Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 384-385)

Bansi telling Sid to go to his house, and leave Roshni. She says Roshni is getting closer to Kunal and will unite with him. Sid says I am Jamai Raja and you will never know what is going in my mind. He asks her to play her game, and says if you play wrongly then I will cut you. Bansi looks on. Simran tells Raj that Roshni is very intelligent, but why she is unable to see the truth. Raj says she is blind folded by them. Shagun comes and calls Simran. Simran goes to do lohri arrangements. Sid comes to meet Raj. Raj tells that you have trapped me, and says Simran and Krutika are planning to get him trapped, and says he has only one wife’s practice. Sid says he will do something. Kunal acts and asks Roshni to be with him. Roshni asks him to relax and says she is with him. Just then she hears Ayesha’s voice and runs out. Ayesha says she got hurt in her school. Roshni says she will take her to hospital. Bansi comes and stops her saying your husband is hurt and in pain. She says Ayesha is not your daughter. Roshni says Ayesha is her daughter and says Kunal is not her husband. She asks her to move and goes with DD and Ayesha.

In the car, Roshni asks DD where they are going? Ayesha shows the ketch up on her face and says she acted. DD tells her that Khurana is her family and she needs to be with them. Roshni says you are saying right. DD, Roshni and Ayesha reach Khurana house. DD greets them and says she has played a trick to get out of house. Simran says your Papa’s bride is here. Roshni is surprised. Shagun comes. They dance in the Lohri function. Premal tells Bansi that the land will be mortgaged after a week and says if it flows out of their house then they can’t go back. Bansi asks Kunal to woo Roshni in 5 days and asks if he has any idea. Bansi gets a phone call and is shocked. She says Shagun. Raj asks Sid to do something and stop his wedding with Shagun. Raj asks Pandit ji not to speedup the marriage. Simran says we want the rituals to be done slowly. Pandit ji asks Simran to do the ghat bandhan. Simran does the ghat bandhan.

Raj stands up for taking pheras and acts as leg ache. He takes the pheras hesitantly. Pandit asks him to go backwards, and asks Shagun to come infront. Raj asks Sid to do something as last phera is coming. Sid asks him to take it or leave it. Raj says your father will go away from you. Just then Bansi comes and calls Shagun. She asks how dare you to ruin our respect and says you will never marry. Simran folds her hands and asks her to Shagun marry her husband. Bansi asks her to move and calls her mad woman. She tries to take Shagun forcibly. Raj asks Simran what you have done? He tells Bansi that she can’t play her Bansi here. Shagun cries. Simran takes her inside to consoles her. Bansi sees Roshni and asks what you are doing here? She asks Roshni to come home. DD, Roshni and Ayesha go home.

Simran tells that Bansi wants to ruin her daughter’s happiness and says we have to know her weakness to stop her. Sid says yes, exactly and asks Shagun to tell Bansi’s secret to weaken her. Shagun is silent. Sid says she doesn’t need our help and asks Simran to come. Shagun says Baa told you that she had fixed Roshni and Kunal’s marriage in their childhood. Simran says yes. Shagun says she lied to you, and says Bansi fixed the marriage when DD was pregnant. She says she made the kundli when DD was pregnant. Sid thinks it is very confusing and thinks to find out, as DD’s baby was auspicious for them, and thinks then why she wants Roshni to be her bahu.

Kunal tells Sid that bone should be separated from meat and pushes Sid from terrace. Roshni sees Kunal pushing Sid and rushes there. Kunal says Sid has fallen from there accidently. Roshni slaps him and says I have seen you pushing my Sid. I have heard your talks and says you are an animal. You can never get me. Kunal asks her to keep quiet and holds her hairs. He says it is enough, I will show you the real man. He says you are my wife and I am your first husband. He is about to slap her, but Sid comes back and holds his hand. Kunal is shocked to see Sid alive….Nani thanks God. Roshni sees Sid safe and alive. Sid tells Kunal that I told you that if you try to touch my wife, then I will make marks on your body which will never go. Roshni hugs him and cries, apologizes for not believing him. Sid says it is proved that Roshni and Sid can’t be separated. He says I need to show you Kunal’s face infront of you, and have planned this. He says he pushed me and I fell down the safety net. I told you that even death can’t come inbetween us. Roshni continues hugging Sid.

Kunal gets up, approaches towards Sid holding knife. Roshni asks Sid to move back. Everyone is shocked. Kunal stabs himself shocking everyone and falls down. Bansi shouts Kunal. Premal asks what you have done? Premal asks someone to take out the knife. Sid takes out the knife leaving his finger prints. He asks Kesar to call doctor.

Doctor checks Kunal and bandages his wound. He says Kunal is safe, but could have died. Someone informs that Police have come. Sid asks Inspector why they have come. Inspector says they heard about the attempt to murder on Kunal. Sid says it was an accident. Bansi says Sid has tried to kill my grand son. DD and Nani take Sid’s side. Premal acts and says Sid has stabbed knife on my son’s chest. Roshni asks him to shut up and asks him not to lie.

Inspector asks Sid to take him to the spot. Sid asks Inspector to take him. Roshni tells Inspector that Kunal is a psychopath and he has stabbed himself. She says he has even tried to kill me, but my sister have saved me. Bansi asks Inspector to check finger prints on the knife. Premal looks happily. Bansi says you will find Sid’s finger prints on the knife. Sid recalls Bansi asking someone to take the knife out and Sid taking out knife. Inspector arrests Sid and takes him. Roshni asks DD to call Dad and lawyer. Bansi looks on.

Raj asks Simran to come as Sid needs them. Shagun tells Raj that they shall go to bansi and talk about their marriage. Raj says I will talk about sending her to jail. Simran asks her to pack her bags and leaves. Shagun breaks the vase angrily and looks on. Twinkle calls Roshni. Roshni thinks she can’t tell her problems. Twinkle asks Roshni’s help and shares her problem. Roshni tells her that respect, communication, and trust is most important in marriage. She asks her to talk to Kunj and asks her not to hide anything from him.

Sid thinks he has to go to Nerona and asks Raj to do something. Bansi comes and greets Raj. She says you can’t get your son out because of money. Sid asks what do you need? Bansi says she needs his small signatures. Sid asks what is written in it? Bansi says it is your and Roshni’s divorce papers and asks him to sign it. Sid says it is a old plan and says he hopes to see a good plan from her. He says even if he signs on it, but Roshni will never sign on these papers. Bansi says Roshni will sign on it when I show this note to him. Sid reads “ I am sorry Roshni, this is the price of my freedom”, which Bansi has written on his name.

Raj says Sid will not sign. Sid reads it and says that’s why you are talking big on this basis. Bansi says time will tell, and you have to go away from Roshni’s life else I will tell that big secret to Roshni and everything. She says then Nani will be in the jail and Roshni’s real dad will come for Nerona to take her back. She says Roshni’s dad Heeralal is very influential, rich landlord. Sid feels helpless. Raj asks Sid not to sign on those papers. DD thinks something wrong is going to happen. Nani asks her to have faith and says Roshni will talk to Lawyer. DD says I hope so.

Roshni gets angry and asks Lawyer why her husband will stay in jail. Lawyer asks her to calm down. Bansi comes there and says I have freed Sid. Roshni asks what have you done? Bansi says he has done everything being clever, and have chosen freedom over marriage. Roshni asks her to tell clearly. Bansi gives the note written by herself, saying it is written by Sid. She says Sid gave divorce papers and said that he will never come back to her. Roshni is shocked and says this can’t be possible. Bansi says this has happened and this is truth. Roshni cries and sits down shockingly.

Raj asks Sid to tell everything to Roshni. Sid says I can’t tell Roshni that there is something wrong in Bansi’s words and says I can’t tell her. Raj says Roshni will trust you. Sid says I am sure that Roshni will not trust on the divorce papers and asks him to wait for some more time.

Kunal calling Sid from DD’s phone. Sid says he is leaving for Nerona.. Kunal disconnects the call. He thinks DD have done right by leaving phone here and now he knows about Sid’s plan. Roshni tells DD that Sid was pressurized to sign on the divorce papers. She says Sid said right, but she didn’t believe on Shabnam. She apologizes to Shabnam. Shabnam also apologizes to her. Roshni says it might be Sid’s plan. DD looks for her phone. Kunal tells Bansi that they shall leave with Roshni, before Sid does anything. He says Sid can get us arrested also. Servant gives her phone. DD calls Sid, but his phone is unreachable.

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