Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 400-401)

Roshni asks him to take her back. Sid stops the car near the candy floss stall. He says very soon I will drop you to your family. He says my mum used to say if we have sweetness in heart then bad thought do not come in our mind. Roshni gets thinking. Sid gets a call. He says I will take you to your family. He drops Roshni back to the temple. Kunal asks where did you go, and asks if anyone came here? Bansi asks where is Jyoti? Kunal asks if that man came again. Jyoti Tai comes and says someone had hit on her head. Kunal asks if Sid came? Roshni says no, nobody came. Jyoti asks if they are Police to enquire with her. Jyoti takes Roshni with her. Bansi wonders if Roshni is lying?

Jyoti asking Roshni if Sid came to meet her. Roshni is silent. Jyoti says I can’t see you sad, but want to see happiness on your face. She says I will leave. Roshni stops her and says she is scared of the drama which happens in the house after knowing about Sid. She says Sid have taken her somewhere and made her eat buddi ke baal/candy floss and dropped her back. She says that’s it. Jyoti says if there is anything else. Roshni says I don’t remember anything more. Roshni says just my heart got sweeten after eating it. Sid is sad as Roshni couldn’t recollect anything about him. He meets DD and cry. DD asks him to let his tears flow and unburden the heart. Sid says I am looking at the clouds and thinks when it will move from the way. He says why my love is weak and she couldn’t see my love. DD says cloud are moving and Roshni (morning)is seen now. She says there is a good man in our life who says that everything happens good if we eat sweets. She asks him to have sweets and says I trusts him (Sid). He says we can fight with any troubles when we are together. She makes him have sweets. Sid says my mum’s blessings are with me, now no cloud can bring troubles in my life.

Shabnam is doing something with Roshni. Nani asks what you are doing? Shabnam makes an excuse and leaves. Nani finds a chit and gets a black thing in it. She opines that Shabnam is doing black magic on Roshni, and says she need to find some proof before telling Sid and DD. Kunal asks Roshni if she is fine? Jyoti says you are talking like Bansi and says she might die at anytime, but you are young and can give love to your wife. Just then someone throws newspaper in the room. Roshni picks it up and reads it. Jyoti says you looks good in modern dress. Roshni asks about NGO. Kunal says you used to work here before memory loss. Jyoti suggests he shall take Roshni there and says she will feel good. Roshni asks Kunal to take her there. Kunal says okay. Jyoti blesses him. Shabnam is going somewhere secretly. Nani thinks to catch her red handed and follows her.

Roshni comes to the NGO and looks at the kids. The kids talk among themselves about Roshni’s attire and behavior. Kunal warns the peon not to let kids speak with Roshni. He asks the kids to come. Sid is seen hiding in the room. A kid throws something on Kunal intentionally. Kunal says it is okay and goes to washroom to clean the stain. Just then electricity goes off. Roshni looks at the hand print impression on the wall, and matches with her hand. Just then she sees Sid matching his hand too. She asks why you are following me? Sid says I used to come here and kids used to love me very much. Kids says Sid Bhaiyya have come, lets play. Kunal shouts calling Roshni as the door is closed from outside. The kids take them outside and start dancing on the song Chak Dhoom Dhoom while it is raining. Sid sings Chak Dhoom Dhoom and dances with Roshni ( he recreates the past happening). Kunal wonders who have closed the door. Roshni looks at Sid. Shabnam sees Nani following her and thinks to teach her a lesson. She goes to a tantrik’s store. Nani thinks to inform Sid and DD and thinks her doubt came true.

Sid and Roshni are romantically looking at each other. Sid thinks Roshni should gain her memory back. Kunal thinks kids have closed him and calls Muniya and Roshni. Roshni gets his glimpse in a flashback. Kunal comes out calling Roshni. Sid looks at him.

I agrees and says she can give her life also. Pandit Baba says okay and asks her to keep some paper in Roshni’s room, and if it turns black then it means Roshni is under black magic influence. Nani says okay and goes.

Roshni is trying to tie her blouse’s lace. Someone comes and ties the lace. Roshni thinks it is Kunal and asks him to leave her, but he is Sid. Sid says I can give my life for you Roshni……She moves back and asks him not to come near her. Mere Rubaru plays………..She says Kunal is my husband. Sid asks her not to get afraid of him and says I will never hurt you. Just then vase falls down, Roshni hugs him scared. Sid asks are you fine? Kunal comes hearing the sound, and beat up Sid. He asks how dare you to enter my house and beats him. Roshni looks on shocked. Sid gets injured.

Kunal asks his men to throw Kunal out of house. He then asks his men to make Sid stand. He asks what you are staring? He beats him again badly. Roshni looks clueless. Simran comes and asks them to stop. She asks Kunal to leave her son and warns him not to raise hand on her son. She slaps Sid repeatedly. Everyone is shocked. She warns Sid not to come near Roshni again and says you are putting your family in danger.

Bansi says it is good. Simran says my son will not have any relation with Roshni or this house. This is my promise. Also if anyone tries to harm my family then I will burn this house. This is also my promise. She takes Sid from there. DD and Nani are shocked. Sid tells Simran that she has done over acting and asks why did she slap him repeatedly. Simran asks him to shut up and says her over acting will be beneficial to them. Roshni looks on.

Jyoti Tai/ Sid promising Roshni in his heart that he will make her remember everything. He asks Roshni to take rest. Roshni thinks about Sid in the night and recalls his words. Just then Kunal comes to her room and asks if she don’t like him. He says I am your husband and asks her to come closer. Roshni says no and cries. He pushes her on bed and says you likes Sid’s touch and not mine. Our relation is of husband and wife and we should fulfill our relation. Roshni cries. Kunal asks her to keep quiet. Suddenly wind is blown. Jyoti/Sid is seen sleeping. Roshni cries. Kunal compares himself with Sid. Jyoti wakes up. Kunal slaps Roshni and pushes her on floor. He tries to force himself on her, but Jyoti comes and holds him angrily. Some mantras is being played. Roshni is scared much. Jyoti slaps and kicks him. Bansi comes there and asks how dare to raise hand on my grand son.

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