Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 334-336)

Mayank talks at the reception while Gunjan is sitting and reading. Just then, she sees Charu who is talking to the waiter. Gunjan screams Mayank and Charu hides among the waiter and start running. Mayank follows them and Charu turns back and comes to the place where Gunjan is. Mayank run behind the waiter while Gunjan behind Charu. Charu smirks at Gunjan and she hides in her room. Mayank and Gunjan see each other, Gunjan tells him Charu is in the room. Charu takes a flower pot and is planning to hit Gunjan when there is a knock on the door and when Charu hears Mayank's voice she immediately hides. Gunjan and Mayank keep banging.

Charu is in the bathroom and calls the manager. The manager comes there and tells Mayank and Gunjan that they can't knock so much on a guests door. Charu is complaining to the manager and Gunjan says the voice is Charu's. Charu is scared as Mayank agrees with Gunjan. The manager tells them that he will have to call the police if they are persistent. Mayank also agrees that they might miss the flight but Gunjan is hesitant. Charu says that Mayank is only hers and she won't let Mayank and Gunjan become one and will send Gunjan to a even higher flight than the one she is boarding.

Vihaan calls Rachna and tells her to meet his father's clients by 2 along with the samples. Shail asks Rachna to help her clean wheat to make atta and Rachna realizes it will become late if she does it. She sits down to clean and Shail asks her if she is worried as her father is not talking to her. Rachna says that she is upset as her father is in so much debt because of her.

Dayal has gone to a bank and asks for a loan, he is asked for a guarantee and Dayal says his shop is burnt and he can give his house but he can't do it as they are 3 brothers. Dayal needs 35 lakhs and he is told that he needs to put his house as guarantee.

Rachna opens the door and she is surprised that Mayank and Gunjan are back from their honeymoon. Gunjan hugs Rachna, Seema and Shail hug Mayank and Gunjan. The family is worried seeing the bandage on Gunjan's head but Mayank says it was a small accident. Rachna thinks she needs to reach by 2. She is told to help in the kitchen but Vihaan is calling her on phone.

Gunjan asks Mayank why did he lie that Charu wants to kill her and that Mayank does not care about her. Mayank asks why didn't he see Charu. Gunjan says she was attacked and Rachna overhears.

Rachna asks Gunjan and Mayank what attack are they talking about. Mayank closes the door and tells Rachna that he will tell her but what he says should not go out of the room. On the other hand, Vihaan's father's clients are asking him if he will be showing the samples today but he keeps calling Rachna while she is busy cooking khichdi and does not pick up her phone which upsets Vihaan.

Shail gives food to Mayank and Gunjan and tells Gunjan to remove nazar as they are adorable couple and Mayank agrees that it might be his nazar. Seema comes there and says it might be someone in Goa before she can continue. Shail tells her that Gopal and Prabhu might come and they should cook but Seema makes an excuse of a headache. Rachna lies about an extra class and leaves .

She reaches there late and the owner of the place is asking for extra money as he extended the time he had booked the place and he is giving Rachna silent treatment. Vihaan then gets furious and tells her to be professional and that since he is always fooling around with her as she thinks of him as a clown and unfortunately he leaves disappointed. 

Gunajn is lost in the thoughts of her ‘kidnapping’ and Mayank asks her why she is lost but they end up arguing as Gunjan says should she lie or tell the truth. Mayank tells her Charu is in the past and they should make the most of their marriage. Gunjan wants him to believe that it was Charu she saw and Mayank leaves. He sit in the hall while she is in the bedroom and both want the other person to come and apologize. Dholu comes there and teases Mayank that he is reading an upside down newspaper and that he will not tell anyone about it if he does the dance he did in Goa. Dholu is singing chinta ta chita chita while Gunjan is watching them secretly and Mayank started dancing then he gets the guitar and sings tum ho to. Gunjan is lost in honeymoons thoughts and smiles. Mayank sees Gunjan smiling and asks Dholu if he is a monkey.

Next, Rachna is lost in Vihaan's words and when Gunjan comes there, she teases her as sister in-law and Gunjan tells Rachna that this room is her Mayank and when ever she fights with Mayank she will come here. Rachna is lost in Vihaan's dreams while Gunjan is talking. Gunjan comes to the kitchen and wants to make tea so she asks Shail. Seema comes in so she asks her about the secret and ends up calling her Aunty ji and when she comes to know Seema is about to make tea, she asks Seema to make it and keeps referring to Seema as aunty which irks Sangeeta who tells her to call Seema as mother.

Sangeeta and Seema ask Gunjan to call Seema Ma and that her Mother is only Sneha. She taunts Gunjan that she married Mayank but is not accepting his relations. Seema tells Sangeeta, that Gunjan isn't fit to be her daughter-in-law. Gunjan goes back to her room and hugs Mayank, she pushes him on the bed and sits on him. He is hesitant and says Ma and Gunjan replies she is his queen not mother. Seema is at the door as she had to give Mayank his shirt and is aghast to see them. Gunjan gets down and says Mayank's legs are paining. Seema tells them to lock the door next time.

Rachna tries to call Vihaan but the latter is not picking her call as he is angry. A stone is thrown on his window and it's turns out that Rachan has come to apologize to him. Rachna feels shy as he is only in his vest and he his holding his shirt. She closes her eyes and does not look at him and says sorry. Vihaan understands and puts on the shirt and tells her to look into his eyes and apologize. Vihaan scolds her for coming out so late in the evening without informing anyone at home and tells her that he will drop her home but Rachna does not want to go before he forgives her.

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