Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 412-413)

Shabnam and Kunal conversation. Bansi asks Jyoti to shift sofa. Premal says this work should be done by a man and lifts the sofa. He lifts the sofa, but falls down as if he got heart attack. He shouts Jayanti….Jyoti thinks now he have to help him. She lifts Premal. Everyone wonder how can a woman lift a man, and says may be she is possessing devi powers. Jyoti drops Premal and falls with him. Her wig moves from her hairs and Shabnam happens to see her hairs surprisingly. Jyoti thinks how to divert her mind and asks them to help her. She lifts Premal again and walks in the room. Roshni thinks about romantic moments with Sid while the song Hasi Bangaye plays……..She sees Sid and her painting and thinks why it is so strange. She feels relations of life with Sid and thinks to stop her marriage with Kunal. She goes out and tells Jyoti that she can’t marry Kunal. Jyoti asks what do you mean? Roshni shows the painting and says she made it unknowingly. She says there is something for sure and until she is confident she can’t marry Kunal. She says I have to make everything fine and will talk to Bansi. Sid thinks Roshni is regaining her memory. Roshni goes to talk to Bansi. Kunal tells Shabnam that they shall not leave anything on destiny and shall do on their own. Bansi asks Roshni what she wants to say. Roshni says I don’t want to marry now. Kunal and Shabnam comes to Jyoti Tai’s room and search for proofs. Bansi throws water on Roshni and asks if she is sleeping. She says you will marry in in 2 days and ends the matter. She asks Jyoti to take Roshni inside the room. Shabnam sees Jyoti and Roshni coming and informs Kunal. They search for proof in the cupboard, and gets Roshni’s passport. Jyoti asks Roshni not to worry and says she is with her, and God will make everything fine.

Kunal and Shabnam manage to escape from the room. Shabnam asks him to be sure. Kunal says he don’t have any other way out. DD comes out and talks to Bunty. Bunty who came in sardar’s attire, tells DD that Roshni will be fine if they give her antidote. Shagun comes there and asks DD with whom she is talking to. DD scolds Shagun in english and tells her that she is talking to her client. She tells that her design will be good and asks Bunty to go. He leaves. Shagun thinks to inform Kunal about DD and her client. DD informs Sid about Bunty giving her antidote. Sid asks her to give medicine to Roshni.

Sid comes to meet Roshni and asks if she got surprised seeing him again. He shows sweets and says it is made by his mum. He asks God to do something and help Roshni get her memory after taking antidote.

Sid tells her you don’t want to marry Kunal, right. He says he can feel what is in her heart. He makes her eat the halwa which Simran made. Roshni eats it and says it is good. Sid says God! I need a miracle. Please do a miracle and make her fine. DD comes there. Sid says she will sleep for 12 hours and hopes Roshni gets her memory back. Shabnam collides with Shagun and the injection bottles fall from her hands. She scolds Shagun and calls her mad woman. Shagun tells her that it is glucose water and asks her to look down. Shabnam sees ants around it and thinks DD and Sid will see now what she does. Doctor warns her, but she warns doctor and asks him to take the money.

Doctor checking Premal and says he is fine. Premal kisses on her hand. Bansi says my son’s happiness is my happiness. He says you have won by heart and I have decided to get your marriage done with Premal on the same mandap of Roshni and Kunal. Jyoti coughs.. Bansi says I have decided and this marriage will happen now. Jyoti gets tensed. Later Jyoti waits in Roshni’s room and thinks when she will open her eyes and I will get to know that she is fine. Bansi comes and asks Jyoti to come, as Pandit came to talk about her marriage with Premal. Jyoti says Roshni will wake up now. Bansi says Roshni is not a kid and asks her to come. Shabnam comes inside Roshni’s room and closes the door. Bansi tells Pandit ji that Jyoti is her eldest bahu. Pandit ji does some puja and asks everyone to do dhyaan/concentration. Pandit ji asks Jyoti to keep her hand on Premal’s hand. Shabnam injects heavy dose injection to Roshni. DD sees Shabnam giving injection and thinks it is good that we have changed the medicine. Roshni wakes up and behaves strangely. DD gets tensed and tries to get inside the room. Shabnam asks her to go and closes the door. DD informs everyone that Roshni is getting attacks. Everyone knocks on the door. Shabnam opens the door.

Jyoti asks what you have done with Roshni Shabnam? Shabnam says I came here to wake her up, but suddenly she got attacks. She says she will call her family doctor. Jyoti says she will call her doctor. Kunal says Shabnam will call her doctor. Jyoti asks Premal if he cares for her feelings and says she will not marry before Roshni gets well. Kunal talks to Shabnam and says if anything happens to Roshni then he will not spare her. Shabnam tells him that DD have changed the medicine with glucose and asks him to stop the doctor. Raj comes indisguise of a doctor with a real doctor, and they check Roshni. Doctor tells that some poison is there in the body. They take her blood to send for test, but Shabnam and Kunal make Raj falls and the blood sample too falls. Raj says now we have to wait until she gets fine. Jyoti goes out. Doctor says he has given antidote and hopes she gets fine. Raj asks Sid to be with Roshni

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