalpi and it appears that it has been just to humiliate her.

Pakhi asks Nettu, about her involvement in Kalpi's result. Nettu says that, she hates Kamla Maa, yet she is not that bad, she will ruin Kalpi's future. Mummy Ji isn't convince with Nettu's clarification, even Pakhi has some uncertainty in her. Then again, Raghav gets stunned, as Sammy informs him that, Kalpi gave a bribe to get passed in the examination. Afterward, Vitthal's Aai comes in the chowl and battles with car driver for the change. Further, she comes home and gets asks about her result. Kalpi gets stung to hear her question. On the other side, Pakhi gets upbeat, as she gets an appointment letter from Raghav's company. Mummy Ji too joins her in her joy. Nettu and Prem plan against Ragav's company, as Prem imagines that Pakhi will help them to know some secrets about Raghav's company.

Vitthal's Aai asks about Kalpi's next plan. Kamla Maa says she will try another exam to reach her dream. Aai suggest about Kalpi's marriage and she needs this to happen as quickly as time permits. Kamla Maa restricts Aai's choice, which Aai finds, as an insult. Aai goes out in anger, while Vitthal and Kamla endeavor to convince her. Further, Aai make a scene before all chowl members, and Vitthal ask him not to do such thing. Manda sees this intriguing and tries to bring much fun with this. Afterward, Manda goes to meet Nettu and enlightens her regarding the entire occurrence. Pakhi gets stunned to hear about Kalpi's marriage, while Nettu feels glad. Then again, Kalpi begins her arrangement for the next exam, as she needs to make her family proud. In the interim, Aai also begins her arrangement to find a groom for Kalpi. 

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