Update: Tuesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 133-135)

Pakhi informs Kamla that she is in love with Raghav. Kamla explains to her that the relationship is not possible as the Kapoors and Raghav are enemies. But finally Kamla agrees to support her love for Raghav. Manda who followed Kamla hears everything. Pakhi is happy to have Kamla supporting her. While Raghav is hallucinating about Kalpana, Pakhi comes home to meet Raghav, but Raghav after saying that he is completely fine asks her to meet him the next day. Manga goes to Pakhi's house and reveals everything she heard to Pakhi's mother.

Manda says to Nettu that she wants to talk about something. Nettu tells her to speak up. Manda says she heard Paki telling Kamla that she is in love with Raghav. Nettu laughs. Manda asks why is she laughing that her daughter is in love with her rival. Nettu then replies her that for the first time she has done something good and as enmity, she see the benefit of billions. Manda is shocked. Nettu adds that they both just need to get married after that her daughter will be a billionaire and that she knows the person who is going to help her out in all this. Manda asks who? Nettu says Kamla.

Kalpi is studying. Pakiya tells Kalpi to please turn the lights off as she want to sleep. Vitthal comes to her and looks at her picture with Kamla. He knows she is upset. He says Paki is not well that’s why she had to leave but Kalpi know that Kamla loves her a lot and they should go to sleep. Kamla comes in and says Kalpi.. but she finds that Kalpi has slept already. Vitthal tells her that Kalpi has slept and beg Kamla to stop hurting his daughter.

Puja prayer is going on in Neetu’s home, Paki and Prem both are annoyed by the early noise. They all come out of their rooms and see Nettu praying. Everyone is dazed and smiles. Nettu says she has prayed for all of them. She tells them mummy ji says she have to do all this and she is trying to act so nice.

Kalpi is getting ready to leave for the office. She has planned to resign but Kamla tells that she can’t withdraw. She have to do this you and to give her her word that she won’t resign. Kalpi doesn’t know what to do.

Paki is in Raghav’s office. She asks whom are they waiting for? She is here. Sammy comes in. Raghav asks her to call Kalpana. She says she is not attending the call. She calls Kamla who tells her that Kalpi has left for the office. They all wait for her.

Raghav wonders if Kalpana is not leaving the job? He remembers her talking to little kids, covering him with that shawl. Kalpi says, he sees her in front of him and asks if he was thinking about her resignation? He says not at all as stupid words don’t bother him. She says he can lie to the whole world but her. He replies to her that his thoughts are so clear. She a then asks why is he worried? Did her late coming annoy him? He says no suddenly but she disappears and he realizes that it was just his thoughts.

Kalpana is on her way and thinks what can she say to him. Raghav calls her. She is surprised to see his name on the screen. Kalpi is tensed. He says she is late and she replies that she is on her way.

Pakhi's mother visits Kamla at her home. She gives a fake apology to her for everything that has happened in the past. She even silently throws away the chaas that Kamla has prepared for her to drink. Pakhi's mother invites Kamla to come to the temple for a puja. Kalpana reaches the office. She explains to Raghav her desire to retire. But Raghav does not find her reason suitable and asks her to go back to work. Pakhi meets with a minor accident, but after Raghav attends to her injuries she is only happier. Kalpana decides to type the resignation letter. But the letter gets mailed by mistake to Raghav. Kalpana is now afraid that Raghav has read the mail.

Kalpana studies Raghav's expressions and understands that Raghav has not yet read her e-mail. She decides to delete the E-mail from Raghav's laptop as soon as Raghav leaves his office.

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